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Top 20 Skylines Around the World

Ever wondered how Manhattan looks like when seen from above or how stunning Hong Kong is at night? These are just two of the most amazing cities around the world with the most mesmerizing skylines. So if you’re planning a trip or if you simply want to capture the beauty of some of the world’s…
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Dallas’ skyline is a blend of architectural styles combining structures from the 19th and 20th centuries and buildings from the modernist and postmodernist eras. Large towers stand out throughout the city.
Moscwo skyline
skylines Dubai

The World’s Most Spectacular Skylines

1. Calgary, Alberta

From above, the city looks so organized and peaceful, but of course, when you head down to ground, it offers a much more vibrant and busy experience. San Francisco is the perfect in-between city when compared to other cities in the country, which is represented by the varying heights of the buildings in this image.
It’s a modern and exciting city which offers visitors high-tech subways to get around. Of course, the city and country are both famous for their pop culture and K-pop, which you’ll enjoy after the sun goes down each day.
skylines Bangkok, China

2. Toronto, Canada

Paris eiffel tower skyline france
Singapore Marina Bay
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3. Manhattan, New York City

Hong Kong is truly spectacular at night. Its high towers rise and the light is reflected into the delta that encloses the city. In fact, the city is famous for its expansive skyline.
Vincent Laforet continues his series of skylines on the West Coast with this stunning image of Las Vegas. There’s no better location to capture at night, thanks to the unique hotels and the glowing lights of the casinos. The Strip comes to life at night, with the Eiffel Tower and other prominent features standing out in this image.
As the name suggests, Melbourne is an urban agglomeration area. It is also a city recognized for its mix of modern architecture and 19th and 20th century buildings. You can clearly see here this interesting mix of styles.

Singapore has an exciting and vibrant skyline, which showcases the varying heights and architecture in the area. Marina Bay Sands is the highlight of this image, acting as one of the most prominent features the country is known for. Singapore offers visitors and residents some of the world’s most modern and innovative buildings, which are set next to a rich and diverse history. It’s one of the most exciting places in Asia to visit, and this image of the city at night is sure to increase your interest in taking a trip here.

4. Hong Kong

When you think of the world’s top skylines, it’s likely that Moscow isn’t somewhere that would first come to mind. You probably think of the famous buildings the city is known for, as opposed to the modern skyscrapers that have been added to its skyline in recent years.
Houston has the 3rd tallest skyline in North America and is dominated by tall skyscrapers. At night, they blend in with the other structures.
Las Vegas almost sticks out like an island in the middle of the desert here, and this image was taken from 8,799 feet above Las Vegas to give the best effect and capture The Strip in its entirety. You can almost feel the excitement of the crowds visiting the city down below in this image, making you want to head down and join in with the fun.

5. Paris, France

Dubai is one of the world’s most vibrant cities and has an extremely diverse array of buildings for visitors and residents to explore. This image showcases some of the more traditional buildings against a backdrop of the skyscrapers the city is better known for.
Los angeles skyline1
Of course, the city is packed with more traditional buildings, including cathedrals and churches which reside much closer to the ground. This modern city is an exciting addition to our list and shows off the ever-changing landscapes of South America.

6. Los Angeles, California

Photograph by Taylor Miles.
Photograph by Gary Hymes.
Photograph by David Gardener.

7. Melbourne, Australia

Photograph by An Nguyen Photography.
So if you’re planning a trip or if you simply want to capture the beauty of some of the world’s most amazing cities, take a look at these images. It doesn’t get more inspiring than this.
Melbourne australia skyline1

8. Shanghai, China

Chicago offers another of the most incredible skylines in the United States. The city has a very diverse range of buildings for visitors to see, including the Willis Tower and the Aqua Tower. The city is now becoming known for its skyscrapers, and the history of the area is built into these buildings. Chicago is now able to compete with other popular skylines, such as New York, and can easily be recognized from a single image. Of course, the river offers a wonderful contrast to the skyscrapers, adding some nature into this beautiful city and a great place to walk and explore during the spring or summer.
São Paulo is considered to be the financial center of Brazil, hence why its skyline is filled with tall skyscrapers like many of the world’s most famous cities. In the skyline, you’ll see the 1929 Martinelli skyscraper and the curvy Edifício Copan.
No list of the world’s top skylines would be complete without adding Dubai. It’s known for being home to some of the tallest buildings in the world, including the Burj Khalifa, which holds the title of being the world’s tallest building at 828 m tall. Of course, in the distance, you’ll be able to notice the desert that the city was built on.

