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Maximalism Decor And Interior Design

Maximalism decor is one of the many design styles out there that it is hard to keep up. You have the farmhouse, contemporary, shabby chic, and so many more. It wasn’t that long ago that it felt like there were only two designs to choose from. But today, there are nearly limitless design styles. One…
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This is the most important aspect of maximalism. It is time to tell your story. Use pieces from your childhood, your present, and your future. This is your blank canvas ready to tell your story to everyone who walks in.

maximalism decor

The choice is yours but finding balance is important in both maximalism and minimalism. Too much of a focus on either can be harmful to your mental health, so try to stay balanced above everything else. 

What Is Maximalism Decor?

Maximalism decor is one of the many design styles out there that it is hard to keep up. You have the farmhouse, contemporary, shabby chic, and so many more. It wasn’t that long ago that it felt like there were only two designs to choose from.
Featured pieces are important in most home interior design styles. But in maximalism they are musts. The features pieces in maximalism aren’t just something you found at the department store, they really mean something.
Interior design itself is an art that doesn’t get enough credit. It takes taste to create an inside space that people are drawn to. Areas and rooms that convey feelings and tell stories. That’s an important part of maximalism. 

History Of Maximalism Decor

How to decorate with maximalism style

But today, there are nearly limitless design styles. One style that is more broad than specific is minimalism. While minimalism is great, there is an alternative that is the polar opposite of it called maximalism. 
You need artwork if you plan on going with a maximalism design. That’s because walls cannot be bare with maximalism. You need at least one piece of art on every wall, but there is an even better idea. 
Layers, layers, layers! This means layers of blankets, layers of furniture, and layers of flooring. If you have hardwood floors, add a rug, followed by a runner, followed by a smaller runner. This is just one example.

The Defense Of Maximalism Decor

These pieces can be as gaudy or loud as you want. If you’ve ever seen a piece of furniture or decor that you love but don’t think you can make work, well maximalism has a place for it. Your key piece will shine here.
This is one thing that minimalism and maximalism have in common. Minimalism is often about appreciating what we have by using what we have and not coveting for more. But maximalism is kind of the same.

Why Choose Minimalism Decor?

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Image from Fair.Studio

Maximalism is considered the opposite of minimalism. Years ago, it was invented to counteract the minimalist movement and encourage a luxury style. The whole “less is more” trend is out with this style.
If you want to stay progressive and not be held back by the idea of holding onto the past, then maximalism is probably for you. It is a marvelous way to live in each moment and tell a story with your design. Maximalism is great. 

Why Choose Maximalism Decor?

The post Maximalism Decor And Interior Design appeared first on Homedit.
But if you do, make sure you understand each piece, where it came from, and what it represents. This is the only appropriate way to appreciate cultural artwork, home decor, and furniture. It can also be a fun journey! 

Choosing Both

If you have a stressful life and want to bear down and go all Marie Kondo, then minimalism is for you. It is an amazing way to stay focused or clean out your mind along with your home. Minimalism is great. 
So if you’ve been dying to try out a cheetah print rug and a paisley couch together then you are in luck. Maximalism is here to give every lover of patterns and boldness a chance to express themselves and still be trendy. 
Use every resource and every type of furniture or home decor piece you can find. Don’t have a rug? Get one! Only have one couch? Add a chair and a loveseat! Try not to leave anything out unless it is because of personal taste.

Maximalism Decor Trends

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Image from CAVdesign

We should display the things that make us happy in hopes of someone else finding inspiration in them as well. That’s what maximalism is all about. Sharing our culture, our story, and our lives with others. 
Don’t rush your design. Take your time and find pieces that speak to you. Don’t go at it like you are trying to recreate someone else’s space. And don’t get ahead of yourself or you’ll end up with a place you don’t love.


The pieces don’t have to match either. You can add as many pieces as you want from different sets. In fact, matching sets are often discouraged in maximalism. This is a hodgepodge of artwork to let you express yourself. 
A lot of people put down maximalism in favor of minimalism. But this is not the correct way to vouch for or advocate for your favorite design style. Minimalism is great for a lot of reasons, but so is maximalism. 


Maximalism hasn’t been a home decor and interior design term for long. But it has been floating around the music and art industries for quite some time. Maximalism can be seen throughout history portraying luxury. 
Never take a vacation or go on a trip without bringing something back to help tell that story. This is like a scrapbook for you to design so even if it is a coin to set on a shelf, get something that you can decorate with.

Featured Pieces

Maximalism Decor Featured Pieces

If you want to do this with every wall or just one, it’s cool with this style. But it can be a great idea to add a wall of artwork. There should be more artwork on the wall than the wall showing through the artwork. 
Instead, create your design piece by piece. If it takes you ten years to finish your design then so be it. Enjoy the ride and enjoy living like a king or queen while you are at it. Maximalism is for royalty, after all. 


There are a lot of things to consider when creating a maximalist lifestyle and a maximalist room. You need to ensure that the style you want falls under maximalism before you start labeling your design style. 
Remember the layering trend of the early 2000s? This clothing trend never fully disappeared but it will never be what it was then. The same can’t be said for layering in maximalism. It will likely never fade. 


The other option is to choose minimalism for one part of your life and maximalism for another. Enjoy maximalism at home while enjoying minimalism at work, in your diet, and in your spiritual routine. 
If you are trying to accomplish that maximalism look for your home in your own style, then try out these tips. They can help you get that special maximalist look without the headache of trial and error.

Use Everything 

Maximalism Decor tips
Image from Jonathan Adler

Patterns can’t be used in many design styles. In more minimalistic design styles patterns are frowned upon. But in maximalism, you can use as many patterns that you want and it is still trendy and attractive. 
It is about using everything we have that makes us happing. It’s not about trying to find more and more and more. Yet about not putting anything to waste just because it doesn’t “match” something else.

Take Time

Instead, “more is more” comes in with a conglomeration of cohesive designs. The more you have the better with maximalism. This means price-wise, volume-wise, and personality-wise. More is always more here. 
Minimalism is a wonderful trend because it is all about using what you have and trying to get back to basics. Minimalism is about getting rid of everything you don’t need and trying to focus on the important aspects of life.

Your Story

Maximalism is all about enjoying life. The whole YOLO trend was most definitely started by a maximalist. This maximalism thing can be a wonderful way to make the most out of life and leave no stone unturned. 
But does more mean better? Or is it less that is better? We will get to that later but first, it’s important that we understand where maximalism came from and why. History always has the biggest answers. 

Maximalism: Appreciating What We Have

In short, minimalism is basic, peaceful, and light. Maximalism is loud, interesting, and heavy. They both have pros and cons but it really just comes down to what style you prefer in your home and space.
In maximalism, culture is important. Appreciating as many cultures as you want, especially those you hold with sentimental value is important. Add as much cultural decor as you want no matter where it hails from.
If you like both maximalism and minimalism there is a good way to have both. One way is to choose one for one room and the other for another room. But this can get confusing and may not have a good flow.
It can be seen over thousands of years but the term didn’t start popping up until the 1900s. What we know of today as maximalism is often seen in late 20th-century books, movies, and most importantly art.

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