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Style Your Home with A Gray Accent Chair

If you’re ready to give your home a revamp and you’re thinking about how to decorate it to match your personality, accent chairs can go a long way in giving your home a more personal feel. With a different purpose compared to that of regular chairs, accent chairs are the perfect way to add a…
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Gray accent chair with gold frame
Choosing a gray accent chair is pretty easy once you take a look at the different styles available so that you can understand which type and style would best fit your existing decor. Once you’ve figured out why you want an accent chair in the first place, figuring out stuff such as cushioning, color, accessories, upholstery and frame material, and maximum weight capacity should be pretty easy.
Accent Chair Styles

Top 3 Picks

Another gray accent chair that we really liked is the Dallin. It measures 32” H x 28” W x 26” D and is built with a manufactured wood frame that has a very interesting shiny gold finish, with glossines that might make people believe it’s actually made from metal. It can support up to 250 pounds in weight and is covered in a soft velvet upholstery that looks simply divine. The timeless design and the golden finish of the frame make this armchair suitable for modern and even glam room decors.
Euart Tufted Polyester Armchair
The post Style Your Home with A Gray Accent Chair appeared first on Homedit.
Even with its elegant look, the Haleigh gray accent chair is just darn right adorable. Sitting on a frame of briarwood legs, the velvet fabric comes with button-tufted accents both on the seat as well as on the backrest, bringing room aesthetics to the next level. The chair measures 30.3” H x 25.1” W x 26.7” D and can support 250 pounds in weight. The seat is padded with foam, much to the delight of whoever will be sitting on this chair.
Best Design: Binghamton Armchair
We’re pretty excited about this second suggestion we have in store for you today, which consists of a set of two Parsons chairs that can serve you even in your dining room. The chairs have a frame that combines solid and manufactured wood, having a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

What Is an Accent Chair?

An accent chair is a little different compared to a regular chair in a sense that its main role is to be a focal point and add interest to a room. They aren’t meant to be bought in sets, so people just choose one accent chair for a particular room they want to decorate (there are situations where two identical accent chairs are bought in order to add symmetry to the room, but it’s not the most common interior decoration practice).
Most of the chair styles we just mentioned in the above list are available in multiple styles, and knowing what your options are will make your shopping decision a lot easier, so let’s get into it:
I know, I know, it seems like I’ve added way too many armchairs to the list, but when you gaze at the design of the Binghamton, can you honestly tell me it doesn’t deserve to be on this list? It is one of the most stylish gray accent chairs we’ve come across so far, with a geometric design that makes it look less like a chair and more like an art piece.

Accent Chair Types

Garren Polyester Club Chair

  • Arm chairs are very popular accent chairs. Aside from the fact that you can choose very stylish models, arm chairs are also one of the most comfortable options out there. They are usually covered in some sort of upholstery material and come with two armrests that are typically wide and comfortable. They are made from a wide range of materials and you can easily find them in the size and color of your choice.
  • In terms of design, slipper chairs are pretty much armchairs with their armrests cut off. They have a sleek design and work perfectly with modern and contemporary rooms. They offer extra seating space without occupying too much room. They are comfortable and the lack of armrests allows for multiple sitting positions.
  • Side chairs are very versatile, in spite of their smaller profile. They are basically a smaller version of the slipper chair. Due to their slim profile, they can fit into a small space but still manage to provide plenty of comfort for those who want to sit down and read a book. They can also be used around the dining table if you ever need an extra seat.
  • Barrel chairs have a pretty self-explanatory name. The back side is very similar to a barrel, while the front has a cutout seating area. The armrests and the backrest have almost the same height and, while comfortable for sitting down, the lack of lower back support can make these uncomfortable for those who want to sit down for hours on end. They usually come with a generous amount of padding.

    With a different purpose compared to that of regular chairs, accent chairs are the perfect way to add a personal touch to almost every room in the house, so why don’t we tackle this subject in depth to check out what your options are?

