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Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas That Can Bring Your Unique Vision To Life

The post Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas That Can Bring Your Unique Vision To Life appeared first on Homedit.
Sitting around a fire and chatting with friends and loved ones is one of the best feelings in the world. But what makes this experience so great is not just the fire specifically but the entire ensemble of elements around it. In order words, we’re usually talking about some sort of fire pit with comfortable…




A green room fire pit
The look and feel and fire pit seating area are also linked to the overall style used here. This for instance is a contemporary design defined by simplicity, subdued and neutral colors and a classic palette of materials and finishes. It’s part of a heritage home restoration and renovation project by Jillian Dinkel.
Villa Lugano outdoor fire pit
The best views are from up on the rooftop and Studio Arte architecture & design made sure to let their clients fully enjoy the scenery by having the roof turned into an outdoor entertainment area. They included a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a lounge area and a cozy fire pit seating area in one of the corners. Everything is open and the views are great. 
A sunken sitting area is another really cool and interesting option worth considering. This one fits really well into the design of the landscape and is beautifully highlighted by the curved back section which also acts as a visual divider. the actual fire pit is placed into the ground. 
You can see here that the actual fire pit is as simple as it can be. It’s placed into the ground and perfectly fits in place of a tile. It’s actually this really cool custom bench that stands out the most. It has LED lighting underneath and at the top and this creates a really interesting ambiance at night. The design is part of a project completed by studio David Coleman Architecture.
Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

The lighting totally transforms this place at night. During the day both the indoor and outdoor areas of this house in Mexico City look really bright, white and pure. That can change in an instant by introducing different colors and tones of light. Studio Taller Aragonés managed to do a wonderful thing here, to paint using light. 

The post Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas That Can Bring Your Unique Vision To Life appeared first on Homedit.
Sitting around a fire pit in a circle is really cozy and that’s due to the fact that circular setups allow people to be closer together and to see each other no matter where they’re seated. You can see that principle being applied here by Wade Design Architects for a lovely retreat in Sonoma County.  
Sitting around a fire and chatting with friends and loved ones is one of the best feelings in the world. But what makes this experience so great is not just the fire specifically but the entire ensemble of elements around it. In order words, we’re usually talking about some sort of fire pit with comfortable seating around it and potentially a bunch of other details that make this setup look and feel extremely cozy and inviting. Here’s some ideas of how a great fire pit seating area could look like. 
Casa Joia Designed by architects from Studio Arte with fire pit
The stark contrast between this large fire pit, the furniture scatted around it and the white floor and walls that surround them results in a surprisingly soothing and relaxing atmosphere. The area is open to the sky and you can even have a peek at the beautiful landscape surrounding it in one of the corners. This is part of the design by studio Promontorio. 
In this case the strategy was to have the fire pit and seating area surrounding it turned into a separate section of the garden. The raised planter beds act as a divider and separate the beautiful green lawn from this space. There’s also hanging string lights stretched across which create a bohemian vibe at night. Image from Shootfactory.
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The rugged landscape surrounding this residence from Colorado was the main source of inspiration for its design. Architecture studio Skylab relied on materials such as weathered steel and wood to create a nice connection between the house and the landscape and they also came up with a sculptural and geometric design approach which translates into areas like this one. It’s the first triangle-shaped fire pit seating area we’ve seen so far and it looks really cool. 
Fire and water and opposite elements and putting them together in a setting such as this one has a rather poetic effect. This modern house has a gorgeous outdoor area optimized for entertainment. There’s two fire pit seating areas, each with its own unique look and feel but with similar characteristics. Yellow is the common accent color that brings these spaces together. Check out studio Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses for more inspiration. 
Outdoor garden with firepit
Urrutia design millvalley with outdoor fire pit
There’s also something really charming about the simplicity of this backyard area. It’s not a very big space but it has tall walls all around it which shield it from the outside world and various trees adding a layer of freshness and color to the backdrop. There’s also a small and square-shaped fire pit right into the floor, with a cozy little bench and more room for chairs all around it. It’s part of a beach house designed by  Lukas Machnik.
There’s more inspiration to be found in this nice and simple courtyard with trees and plant beds peeking through the boards of the deck and a round fire pit for everyone to gather around in the middle. It’s very casual and the fact that the building frames this space on 3 sides helps it to feel really welcoming. This is part of a project by Rachael Goddard Design Studio.
LAnd Hotel terrace with outdoor fire pit
Family lake house fire pit
A fire pit seating area can either be placed out in the open with no walls or barriers around it or it can be part of a more secluded setup similar to what we can see here. This is part of a charming house on the beach designed by studio Lauren Nelson Design.
Pool House by West Hollywood with fire pit
Studio Lisa Ellis Gardens designed this fire pit area with lots and lots of greenery all around it. The custom L-shaped bench is floating on top of a bunch of spider plants that peek through from underneath and there’s more greenery cascading down from the top. 
Hotel La Purificadora with modern armchairs and fire pit
House with deck floor and fire pit
Architect Angelo Pozzoli worked on a really interesting villa in Switzerland which has an unusual fire pit setup. The actual metal fire pit doesn’t have a typical placement on the ground or at the center of the area. It’s placed on top of a minimalistic and linear concrete module that can serve as a bench among other things. It’s a more artistic design compared to others that focus mainly on practicality. 
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A heritage restoration with contemporary cool fire pit
This is a perfect example of a sunken fire pit area. Architect John Robert Nilsson made this a part of a beautiful lakeside house with a large open deck that frames it on all sides. We love the fact that this entire fire pit and seating are setup just blends in so well with the actual deck. 
Chin Graham Residence with outdoor fire pit
A California beach house with a modern edge and fire pit
The Amangiri Resort in Utah offers its guests multiple outdoor areas from which to admire the unique surroundings and the gorgeous landscape. Some are big and open and others are small and cozy, like this space for example. It’s such a beautiful place to relax as the sun sets, perfect a couple to enjoy a few tranquil moments around the fire before heading into their suite. This whole place was designed by Marwan Al-Sayed Architects. 
We mentioned earlier that this can also be a space out in the open. A good example is the holiday home designed by studio Konstant Home which has a big backyard organized into several zones. One of them has a big stone-clad fire pit at the center with lounge chairs all around it. It’s simple but it has a nice and relaxed vibe. 
LaurenNelsonDesign StinsonHome fire pit
Curvilinear features and beautiful outdoor with fire pit
This is a perfect spot to lounge and relax in, with a great view of this majestic old tree and beautifully framed by the house and the wooden railing. The brick floor pattern and concrete fire pit frame are complemented by a warm array of colors and textures. This seating area is one of the coziest ones we’ve seen so far. This was done as part of a renovation project by studio Urrutia Design.
Of course, a fire pit and a cozy seating area just had to be a part of this marvelous outdoor setup by STUDIO LIFE/STYLE. It’s positioned in one of the corner sections, with big planters framing it and creating a backdrop and a nice pattern of grass and tiles on the floor. It’s a perfect addition to this space which has a pool, a pavilion and plenty of greenery.
Groveland House outdoor fire pit
Glass house with fire pit

Owl Creek Residence with outdoor fire pit

There’s a beautiful hotel in Puebla City, Mexico designed by studio Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos which has a really inviting and stylish fire pit lounge area. It’s placed to the side of this really big staircase and it’s framed by stone walls. The two fire pits are complemented by a series of minimalistic and modular seating arrangements that bring a vibrant purple tone into the mix. They can be rearranged in a variety of different configurations so different groups of guests can make this place their own. 
Casa La Palma with beautiful outdoor fire pit
Amangiri Resort with outdoor fire pit

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