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The Ideal White Farmhouse With Project Inspirations

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A white farmhouse is a classic home. It can be hard to pick a favorite home style or even commit to one. Because the most fun is had when phasing in and out of each and every one of them. But white farmhouses are forever in the running. Farmhouses will always be popular because the…




And remember that a farmhouse doesn’t have to be all milk cans and white-washed wood. It can be anything that you want it to be. So create your own farmhouse by designing one of your dreams, not someone else’s. 
If it isn’t the barn wood imported from Montana that makes this house special, then it’s one of the other hundred things that make it stand out. The house makes the most out of its stone exterior that would normally be wood.
The entryway is no different. A gorgeous mudroom that makes people feel as welcome as possible is important. This one features a nice rug with a distressed bench for people to take their shoes on and off. 
Farmhouse kitchen sink

Finding Inspiration In The White Farmhouse 

White farmhouse seating design
Image from twelveonmain

Farmhouses are becoming increasingly popular and are inspiring people all over the world. If you feel like a farmhouse design this year then you are in luck. We have gathered some of the best white farmhouse projects to inspire you. 
Rustic chandelir for a farmhouse decor

White Farmhouse Tours To Inspire You

Shelves and white wall
Image from twelveonmain

Especially this year when staying at home is better than going out most of the time. That’s why virtual tours have become a thing and you can tour many different white farmhouses from the comfort of your own home. 
My Vintage Porch strikes again with a wonderful white farmhouse that is all about making the most of a small space. Every single detail in this home is perfect and appropriately placed in this white farmhouse. 
Bathroom with copper bath

Fresh Summer Farmhouse By Twelve On Main

Entrance farmhouse decor
Farmhouse tour here.

Take a look outside and you will see the cleverest outdoor space you have ever seen. Not only is everything rustic and homey but if you look closely you will notice that some of the chairs are actually porch swings.
The entire house is quite special, really. From the hanging brown papers with pretty designs to the repurposed wood and leather furniture. This is a textbook white farmhouse that has everything that a farmhouse should have in it. 
If you are lucky enough to live in Texas, then you can visit Canton or Waco, both having amazing markets with the best farmhouse decor. But if not, then try checking out an online furniture thrift store. 
If you are looking for inspiration for your white farmhouse then we have the idea for you. House tours! If you have friends or acquaintances that will let you tour their farmhouse then great. But that isn’t always an option.
This idea works great for most homes though those with kids will need to be careful not to add anything breakable on the tables. Otherwise, go ahead and add some crocks and pitchers to make the most of the design. 
White Farmhouse
The magic doesn’t end there because this house has a small barn, a cottage for guests, and even a pool. You don’t get more inviting and sophisticated than this white farmhouse that most could only dream of. 

California Dream White Farmhouse By Sanctuary Home Decor

Entrance white farmhouse house
Image from sanctuaryhomedecor

The large rustic chandelier is in the spotlight in the living room acting as the focal point and feature piece. But when you turn to the other side of the room, you can find a breakfast nook that is just too perfect. 
You may be wondering why this white farmhouse kitchen is so special. After all, it looks so smooth and cohesive from afar. But it really is the details that that are so telling, so let’s take a closer look at this design.
The geometric lights add a modern twist which is often added to a modern farmhouse. But this only works if you also add rustic pieces like old-fashioned signs and touches of old utensils on the countertops.
And finally, they layered the rugs with a white rug underneath and a brighter rug on top to give a good background on the tile but adding a splash of color. This technique works every time if you use the right rugs. 
This house has many amazing pieces and awesome rooms. Along the way, you will find fragrant lavender, sage, and salvia scattered throughout. This provides pleasant smells chock full of aromatherapeutic properties. 
Again, it isn’t the only option but it is the most authentic option. This clawfoot tub is extra special because it has a darker bronze color which is rare and often expensive. But if you find one on sale, then snag it quick! 
Open space farmhouse decor

