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The Toilet Paper Holder – An Unexpected Source Of Beauty In The Bathroom

The toilet paper holder seems like such a trivial thing it’s hardly ever the subject of any conversation or design choice. It is, however, one of the accessories that can influence the decor and ambiance in a bathroom and, as such, it deserves our full attention. Because the subject is so unpopular, a lot of…
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Ikea toilet paper holder
Freestanding toilet paper holders like this one are actually more practical than they might seem. That’s because they can hold more than just one roll of toilet paper. This model from Blomus is also meant to accommodate a stylish toilet brush and to make your bathroom look more neat and organized overall.
Recessed holder with storage cubby
Bold Diabolo Toilet Paper Holder by Vandiss

A few tips on where to place toilet paper holder

A toilet paper floor stand is a good alternative to wall-mounted holders. This one is made of birch and soft concrete. It’s simple, practical and sturdy. In addition, it’s quite space-efficient and the soft concrete has a pleasant feeling without being soft enough to become malleable. {found on irishantverk}.

The height

Modern concrete Toilet paper holder
Stainless steel stand with a double function

The distance from the toilet

Modern concrete Toilet paper holder


Freestanding modules like this one from Etsy are practical because they’re not fixed to a wall and can always be repositioned but also because they offer extra storage not just for toilet paper but also for things like air fresheners and even magazines. The design is as simple as it is versatile.


The design of the Diabolo holder introduces a new idea: the option of adjustable height. This is offered by the pulley hub. The rope wraps around it and the height can be adjusted with ease while at the same time ensuring a fresh and chic look defined by simplicity and modern elegance.

Ingenious and simple DIY toilet paper ideas

Brass TP holder with an industrial design

But it’s not just the distance from the floor that you should measure. You should also take into consideration the distance between the toilet paper holder and the toilet since these are always a combo. Once again, checking the standard distance is a good starting point. In this case the suggestion is to place the toilet paper holder 8’’ to 12’’ from the toilet on center.
A small shelf placed just above the toilet paper holder can be super practical and useful. You can use it as a support for your phone, air freshener or a nice little decoration. Also, you’d only need to mount the shelf on the wall and the holder can be attached to its underside just as shown on DIYshowoff.

Custom storage module made of wood

When it comes to choosing the height or inclination of something like a countertop, a desk or in this case a simple toilet paper holder, it’s a good idea to start with the standard numbers and work from there.
This is very similar to some of the other recessed toilet paper holders we mentioned a bit earlier and is also manufactured by Timber Tree Cabinets.

Wood slice TP holder with a rustic look

This rope toilet paper holder is just what a nautical bathroom decor needs. It’s simple and chic and it looks casual and refreshing, just like most coastal-style interior designs. It’s made of marine Hempex rope and has a manrope knot at each end. If you know the technique you can try creating your own DIY version of this design. {found on etsy}.
Contemporary toilet paper holder for small spaces

Minimalist wall-mounted design

Wooden toilet paper holder standing floor
Matte black recessed holder
You can start with something simple like this design featured on Akailochiclife. You’ll need some copper pipes, end caps, elbows and brackets as well as some screws and glue.

Triple roll toilet paper holder

Of course, this is only a reference point. Before making a final decision consider the variables. For instance, the average height of the household members can help you decide whether or not adjustments need to be made. Also, if we’re talking about a bathroom that’s also used by children, lower the height and reduce the distance from the toilet when installing your toilet paper holder.
A woven basket can definitely look charming provided that you have enough space for it. Also, if the design allows it, you can add a rod and turn the top of the basket into a unique toilet paper holder. This unusual but nevertheless inspiring idea comes from Musthavemom.

Storage basket and TP holder combo

We love the idea of a bathroom decorated with brass or copper accents. This diy paper holder is something that you can match to a brass faucet or to the exposed pipes if you have a bathroom decorated in an industrial style. It’s easy to put together and it looks chic and elegant. Be sure to check out the tutorial to find the list of supplies you’ll need for the project along with some tips.
We came across it on Themerrythought and we immediately fell in love with it. You can make something similar for your own bathroom using these supplies: a knob, leather lace, a dowel and a screw. You should also have a drill and pliers.
Black Toilet Paper Holder - Triangle Shape

Simple copper pipe design in two versions

Minimalist stand with a white finish
Wicker basket toilet paper holder
When you’d rather not drill holes in the bathroom walls or in the vanity in order to install a wall-mounted toilet paper holder, the alternative is a holder that sits on the floor. If you enjoy industrial design, the one showed on Kristimurphy should be just right. It’s made of iron pipes and galvanized floor flanges and steel pipe pieces but you can definitely customize it according to your own bathroom’s style and decor.

