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Original DIY Console Table From Scratch – 30 Design Project Ideas

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A console table is one of those versatile furniture pieces that you can repurpose, move around and place in a variety of different spaces. It’s commonly used for hallways and entryways but it can also make a good addition to a living room or a home office. You can’t really go wrong when building a…




Wood Console Table
The 40 Console Table Easy DIY Project
Here’s a very simple-looking console table made out of wood and with a modern design. It has a slender and chic aesthetic, with a solid wooden top that you can stain and give a weathered look to if you enjoy the texture. The base is painted black which provides a really nice and elegant contrast. Check out Amanda Fallon, Realtor on youtube for a tutorial. 
Nordcasa Console Table
Dining Room Buffet
Including a shelf or two in the design of your handmade console table is always a wise idea, even if you don’t necessarily know how you’re going to use them in the beginning. If you’re making this for the entryway you’ll be able to store various accessories in baskets and boxes on these shelves and they’ll give you a handy place to keep things like keys, sunglasses, gloves and so on. Check out instructables for a tutorial. 
If storage is more or less a priority, then perhaps your console table could include a bunch of storage cubbies or shelves. It could be sort of like a hybrid between a table and a bookcase, similar to this piece featured on housefulofhandmade. You can actually build something like this from a repurposed bookcase just by adding a top and a bottom to it. 
When you’re coming up with the design for your handmade console table it’s practical to first have a look at the different parts and materials available to you. you never know when you come across some really cool-looking furniture legs that you might want to use on the table. Check out how great this design shared on thenavagepatch looks. It only has two legs but they’re big and sturdy and perfect for a farmhouse console table.
This sofa table from instructables has a welded metal frame which gives it a strong industrial aesthetic. Also, it means you’re going to need special tools and equipment if you want to build something like this. You can still find inspiration in this design without any of that and replace this frame with one made out of metal pipes and fittings which would definitely simplify everything. 
Industrial Console Table Rope Wood and Iron
Console Table with Concrete Top
Regardless of where you decide to place your new console table, a cool idea to keep in mind is that you can build the base from it out of industrial galvanized pipes. This is especially great if you like the modern-industrial style and you want this to be an easy and quick project. 
Here’s a rustic buffet table, a really cool piece for a dining room. It has beautiful wooden legs with carved out details on them which are easy to find in hardware stores and it’s nice and wide so you have plenty of space to store dishes, glasses and various other things on it. It’s also great for displaying decorations like framed pictures, candles and so on. You can find the plans for it on homemadebycarmona. 
Farmhouse console table
Console table with 6 boards
Simple DIY Sofa Table
DIY Sofa Table Console Table
Console tables and hairpin legs go hand in hand and make such a great combo. The metal hairpin legs give this table a lightweight and stylish look while the wooden top has a nice and solid aesthetic. Also, we love the little corner details which add a mid-century modern vibe to this design. Check out the tutorial for this beautiful table shared by Shanty2Chic if you want to find out how you can build one just like it. 
DIY Rustic Console Table
Here’s another cool example of a console table that’s been custom-designed to fit behind a living room sofa. It fills the gap between the sofa and the wall perfectly and it’s a nice surface to store and display items on. You could maybe decorate the wall behind it as well and turn this part of the room into a focal point. Check out thenavagepatch if you want to know how to build this rustic table. 
Check out this other elegant buffet table that would look great in a dining room or in a living area. It’s made out of wood, with ornate legs and two open shelf areas on the sides as well as a closed cupboard section in the middle. That way you can store a few things behind closed doors and display other items in plain sight at the same time. If you’re curious about the plans, head over to shadesofblueinteriors for details. 
Diy simple console table from pipes
Iroko Console Table
Modern designs can be a bit more difficult to pull off but console tables are fairly simple and straight-forward which makes this an easy challenge. An interesting design idea comes from this video tutorial offered by The Rehab Life. It’s nice and clean and simple and the table is made out of wood which means the materials needed for this project are easily accessible. 
Sometimes symmetry or the illusion of symmetry can help a design look more at home in a space. With that in mind, check out this minimalistic console table design from instructables. It has a matching top and bottom with a natural wood finish and a contrasting black frame which gives it an added elegant twist while still keeping the design very simple. 
Since you’re basically designing and building the console table from scratch, you can customize it so it has the perfect dimensions and proportions for the space that you want to put it in. If for example you’re making a table for a hallway or a big entryway, an extra wide one might look nice. This one has a clean, simple and Nordic-inspired look, with a divider down the center and storage at the bottom. Check out Home Sweep Home for a tutorial. 
A sofa table doesn’t need to stand out and you can make it super narrow if you want to. This one which you can find on yellowbrickhome is a great example because it’s barely noticeable. It blends in really well and it’s flush with the frame of the sofa. It has little storage spaces o the sides for books and it’s handy for storing things like phones, remotes and so on. 
Modern Console Table Walnut Sofa Table
If you too like the natural look and texture of wood as much as we do, you should check out this really cool console table tutorial by olivegrey avenue which is both easy and cheap. The table has a very simple design and in fact looks quite similar to a bench which means you could easily adapt the plans if you wanted to. 
The post Original DIY Console Table From Scratch – 30 Design Project Ideas appeared first on Homedit.
Diy sofa table
