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Timeless Contemporary TV Stands for Your Living Room

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A TV stand, while considered necessary only in rooms where there’s an actual TV, can be quite an exquisite piece of furniture that serves as a focal point or helps the room come together through its design and details. For the sake of the topic, we’re going to assume that you’re looking for a stand…




This beautiful steel and glass TV stand has an elegant and minimalist design that’s perfect for those of you looking for a budget-oriented choice.
Another contemporary TV stand is this gorgeous model, measuring 70.78” W x 18.75” H x 16.7” and offering plenty of storage space for those who properly want to organize their stand space. It’s made from walnut veneer and MDF and comes with three drawers that help you conceal all kinds of multimedia and non-multimedia-related items. It has a total weight capacity of 150 pounds and features remote-friendly glass.
Traditional TV stands are typically made from solid or hardwood, and feature decorative elements that are regular elegance benchmarks. You will often see traditional TV stands with carved legs, intricate details, and a timeless look.

Top Picks

This type of TV stand combines modern and traditional elements, and ultimately translates into a product that’s simple and sophisticated at the same time. Transitional TV stands are commonly available in neutral tones and are easy to match with multiple existing decors.
Having an entertainment center in the comfort of your own home can be therapeutic, especially in a reality where actually going to the cinema is discouraged for obvious reasons. So, if you’re ready to invest in a TV stand, here are the features to look out for:
The Persephone TV stand is another gem to add to this list, being one of the most beautiful large TV stands you’ll see today. It can hold TV sets of up to 88 inches, measuring 79” W x 15” H x 18” D and offering tons of storage space for you to work with. It’s made from manufactured wood and has a glossy finish that’s available in a clean white version. It comes with two drawers and two shelves, with the entire piece of furniture having a weight capacity of 150 pounds.
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It’s generally best if you stick with the proper TV stands for your TVs size. A 50-inch TV fits on a stand that measures 43.6” in width, but a 55-inch TV requires a 47.9” stands. While the bigger TV could fit on a smaller stand, it’s best not to take any chances.
Budget Pick: Brandon 55” TV Stand

What to Look For

The Williams is yet another TV stand that matches both contemporary and mid-century modern room decors, with a white finish and angled legs for a more welcoming design. The entire stand measures 64” W x 27” H x 19” D and is designed with three drawers and a cabinet with a sliding door mechanism. It can support a total weight of 300 pounds thanks to its mahogany wood construction. It accommodates TV sets of up to 80 inches and it comes fully assembled.


Next up, we have yet another gorgeous white contemporary TV stand with clean lines and a sleek design that fits into just about any modern-styled room. It measures 65” W x 18” H x 17.7” D and comes with three drawers that offer a lot of storage space for your belongings. It can accommodate TV sets of maximum 70 inches and supports weights of up to 100 pounds. The drawers have a soft and smooth gliding system and the shelves are equipped with cable management cutouts.


Rustic furniture is often considered as being part of the traditional style, but it has cottage or country-inspired details and a design that usually has distressed details. These TV stands are normally made from lighter wood and loads of character given by weathering details.

Persephone 79 TV Stand


Lucas 59 TV Stand


If you are a fan of white TV stands, then you’re going to love the London stand. It has such a sturdy wood construction that it can support up to 500 pounds in weight, which is more than we can say for other similar models. It measures 64” W x 28” H x 18” D and is compatible with TV stands of up 60 inches. It has a two-door cabinet and two additional storage shelves that offer plenty of space for you to store all kinds of items.


Valora 79 TV Stand

TV Stand Style Design Ideas

Autry 71 TV Stand


The post Timeless Contemporary TV Stands for Your Living Room appeared first on Homedit.

Contemporary & modern

There are plenty of other alternatives for those of you that don’t want to invest money in a TV stand. Other options include a chest, a dresser, a console table, a bench, a fireplace, a TV easel, a bookcase, and pretty much every piece of furniture that can support the size and weight of the TV and hold it at a position that’s comfortable for your personal viewing angle.


The design details of a mid-century modern TV stand often makes us confuse it with other types. These stands are made from splayed legs, clean lines, and light woods.


A TV stand, while considered necessary only in rooms where there’s an actual TV, can be quite an exquisite piece of furniture that serves as a focal point or helps the room come together through its design and details.


It’s always best if you look into purchasing TV stands that have some sort of cable management system. This will make it easier for you to conceal cables in a way that doesn’t imply drilling any holes into the stand to fit the cables through.

Mid-century modern

The Valora TV stand is definitely a product to look out for. It’s made from composite hardwood, steel, and natural veneer, all leading up to a very stylish contemporary piece of furniture. It measures 79” W x 20” H x 18” D overall and can accommodate TVs of a maximum screen size of 88 inches. It can support a total weight of 175 pounds and features two interior shelves and two drawers.

