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Original Outdoor Fall Decor For Your Exterior Living Spaces

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Outdoor fall decor adds character to your home. You can showcase your DIY creative design skills and surprise your family and neighbors. The world is painted in shades of orange, red, and yellow and, as it gets chilly outside, we start to feel super cozy in our homes. As homebuilding trends have indicated, outside space…




Harvest outdoor decor for Autmn
Autumn harvest front door porch decor
Decorate your garden shed with fence decorations. You can fill a wheelbarrow with pumpkins, flowers, and other things from your garden. Another idea is to make hanging planters out of cans. More ideas like these can be found on partyresources.
Wreaths are useful themed décor. Rustic materials like burlap and twine will give your wreath a country look. Use ribbons and glitter for a sophisticated aesthetic. Check out the ideas featured on thecraftingchicks.

30 Outdoor Fall Season Decor Ideas for 2022

Use different items and to create points of interest outside your home. Some of the items that can be used for this include pumpkins of different shapes, colors, and sizes; planters; repurposed items like watering cans, crates, and pots; flowers, and so on.

Wreath And Pumpkins

Layered Doormat
Fall is the prettiest season. You want to decorate your outdoor spaces to complement your environment, but safety regulations should not be ignored.  According to FEMA, “a porch, balcony, deck or the like with open space underneath is fuel for fire. The risk increases if vegetation grows underneath, the area is used for storage or any other combustible material accumulates.”

Cozy Fall Display

Add a little bit of glitz and glamour to your outdoor fall decor with marquee light letters which you can attach to some white-painted pumpkins for a stylish contrast. You could reuse them next year. Also, check out karaspartyideas for more details related to this project.
Faux leaves add autumn pizzazz to your outdoor lighting schemes. Silk leaves come in a wide assortment. By taking scissors and cutting a small slot in the leaves, you can string them on many different kinds of lighting to decorate your porch railing or doorway. Learn how to make your own autumn leaf lighting at Oh My Creative.

Barrel Planters 

Outdoor fall decor adds character to your home. You can showcase your DIY creative design skills and surprise your family and neighbors. The world is painted in shades of orange, red, and yellow and, as it gets chilly outside, we start to feel super cozy in our homes.
Choose a neutral rug like this striped rug at Modern Glam to anchor bright accent pieces on your porch or pick a bright colored rug to act as the focal point for your porch.

Fall Curb Appeal

Plastic pumpkins make for effective planters. Here’s an idea of how you can stack a few pumpkin planters by using a stake to balance them out and keep them stable. The tutorial for this project can be found here: birdsandblooms.

Pumpkin Basket Tower

When decorating outdoor you don’t need strong and cold colors. It’s best to find inspiration in the landscape and incorporate local and seasonal elements into the décor. Autumn flowers and plants from your garden like corn stalks, vines, pumpkins, will fit with your fall motif.
Fall lanterns are a great way to add some lights to your exterior while also including some harvest decorations at the same time. There are different styles of lanterns to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that matches your exterior design. Find some fall lanterns for your outdoor decor collection at Kindesign.

Marquee Sign

Sunflower Kissing Balls
Layering mats at your front door serves multiple purposes. The mats are not only decor items but also serve a function. Doormats help introduce multiple colors and textures into your exterior home design.

Galvanized Fall Cornucopia

Fall idea to decorate the porch
Use an old chair as decoration and combine it with other things. Yard sales and thrift stores are also good places to find cool fall centerpieces for displays. Check out this charming patio featured on organizedclutter for inspiration.

Hand-Painted Fall Sign

Happy fall DIY pallet Sign
How to Make a Tipsy Pumpkin Planter

Painted Cornstalk Barrels

Corn stalks add charm and character to your outdoor spaces. You’ll need plenty of cornstalks so your porch will look like a genuine cornfield. Check out thewoodgraincottage for some inspiring ideas in this sense.
Fall porch update decor

Vintage Fall Patio Decor

Carefully handpicked by our team of home decor experts, here are a few of the hottest exterior decor ideas for your home.
Welcome fall porch decor

Front Door Corn Garland

Harvest fall decor
A small bucket of orange pumpkins will help you achieve a monochromatic look. Use other colors for bohemian flair. Hay is good material for displaying front porch decor.  The idea comes from threepixelane.

Dried Corn Door Wreath

Check out unskinnyboppy to see how such a combo would look like.
A fall porch decor is simple andsuggestive as shown on yellowprairieinteriors. You’ll find inspiration with these pumpkin decor ideas.

Cornstalk Garden Cart

Patriotic front house decor for Fall

Harvest Fall Decor

Paint old fuel barrels in fall colors and fill them with corn stalks and cattails. This is a decor look that can add height and drama to any fall porch display.  The idea comes from allthingsthrifty.
Harvest Front door decor

Orange Fall Color Scheme

Flameless candles are a safe way to add light to your outdoor settings. The faux candles are safer than wax candles and are battery powered. Flameless candles to line your front porch or place them down the middle of an outdoor picnic table for a captivating table runner like this display at The Glossy Nest.
The post Original Outdoor Fall Decor For Your Exterior Living Spaces appeared first on Homedit.

