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Standard Shower Valve Height Guide

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Shower valve height can matter more than you’d imagine. Not too long ago, tubs were much more popular than showers, but now, showers reign supreme with adults, with tubs being a luxury. Most of the time, you will hire a professional to install your shower valve but there are occasions when you can do it…




Good shower curtains are so underrated. If you can find a good shower curtain though, it can transform your bathroom, not just your showering experience. It all starts with finding the right size for your shower.
what is the height of shower valves
If there’s one way to make your shower look like a spa shower, it’s adding a teak shower floor. While it has its pros and cons, it is generally more useful than it is a hassle. Teak is a wonderful wood that should be appreciated. 

What Is A Shower Valve? Why Does Shower Valve Height Matter?
standard shower valve height

For tub-shower units, the height can be just a few inches about the tub or directly on the tub as part of the faucet. You can get hybrid valves that work with the tub or get an entirely separate one to control at a higher spot. 
It’s very important that your bathroom, especially your shower, is a place you can relax at the end of the day. Making your shower or tub that spa for you is a great way to relieve stress and find a place to have some well-deserved alone time.
There are a lot of different types of showerheads. Some only cost a few dollars while others can cost hundreds or even thousands. While valves don’t vary quite as much and there will always be standards.

What Is A Shower Head? Is It Relative To Shower Valve Height?

No, not the kind of shower panel that you use instead of a wall. This is a shower panel that has both a valve and a showerhead on it. These things can come with so many amenities that it’s crazy. You won’t need anything else.
But an up-to-date, properly installed shower valve ensures that you are getting the most of the valve. Any problems you face will be caused by deeper issues. If you have problems with an older shower, take this into account. 
shower valve mounting height
Shower valve heights can vary more as they aren’t relevant while you shower, simply before and after. The average height for a shower valve is 30-50 inches above the floor, though this is a general range. 

Standard Shower Head Height

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A shower filter? Yep, that’s a thing too! Some homes have hard water that wreaks havoc on their showers. But a good shower filter can help with this. It can adjust the water pressure and filter out harmful minerals.
The post Standard Shower Valve Height Guide appeared first on Homedit.

Standard Shower Valve Height 

The standard showerhead height is about 80″ as this has been proven to be the safest and most comfortable in general. This is with a ceiling of around 90″ but the ceiling height isn’t usually taken into account. 
Luckily, showerheads are easy to replace yourself. The instructions are often even on the box, so if you don’t know where to start, you can start there. Most showerheads are compatible with most bases. 
Shower valve height can matter more than you’d imagine. Not too long ago, tubs were much more popular than showers, but now, showers reign supreme with adults, with tubs being a luxury.

Shower Head And Shower Valve Height Distance

Modern bathroom with walk in shower
However, they can be expensive, so make sure that you shop the best guides on shower panels to get the best deal. This thing will change your life like it has so many others who have found out about them. 
tub shower valve rough in height

Taking Your Family’s Height Into Account When Choosing Shower Valve Height

shower valve height
Now, if you have a tub-shower unit then the rules are different and are more about the tub than the showerhead height. But for other showers, you can measure the distance from your shower head to the valve. 
A shower valve is a knob that controls the flow of water. This will control the heat and water pressure in the shower. If your shower valve is out-of-date, any problems with these two aspects may be caused by the shower valve.

Types Of Showers

Now, when we say types of showers, we don’t mean shower/tub unit or tiled shower, we mean the type of showerhead and shower valve. This is what really affects the showering experience. 


  • Mixer – a mixer valve is the classic type of shower valve. It has two valves; a hot and a cold one. Each one controls a different temperature. This type of valve is becoming extinct in favor of others.
  • Pressure Balance – this type of shower valve is easy to use and the most common type. It has one knob that you can adjust to be the right temperature with a mix of hot and cold depending on where you land.
  • Thermostatic – this is usually digital but can be in other ways. This type of valve has the temperature on a gauge. So you know the temperature based on the number. It is usually a spinning dial that controls it. 


