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Make Sure You Have the Right Metal Cutting Saw For The Job

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that will allow you to cut through various types of metal, look no further than the metal cutting saw. Not only will it slice through metal easily, but also safely and quickly. This nifty tool is a great addition to a craftsman’s home workshop – especially those who…
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The first thing to think about is what type of metal cutting saw you’d like to go ahead and purchase. There are a few different types of metal cutting saws and we’ll discuss them in greater detail below:
Here’s a curated list of some of the best metal-cutting saws that we’ve found.
This metal cutting saw comes with a powerful motor that’ll allow it to cleanly cut through a variety of metal materials with ease.

Top Picks

Best For: Quick and clean cuts – Slugger By FEIN MCCS 14 Metal Cutting Saw
We hope that you were able to select a metal cutting saw from the options that we’ve detailed above. If you’re someone that’s working with metal, a metal cutting saw is an important tool that you should have. With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to slice through various types of metals with no issues at all.
The blade teeth of a metal cutting saw is specially designed to dissipate the heat and maintain the temperature of the blade as low as possible. For metal cutting saws, they will usually have a blade tooth count of about 60 to a 100 to allow for a precise, clean and burr-free cutting. It’s crucial that you select the proper TPI of the blade to help with saving both time and energy.
The post Make Sure You Have the Right Metal Cutting Saw For The Job appeared first on Homedit.
These can cut through a variety of materials – not just metal. Since it has a back and forth motion, it can easily cut through hard to reach places.
When it comes to cutting metal, it’s better to opt for a lower blade rotation speed than a higher one. Haber metals for example, will need a speed that’s lower than 3,000 RPM. If you’re using carbide blades, you’ll need something that has at least 1,300 RPM. With an abrasive disc blade on the other hand, you’ll want to opt for a tool that delivers at least 3,000 RPM.
If you’re looking for a metal cutting saw that can cut through a variety of metallic construction materials, this will do the trick. It features a powerful motor along with a carbide tipped metal cutting blade. As it comes with a bright LED light, it’ll also help to provide some illumination in the evening. Additional features of this metal cutting saw include a sight-line window that’ll allow for a clear view of the material along with a durable steel shoe that provides resistance against chip buildup. As it comes with a comfortable grip, you’ll also be able to use it for a good period of time with no problems at all.
This metal-cutting saw is fantastic if you’re looking for something that’ll provide you with quick and clean cuts. As it comes with low speed and high torque, it’ll be able to cut through steel, aluminium along with a range of other metals. In comparison to other saws, this particular saw will also be able to get the job done without producing an excessive amount of heat and sparks. In addition, there’s also a tray inside the saw’s base that catches chips – helping to reduce worksite debris. As it’s an incredibly durable piece of equipment, it’s long-lasting and can withstand tough conditions. It also features a lower safety guard for added user protection.
Yes, a hacksaw can cut metal. In fact, it’s primarily a tool that’s used for cutting metals such as steel pipes and sheet metal. It can also be used for cutting plastic pipes – especially if you don’t have a tool that’s specially designed for that.
If you believe that you’d need to make angled cuts, you’d want to purchase a metal cutting saw that comes with gauges that are adjustable along with tilt features so you can slice the metal at various angles.

How to Choose A Metal Cutting Saw

Those powered by electricity use a standard power outlet. If they’re corded, they’re generally quieter and lightweight. They’re good for medium to heavy-duty jobs and can be operated for a while. The movement however, is restricted as a cord is required.
It’s also important that the right kind of power is selected when operating your saw. There are three different power types that you can choose from:

Chop metal saw

It really depends on the type of metal that you’re cutting. Overall however, hacksaws are known to be great at cutting through metal. Not only are they easy to use and inexpensive, but they can also cut through a range of other materials. It’s also great for smaller projects along with home improvement needs. Do note however that hacksaws are a good starting point, the best metal cutting saw for you is really dependent on what you’re cutting and the features that you require.

Circular metal saw

DEWALT Circular Saw

Reciprocating metal saw

Slugger by FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw

Band metal saw

This is highly dependent on the size of the metal that you plan on chopping. If you’re using it for small or household use, a 12-inch blade or less is more than sufficient. For industrial use, go for a blade with 14-inches or more. For DIYers, a 7 to 12-inch blade should do the trick.

Power Source

Best For: Quick cuts – DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

Gas Powered

This metal-cutting saw is great for quick cuts. It comes with specially designed carbide teeth that helps deliver fast, precise and burr-free cuts and is much faster than both chop saws and portable band saws. It can also cut through a wide variety of materials, comes with a carbide-tipped blade and has an ergonomically designed horizontal handle. It also has a powerful motor for increased performance and durability, can be used for angle cuts and comes with fast clamping on various size materials to enhance productivity.

Electric Powered

This is more of a specialized metal cutting saw that is great for cutting both metal pipes and long, heavy stock. It can make quick and easy cuts, and is typically used for more specific projects.

Battery Powered

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that will allow you to cut through various types of metal, look no further than the metal cutting saw. Not only will it slice through metal easily, but also safely and quickly. This nifty tool is a great addition to a craftsman’s home workshop – especially those who may be in welding. When purchasing a metal cutting saw, it’s important that your metal cutting saw is able to make cuts that are accurate and clean with little to no effort.