A floor design with a strong industrial vibe

On the same topic, here’s another recessed toilet paper holder which also has a simple and versatile design. Like most recessed models this one is fully hidden into the wall with only the frame on the outside. This design from Timer Tree Cabinets includes an addition nook on the bottom which can hold an extra roll of toilet paper.
It is, however, one of the accessories that can influence the decor and ambiance in a bathroom and, as such, it deserves our full attention. Because the subject is so unpopular, a lot of times people just go with the first option that presents itself to them, without even taking into consideration other possibilities.

Personalized toilet paper makeover

Recessed toilet paper holders are a wonderful option for cases when there’s not enough space between the wall and the toilet for a regular wall-mounted type or if you want to keep the décor simple and to save space at the same time. This one from Hammer and Nail Studio also includes a storage shelf which can hold two extra rolls.
Fabric toilet paper Holder

A playful TP holder made of a repurposed toy dinosaur

A custom unit like this one can make a bathroom feel extra cozy, not to mention that the design is perfect for rustic, retro or country-chic interiors. The thin brass toilet paper holder is just a part of the design. It occupies a small compartment, one of three. The other two hold the brush and two extra toilet paper rolls.
Can’t find a good storage solution for those extra toilet paper rolls? How about an extension for your holder? It can hold two extra rolls and it will definitely look interesting, not to mention that the idea is also very practical. When one roll is finished, there’s always another one close-by (unless you forget to fill the pockets). Check out Makeit-loveit if you’d like to find out more about this.

A TP holder that you attach to a shelf

If minimalism and understated beauty are the the qualities you’re looking for in a toilet paper holder, you’ll probably enjoy this particular design.
If you’re short on space in the bathroom, there’s no better toilet paper holder that this recessed model from the Forious Store. It’s designed to take up minimal space and to be fully recessed into the wall with a very thin frame around it. It’s made of stainless steel which makes it very durable as well as resistant to corrosion and it has a very stylish matte black finish.

A nautical design made of rope

The toilet paper holder seems like such a trivial thing it’s hardly ever the subject of any conversation or design choice.
You can always count on baskets when something needs to be stored in a presentable manner. This even includes extra toilet paper rolls for the bathroom.

Freestanding module with extra storage

Last but not least, we present you a versatile toilet paper holder that’s a really nice blend of looks and functionality. It’s made of black stained oak and black metal and its design is very simple, a detail that allows it to be highly versatile and timeless. Find out more about it on Fermliving.
The same type of toilet paper holder and brush stand combo is used here in this model by Torre & Tagus Designs. This time the white finish gives this freestanding holder a modern and very clean and simple appearance and allows it to complement most types of toilets and sinks and to look at home in just about any bathroom whether it’s big or small.

A cool installation that turns toilet paper into a decoration

DIY Brass Toilet Paper - Holder
The element that sets it apart from other similar models is the little ledge it has at the bottom. This gives it an elegant look with a bit of a traditional vibe. The TP holder at the top can accommodate any roll size, even the jumbo ones which is great if you want something super versatile. There’s also space for a spare just below.

A floor TP holder made of concrete and wood

Industrial DIY toilet paper holder
It goes without saying that anything made of metal pipes has an industrial vibe. At the same time, metal pipes and fittings pair really well with wood. These two materials complement one another and allow the rustic and industrial style to fuse and to become something unique. Check out this cool toilet paper holder by MyGift if you’re a fan of this eclectic style.