You might have in mind a different type of design for your DIY console table, one inspired by all those sculptural-looking designer furniture pieces with intricate and interesting geometric designs. Well, this tutorial by Rogue Engineer is pretty close to that. This console table definitely has an interesting geometry and its design is a really nice blend of looks and functionality. 
Simple console table designs are very popular so you can find a lot of inspiration in various products if you plan to build something from scratch. A simple design like this one is easy to replicate and doesn’t require much explanation. As always, you can customize the finished table by staining or painting it so it matches your style better. For more details on this particular console table check out the tutorial on instructables. 
There are also a lot of unique console table designs that you could try, like this one which involves repurposing an old bike. It sure looks super cool and it’s a very original design. Something like this could really make any entryway stand out and look memorable. It’s also a really cool and interesting way of repurposing an old bike that you no longer have a use for. Check out the plans for this table on instructables. 
Easy Parsons Table
DIY Farmhouse Console Table
DIY Console Table
Farmhouse console table diy cube bookcase
Modern Farmhouse Buffet
This is another cool way to make a console table look interesting without complicating the design too much. The top as you can see is very simple and there are no little decorative elements or storage shelves. Instead, the base has a nice geometry. This trestle base design is quite eye-catching and very versatile too. Head over to instructables to find out what you’ll need to build a table just like this one. 
This design is inspired by a ridiculously expensive console table. It’s actually quite simple but the thing that stands out is the base. It requires a bit of finesse when designing and assembling it and when it’s all put together it looks a lot like the original designer table except it’s a lot less expensive. Check out the whole project on instructables if you’re curious about it. 
How about a console table that’s not made entirely of wood? Well this one shared by Keith Johnson Custom Woodworking features a nice and elegant frame made out of walnut wood, with a handy shelf at the bottom but it has this beautiful white marble top which contrasts with the wood and adds a sophisticated twist to the otherwise very simple design. 
Bike Entry Table
Dining Room Console Table
A console table is one of those versatile furniture pieces that you can repurpose, move around and place in a variety of different spaces. It’s commonly used for hallways and entryways but it can also make a good addition to a living room or a home office. You can’t really go wrong when building a console table which makes it such a great DIY project. If you’re interested in some design ideas, these tutorials should be a great place to start from your research from. 
Industrial Sofa Table
A small console table can be a lot more useful and practical than you might initially think. That’s especially true if the table includes storage shelves like the one featured on instructables does. This rustic wooden table can hold a lot of things like books, decorations and so on and it could be a useful addition to a variety of spaces like the living room, bedroom, home office and so on. 
Speaking of wood console tables, here’s one with a lovely farmhouse-inspired design. It’s a great multifunctional piece of furniture, especially thanks to the storage shelf at the bottom. You could put it in the kitchen and use it as an island or keep it in the living room next to the sofa. It could also be a great addition to a covered deck or a patio. Check out the tutorial for it on instructables for more details. 
This truss sofa table has a simple and interesting design as well. It’s made of wood and it has a sturdy and solid base but it’s also very slender which makes it stand out in a subtle way. The frame is painted white and contrasts with the stained wood top, showing you one of the ways in which this design can be customized. Check out the plans for the console table on instructables for more details. 
If you want a console table that’s more robust, something sturdy and solid that you can perhaps use for storage in the entryway, consider building one out of wood. A design like the one featured on instructables is pretty easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of supplies or prior knowledge when it comes to DIY furniture. 
100k Table Into a 25 Console Table
A slender console table for the entryway or for a narrow hallway could look something like this. The farmhouse design makes this an easy project because you don’t have to worry about it being super clean and perfect. Also, as you see here, you can paint the table in whatever color or colors you like so it matches your home’s decor. Check out the tutorial for it on lambertslately for more details. 
This console table has four slender legs which give it a lightweight look. It also has a storage drawer at the center just below the top. It’s a nice little feature that you can add to your own console table and it can be useful for hiding cables, chargers, storing various small things and so on. Also, this could make a nice desk as well if you want it to. Check out instructables for details on how to build it. 
Like we already mentioned, you can fit a console table into the living room so you’re probably wondering how that would work exactly. The idea is simple: you make a narrow table and you place it behind the sofa, between it and the tall. That way the sofa is not pushed all the way against the wall giving the room a more airy feel and you also get some extra space there where you can store a few things. This sofa table even has an outlet built into it which is great for charging devices while you relax on the sofa. 
Slim diy console behind the sofa
If you want your console table to be more than just an accent piece, build one that gives you some storage space like the one featured on thenavagepatch. It has a nice shelf at the bottom where you can store boxes and various other things and two drawers for smaller items as well. You can also use the top like you would with a plain console table too. 
DIY Truss Sofa Table
Rustic X Console
Easy Console Table
A modern-industrial design like this one could easily fit in a lot of homes It’s based on very simple geometry and it basically consists of two wooden planks connected by steel pipes. What really helps it stand out is the rope details on the back. It’s this blend of materials and textures that give the table a stylish and balanced look. Check out the tutorial for it on instructables if you’d like to build something similar. 

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