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The 15 Best Cheap Coffee Tables For Every Home And Style

The post The 15 Best Cheap Coffee Tables For Every Home And Style appeared first on Homedit.
With the coffee table being such an important part of any home’s interior design, we’re often in a rush to make a purchase cheap coffee tables without taking the time to consider all the options. It’s amazing how many different designs and styles one can choose from. Of course, the design is not all that…




Cottage style is, in some respects, as much a state of mind as it is a method of decorating. There is an ease to the way it celebrates blemishes, daily gems, and blended furniture families. Cottages are typically modest, simple, and heartfelt – characteristics that the majority of us would be happy to own. 
The post The 15 Best Cheap Coffee Tables For Every Home And Style appeared first on Homedit.
Glass coffee tables can definitely be great but can often come across as outdated. The design is especially important in this case. Unless you want some very minimalistic, an all-glass coffee table is probably not your best option.

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How to Choose a Cheap Coffee Table


Tables might include shelves or drawers for storing everything from children’s toys to that stack of magazines you’ll read one day. Regardless of whether storage is required, there is a strong probability you will want to be able to set a drink or a meal down safely. 
Consider the ideal shape for the space when you arrange the layout of your living room. Are you a parent or a pet owner? Is it a vast room or a small, slender one? 
Acrylic seems to the naked eye to be glass but offers the adaptability and transparency of glass without the weight and expense. These are some of the most contemporary versions available, with unique shapes that would complement any contemporary decor.


The dimensions of this table are as follows: 41. 8″L x 23. 7″W x 17. 7″H.
If you prefer the cleaner look without any storage shelves and boxes, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a suitable design. We really like this particular one because of how simple and elegant it looks. Its dimensions are 23.62” D x 39.29” W x 17.91” H which makes it spacious and comfortable to use. The mid-century design aesthetic is part of the table’s charm and character, making it a nice fit for a variety of interiors, whether traditional, modern or even rustic. 
Material Types to Consider
How to Decorate a Coffee Table 


Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf
coffee table materials
A taller sofa needs a taller table, one that’s usually around 20 to 21 inches in height. Additionally, the taller table will be more practical if you party frequently, since guests will find it simpler to place down a glass or plate.


Any type of hard surface can substitute as a coffee table if you are creative enough. You could make a table out of wooden pallets or fishing traps, for example. If it has four legs and a flat surface that you can lay items on? It’s a coffee table.
How Tall Is a Coffee Table?
Another critical thing to consider is the intended primary use. Will the table be more attractive, or will it serve as a storage space? How much storage space will be required? 
Cheap Nesting Coffee End Tables


They look wonderful in combination with the wooden top and ensure a sturdy and robust appearance with lots of character.  The built-in metal shelf can hold up to 88 lbs and comes in very handy when you need a place to store all the magazines, books, remotes and other times in order to free up the table surface. 
Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf
Don’t assume that just because you’re on a tight budget, you will end up buying a poorly made coffee table. 
Sometimes called “low-profile coffee tables”, these are just like regular coffee tables, only the tabletop surface is a bit lower compared to the average height of a standard coffee table.

Is a Coffee Table a Piece of Furniture?

Clean, uncomplicated forms and molded plastic or bent wood construction define mid-century contemporary coffee tables. Typically, wood furniture is left unfinished to showcase its inherent beauty.
Coffee tables can be divided into multiple categories based on the characteristic you’re comparing. 
The Cilo Coffee Table is the perfect addition to your home.
A coffee table can also serve as a workstation if you like to sit on the sofa or a floor pillow and place your laptop on the tabletop. Keep in mind working from a sofa for an extended period of time is not recommended due to the risk of developing back and neck pain as a result of poor posture.

How Tall Is a Coffee Table?

Clean design meets rustic industrial style in this charismatic coffee table.
Similarly, to selecting the appropriate height for your coffee table, you should seek one that is the appropriate length in relation to your sofa’s width. To be more precise, your coffee table should be roughly two-thirds of your sofa’s length. Therefore, if you have a 96-inch sofa, you should seek a coffee table that is 64 inches long.
High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

How to Decorate a Coffee Table 

Its dimensions are 26 W x 26 D x 19.75 H inches. 
If you have children or dogs, a circular or oval coffee table is great. Due to the curved edge, if someone bumps and hits the sharp corners, no one is harmed. 

  • Place a potted plant.
  • Place sculptures.
  • Add decorative items on a tray.
  • Surround it with colorful ottomans.
  • Throw in some pottery.
  • Place souvenirs on the bottom shelf.
  • Add tabletop lighting.