Plastic Pumpkins

Fall curb appeal exterior

Cornstalk Pillar Displays

With front or back patio sitting areas, fall is the ideal time to add some cozy accent pieces like throw blankets. Seasonal blankets and throw pillows offer warmth and comfort. Check the examples at Simply 2 Moms.
There’s a tutorial for this on thesummeryumbrella.

DIY Fall Wreaths

Flameless Candles
The color theme of your outdoor fall decor can be orange, but you can also mix and match several color tones. Orange pairs with traditional fall colors like yellow, green, red, and brown. 

Neutral Fall Decor

Fall Barreks outdoor decor
Repurpose an old rake to give your porch a rustic look.  You’ll need paint, twisted sisal rope, seasonal flowers, dried corn cobs with husks, and a drill. Rakes and other garden utensils add a harvest vibe  to a fall display.

Garden Fall Decor

You might also like to prepare a harvest-inspired set of outdoor decorations which you can display on the patio, the porch, or on the lawn. You can either go with pumpkins and other veggies or with flowers.
A DIY fall planter for your front porch would symbolize a healthy home. Use traditional mums or add your own favorite fall plants for an eclectic display like these pots from The Happy Housie.

Combination Fall Decor

Old barrels, large planters, pumpkins, and wooden signs can personalize your home. We suggest using reclaimed items for added charm. Find inspiration on serendipityrefined.
As homebuilding trends have indicated, outside space has become a priority among homeowners. According to ProBuilder, “homebuyers prefer multifunctional outdoor living spaces far more than open turf areas, even on tight lots.” This latest trend has caused the demand for outdoor decor. 

Old Rake Decor

Outdoor decor can be a fire risk, especially in hot climate regions. You’ll need to check if your front porch accessories are made with combustible materials. Items that can easily catch fire include natural fiber doormats, straw wreaths, and umbrellas. Decor can act as kindling, which helps fire spread. 
Our objective here is to give you examples of how you can make your outdoor space visually appealing during the fall season. 
Outdoor fall baksets with pumpkins

Fall Scarecrow

A scarecrow is one of the most iconic displays that people associate with harvests. With  some burlap sacks and old rustic clothing you can make a scarecrow. Scarecrows can even be re-decorated with spooky accessories for Halloween. Check out how to make your own at The Budget Decorator.
Electric lights on metallic trees pose a fire hazard. Do not hang approved non-combustible items from emergency lights, water sprinklers, front porch smoke detectors, or any outdoor safety equipment.

Fall Lanterns

Crafting the decor for fall
Polyester rugs are best for porches with wood surfaces. The material does not absorb water which would cause mildew problems. With tile surfaces, cover the tile with grout before placing a rug over it. For metal surfaces, install click-lock tiles underneath the rug to protect the floor from rust and corrosion. 

Autumn Leaf Lighting

Dried corn stalks can also be used to make a funky wreath that can be displayed on the front door. You can also hang a garland made of dried leaves and add a cozy rocking chair on the patio with a blanket and seasonal planters next to it. A basket full of pumpkins and gourds would also look nice. Find more inspiring ideas on stonegableblog.
An anti-fall protective mesh net for your front porch stairs would safeguard against accidental falling and tripping. The nets are made with nylon ropes that provide traction in harsh weather conditions. Your porch stairs would be safer for small children and the elderly. The mesh nets are available in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on your porch. 

Flameless Candles

Reclaimed wood pieces cut at the same length will help you achieve a fall harvest look. Display the wood next to seasonal planters, pumpkins, and other items. Learn more at themagicbrushinc.
Fall Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

The simple life banner and porch decorated for fall

DIY Fall Planters

Fall Scarecrow
Baskets with flowers and pumpkins

Layered Doormat

Fall Lanterns
Dried corn leaves for outdoor decor
Decor ideas for fall porch

Sunflower Kissing Balls

Corn stalks are pretty great and versatile when it comes to outdoor fall decor ideas. You can use the stalks to decorate the fence or you can tie some in a bunch and display that on the porch or the lawn, next to a few other fall-inspired decorations. A decorative garden cart is perfect as the centerpiece of a fall display in your front yard since it reminds visitors of fall harvests.
Porch decor with pumpkins for fall

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Which Décor Items Will Make My Porch Safe For Children?

DIY Fall Planters
DIY Fall Planters

Which Outdoor Décor Items Are Fireproof?

DIY Fall Planters
DIY Fall Planters
DIY Fall Planters

Are Flame Retardant Chemicals Bad For Dogs?

DIY Fall Planters
Baskets and pumpkins make a great combo, especially when it comes to outdoor fall decor. Check out mycreativedays for more details.

Outdoor Fall Decor Conclusion

A front door wreath with porch pumpkins is a traditional American image. Fall is harvest season, and pumpkins represent a healthy environment. One popular idea is to decorate a wreath with dried flowers and leaves and then hang it on your front door, as shown on homestoriesatoz.
Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas
Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas
Outdoor decor means improving curb appeal with a few strategically-placed items like a bright orange pumpkin against a gray planter. Choosing a handful of high-quality decorations is better than cluttering your porch with cheap ones. It doesn’t take much effort to make your front patio the talk of the neighborhood.

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