The Ideal White Farmhouse Kitchen By Sugar Maple Notes 

Ideal white farmhouse kitchen decor 1024x683
Image from sugarmaplenotes

This white farmhouse takes inspiration from so many cultures and so many design styles all the while keeping the integrity of the original white farmhouse pure. The proof is in the amazing details.
We’ve come up with some of the best virtual farmhouse tours all with a white farmhouse design. These are sure to inspire you and may just make you a white farmhouse fan in seconds!
And of course, we can’t forget the apron sink. You can use any type of sink that you want in a farmhouse kitchen, but the most authentic type of sink is the apron sink which is seen in most farmhouses. 
White farmhouses are almost always rustic, down-home, and inviting. They look like they smell like fresh bread and sage. They make you want to sit down and relax by the fire. Because farmhouses are all about hospitality. 
The homeowner has taken classic milk cans and repurposed them with a marble set on top to bring class and a modern twist. They have also used doors as shelves, bulletins, and as decoration in general. 
A farmhouse kitchen may be the most important part of a farmhouse. Because so many memories are made in the kitchen. Traditionally, this is what made a farmhouse a farmhouse, and stylistically nothing has changed. 
Farmhouse living room decor

Layers Of Rustic Beauty By My Vintage Porch 

Living room farmhouse decor
Image from myvintageporch

Farmhouse Table on the porch
Everything in the home is pale and white or white-washed. When you view the living room you will notice the one light-colored though not white piece of furniture. It stands out yet fits in so well, which is magical. 
If you only take one farmhouse for inspiration, let it be this one because Twelve on Main knows what they are doing and it shows. Notice all the chalkboards? You can make your own with chalk paint! 
A white farmhouse is a classic home. It can be hard to pick a favorite home style or even commit to one. Because the most fun is had when phasing in and out of each and every one of them. But white farmhouses are forever in the running.
Then inside, you will find amazing repurposed exposed beams in the open-concept home. Wood floors accent the light-colored rug and large french doors ensure as much natural light as possible is let into the room. 
It all starts with wood floors which are the most popular floors in farmhouses. Then comes the white background which offsets the darker wood floors to create a wonderful marriage of tones and contrasts. 
The kitchen has granite countertops to make it appear high-end and the dining room has a vintage table to bring the room back down the earth. This union is perfectly balanced and looks absolutely perfect together. 
Farmhouses will always be popular because the time when farmhouses were created for practical reasons rather than aesthetic reasons, is a time most people want to remember. So there’s no shame in choosing it time and time again. 

Small Yet Spacious White Farmhouse  By My Vintage Porch

Farmhouse decor with lots of accents
Tour from myvintageporch

A breakfast nook is a very white farmhouse thing to create. You can make one with any amount of space. All you need is somewhere to sit and a little bit of something to stir an appetite within your guests. 
Welcome entrance room
This farmhouse brings all the best parts of farmhouses from all over the world and merges them to create a gorgeous white farmhouse that you can’t help but fall in love with. Try picking a favorite piece!
You can check them all and keep an eye out for good deals while you are designing your house. The best part is the design process rather than the satisfying final results. So take your time and have the time of your life. 
When creating your farmhouse, it’s important to stay within your budget. Because it is easy to repurpose and find deals when this design but it’s also easy to splurge on every inspiration you come across. 
Mirrors open up the room and make it look bigger while fur throws bring a soft and shabby chic touch to an otherwise rustic living room. This home truly is a masterpiece to behold and it doesn’t end there.
The post The Ideal White Farmhouse With Project Inspirations appeared first on Homedit.
Turn to the bathroom and you have saloon-style doors on the wardrobe which will hold towels and toiletries. Then we have the classic clawfoot freestanding tub which is a staple in many different farmhouse bathrooms. 

Creating Your White Farmhouse 

White modern kitchen island with bar stools
This summer tour starts out with the front porch. A good down-home front porch is crucial to any white farmhouse, or any farmhouse at all really. Because many hours are spent on that porch and it’s the first thing people see. 
Corner breakfast spot farmhouse decor
Salvaged furniture materials for farmhouse living 681x1024

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