Adjustable-height toilet paper holder

A twisting metal design
The Toilet Paper Holder

A versatile metal holder with a timeless design

The NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association – North America) suggests that a wall-mounted toilet paper holder should be install 26’’ from the floor at center. That means that the center of the TP holder should be 26’’ above the floor.
Nautical rope toilet paper holder

Recessed toilet paper holders

Recessed toilet paper holder with extra storage

Wood toilet paper standing
We don’t really think about details like this until we’re actually put on the spot but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. We’re talking about the behind-the-scenes decisions that we have to make when furnishing and decorating our homes. For example, where to place the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. On that topic, we have some tips to share with you.

Versatile double roll holder

This freestanding toilet paper holder by SunCleanse Store has a simple and stylish design which can be easily paired with a variety of different styles and decors. The matte black finish and its slender metal construction make is versatile and also very durable. Moreover, in addition to the support at the top you also have the added storage space for at least three extra rolls.
In case you want a recessed toilet paper holder that gives you even more space to store extra rolls or other things, check out this design by Timber Tree Cabinets.

Recessed holder with storage cubby

Turn kids toys - dinosaur into toilet paper holder
This design from Poskim is one of the simplest and most space-efficient ones out there so definitely consider something like this if you have a small bathroom. It’s only 48mm deep (1.89’’) and has a square shape. The back is curved and molds around the toilet paper roll, allowing half of it to be hidden into the wall at all times.
How about a fun and playful toilet paper holder that both kids and adults can find interesting? We have the perfect idea: a toy dinosaur with a long neck, long enough to hold a roll of toilet paper and heavy enough to stay in place. It’s an idea that comes from Thechicsite. You can leave the dinosaur as it is if you like the way it looks or you can spray paint it so it matches your bathroom decor better.

Small toilet paper holder with space for a spare

Freestanding toilet paper holder with an industrial design
Small toilet paper holder with space for a spare
Isn’t this wood slice toilet paper holder just charming? The wonderful part is that it’s also really easy to make. All you need is a slice of wood (you could also use a piece of driftwood), a drapery holdback and a cabinet knob. You’ll probably have to make a few adjustments to the holdback to get it into the right position and at the right angle. This ingenious idea comes from Ourfifthhouse.

Matte black recessed holder

Copper pipes toilet paper holdeer
Toilet paper holder from a sliced wood

Contemporary toilet paper holder for small spaces

Instead of a toilet paper holder that holds only one roll at a time, a cool and interesting alternative can be a more complex installation that also doubles as a wall decoration. Cloud is the perfect example. It’s a simple platform that you mount on a wall, with curves specifically designed to mold around the toilet paper rolls which can be stacked in the form of a cloud.
The post The Toilet Paper Holder – An Unexpected Source Of Beauty In The Bathroom appeared first on Homedit.

Freestanding designs

Stainless steel stand with a double function

Versatile double roll holder
If you’re looking for a modern and simple freestanding toilet paper holder that also has a bit of character, check out this model by Better Living Products. It’s made of steel and it has a very beautiful and interesting shape with a twisting cylinder that can hold three spare rolls and a slender extension that gently curves and serves as the actual TP holder.

Minimalist stand with a white finish

It’s fully recessed in the wall and only the frame is on the outside. It has two sections, one on the left which has the actual TP holder at the top and a space below for an extra roll and a small cubby on the right with a small door which can hold additional items.
Freestanding toilet paper rack with a matte black finish

A twisting metal design

Wood shelf and toilet hanger paper
Toilet paper holder from a sliced wood

Freestanding toilet paper holder with an industrial design

It could also be possible to be unable to make a decision regarding the exact placement of your toilet paper holder. If that’s the case consider a design which allows you to adjust these elements or a freestanding model which can be moved around.
If the goal is to personalize your bathroom with custom accessories you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch and to craft them yourself. Another possibility is to personalize an existing piece. For instance, start with one of these IKEA toilet paper holders and give it a makeover. You can use paint or washi tape. It’s quick and easy. {found on cuckoo4design}.

Freestanding toilet paper rack with a matte black finish

Today we’ll try to remedy that by showing a few of the toilet paper holder designs and ideas that we find interesting.
Recessed toilet paper holder with extra storage
Most toilet paper holders are made of metal, pipes and tubes to be more exact so, when you think about it, this detail could be exploited in a lot of interesting ways when creating a custom holder for the bathroom.

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