Material Types to Consider

Size of coffee table
Glass coffee table
Acrylic coffee tables are similar to glass tables but tend to have a more casual appearance. There are lots of different designs to choose from and most are modern and minimalist. This particular table has a rectangular top and measures 42″ wide x 24″ deep x 17″ high. It’s lightweight, easy on the eyes and very versatile. Thanks to its transparent body it can be paired with any color palette. 
The standard height of the coffee table is great in most cases but not when you want to use this piece as a desk for example. That’s why a mechanism such as this can turn out to be very practical. This coffee table has a wooden top that lifts up so you can use it as a work surface. While it does so, it also reveals a hidden storage compartment. In addition, there’s also a pair of open shelves at the bottom. The table’s dimensions are 43.15″ length x 19.45” width x 10.02 height. 

Styles to Consider

When the television sits directly in front of the sofa, you frequently wind up utilizing the coffee table to store the remote and, on occasion, your food. Some people like to use the racks and drawers stacked underneath to store magazines, newspapers, and remote controls.
This is a two-tier coffee table that blends together modern, rustic and industrial elements. It has a wooden top and a metal frame, with a perforated shelf at the bottom that mimics the top and offers storage for magazines, remotes, books and various other small items.
A parson table is a modern rectangular or square table with four flush, square legs that are as thick as the flat top.  Despite its simple shape, this table can be customized with fabric or other materials to complement a variety of design schemes.

Coffee Tables We Love: The Editor Choice

The Key round coffee table

It’s great as a companion for the living room sofa, for a comfy corner armchair, a reading nook and so on.
Rotating Wood Coffee Table

Large Alle coffee table

On a similar note, this coffee table also has rustic and industrial notes in its design which help to turn it into a beautiful focal point for a variety of different spaces and decors. Instead of looking cold and austere, the metal frame and perforated bottom shelf actually give this table a very charming look.
Your coffee table can be a simple spot for placing your coffee and the remote control, but it can also serve as a centerpiece for the room with the following tips:

More Affordable Coffee Tables

1. Nesting Coffee End Tables

Now that glass is off the table for families with small children, consider other solutions that may fit your lifestyle. If you have a tiny area, a Lucite coffee table may be an excellent choice to avoid visual clutter. 
It’s a strong and sturdy table and you can get it with either a walnut or an oak top.
With a tripod base and a circular top, the Key coffee table by GamFratesi looks super simple in a cute way. The combination of steel and ash wood suits its modern design. The top also has a very subtle rim which gives depth to the design.

Amazon’s Choice

Nesting Coffee End Tables

Nesting Coffee End TablesMetal, wood, melamine, and more can be used to create a coffee table, thanks to the modern update’s furniture designers have given all types of furniture for the home or office.View Deal

2. Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

The metal rods connecting the shelves to the frame add an extra modern twist to the design.
Some of the options available are round top tables, square coffee tables, oval coffee tables, coffee tables with glass tops, coffee tables with proxy tops and a stunning design underneath, homemade coffee tables from pallets or fishing traps – the list is endless so you will want to browse through some options before making the final commitment.
This is the all-glass coffee table design that we were talking about earlier. As previously stated, minimalism is the best option in this case. This U-shaped design has a very nice continuity and fluidity and the lack of any storage shelves, hardware or connectors allows the focus to be on the shape alone. At the same time, this is a coffee table that won’t stand out which means that the room’s focal point can be something else. It looks lovely when paired with a cool-looking area rug.

Amazon’s Choice

Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

Round Coffee Table with Industrial DesignUtilizing a rectangle shape and providing 30 inches between the table and the TV console will provide the necessary space for walking between the two pieces. A rounder one allows for a bit more walking space in front of it, as it curves away from the console.View Deal

3. Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

You can literally spend anything from 0 to ,000 on a coffee table. Now, you might think that the average for a good table is around ,000, but there is a difference between cheap and cheaply made tables. 
The top is 2” thick and made out of MDF and the frame is made out of steel and has a matte black finish. These two elements complement each other beautifully and are also very easy to put together, making the assembly process quick and simple.
Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

oak finish

Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail TableTangkula Glass Coffee TableView Deal

4. Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

This right here is a set of two nesting tables with very similar designs and shapes but with different proportions. The smaller table can fit underneath the larger one for easy storage. They’re both made out of MDF panels and bamboo legs. They’re durable and good-looking as well as very convenient. The small table measures 17.7(L) x 11.6(W) x 15.7(H) and the large one measures 23.6(L) x 15.5(W) x 17.7(H). 
Combining glass with other materials often looks wonderful and creates a very balanced look. This right here is a very stylish example. This table is made of solid MDF and glass. The top is clear and has beveled edges and the bottom shelf has an opaque finish.
Some coffee tables look quite unique and this is a very good example. This design takes inspiration from antique metal tubs and the result is a very special-looking coffee table. The farmhouse design combines metal which has an antiqued galvanized finish and wood. These are two very different and contrasting materials that somehow manage to complement each other in this case. The table is not just eye-catching but also very practical, featuring a hidden storage area underneath the wooden top.

