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The Best Craftsman Screwdriver Set to Have at Home

If you’re someone that likes doing DIY projects, then you must have a set of screwdrivers at home. Not only will a set of screwdrivers allow you to make home repairs on your own with no issues, but it’ll also mean that you won’t have to spend extra money to have a repair man help…
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This screwdriver set comes with a total of 57 pieces to satisfy all of your needs and more.
When purchasing screwdrivers, it’s also best to have a set so you have a wide array of screwdrivers to pick from. With so many screwdriver sets out there, how do you find the best screwdriver set? Well, you opt for a screwdriver set from a reputable brand, of course!
Craftsman set
Most Comprehensive: Magnetic Screwdriver Set 57 Pcs

Our Top Picks

This particular set comes with all of the drill bits that you need. Not only can you use it for wood, but also for metal and even plastic.
Torx –These were mainly used for security functions, but they’ve since become more popular. These screwdrivers are mostly used in appliance manufacturing along with security fields.
Size – You should think about the number of screwdrivers you require in your set. Most sets come with at least five screwdrivers, but some can have as many as 20 or more.
Slotted –These are the most popular and have a chisel-shaped blade. They’re a staple in most fields and can sometimes be used on a Phillips head screw.
Hex –This is the screwdriver you’d typically get when you purchase packaged furniture. They’re popular and usually come with a comfortable handle.
There you have it, some of the best Craftsman screwdriver sets that we’ve found. We hope that you’ve got a better idea of the different screwdriver types and why it’s a good idea to have a screwdriver set. If you decide to purchase a set, make sure that it comes with a wide range of screwdrivers that you can use. There’s also no harm in taking a look at the warranty to make sure that you can get a screwdriver replaced in case you run into any issues.
Other Good Value Screwdriver Sets
Like most tools for the home, screwdriver sets usually come with cases and storage racks that will help with keeping your screwdrivers organized. That way you won’t have to worry about sifting through your screwdrivers in a toolbox as you know that they are properly stored.
This precise screwdriver set comes with a total of 39 bits for all of your needs. It even comes with tools that can help you with repairing Apple products –how neat is that? In addition, it also comes with powerful magnets within the barrel that’s great as a pick-up. For your convenience, you’ll also get a compact carrying case along with a spin cap that helps offer optimum and precise control. It’s a highly rated screwdriver set that pretty much comes with every single bit that you need. Customers also mentioned that it works well, is a great fit, and is handy for the price.
If you’re someone that isn’t quite sure of which screwdriver you need, you can’t go wrong with this set. It comes with 57 pieces and comes with a precise screwdriver set of 16 screwdrivers, a screwdriver holder, 40 replaceable bits and is compatible with six different screw types. It also comes with a strong magnetic tip, effectively prevents rust and is crafted with good quality steel that’s incredibly durable. In addition, the non-slip handle is also comfortable to hold, and you’ve got a dedicated storage box to carry around. It’s truly one of the best screwdriver sets out there – especially if you’re looking for a precise screwdriver set.
Want variety? Go ahead and purchase this screwdriver set. Not only can you use it for a wide variety of applications, but it also comes with six precision screwdrivers. In addition, it comes with five different screw types from hex to torx, along with 15 pieces of screwdrivers and 25 pieces of different bits. They’re all also made of high-quality material and are both wear-resistant, long-lasting and durable. You can also rotate your precision screwdrivers 360-degrees and they all work great. Other great features of these screwdrivers include an ergonomic design, and being both practical and portable.
This particular screwdriver set is not only versatile and can be used for plenty from domestic appliances to automobiles, but it also comes with a strong magnetic tip that’ll attract screws with ease. As it has a special blackening treatment, you also won’t have to worry about rusting. Material-wise, it’s crafted with premium materials for enhanced durability, and it even comes with a non-slip handle for ultimate comfort. Additionally, this screwdriver set also comes in a box instead of a bag so you’re able to conveniently store and organize your screwdrivers and carry it around with ease. There are 10 pieces of screwdrivers in this set –perfect for all of your DIY needs.
WORKPRO Drill Bit Set
This sturdy and long-lasting screwdriver set is crafted from CR-V steel and is stronger and tougher than most carbon steel. It also comes with a black oxide point tip that prevents screwdriver tips from rusting and corroding. As there are 27-pieces in this set, you’ll be covered for all of your projects. It even comes with an organized storage case that’s easy to carry around and has a professional design with ergonomic handles. As these screwdrivers are magnetic, it comes with a magnetizer and demagnetizer for your convenience.
Screwdriver Set
Best for DIY Professionals: Craftsman 450-piece Mechanic’s Tool Set
Magnetic Screwdriver Set 57 PCS
With an entire set, you’ll have everything you need for your DIY sets. Not only will it come with a range of screwdrivers that you can use for a plethora of jobs, but it’ll also make completing your projects that much easier.
Best Precision Screwdriver Set: KLEIN Tools All-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

