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Stunning Outdoor Wall Fountains for Your Backyard

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When you’re committed to creating a beautiful outdoor setup, a fountain is definitely an element that can impress, draw attention, and create a focal point that brings relaxation and aesthetic value to your yard. However, with the different existing types of fountains, one could easily get lost in the variety of available styles and materials….




However, with the different existing types of fountains, one could easily get lost in the variety of available styles and materials. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on what you need to know before choosing an outdoor fountain, but also take a look into the most beautiful wall outdoor fountains currently found on the market.

Top Picks

There are a lot of materials that can be used to construct an outdoor fountain, and knowing about each of them will help you make a more informed shopping decision:
Metal Mirror Waterfall Fountain with Light
Danica Resin Wall Fountain with Light
Dunnell Polystone Wall Fountain
Made from polyresin and stone powder, this two-gallon water fountain is here to give off those ancient Greek vibes and make it seem like you’re invested a lot of money and put a lot of thought into what you want your yard to look like. It measures 27” H x 17” W x 10” D and has a lightweight construction that makes it fairly easy to mount the fountain even without an extra helping hand. It has a submersible electrical pump and requires a power outlet to function.

How to Choose an Outdoor Fountain


  • First of all, you need to consider how much available space you have for placing a fountain. Small gardens and yards could surely benefit from wall fountains because they tend to occupy less space. If you choose a large fountain when having a small space to work with will make your outdoor space look cramped.
  • There are many different types of available outdoor fountains to choose from, and we’ve covered all of them in our section dedicated to “Types of Outdoor Fountains”. Check them out and determine which type is most suitable for you.
  • Read our section on “Outdoor Fountain Materials” so you can see what fountains are usually made from and pick a material that matches your needs, but also one that can resist in your specific climate.
  • Ease of maintenance should also play a major role in determining what type of fountain is best for you. Fountains require frequent cleaning (at least once a month) and materials that are not frost resistant require covering before the first frost.

Types of Outdoor Fountains

These are easy to install and pretty affordable. They function by using their own reservoir and have separate plumbing. They are commonly seen on patios, decks, and garden sides, but you could literally place them anywhere. They are generally made from fiberglass, ceramic, and stone.

Self-contained fountains

When you’re committed to creating a beautiful outdoor setup, a fountain is definitely an element that can impress, draw attention, and create a focal point that brings relaxation and aesthetic value to your yard.

Spouting fountains

Natural Stone Wall Water Fountain with Light

Wall fountains


Tiered fountains

There are plenty of different power sources that one can expect to find in the construction of an outdoor fountain. Hardwired fountains are pretty popular, and this is a category that requires an electrical power source to work. Solar-powered outdoor fountains do not require electricity because they use the sun to draw the energy needed to function.

Cascading fountains


Japanese fountains


Disappearing/pondless fountains


Outdoor Fountain Materials

It really depends on the climate in the specific area you live in. Those of you that live in harsh climates need to choose durable materials, such as bronze or granite. Granite fountains are often considered to be the best choice. If you live in warmer climates, you can pretty much choose any type of water fountain you like.

  • Ceramic fountains are smaller compared to most other types of fountains, so they make really proper patio and deck choices. However, they are not very resistant in freezing temperatures, so you will have to find a way to bring them inside if you live in an area with such temperatures. Otherwise, ceramic is very prone to cracking.
  • Glass fountains are considered to be amongst the most elegant ones out there. However, they are not that suitable for outdoor use because they tend to crack pretty fast.
  • Acrylic fountains can resemble glass fountains quite a lot, but are a little more durable. However, their color tends to become yellow-ish over time, and they brittle when left outside in the sun for more than one year.
  • Fountains made from molded resin can be blown away in powerful wind conditions because they are pretty lightweight, and they also tend to brittle in time.
  • Cast stone fountains tend to resemble real stone, and they are quite heavy. They can be quite difficult to clean because of their porous nature. Their delicate nature makes them a less desirable choice for those who experience freezing temperatures in their area.
  • Limestone fountains have been around for ages because of the material’s availability and the ease of carving. Marble fountains are known for their variety of existing colors and are often chosen for their unmatched beauty. We’ve put limestone and marble together because they are porous and delicate stones, so they will need frequent maintenance with special products that won’t eat the surface away. They are not durable in freezing temperatures.
  • Granite is a pretty long-lasting choice and fountains made from this material can easily be carved into just about any design. They are pretty easy to care for because they are resistant to chemical attacks.
  • Bronze fountains are chosen because of their shine and elegance, and they have a specific color that tends to complement a lot of different outdoor setups.
  • Basalt fountains are considered to be a more rustic choice, and are often chosen in wooded areas because the water reserve is concealed in a pondless basin hidden under the fountain, in the ground.

The Best Outdoor Wall Fountains

Danica Resin Wall Fountain with Light

Natural Stone Indoor Outdoor Wall Fountain with Light


  • Integrated LED lights.
  • Individual switch for lights and pump.
  • Quality pump.

  • Dynamic LED lighting.
  • Dual waterproof cords.
  • Flow rate control.

  • Great for small yards.
  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable flow rate.

  • Beautiful modern design.
  • Slim profile.
  • Easy to install.

  • Can serve as a tabletop fountain.
  • Equipped with accent light.
  • Adjustable low rate.

  • Scratch-resistant surface.
  • Equipped with LED lights.
  • Separate switch for lights.

  • Beautiful outdoor/indoor design.
  • Equipped with LED lights.
  • Separate switch for lights and pump activation.

  • Integrated LED lights.
  • Stunning lion head design.
  • Weather-proof construction.

  • Lightweight construction.
  • Flow rate control.
  • Weather-resistant construction.

  • Comes with built-in LED lights.
  • Comes with all parts included.
  • Weather-proof construction.
Made from resin, this 32.1” H x 18.3” W x 9.7” D wall fountain has a three-tier design and offers a natural look to your yard. The fountain is designed with LED lights that will illuminate this piece and turn it into a focal point both during the day, as well as during the night. The lion head adds a touch of elegance to the entire construction.

  • Quite loud.


How much does it cost to build a outdoor water fountain?

These are rich in spiritual significance and usually contain bamboo in their construction. Other elements that are characteristic to Japanese fountains include evergreen plants and rocks.

Do outdoor fountains need electricity?


What is the best material for outdoor fountains?

There are a few things that you have to know before choosing any type of outdoor water fountain, so here is a more comprehensive list of features that you need to look into before spending your money:

How do I keep my outdoor fountain algae free?

If you want a more ancient-looking wall fountain with a striking design that makes it suitable for your stone wall, this is probably one of the best products to look into. The water comes from the stone lion’s head, providing a soothing water-pouring sound that’s perfect for outdoor relaxation. It measures 18.1” H x 22.1” W x 8.3” D and comes with an electrical cord of 196”. It’s made from polyresin and has an elegant charcoal finish. It comes together with a pump and LED lights to illuminate the fountain at night.

The Final Verdict

Natural Stone Table Wall Fountain with Light
Resin Wall Fountain with Light

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