Easy Assembly

Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Industrial Coffee Table with Storage ShelfWalnut Wood Coffee TableView Deal

5. Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf

Big coffee tables can look awkward but not the Alle table by Staffan Holm. It has a round top made of natural oak wood and three wedge legs. The legs are pushed far apart and highlight the diameter of the top. You can get this table in three colors: black, natural oak, and walnut.
Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Open Shelf

Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf

Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden ShelfSauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee TableView Deal

6. Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Another thing to consider when it comes to a new coffee table is the style of coffee table you want to have in your home. The options are vast with updated styles being introduced each month.
Leather-topped coffee tables are frequently disguised as an ottoman hybrid. When not in use as a table, the material covers a plush padding, creating a nice surface on which an owner can rest his or her feet up. These are a very peculiar breed of coffee table, frequently paired with trays to keep your drinks stable.

space saving

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee TableYou can pair it with a variety of different decors and color palettes thanks to its simplicity and neutral color palette. View Deal

7. Rustic Coffee Tables with Storage

Furthermore, it’s incredibly versatile and works well with any color palette.
Glass has progressively gained appeal since contemporary technology has enabled the creation of previously unimaginable, diverse, and spectacular designs. While most tables are connected by metal connections or support systems, some are entirely made of glass.

Space Saving Organizer

Rustic Coffee Tables with Storage

Rustic Coffee Tables with StorageRustic Coffee Tables with StorageView Deal

8. Walnut Wood Coffee Table

Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs
Styles to Consider

walnut finish

Walnut Wood Coffee Table

Walnut Wood Coffee TableCoffee tables, once upon a time, were available in only wooden materials and were typically made by hand in a rudimentary rectangular shape. That’s no longer the case and they are now available in a range of materials.View Deal

9. Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Is a Coffee Table a Piece of Furniture?
Minor assembly required, (tools and instructions included)
Before anything else, let’s talk numbers. Having a single coffee table is definitely the norm but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. In certain cases, it’s more practical to have several small tables instead of a single large one. This gives more flexibility and can also look nice.

contemporary design

Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Rectangle Glass Coffee TableMetal coffee tables are the second most prevalent variety that you’re likely to see while shopping. These are robust and may weigh less than standard wood construction. Metal tables are usually designed with thinner legs and a stronger support system, and it can be shaped in unexpected ways.View Deal

10. Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

Minimalist coffee tables can take a lot of different forms. This one has a very clean design with simple lines and a very sculptural and architectural aesthetic. The use of white all throughout the design and the glossy finish really emphasizes the shape and design and give the table a sophisticated vibe. It’s also clear that this is a very sturdy piece . It’s built out of MDF and it’s quite compact, measuring only 33.5*21.7*12.2 inches. 
Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

Rounded Edges

Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

Tangkula Glass Coffee TableCoffee tables often inevitably become focal points for the spaces that they’re in. A strategic choice of materials can really help make it stand out. This one features a very stylish combination of metal and marble. The frame has an elegant golden finish and four slender legs which frame the circular white marble top. The overall dimensions of the table are 36” length x 36” width x 18” height.View Deal

11. High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

Alle Coffee Table Large by Staffan Holm
The Key round coffee table

high gloss

High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee TableJust because you spend 0 on a coffee table doesn’t make it a terrible, low-end product. On the contrary, it’s always the materials that you need to be on the lookout for, as they are the first to hint at the quality of the table.View Deal

12. Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs

coffee table shape
As is customary with tables of all types, wood construction is the most frequently used material. Wood is a versatile material that may be used in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.

marble finish

Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs

Faux Marble Round Table with Brass LegsOf course, the design is not all that matters and cost is just as important With that in mind, we’ve taken on the task to find the best cheap coffee tables that you can purchase right now.View Deal

13. Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

This coffee table is quite different from anything we’ve looked at so far. It has a very interesting design composed of three sections. The base is fixed but the other two sections can rotate. This dynamic design adds an interactive twist to an otherwise simple piece of furniture. The overall dimensions of this piece are 31. 5”L x 23. 75”W x 13”h. It’s a great statement piece with a really unique twist and a multifunctional design that’s not just nice to look at but also practical to use. 
You can use them as a set of as two individual pieces. 

rustic touch

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Shellmond Accent Cocktail TableYes, IKEA does sell coffee tables – options are those included in a furniture set or standalone pieces.View Deal

14. Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Many furniture stores will sell a version of a lift-top coffee table. You might have to get it ordered in, but they will have something.