If you’re looking for a screwdriver set, it can’t get any better than this. You’ll get a total of 25 pieces of screwdrivers that all have alloy-steel blades for strength and durability. Each of these screwdrivers are also coated with a satin-nickel finish, and it comes with a comfortable handle that you can hold for extended periods of time. Customers who have bought it mentioned that they get a good assortment with their purchase, and it’s highly likely that you’ll get everything you need in this one set.
Most Convenient: Wiha Store 26inOne Driver Set

About Craftsman Brand

Best Magnetic: CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver

Originating from America, Craftsman has been around since the 1920s and is known for the various power tools that they produce. In 1989, they celebrated producing their 400 millionth screwdriver, and since then the brand has only continued to produce high-quality products that are both high-performance and reliable.

Various Types of Screwdrivers and Their Uses

As these screwdrivers are made of CR-V steel, they aren’t just anti-corrosive, but they’re also stronger than most of the other screwdrivers out there.
Not only will you get a set of 25 screwdrivers with this purchase, but they also come with durable alloy-steel blades and a comfortable handle.
This 450-piece set is great for the individual that’s always working on projects. Not only does the set come in a wide range of sizes and measurements, but most importantly you’ll always have what you need. You’ve not only got screwdrivers in this set but also extension bars, sockets, 16 combination wrenches and so much more. The set also comes with a magnetic handle that will allow for easy nut or bit installation.
Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanics Tool Set
Most Multifunctional: Magnetic Screwdriver Set
There are plenty of different screwdrivers out there, but here are the most common ones:
Another great magnetic screwdriver set, this one comes with 14 different screwdrivers that’s perfect for working on any task.

Why You Need a Screwdriver Set

You can’t go wrong with getting a 450-piece set, especially if you’re someone that’s constantly working on projects.

Minimize shopping

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a screwdriver set, here are a couple of reasons why you need one.

For all your DIY needs

While Craftsman is one of the most popular screwdriver brands out there, there’s also a couple of other screwdriver brands that are equally popular. Below is a brief summary of each of these brands and what they have to offer.


These screwdrivers not only come with a magnetic tip, but it’s crafted with premium materials and you can use it for plenty.


Most Versatile: WORKPRO Drill Bit Set

Craftsman vs Other Popular Brands

Wiha – Finally, we’ve got Wiha. While not as popular as some of the other brands on the list, it’s growing in popularity and has a reputation of being some of the best in the market. It’s also considerably cheaper than some of the other brands, but you’ve still got durable and high-quality screwdrivers.
Below is a list of some of the best craftsman screwdriver sets that you could buy for your home.
There isn’t really a best screwdriver set per se, it really depends on what you need. Here are some things to look out for when purchasing your screwdriver set:
27PCS Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Magnetizer and Demagnetizer
This is a screwdriver set that comes with plenty of variety. Besides having 15 different screwdrivers, you’ve also got 25 different bits.
Klein Tools – Another great brand from the United States is Klein Tools. This is a brand that is preferred by electricians and tradesmen alike and the company has been around since the 1850s. Klein screwdrivers are not only incredibly durable, but they can also withstand heavy use. They’re also known to have a good warranty along with a comfortable and sturdy grip.

