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Roof Moss Removal: How To Remove Moss From Roof For Good

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Roof moss removal is necessary even when overgrown moss on your roof makes your home feel like it is deep in a magical woodland forest. But in reality, moss is not a good thing when it is growing on your home, despite the magical feeling that comes along with it. Moss in your yard can…




Region: Northern US, Canada, and Europe.
Color: Dark green to yellow-green
Region: Western hemisphere.

Roof Moss Removal: Why Does Moss Grow On Roofs?

Color: Green and reddish-brown.
Removing moss from asphalt shingles is one of the more difficult jobs regarding roof moss removal. This is due to the texture of the roof and the crevices. But if you get a scrub brush, you can make things easier and that is the key. 
Info: This type of moss can only grow in very high-moisture areas like swamps and bogs. 

Types Of Moss That Need Roof Moss Removal

But it can grow on your roof because there is a good place for the shallow roots to grow and because there aren’t any other plants there. Also, your roof sees a lot of rain, which will help the moss grow quickly. 
Region: Eastern US and Canada.
After preparing yourself with gear, get a ladder and secure it to the house. Then, bring a hose with a nozzle that you can control to the roof. Starting at the top, spray the loose moss and dirt off as if power washing. 

Cushion Moss – Leucobryum glaucum

Info: This moss grows in carpets and can cover entire forest floors if left untouched. 
Color: Dark green.
Region: North America

Mood Moss – Dicranum scoparium

Info: This moss also looks like tiny trees and it can grow anywhere on earth. 
Color: Golden-green leaves.
Info: This moss looks like a scaly carpet. It can grow in large amounts and tend to take over whatever it grows in, hence the interesting name. 

Sheet Moss – Hypnum cupressiforme​​

Info: This moss is wiry and looks like stars from above. It is appealing and easy to spot.
Color: Reddish-green
Color: Reddish-green
Color: Reddish-green
Moss forms from spores that are carried by the wind or rain. The reason it doesn’t grow in your yard often is that moss doesn’t usually grow where healthy plants, including grass, are already thriving. 
Then, lightly scrub it down and rinse it with water one more time. This should do the trick and the moss should be gone. Make sure to mix water with any homemade solution you use so you won’t damage the roof. 

How To Do Roof Moss Removal On Your Own

Region: North and South America and Europe.
Region: Native to North America
How To Remove Moss From Roof

Step 1: Clean The Roof Before Roof Moss Removal

Region: United States
Region: South America, Africa, and Australia

Step 2: Apply Roof Moss Removal Spray

Region: Everywhere
Info: This messy, fuzzy moss does its name justice. It is long, shaggy, and loos unkept. 

Step 3: Preventative Measures 

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Color: Grey-green 

Roof Moss Removal On Different Types Of Roofs

Info: Also known as rock cap moss, this moss is tightly packed but very short. The moss often looks wind-blown with leaves curving in just one direction.

Roof Moss Removal On Asphalt Shingles

Info: This moss has tiny leaves that clump together. This is the type of moss that often grows between cracks in the sidewalk. You may recognize the slight orange tint to the leaves.

Roof Moss Removal On Solar Panels

Region: Eastern North America and Europe.

Roof Moss Removal On Metal 

Color: Green and red 

Roof Moss Removal On Clay

Color: Yellow-green to golden-brown.

Roof Moss Removal On Rubber

On rubber roofs, moss can become a real problem. But if you kill the moss with bleach before you begin, then it should scrape off given it has been severely dried out. Of this doesn’t work, use moss killer.

Roof Moss Removal Services 

Info: This pretty moss grows tall and loose, with silver tips that help identity it.
Color: Dark orange-green
Color: Gray-green leaves and dark brown stems.

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