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Protect Your Home Electronics With The Best Surge Protector

Surge protectors are the kind of product that you regret not having once your electronics are fried due to fluctuations in electricity. Sadly, your electronic devices aren’t covered by warranty when they suffer permanent damage because of surges, so these power mediators are basically an untapped source of money-saving. And since they can help save…
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360 Electrical 36051 Power Curve 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Choosing a Surge Protector/Power strips

JACKYLED Surge Protector

  • There is a difference between surge protectors and power strips. Power strips are extension cords with multiple power outlets. They typically have a circuit breaker but they don’t all have surge protection equipped by default.
  • If you look for a surge protector, you will find the word “Joules” somewhere in its description. This is a unit of measurements that tell you how much surge protection a device can offer. The higher the number, the more protected your electronics are.
  • It’s really important to keep in mind the fact that as surge protectors regulate electricity input, they don’t always last forever. In fact, as they are exposed to these spikes, the parts inside them will wear down in time and become less effective at doing their job.
  • Try to purchase a surge protector that offers warranty for your electronics. That means that if the electronics plugged into the protectors suffer damage because of spikes or surges, you can be reimbursed for their value.
  • You will most likely find surge protectors that offer USB connectivity for your mobile devices. While that’s cool and everything, remember to check the amp rating as well. 2 amps usually means quicker charging. This number indicated how much electricity flow you can get through cables connected to that port.

Why You Need Surge Protection

APC 11 Outlet Surge Protector
If it’s a surge protector outlet you’re after, you have to look into the Monoprice. It is a rotating power outlet surge strip that comes with two fixed outlets, plus another six that can rotate at a 180-degrees angle to fit multiple power adapters of different sizes. It’s perfect for everyone who was ever frustrated about having a large plug that occupied the other two next to it.

Best Surge Protectors

1. APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector

It comes with one USB charging port for your mobile devices, which is pretty handy when you need to charge your phone or tablet. The power cord measures 5 feet in length . The model is compatible with a replaceable battery, which is available as a separate purchase.
The surge protection is pretty impressive as well, with 3,940 Joules. It has a 15-amp circuit breaker, ground fault detection, and a cord length of 8 feet, although you have other length options at your disposal if 8 feet is too much/not enough.
The base is where the power cord lies, as it can be retracted whenever you want to move the tower around and don’t want the power cable getting in the way. There is also a handle placed on top of the unit for easier transportation.
Best Surge Protector

  • 11 outlets.
  • Building wiring fault indicator.
  • Inputs for coaxial cables.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Equipment protection.

Best Surge Protector

  • 4 USB ports.
  • RoHS, CE & FCC Certificates.
  • 900J surge protection.
  • REtractable power cord.
  • Carrying handle.

Best Surge Protector

  • Multiple VA options.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • USB charging port.
  • Free power management software.

Best Surge Protector

  • Multiple outlet options.
  • Multiple cord length options.
  • USB charging port.
  • Surge protection for all outlets.

Best Surge Protector

  • Rotating outlets.
  • Auto shutdown technology.
  • Fits large plugs.
  • LED surge indicator.

Best Surge Protector

  • 6 rotating outlets.
  • Power surge protection status indicator.
  • Grounding LED indicator.

Best Surge Protector

  • Great for tabletops.
  • 3 USB ports.
  • 2 outlets on each side.

Best Surge Protector

  • Travel size compact design.
  • Overcurrent protection.
  • USB Smart charge technology.
  • The case made with fire-retardant material.


  • USB ports don’t charge very fast.

Bottom Line

If it’s sturdy power outlets with surge protection you’re after, let’s take a look at this gem right here. It houses eight outlets in a tower-like design that make this product suitable for tabletop use, especially due to its USB connectivity. It comes with three USB ports for charging your devices, which can easily be placed on the outlet’s flat top.
With 6 outlets and 1,080 Joules of surge protection, 360 Electrical’s Power Curve is a sleek product that works well in narrow spaces and can easily find its way against a wall behind different pieces of furniture. You can rotate each of the power outlets to redirect the plugs in any way comfortable to you. That means that you can use larger plugs without worrying about blocking the others next to it.

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