Best All-Round: CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set

In a screwdriver set, you’ll get screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes, but the good thing is that they all come with similar qualities. That means that you’ll have a screwdriver that’ll help to get things done – no matter the job.
Most Durable: METAKOO Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Best for DIY Professionals: Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

KLEIN TOOLS All in 1 Precision Screwdriver
Best All-Round: Craftsman Screwdriver Set

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS

You can’t go wrong with this precision screwdriver set that comes with 39 bits for a range of applications.
Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 14 PCS

Craftsman set
Looking for a drill set? You can’t go wrong with this purchase. It comes with high-quality drill bits that are made from titanium and is coated for both long-lasting strength and durability. In addition, you’ve got everything you need from wood drill bits to black oxide drill bits and even screwdriving bits. In addition, everything can be fitted into a storage case that you can bring around with ease. You can also use this on various materials along with driving and fastening applications.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set 57 PCS

77791 WIH 084705777917
This convenient screwdriver set comes with everything you need in a holder. All you’ve got to do is open, select what you need and rotate the bit carousel to pick the right one for the job. In one set you’ll have a total of 14 different screwdrivers that you can choose from. Individuals like this tool as it’s just one handy tool that covers a range of different screwdrivers and sizes. They also mentioned that it’s of excellent value, and they’ve literally called it the king of screwdrivers.

KLEIN TOOLS All-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

If you’re someone that likes doing DIY projects, then you must have a set of screwdrivers at home. Not only will a set of screwdrivers allow you to make home repairs on your own with no issues, but it’ll also mean that you won’t have to spend extra money to have a repair man help you with your fixes.
If you’ve got an entire set, you won’t have to worry about running back and forth to the store to purchase more screwdrivers. Even if you don’t have an immediate use for a set at the moment, it’ll definitely become handy in the future.

Wiha Store 26inOne Driver Set

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Phillips – This is the most versatile type of screwdriver that can be used with everything from furniture to appliances. It has an angled tip and can be used in almost every field.

WORKPRO Drill Bit Set

Craftsman – Established in the 1920s, Craftsman has established itself as one of the top names when it comes to power tools. They also have one of the best tool warranties in the business so if you ever run into an issue, you know that replacement is quick and painless.
Type of set – Finally, you’ll want to consider the type of set that you’d like to go for. There’s slotted screwdrivers, Philip screwdrivers and everything in between.

Screwdriver Set XOOL Professional

This fantastic magnetic screwdriver set comes with a total of 14 screwdrivers that’s suited for any task from working on furniture to electronic products and more. You’ve got five slotted screwdrivers, five Phillips screwdrivers and four torx screwdrivers. It’s great for both professionals and amateurs alike and the screwdrivers are crafted with high-quality steel for durability. The non-slip handles are also ergonomic, and you can magnetize and demagnetize your screwdrivers with ease. It also has rust-protection, comes with a storage bag, and has a 12-month warranty.
Yes, there are Craftsman screwdrivers that are magnetic.

27PCS Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Magnetizer and Demagnetizer

Best Variety: Screwdriver Set XOOL Professional
Magnetic Screwdriver Set 14 PCS 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the best screwdriver set?

Craftsman Screwdriver Set
There are more than three types of screwdrivers, but the most common would be flat blade screwdrivers, cross head screwdrivers and torx screwdrivers.
Wera – Wera is a Germany company that is known to produce screwdrivers that meet rigorous standards. It comes with a lifetime and no-hassle warranty, and it also has an unusual design that allows for greater torque – making their screwdrivers great at removing damaged screws.
If you’re looking for an all-in-one screwdriver set, this is the perfect purchase as you’ve got everything you need from just one holder.

Where can I buy a Craftsman screwdriver?

You can easily purchase a Craftsman screwdriver through the Craftsman website. We have however, also rounded up Craftsman screwdrivers below. There are also plenty of retailers and tool stores that will sell a Craftsman screwdriver.

Are Craftsman screwdrivers magnetic?

Craftsman is one of the most reputable brands out there, and they’ve got incredible screwdriver sets to help you get the job done. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best screwdriver sets to get you started. Before that, we’ll talk a little more about the Craftsman brand in comparison to other brands, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What are the three types of screwdrivers?

Robertson – This is the least common of the lot, but it has the highest torque tolerance out of all of the screwdrivers. It’s durable, and is typically included in most screwdriver sets.

Bottom Line

Clutch Head – These screwdrivers are mainly used in the automotive industry and have slots that resemble a bowtie.
Quality – It’s best to invest in a screwdriver that’s of good quality rather than purchasing one that’s of not so great quality. When checking the quality of your screwdriver, take a look at the shank along with the tip and blade.

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