The Best Contemporary TV Stand Ideas

Contemporary Norah 60” Fir Solid Wood TV Stand

There are different ways in which one could classify TV stands and divide them into specific categories, but one of the most specific classifications is based on the style of the stand. Since there are so many choices out there, this particular classification will tell you a little bit more about how the stand looks like and hint at whether or not it can match your existing decor. The most popular TV stands according to their style include:
Needless to say, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the size of the stand has to be able to support the size of the TV without you ever worrying that it’s going to fall down. That being said, you need to measure the size of the TV before choosing a matching stand. You want to measure the height and width of the TV and write down the numbers. According to some, you can also measure the diagonal of the TV and multiply it by 0.87. You will notice that the recommended minimum TV stand width is usually two to six inches longer compared to the diagonal TV measurements. For instance, a 30-inch TV works well with TV stands of minimum 28 inches in width; 50-inch TVs are compatible with 46-inch stands, and 60-inch TVs can be paired with 54-inch TVs.

Brandon 55” TV Stand

If you own or want to buy a 65-inch TV, you want a stand that’s at least 57 inches in width.
The first suggestion on today’s list is a 60” W x 28.14” H x 18” D TV stand that comes with two shelves and two cabinets to conceal clutter but also provide you with a space to store the items that are part of your multimedia center. The structure has a weight capacity of 325 pounds and is made from reclaimed fir. It has an elegant iron frame and, when combined with the wooden panels, creates a beautiful contemporary TV stand for the living room.

Franko 71” TV Stand

Perfect for contemporary living rooms, this TV stand is made with a sturdy metal frame and glass panels that add elegance to just about any room they’re placed in. The stand measures 55” W x 24” H x 16” D and has an open-shelving construction and a silhouette that makes it perfect for modern setups. The shelves are distributed in a three-tier system, with an asymmetrical design that offers a total weight capacity of 75 pounds.
London 64 TV Stand

Autry 71” TV Stand

This category is fairly easy to recognize because of the rugged design that often showcases exposed metal bars and frames. It’s characterized by sharp lines and a mechanical look.
Consider the different available styles and choose one that fits your existing room decor. Our section on “TV Stand Styles” will guide you through the characteristics of the different existing types and help you make an informed choice.

Persephone 79” TV Stand

“It’s everything I wanted. It’s slimline and minimalist. I also love the glass at the top of the drawers and the soft close feature on the drawers.” (Customer review)
This specific TV stand category usually shows a metal or glass construction, offering sleek and clean lines and, oftentimes, glossy surfaces. Modern TV stands normally lack ornaments and intricate details, and are more focused on delivering a minimalist look.

Auerbach 65” TV Stand

For the sake of the topic, we’re going to assume that you’re looking for a stand that helps support your TV and creates a relaxation oasis that you look forward to enjoying at the end of the day. If you want to know what makes a good TV stand and what are some of the best contemporary models the market has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place!
Capable of supporting TVs of up to 88 inches, this stand combines contemporary elements with plenty of storage space and a very clean and sexy design.

Lucas 59” TV Stand

Another fine-looking TV stand with clean lines and a minimalist design is the Franko. It measures 70.9” W x 11.8” H x 13.8” D and can accommodate TVs of up to 80 inches. The laminated MDF board and the PVC veneer are put together to create a piece of furniture that can support a total weight of 70 pounds. It is divided into two even cabinets, each with a storage size of 13” H x 35.3” W x 12.5” D.
When you’re out shopping for a TV stand, three things should be at the top of the priority list: the maximum TV size it can accommodate, the maximum weight capacity for the entire stand, and the style, as it has to match your existing decor. If you take these three aspects into account, the rest is purely a matter of details and personal taste.

Williams 64” TV Stand

Norah 60 Fir Solid Wood TV Stand
Franko 71 TV Stand

London 64” TV Stand

Best High-End Choice: Autry 71” TV Stand
For a 60-inch TV, the recommended TV stand size is 52.3” W x 29.4” H.

Valora 79” TV Stand

Capable of supporting up to 125 pounds in weight, we bring you the Lucas TV stand. It’s made from manufactured wood and has a natural finish with white drawers that create a beautiful contrast in a stand that can be suited for both contemporary and mid-century modern room decors. It measures 59” W x 15.7” H x 15.5” D and features two drawers and two shelves. It includes a cable management system and works really well with TV sets of up to 65 inches.
Then, proceed to measuring how much space you have available for your future TV stand. There’s really no point in buying a stand if you don’t have the available space to put it, and a TV stand that’s too small will make it difficult to properly see your TV screen from a distance. Make sure that you know what is the minimum and maximum size that your future TV stand should have.


What can I use instead of a TV stand?

Best for Large TVs: Persephone 79” TV Stand

How big of a TV stand do I need for a 60 inch TV?

If you want to be able to conceal some of the items that one normally places on or next to a TV stand (like remote controls or gaming consoles), look for models that have cabinets. Doors help hide the clutter and also conceal some cables that you don’t want to be visible.

How long of a TV stand do I need for a 65 inch TV?

Brandon 55 TV Stand

Can a 50 inch TV stand hold a 55 inch TV?

Contemporary tv stand

The Final Verdict

Auerbach 65 TV Stand
Williams 64 TV Stand

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