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The Best Mini Chainsaws for Your Woodcutting Tool Arsenal

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Homeowners that have trees on their property could really benefit from owning a chainsaw. Same goes for those who use wood as their primary source of heating fuel. Purchasing a mini chainsaw isn’t simple if you have no experience in knowing what features matter, so let’s learn more about this power tool together. Top Picks…




Makita XCU06Z LXT Chain Saw
Best Gas-Powered Model: Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 2-Cycle 14-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw
Purchasing a mini chainsaw isn’t simple if you have no experience in knowing what features matter, so let’s learn more about this power tool together.

Top Picks

For thin logs and branches, we have yet another amazing mini chainsaw to suggest: the Sun Joe SWJ800E. This chainsaw is powered by a 6.5-amp motor that’s capable of cutting pieces of wood that measure up to 7.5 inches in diameter. It comes with a telescopic pole that allows you to adjust the length up to 8.7 feet and promises a 15-foot reach. It comes with an 8-inch bar and chain that are automatically lubricated thanks to the auto oil release feature.
Greenworks 8 5 40V Cordless Pole Saw
When it comes to cordless battery-powered chainsaws, this Makita model offers high power efficiency and extra torque for cutting through stubborn wood.
Small chainsaws are divided into three main categories:
Best Pole Saw: Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw
For those of you trying to stick to a limited budget, we present to you the Sun Joe Mini chainsaw, with a 6.5-amp motor and an 8-inch bar length.
If you’re looking for an electric pole saw, this product is one of the best ones on the market. It is mostly designed to deal with overhead branches, as the aluminum shaft is made from three pieces that can be extended up to 8 feet, with a maximum reach of 11 feet. The pole saw draws its power from a lithium-ion battery and the kit that you purchase includes said battery and a compatible charger. The automatic oiling system is there to make your job easier, applying oil to the bar and chain for continuous lubrication. The chain tensioning is easy to adjust, and the bar and chain measure 8 inches in length.
Best Battery-Powered Model: Makita XCU06Z LXT Chain Saw

Types of Small Chainsaws


  • Corded electric chainsaws are available in a wide range of options and require very little maintenance. There are plenty of models that are just as powerful as gas-operated chainsaws. The only problem is that you are somewhat limited by the cord, so there are only so many places where you can use this type of saw. Make sure that you always have an extension cord with you.
  • Gas-powered chainsaws are probably the type that comes to mind when someone asks you to picture what a chainsaw looks like. They are loud and typically emit smoke when turned on, but are also some of the most powerful ones on the market. They require a lot more maintenance compared to an electric corded saw, plus they need to be fueled by gas on a regular basis, depending on how much you use them. However, if you use a chainsaw often, this is one of the best purchases out there.
  • Battery-powered chainsaws are a more reliable alternative to electric ones because you are not limited by a power cord. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and they tend to be rather powerful. One of the major drawbacks for this particular type of saw is the fact that replacement batteries tend to be expensive. They are best suited for occasional use.

Another well-constructed pole saw is this one by Worx. It is a 2-in-1 tool that offers a pole saw and a chainsaw in a single product. With an 8-amp motor, this saw is powerful enough to cut through trees and branches, offering more versatility than other pole saws available on the market. With 10 pounds in weight, the manufacturer takes pride in having created one of the most lightweight products on the market. The pole can be extended to a maximum of 8 feet in length. When you pop off the pole, you can use the 10-inch bar chainsaw without having to put in too much effort.

How to Choose


  • Consider the kickback of the saw, because it can be a dangerous thing to have to deal with. Whenever the top half of the saw’s bar comes in contact with a stubborn piece of wood, the saw can kickback and cause injuries if you are not prepared for it.
  • The engine size is a factor that will tell you a lot about what a saw is capable of handling in terms of cutting. A small gas-powered chainsaw is typically equipped with an engine that has a sizing capacity between 30cc and 40cc, which is mostly compatible with bars that range from 10 to 16 inches. When you’re looking at electric saws, what you’re most interested in is amperage. The amp rating of an electric saw is a measurement of how much power it can handle before its internal components start suffering damage.
  • The bar length is another thing to consider because it helps determine what type of work the mini chainsaw is capable of handling. Some people tend to run away from long bars, but they are not that difficult to work with. A lot of people tend to believe that top-handle saws with small bars are easier to use, but they can be quite unpredictable. A saw with a 14 to 18-inch bar is what most homeowners need.
  • Since we’re talking about a mini chainsaw, its weight is obviously super important. Even if it weren’t, it’s still something you want to look into because you don’t want a cumbersome chainsaw that you are not able to hold or maneuver. Battery-powered and corded electric chainsaws are the lightest options on the market.

The Best Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chain Saw

“For over 5 years, I’ve used this to cut branches. I purchased a spare chain, but haven’t had to use it.” (Customer review)
Once again, there are plenty of brands that make good chainsaws at a decent price, including Remington, WORX, and Greenworks.


  • Great for pruning trees and shrubs.
  • Includes a wrench and an oil bottle.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  • Adjustable telescopic handle.
  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Charger and battery included.

  • Adjustable telescopic pole.
  • Works with branches up to 7.5 inches in thickness.
  • Automatic oil lubrication system.

  • Auto tension knob.
  • Pole saw and chainsaw in a single product.
  • Extends up to 8 feet in length.

  • Easy tensioning system.
  • Interchangeable battery.
  • Automatic oil lubrication system.

  • Quality brushless motor.
  • Adjustable automatic chain lubrication.
  • Cuts through dense materials.

  • High output engine.
  • QuickStart technology.
  • Automatic oiling system.
When you’re looking to buy a chainsaw, be it a regular or a miniature one, think about what are the different options and what you’re going to use that chainsaw for. There is really no point in investing in a large and heavy chainsaw if you’re mostly going to cut shrubs and small trees. Alternatively, a small chainsaw won’t do if you’re trying to cut a mature oak tree.

  • Not the most lightweight option.


What is the best small chainsaw?

The post The Best Mini Chainsaws for Your Woodcutting Tool Arsenal appeared first on Homedit.

What is the smallest chainsaw you can buy?


What is a good inexpensive chainsaw?

If we’re talking about a gas-powered chainsaw (which is more powerful) with a 20-inch bar, then it would be able to cut trees that are up to 36 inches in diameter, such as spruce, oak, or beech.

How big of a tree can a 20 inch chainsaw cut?

When you want to invest in a chainsaw that can help you get rid of pesky tall branches, this Greenworks product is what you should be aiming for.

Bottom Line

Our first pick of the say is the BLACK+DECKER Lopper chainsaw, a product that delivers power beyond expectations, as buyers themselves have stated time and time again. Powered by a 4.5-amp motor, this electric chainsaw is a regular power tool when it comes to pruning tree branches and shrubs that measure no more than 4 inches in diameter. It comes with a heavy-duty cutting bar and chain that deliver a fast and smooth cutting process with each repeated use. The bar measures 6 inches in length, making this one of the best mini chainsaws that money can buy.

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