  • Lounge chairs excel in terms of comfort, allowing you to lean back and rest in a position that’s bound to leave a lot of people snoozing. They have a laid-back design and usually come with an ottoman or a smaller chair section that’s designed to offer foot support.
  • Wingback chairs are very stylish, mostly due to their winged sides and tall back. They used to be very common in libraries and formal rooms, which is why they make any room classy. These could go really well in front of a fireplace and also serve as extra dining table seating. Keep in mind that they tend to be quite bulky, so they’re not exactly the type of chair you want if you’re looking to move it around a lot.
  • Club chairs are characterized by deep seats and high arms. They are comfortable and come with plenty of padding, which makes sense if you consider the fact that they were normally found in old traditional clubs. They are great for living rooms as they are clearly designed for long hours of sitting. Most people associate club chairs with leather upholstery and nail trims, but there are plenty of other design options out there.
  • Parsons chairs are functional and stylish. The best part about them is their versatility, allowing you to fit them into just about any decor. They have a sleek look and come with no armrests. They resemble chairs more than they do armchairs, don’t occupy a lot of space, and make for excellent dining room seating.
  • Papasan chairs have a very unique appeal to them, being the type of chair that you would immediately like to sit on the second you see it. They are usually made from a sturdy frame and come with comfortable cushioning that rests upon a rattan construction. They can work really well in boho-style rooms, college dorms, or any other decor where comfort is essential.
  • Balloon chairs come with a rounded back and have a design that pretty much looks like a balloon (obviously). They have deep seats and offer a cozy enclosure for people to relax in. They can be freestanding or come with chains that allow you to mount them to the ceiling.

    A lot of people like to have fun when choosing an accent chair because it gets to say a lot about their personality. Some people like accent chairs with soft colors and a very chill vibe, while others choose eccentric pieces that will immediately draw the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

  • Convertible chairs can literally be converted to other types. They usually come with foldable backs and can be converted from normal chairs to lounge chairs. They don’t have any arms and they allow you to recline the backrest to change your position. Some models come with a footrest to make your lounging experience even more comfortable.
  • Chesterfield chairs are named after the popular sofas that carry the same name. They are extremely formal and difficult to add to laid back setups due to their elegant style. They are usually covered in leather or faux leather, come with nail head trims and rolled arms.

Available as a set of two chairs that could serve as accent pieces, as well as dining room seating, these Parsons chairs are available at a great price.

Accent Chair Styles

The design details on this club accent chair are stunning. It comes with a frame that’s made from kiln-dried hardwood and comes with foam cushioning that’s covered in polyester upholstery. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and measures 33.5” H x 39.8” W x 31.1” D. However, the most impressive thing about it is the beautiful contemporary design that blends comfortable armrests with generous seating and plenty of comfort for whoever decides to sit in this chair.

  • Modern chairs pertain to a style that appeared in the late 1800s. These chairs usually have streamlined designs and simple looks, choosing function over fashion.
  • Contemporary chairs are often confused with modern ones, but they do have a lot of different traits. Dating back to the 70s, contemporary chairs are characterized by curves, bold colors and patterns, and a minimal design.
  • Traditional chairs have authentic and classic elements, with intricate designs that some people might consider outdated. They are usually built on top of wooden frames and come with upholstery available in earthy colors.
  • Transitional accent chairs are right at the border between traditional and contemporary. They are a common choice for a lot of homes because they can be combined with a wide variety of furnishings and decors. They have clean and rather elegant profiles, and they are mostly focused on comfort.
  • Rustic accent chairs are typically very easy to spot because of their timeless and old vibes. They usually have a rugged design and work really well in a log cabin rather than in modern homes.
  • If you take the rustic style and give it a country twist, you get a country-style accent chair. These come in a variety or warm colors and patterns, with floral prints being very common. They have a delicate look to them, with feminine vibes and plenty of personalities.
  • Mid-century modern accent chairs are basically a staple of the modern design, but with an update. Their comfortable style doesn’t lack a certain vintage appeal and they are easy to pair with a lot of different room decors.
  • Glam accent chairs do their name justice and are perfect for those of you that want to add some sparkle into your home. They usually have ornate details and are very elegant, with subtle colors that somehow still manage to create a statement.

