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Tiny House Interior Designs With Cool And Interesting Features

Tiny house interior designs with cool and interesting features are catching on among people of all ages. As a new living space, tiny houses offer clever storage options and custom features. The homes are easy to design, so don’t be afraid to apply your creative skills. You never know when you might find yourself living…
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High-end tiny house interior
Living in a tiny house offers many benefits. For example, the houses are easy to move because of their wheels and are often used as campers.
Studio Häuslein is known for its high-end tiny houses. The smallest one is 26 feet long and known as Little Sojourner. It has a welcoming interior with solid wood floors and big windows. The house has a loft bedroom and windows on either side. 

Tiny House Interior Must-Haves

It’s cheaper to build a tiny house than to buy a prebuilt one. On average, a tiny house costs 0 per square foot and that adds up to total costs between ,000 and ,000 on average. Building a tiny house costs less because you can do a lot of the work yourself.
Modern tiny house interior

Creative storage

When towing a tiny house on US highways and roads without a special permit, the house cannot be taller than 13.5-feet, wider 8.5-feet, or longer than 40 feet. If you include the towing vehicle, it cannot be longer than 65-feet.

Multipurpose areas

There are many ways you can design a tiny house to make it practical and inviting.

Loft beds

Tiny farmhouse on wheels interior

Natural light

Tiny House Interior Must-Haves

The Benefits Of Living Inside Tiny Houses

Tiny homes have windows and a glass door. With natural light, their interior spaces will seem bigger and inviting.
This tiny house is filled with potted plants and greenery. It offers a boho and cozy vibe, and makes the interior feel welcoming. The house is designed by studio escape Traveler.
The minimal space brings out the best in each design. Every tiny house interior is unique and comes with built-in surprises.
There are a few things tiny houses have in common. By design, they’re practical and smart. 
If your tiny house is RVIA certified you can park in permit-only areas just like an RV. You can stop at RV parks, public camps, and national parks.

Simple Tiny House Interior Upgrades

Tiny house with a hidden staircase
For example, you can try the following space saving ideas:
Tiny house with draw bridge

  • Storage under the stairs.
  • Indoor plants as decorations.
  • Colored and patterned accents.
  • Floating shelves.
  • Runner rugs.
  • A skylight.
  • Ladders.
  • Sliding doors.
  • Bunk beds.

The Best Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

If you’re serious, 2 story tiny house plans might be worth exploring.
The Boehm tiny house by Movable Roots is lightweight and airy. Inside, are bright and neutral colors, big windows, and a practical floor plan. The living room couch has storage drawers underneath and a slide-out dog bed.

Tiny Off-Grid Ursa House Interior

The post Tiny House Interior Designs With Cool And Interesting Features appeared first on Homedit.
A tiny house does not have large cabinets or storage spaces. Designers are creating storage solutions like drawers under a small staircase or hanging ceiling racks above. 

Tiny Farmhouse On Wheels Interior

Baluchon nautical tiny house interior
You may not have enough space to store all of your belongings, so you’ll need to choose which ones matter most. It’s a good way to experience minimal living. 

Three-bedroom Tiny House Interior

Florida is one of the friendlier tiny house states. The top counties are Sarasota County, Petersburg, and Orange County.
To make it easier, remember the dimensions: 13.5′ high x 8.5′ wide x 40′ long.

Baluchon Nautical Tiny House Interior

The following counties require a minimum square footage of 600 square feet: Suwanee, Dixie, Columbia, Levy, Pasco, and Hamilton.
The Baluchon tiny house is built on a 19-foot-long trailer and has red cedar exterior siding. The interior features a nautical-themed decor. The living area is equipped with a wood-burning stove, and the stairs have storage cubbies underneath.

Pacific Harmony Tiny House Interior

On average a tiny house weighs 10,000 pounds/ 4,535 kg. This is the dry weight which is the weight of the house itself without any furnishing or additional features.
You can find many tiny houses online, or you can work with a company to build a custom one.

Modern Tiny House Interior

On average, a tiny house will cost between ,000 and ,000. There are cheaper or more expensive options, and the cost depends on the size, style, materials.
Simple Tiny House Interior Upgrades

The Boehm Tiny House Interior

Flexibility is key. Multipurpose areas with furniture that can switch functions or sliding walls are popular concepts are two features.
Payette is a country-style tiny house by Tru Form Tiny. The 28 foot model is equipped with three bedrooms. One is on the main floor and the other two are loft bedrooms. They can be reached via stairs and have built-in storage.