  • Single-Spray – this is a typical showerhead that is stationary, mounted on the wall, and is the cheapest kind you can get. It is a single spray and doesn’t have extra holes on different levels as others do.
  • Detachable – detachable showerheads can be used to wash your entire body more easily. It can function as a normal shower head but contains a hose that makes it easy to move around and bring down. 
  • Rainfall – rainfall showerheads are mounted on the ceiling, or at least come out from the wall with the showerhead pointing down as if they were mounted on the ceiling. They are considered a luxury showerhead. 
  • LED Showerhead – LED showerheads have lights on them that are waterproof. They provide a new ambiance and are perfect for showers that don’t have any lights inside and are closed in thus naturally dark. 

Finding Other Conveniences Walk in shower design 683x1024

If the showerhead is at 80″ then a good height is about 45″ above the ground. To make things easier, you can always go exactly halfway between the floor and the showerhead. In this case, it would be 40″ between the two.
Every shower you see on tv has some sort of shelf for shampoo and such. It makes a shower look neat and tidy while offering convenience for users. But in real life, you’d be surprised how few people have them.

Shower Temperature Gauge

Now, this may be more important than the average shower valve height or the standard shower head height. If you have a family of people over 6ft tall then that 72″ minimum won’t be ideal for your family.
There are a lot of nice things you can add to your bathroom to make showering even better. Getting a nice bathroom floor, upgrading your toilet, finding a vanity with a marble countertop. But what about the shower? 

Perfect Shower Curtain

You want the shower curtain to be an anti-mildew material, but you also want it to just brush the floor, not pool on the floor. Find out more about the perfect shower curtain with this shower curtain size guide. 
Most of the time, you will hire a professional to install your shower valve but there are occasions when you can do it yourself. Use this shower installation guide to find out how to move or install your own showerhead and shower valve. 

Teak Shower Floor

The minimum height for a showerhead is usually 72″ and shouldn’t be shorter than that unless you know the family personally. We’ll talk more about personal shower heights later, but 72″ is a good minimum. 
There are options other than teak, but when it comes to moisture resistance and attractiveness, teak is your best bet for shower floors. Use them in slats for a drainable shower floor that looks like a million bucks. 
You may need to hire an expert to replace something. If you do, go ahead and do a total makeover on your shower as it will be taken apart anyway. Start with the shower floor and work your way up from there. 

Shower Filter

As amazing as shower filters can be, shopping for the right shower filter can be quite a journey. Check out this shower filter guide for tips, tricks, pros, and cons that can help you along the way. 
Here are some things you can do to upgrade your shower. Some are expensive while others are more affordable. Find what works for your budget and needs to not only update your shower, but update it too.

Corner Shelf

A lot of people confuse shower valves and showerheads. But the showerhead is the part of the hardware that the water comes from. It isn’t a plumbing piece but a hardware piece. It goes on top of the pipe the water comes from.
Get yourself a corner shelf if you don’t have one because there isn’t anything more useful. Just make sure that you clean under it regularly so mold and mildew don’t build up underneath it where you can’t see. 

Shower Panel

But if your family is mostly children and the adults are under 5′ then that 72″ maybe a little tall. The same goes for the valve. The valve should be a comfortable height for everyone to reach in front of them and adjust it. 
You can then find the perfect setting for yourself and set it the same every time. Each family member can have their own setting so you can have that perfect temperature ready every time you take a shower. 

Creating Your Haven

shower valve rough in height
A shower temperature gauge makes your shower safer, more customizable, and generally higher-end. Most gauges can be put on the outside of your shower and let you know the temperature of the water in your shower.
What Is A Shower Head?
So make your bathroom everything you need it to be. Focus on you and your family when it comes to your home. Not on impressing or pleasing anyone else. This is your special place that should be all your own.

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