Best Gray Accent Chairs To Spruce Your Home Decor

Gray Garren Polyester Club Chair

Binghamton Tufted Velvet Armchair
While this title may be a little subjective, we do feel that the geometric design of the Binghamton chair is one of the best we’ve seen so far.

Charlack Tufted Linen Parsons Chair

The design details on the Bransford chair are so exquisite, it’s very difficult to label it as pertaining to a single category. It is an elegant piece that consists of a curved wooden frame, cabriole legs, and nail trimming that are reminiscent of the Louis XV style.
This barrel-style chair comes with its own matching ottoman, which means double the comfort as it allows you to stretch your legs and sit in a position that’s comfortable for enjoying a good book or watching TV. with a hardwood frame, the chair is designed to support up to 300 pounds in weight.
Capable of supporting up to 450 pounds in weight and offering a gorgeous design for elegant homes, the Sonetter is definitely a money magnet.

Hofstetter Tufted Polyester Armchair

When it comes to barrel chairs, this is one of our most favorite models. It has this 1950s LA nightclub vibe with a very elegant appeal to it. Its curved design offers a sophisticated appeal and the gold swivel base just compliments the entire chair. The frame is made from birch wood, allowing the chair to support a maximum of 450 pounds in weight, which is nothing short of impressive. It measures 31” H x 30” W x 27” D and is available in other upholstery color options, such as pink, black, or navy.
Sonette Tufted Velvet Yes Barrel Chair
Best 2-in-1 Chair: Charlack Tufted Linen Parsons Chair

Dallin Tufted Velvet Armchair

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If you’re ready to give your home a revamp and you’re thinking about how to decorate it to match your personality, accent chairs can go a long way in giving your home a more personal feel.

Haleigh Tufted Wingback Chair

Best Barrel Chair: Sonette Barrel Chair
It has a cover made from linen blend, which is available in a choice of gray, purple, and yellow. Supporting up to 300 pounds in weight, this ensemble is a perfect addition to the relaxation corner of your room.

Tufted Armchair and Ottoman

Haleigh Tufted Wingback Chair
Bransford Tufted Polyester Armchair
Dallin Tufted Velvet Armchair

Binghamton Tufted Velvet Armchair

Gray Accent Chair
It is definitely a piece that you expect to see in a more elegant room, with soft hues of light gray and covered in soft polyester fabric. Measuring 38” H x 29” W x 32” D, this chair can support up to 300 pounds in weight. It has a pine and plywood frame and a camel-type back.
As we mentioned in the first half of this article, armchairs are the most common type of accent chairs you’ll come across. That being said, here is the Hofstetter, a chair available in different upholstery colors, also offering a dark gray and a regular gray option.

Bransford Tufted Polyester Armchair

Hofstetter Tufted Polyester Armchair
There are different ways for us to label accent chairs, be they gray or any other color. If you were to search for accent chairs based on their type, you would find the following options:
The backrests have a button-tufted design which is very elegant. Staying true to their style, the chairs don’t have armrests, but they aren’t really needed considering their purpose. Each chair measures 30” H x 22” W x 22.5” D and is covered in beautiful gray linen.

Euart Tufted Polyester Armchair

Another accent chair with an adorable design is the Euart. It is available in a plain gray upholstery, but we really wanted to present the cream one with gray and brown floral patterns. It measures 39” H x 30” W x 30” D and can support a total weight of 275 pounds. The frame is made from solid wood and plywood, and is filled with comfortable foam. You can choose between multiple upholstery options, including navy blue and brown.
Charlack Tufted Linen Parsons Chair

Sonette Tufted Velvet Yes Barrel Chair

The exposed wooden frame has a retro vibe to it, and is sturdy enough to support up to 300 pounds in weight. The seat is filled with a blend that’s mostly made of foam, but also contains a little bit of cotton. It measures 31.5” H x 28.5” W x 32” D and arrives partially assembled.
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Tufted Armchair and Ottoman
It can support up to 400 pounds in weight, since it rests upon a metal frame with a glam glossy gold finish. The upholstery is made from velvet fabric and the cushion is filled with comfortable high-density foam.

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