Metal Cutting Saw Blades

Best For: Tougher jobs – JET Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw
There’s a variety of saws that cut through metal. Circular saws, hacksaws, miter saws, chop metal saw, band metal saw, reciprocating metal saw and more.

  • Abrasive blades – These are usually lightweight, cheap and great for beginners. It’s a high-friction blade that’s not great for certain metals but can withstand wear easily.
  • Cold saw blades – These will cut through metal with minimal sparks and will leave the metal cool to the touch. It comes with a metallic toothed blade and is durable, rigid and produces a much cleaner cut. It is, however, also much heavier and more expensive.

Blade Tooth Count

TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Blade Size

This is the most powerful type of power source and can be used to cut through various metals. While it delivers high speed and torque, this power source can be noisy and require constant maintenance.

Blade Rotation Speed

metal cutting saw

Motor Power

Best For: Flexible cutting – TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Angled Cuts

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

Additional Features To Consider When You look for A Metal Cutting Saw

Thanks to its specially designed carbide teeth, this metal cutting saw cuts four times faster than chop saws.

  • Vise adjustment – These will allow you to lock your metal cutting saw in place for easier cuts. Some even come with quick lock and release features.
  • Spark deflectors – This is a feature that’s worth considering as it helps to deflect sparks that’s produced while cutting the metal.
  • Portability- If you plan on bringing your metal cutting saw with you on the go, this is an important consideration. Do note however that cordless metal cutting saws tend to be less powerful than their corded counterparts.
  • Warranty- You’ll want to make sure that your metal cutting saw comes with great warranty (even if it is a little pricier). That way, you know that you’re always covered in case you run into any issues.

Pros and Cons of Using a Metal Cutting Saw

If you’re new to purchasing a metal cutting saw, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll talk about what you should look for when it comes to choosing a metal cutting saw. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions and give a detailed product review of 5 of the best metal cutting saws that we’ve found.

  • Variety of options to choose from
  • Good for cutting metal
  • Usually has closed housings to better control debris
  • Produces clean cuts

This circular saw comes with numerous features that make it a fantastic purchase. Thanks to its patented metal handle, it’ll help to reduce fatigue and make the cutting more stable. For your convenience, it’s also quick to install and disassemble. It comes with a laser guide for precise cutting, and has a powerful motor along with six blades that you can use for a variety of materials. Some additional great features of this circular saw include flexible 90-degree and 45-degree bevel cutting and a safe and ergonomic design. As a bonus, you’ll also get some valuable accessories with your purchase – how great is that?

  • You can’t use it on wood
  • Comes at a higher TPI so they aren’t great for cutting softer materials

Best Metal Cutting Saws Available on The Market

This incredible circular saw comes with flexible 90-degree and 45-degree bevel cutting features to accommodate all of your needs.

Slugger By FEIN MCCS 14 Metal Cutting Saw

High torque is necessary to slice through metal so you’d want to get a metal cutting saw that has a motor of at least 15 amps and 1,100 watts of operating power.
For a metal cutting saw that’ll take care of the toughest jobs, look no further than this particular bandsaw. Not only can you use it in either a horizontal or vertical position, but it also has a blade guide for multiple positions, a built-in storage cabinet along with a chip tray. Some other great features of this metal cutting saw include rubber wheels, auto shutoff after you’re done cutting, a complete coolant system and blade wheels made from flanged cast iron for increased durability.

DEWALT Circular Saw

When it comes to metal cutting saws, there are usually two blades that you can choose from and these blades are usually coated with either carbine or a ceramic blend to help with extending its lifespan. It will also help with ensuring that there’s a cleaner cut when slicing through the metal and that the blade remains cool.

TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Best For: Cutting a variety of metal materials – DEWALT Circular Saw
Some additional features that you can consider include the following:

JET Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

This is a typically portable and small portable metal cutting saw that comes with either an alloy blade or a disc blade that can be used for cutting bigger items. Since it’s handheld, it’s more versatile than stationary metal cutting saws and will allow the user to work quickly and cut through long slices of materials such as aluminium or sheet metal.
JET Deluxe Horizontal Vertical Bandsaw

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

When it comes to choosing your metal cutting saw, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the best saw for cutting metal?

There are two types of blades to choose from:

What saw cuts through metal?

These saws are powered by a rechargeable battery. They’re great for light-duty tasks as they’re cordless and won’t be able to withstand heavier duty jobs. You can also use this type of saw in basically any location – even in places that may be otherwise hard to reach.

Will a hacksaw cut metal?

This metal cutting saw comes with low speed and high torque that makes it perfect for quick and clean cuts.

The Bottom Line

These are great for those that are looking for high-quality cuts that ca be done quickly and efficiently. It’s essentially a stationary and large power tool that comes with a multi-toothed blade or abrasive disk. With this metal cutting saw, you’ll be able to make straight and bevel cuts both precisely and quickly.
As you can use this bandsaw in both horizontal and vertical positions, it’s designed to withstand even the toughest jobs.

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