Tiny House With Draw Bridge

Tiny Off-Grid Ursa House Interior
Beach-inspired tiny house interior

The Hudson Tiny House Interior

The interior space of a tiny house is limited, but in this example it can expand. The design by Mint Tiny Homes has two slide-out sections which allow more room. One section allows you to turn the sofa into a nook while the other adds bedroom space.
The Pacific Harmony tiny house has board and batten siding. Inside, it’s bright, airy, and spacious. It has a multifunctional space on the main floor. You have the option of using the space as a dining area or bedroom. 

Craftsman-style tiny house interior

Pacific Harmony tiny house interior
By studying tiny house interiors, you see their design potential. Tiny houses feature custom interior layouts. With tiny houses, you’re free to pursue your creative abilities.

Beach-inspired Tiny House Interior

Tiny houses are the latest trend to emerge in the living space sector. They offer thought-out interior living designs. They’re fun, practical, and versatile.
Spacious tiny house interior

Spacious Tiny House Interior

Here are some of the best tiny house interior designs:
The Hudson tiny house interior

Tiny House With A Hidden Staircase

Tiny houses are cheap living options due to their low rent and utility expenses. 
Expandable tiny house interior

Expandable Tiny House Interior

Tiny houses don’t look spacious, but this design by Park Model Homes is an exception. It has almost 400 square feet of space inside which makes it feel like a home. The tiny house features a combined living room and kitchen and has a fireplace and loft bedroom.
Tiny houses are more complex and intricate than you might think.

High-end Tiny House Interior

Tiny house interior
Living Inside Tiny Houses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are The Tiny House Road Regulation Dimensions?

Three-bedroom tiny house interior
What makes this tiny house special is the interior. The kitchen sits at the center of the floor plan with the bathroom behind it. The living and dining area sit on the opposite end. A loft bedroom with skylights sits above the main living space.

How Much Does A Tiny House Cost?

You can build a tiny house from scratch. First, design a plan and then a structure. The building process requires multiple stages.  Watch the tutorials and videos like the one shared by Monika & Troy Hibbs to learn more.

How To Build A Tiny House?

Most tiny homes have loft beds. They’re too practical to have anything else. A normal bed would take up too much space in the main living area.
The Ursa tiny house is by Madeiguincho. The house runs off-grid. Inside, it has a spacious living area, kitchen, bathroom, and two sleeping areas. The home offers 182 square feet of living space.

What Is A Tiny House?

A tiny house is a dwelling that doesn’t require a foundation. The structures are like recreational vehicles. They’re a great alternative to Airbnbs and short-term rentals.

How Big Is a Tiny House?

The Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes offers a rustic living space on a gooseneck trailer. Its large interior and unique floor plan make this an exciting alternative to the average Airbnb. A cozy loft bed occupies the extra space above. 

How To Buy A Tiny House?

This tiny house on wheels by Greenmoxie has an unusual feature: a draw bridge. One side of the house folds down and becomes a deck, extending the interior living space. Inside, the house is warm and cozy. It has open shelves, wood, and quirky red accents.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Tiny House?

The Hudson tiny home is by B&B Micro Manufacturing. It’s a mobile unit with a white exterior and modern farmhouse look. The interior is white, while the floor and ceiling are wood, creating a simple decor. The living room and sleeping area are the same. 

How Much Does A Tiny House Weigh?

A tiny house is smaller than 400 square feet and not bigger than 500 square feet. The average tiny house in the US measures 225 square feet.

What Counties In Florida Allow Tiny Houses?

Craftsman-style tiny house interior
Tiny house interior designs with cool and interesting features are catching on among people of all ages. As a new living space, tiny houses offer clever storage options and custom features. The homes are easy to design, so don’t be afraid to apply your creative skills. You never know when you might find yourself living in a tiny glass house.

Where To Park A Tiny House?

Cleaning and maintenance are easy due to the small spaces. 

Tiny House Interior Conclusion

Studio Build Tiny has created a cool house on wheels. The tiny home’s interior is bright and stylish. It has large windows and glass doors. The staircase slides into the wall and out of sight. The hideaway staircase is a chic way to save space.
This tiny house is from Handcrafted Movement and has a large interior. There’s a bedroom on the main floor and one above the bathroom. It has an open space living area, a kitchen, and dining room that share the main floor. 
The Boehm tiny house interior

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