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Sweet Bedroom Color Schemes For Your Next DIY Project

Bedroom color schemes impact living spaces more than anything else. When applying a neutral color scheme to your bedroom walls or guest bedroom, use the color wheel. You may want to include an accent color to go with your favorite color, which is common. If you can’t decide what colors to use for your bedroom,…
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As you know, on the color wheel we can distinguish between warm and cool colors. Green is an example of a cool nuance and it’s a good color for a bedroom because it’s soothing and relaxing. Warm colors like shades of red, orange, and brown can make spaces feel welcoming and cozy. 
White, beige, and ivory won’t impact your mood. The colors are used as a balance. Neutral colors are ideal for guest bedrooms if you want versatility and for your guests to feel welcomed.
Whether you veer toward the cooler grey side of white or the warmer ivories, a bedroom that is founded upon whitishness tends to fall soft, light, and bright. To complete your bedroom color scheme, add a navy throw pillow or antique metallic accent.
A positive and uplifting color scheme and a fun one to work with as well. It can suit a variety of spaces including bedrooms. If you enjoy waking up energized and optimistic, add yellow or orange to your bedroom’s décor. 

How To Pick A Color Scheme For Your Bedroom

Modern bathroom with a cool touch

Warm Vs Cool Colors 

Cozy farmhouse master bedroom with natural wood accents
Cozy farmhouse master bedroom with natural wood accents
Neutral-themed bedroom designs are quite popular because they just feel well-balanced. If the prospect of using a bold accent color seems a bit too daring or doesn’t fit your style, consider something like this instead. 

Soothing And Elegant Neutrals

Bedroom color schemes impact living spaces more than anything else. When applying a neutral color scheme to your bedroom walls or guest bedroom, use the color wheel. You may want to include an accent color to go with your favorite color, which is common.
It’s easy to take a knee-jerk nautical color scheme like red and navy and turn a space into a nautically themed room. Those without nautical decor can use a classic red and navy color combination. 

Turquoise, Green, And White 

Neutrals and Navy
Bedroom mid sized traditional master carpeted and blue floor bedroom idea

Mint Green Accent

You can hardly ever go wrong with black and white as a color scheme, even in the bedroom. The yin and yang of these polar opposites and the stark contrast they exude, make for an eye-catching and dramatic bedroom space.
If you’re interested in learning more about color schemes for bedrooms, and how to go about creating the space you want, read on. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration and information to help you select your perfect bedroom color palette.

Bedroom color frozen bedroom

Layers, Patterns, Muted Accents

Red is a powerful color. You wouldn’t want to use it as a bedroom color, but it would well for a living room. 
There’s nothing more classic than blue and white for a bedroom. The muted blue on the canopy and bolster ties together the deep navy headboard and  wall decor.

Dark Accent Wall

You can also make a bedroom look and feel welcoming and cozy by using a selection of similar color tones and creating layers. This example is proof that texture and pattern play an important role in interior design.
To add personality to a completely neutral bedroom color scheme, it features some whimsical bedside lamps that are golden trees topped with a white feather shade.

Soothing Blues

These analogous colors have gone together since the dawn of time, and they are a perfect color scheme for bedrooms.
While greys have become the mainstay for neutrality in contemporary colors, this doesn’t mean that browns are out. Rich, deep browns add presence and maturity to this stately bedroom. Navy is a perfect complementing color – bold enough to be noticed, but in a sophisticated way.

Classic And Modern

Black and white is a design staple. Here, the standard is reversed. The walls are painted black and the furnishings are white, yet the abstract rug connects them. 
Feminine lavender takes on a life of its own when it’s paired with un-feminine colors. The reason blue and purple work so well together is because they are located next to each other on the color wheel. They are called analogous colors. Analogous colors tend to make lovely color schemes. {found on joystreetdesign}.

Nature Color Schemes

With so many different colors in the spectrum to choose from, picking a color scheme is not easy. There are many nuances, so choosing a color is challenging. All you need to know is that it’s a combination of following rules, adapting to a space, and the mood you want to achieve. 
Grey with taupe, cream with charcoal, or tan with ivory offers a calming bedroom color schemes. Pairing two different neutrals together to create a color scheme provides variety in the coloring without taking away from the soothing neutrality.

Muted Blues

Bedroom color grey upholstered fabric
Large french country master carpeted and white floor bedroom

Wood And Natural Browns

It’s easy to get caught up within the confines of a color scheme. Before you know it, the color palette will dictate your decor decisions. A bedroom color scheme can provide the inspiration for the overall vibe of the space – the details and décor needn’t be specifically within that palette to be effective. 
One of the reasons why this bedroom design looks so well-balanced is because of the colors involved. On one hand, we have dark grays which give the space a masculine look but on the other hand, we have the light beige.

Forest Colors

Cognac is a sophisticated, rich leathery tone that benefits from the presence of another color. But, for best results, the pairing color should have deep, rich tones as well. That is why deep teal and cognac go so well together as a bedroom color scheme. 
This modern color palette has gained popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons. The “colorlessness” feeling that grey evokes is a perfect background for cheery yellow. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Best Bedroom Color When You’re Trying To Sell Your Home?

A Bold, Dramatic Mix

Which Bedroom Color Is Good For Young Students?

Green Gingham with Garden Details

Which Bedroom Color Inspires Creativity?

Green is associated with nature, freedom, and prosperity and it’s also considered restorative. From that perspective, it’s a wonderful color for a bedroom.

Which Master Bedroom Color Is Good For A Healthy Marriage?

When you have a spectacular bed like a Hästens, it’s worth using the navy blue check pattern as an element in your décor. It’s a perfect partner for a creamy yellow hue used as a wall color, but not in an overwhelming quantity. 

What Color Is Best For Reading Room?

Pink and grey are another classic bedroom color combination. Infant nurseries or chic master bedrooms. It depends on the undertones, sheen, and dosage. For a vintage bedroom feel, try pale pink.

Bedroom Color Schemes Conclusion

Instead of white walls, try gray walls. You can use various hues for the ceiling if you wanted to try something different. But vibrant red accents breathe life and personality into a neutral space.
Light purple shades like lilac or lavender have a soothing and revitalizing effect. They’re popular accent colors for bedrooms and bathrooms. Darker purple shades can make a space look sophisticated and powerful, so use the color sparingly.
Bedroom color somon color 768x1024
Example of a large trendy master light wood floor and brown floor bedroom design

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