9. Dallas, Texas

Photograph by William Graf.
It may not look like it, but Shanghai is the largest city by population in the world. It has a rich collection of buildings featuring various architectural styles. A series of very distinctive and eccentric buildings added to the collection in the recent years and you can see some of them here.
skylines São Paulo, Brazil

10. Houston, Texas

The most densely populated area of New York and probably also in the United States offers some of the most amazing views. This image captures the essence of this busy city.
A stunning image of the city of Toronto which is situated on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario. It’s the largest city in Ontario and you can definitely appreciate its entire beauty in this magnificent photo taken at night.
Manhattan new york city skyline

11. London, England

skylines London, England
Image CPAT / Hayes Davidson / Jason Hawkes

San Francisco has another diverse skyline, with the Golden Gate Bridge standing out as a prominent feature in most images. Vincent Laforet captured this image from above as part of a series of city aerials. Located 7,200 feet above the ground, you can clearly see the grid of the city and the incredible bridges it’s so well known for.

12. Chicago, Illinois

skylines Chicago, Illinois
Image Joseph Sohm /

Photograph by Markus Bahlmann.

13. San Francisco, California

skylines San Francisco, California
Image from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet

This image was taken at night and showcases the high-rise buildings against a backdrop of the more historic buildings your probably recognize in the city. As you can see, the city really comes to life at night as residents head out to enjoy the city’s incredible restaurants and nightlife.
Photograph by Dean.

14. Las Vegas, Nevada

skylines Las Vegas, Nevada
Image from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet

Situated at the confluence of two rivers (the Bow River and the Elbow River), Calgary is a city dominated by foothills and prairie which offer beautiful panoramic views but the urban area is just as charming, if not even more.
Paris is also known as “The City of Love” or “The City of Light” and it’s easy to see how there nicknames were created. The laws related to the height and shape of the buildings also shaped the city. The Eiffel Tower thus seems, even more, imposing this way.

15. Singapore

Seoul, South Korea
Calgary alberta skyline

16. Moscow, Russia

Skylines Around the World
London offers one of the world’s most famous skylines and blends modern architecture with the history of the capital city. With more recent additions to the city, including the Shard, there’s so much to see from up above. Of course, if you were able to take a 360 degree look around the city, you’d also witness its beautiful green spaces and rivers. Buildings in London have grown significantly in recent years, and we can only expect the city to continue to look more futuristic as time goes on.
Shanghai china skyline

17. Seoul, South Korea

Houston texas skyline
The post Top 20 Skylines Around the World appeared first on Homedit.
Hong kong skyline

18. Dubai

Dallas texas skyline
Photograph by Rob Smith Photography.
Toronto skyline at night

19. São Paulo, Brazil

Which of these city skylines do you like the most? All of these cities around the world are known for their incredible architecture and buildings, which set them apart as some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Skylines can be admired during both the daytime and night-time, and you’ll enjoy two completely different views depending on when you see them. With cities like Las Vegas coming to life at night, it’s worth seeking out both images to get a better picture of what the city is really like.
Nicknamed the City of Angels, L.A. is home to many unique landmarks, some of which you can see in this photo. The large towers resemble guardians looking over the entire city.
Photograph by Jim Boud.

20. Bangkok, China

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and offers a huge metropolitan area packed with modern buildings. These buildings contrast with the Buddhist temples and palaces you’ll also find in the city, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which once featured over 7,000 rooms.
Bangkok is another of the world’s most vibrant cities and mixes the history and culture of China with the modern skyscrapers that are needed for the industries within the city. The city stretches over a wide area, which surprises many visitors to the city who mainly focus on the more touristic areas. However, Bangkok keeps up with other modern cities in this part of the world and offers a skyline that’s just as exciting at night-time as those in places such as Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Photograph by Spren Ben.
Ever wondered how Manhattan looks like when seen from above or how stunning Hong Kong is at night? These are just two of the most amazing cities around the world with the most mesmerizing skylines.

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