golden accents

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Tablecheap coffee tablesView Deal

15. Rotating Wood Coffee Table

A coffee table’s height is critical. It should be no less than one or two inches from the couch’s seat. A regular table height is 16 to 18 inches, which works well with a standard-sized couch. 
The dimensions are 35’’x19.6”x17.7” which makes this a great piece for just about any living room.

cool design

Rotating Wood Coffee Table

Rotating Wood Coffee TableThe industrial design reflects the utilitarian appearance and feel of industry tools by incorporating wood and metal in a strong construction. These can be used in conjunction with loft-style living rooms or in stark contrast to gentler settings.View Deal

Types of Coffee Tables 

You can also look at a combination of materials for a futuristic and funky twist.

Wood coffee table

Rattan is frequently thought of as a material for patio furniture. However, current applications of the material enable the creation of more opulent, meticulously designed furniture that’s strong against the elements but also looks completely at home within the home.

Metal coffee table

The same combination of wood and steel that we mentioned earlier was also used here to give this coffee table a rustic appearance with industrial accents. The table has a rectangular top and is 488” long x 24” wide and 18” high. It has a storage shelf 10” below the top which mimics the same type of wood and has a matching finish. The metal legs are slightly angles and that really adds style to this otherwise very simple piece.

Acrylic coffee table

The typical coffee table can range anywhere from 0.00 to 0.00 but once you start getting into custom materials, customized designs, and the like; this range is going to keep increasing.

Rattan coffee table

If you do decide to go with a single coffee table that will become the centerpiece of your living room, it’s important to pick a good shape for it. Round coffee tables are really nice because they really bring the room together and they soften any harsh lines and straight angles.

Glass coffee table

If you have mid-tone hardwood floors, avoid wood and opt for something complementing like travertine or marble. Consider whether you’d prefer to be able to move the piece easily or to have it firmly anchor the space. These are all crucial inquiries that can assist you in selecting the ideal coffee table.

Leather-top coffee table

If you’re more of a rectangular coffee table type of person you have tons of great designs to choose from. One of our favorite pieces is this table which has a strong industrial vibe but still maintains a simple and modern appearance. It’s a design that relies on clean lines and angles and only two materials.

Industrial coffee tables

The golden accents give it a sophisticated appearance and a polished look. 

Parsons coffee tables.

Nothing is more inconvenient than a coffee table that is either too low or too high. To guarantee that you feel at ease in your living room, choose a coffee table that is the same height as or slightly lower than the cushions on your sofa. Any more and the area will begin to look and feel unbalanced.

Mid-century modern coffee tables

Choose a piece that easily accommodates drinks and snack plates. If the objective is primarily decorative, you can choose one with clean lines and texture in materials that you fancy.

Cottage coffee tables

Hidden storage compartment and shelf

Modern & contemporary coffee tables

Not only is a coffee table a piece of furniture, but it’s also a very versatile one. A coffee table, which was traditionally used to serve beverages and snacks, can be used in a variety of ways. 


What can I use instead of a coffee table?

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Does IKEA have coffee tables?

All coffee tables which have some sort of built-in storage system are great because they’re very practical. If you think storage is extra important you can even find designs such as this one. This coffee table includes a wooden shelf at the bottom but also a metal wire compartment which cuts the top short and sits at an intermediate level. The rustic-industrial design is definitely a nice fit in this case, in line with the whole good-looking but also the practical vibe of the table.

Who sells lift-top coffee tables?

While contemporary and modern may appear synonymous, contemporary style refers to what is now fashionable. Contemporary design is frequently characterized by minimalist rooms punctuated by strong, vivid elements. Contemporary coffee tables frequently feature metal bases and glass tops.

How much is a coffee table?

With the coffee table being such an important part of any home’s interior design, we’re often in a rush to make a purchase cheap coffee tables without taking the time to consider all the options. It’s amazing how many different designs and styles one can choose from.

What is a reasonable price for a coffee table?

A typical coffee table costs between 0 and 0. If you look around, you can certainly reduce that price, but high-end designer coffee tables constructed of more expensive materials will almost certainly cost more than 0 or 0.

What are low coffee tables called?

Before you go shopping for the right coffee table, choose a few materials that will complement your lifestyle and area. Don’t limit yourself to wood because there are loads of other possibilities. 

What is the difference between a cocktail and a coffee table?

Cocktail tables are typically rectangular or square in design, but coffee tables are frequently circular or oval in shape. The only thing that is certain is that both the coffee and the cocktail table are relatively recent additions to the furniture world, having existed for barely a century or two.
Also, the dark patina on the metal frame works nicely in combination with the warm wood tones and overall design of the table.

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