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Top 25 Modern Stylish Tables

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The coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture that makes the living room feel complete. It’s one of the basic pieces of furniture that we all integrate into our homes but this doesn’t mean that the coffee table has to be perceived as uninteresting. It is, in fact, a common focal point for the…




modern tables Coffee And White Minimalist Design
This is a dining table, another crucial piece of furniture in any home. Most dining tables feature the classical design but some are unique. It’s the case of this intriguing piece. Designed by, the table features a simple but also very sleek and stylish look. It has a rectangular top with a glossy finish and the base is a central pillar.
This is the Table table. It was designed by Toshinori Kamiya of the Kamiya Designs and it’s been named like that because of its design. The base of the table actually spells the word “table. It’s actually just the T that can be used as an actual table, the rest of the tables being just for décor. It’s a very interesting piece but it’s not exactly practical in small homes as it occupies a lot of space.

The Coolest Modern Tables That Will Elevate Your Decor

1. The Slice Box Table

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a modern coffee table with sufficient storage for all your magazines and remotes. This awesome table by Roy Home Design not only has a shelf for the displayable items, but also two hidden drawers for the items you would rather your guests not see. The metal legs still give the piece a minimalist and light feel that will help it to blend into almost any style room.
modern tables Built In Dinner Tray Table
The Ague coffee table is the creation of Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora. It also has a very simple design and it also features a serene look. The base of the table is composed of three large rocks with smooth surfaces and oval forms. Actually, they’re not real rocks but they are pieces made of cardboard. Even so, they provide great support for the top. The glass top has a round shape and is transparent, thus allowing you to see through and to admire the beautiful base.

2. Agua Table

This coffee table by Modern Miami has similar colorings to the adjustable multi-layer modern table above, without all the hassle of moving or adjusting anything. The coffee and white colors work seamlessly in this minimalist table to bring a modern feel to your living room without too much bulk or clutter. Place this on a beautiful white rug next to a white couch and you will love the unique but organized look it creates!
People can often times get hung up on the shape of a coffee table, believing that it can only be circle, square, or rectangle. This modern X shape table on Coffee Table Review begs to differ. Although it is in a unique shape, its glass and silver metal design can fit seamlessly into any modern room, whilst still offering a place to set beverages and a magazine or two. And even if the storage is lacking, a piece like this requires no formal decoration because it is décor in and of itself!

3. Modern Dining Table

modern tables Multi-Level Adjustable Table
Say goodbye to any unsightly metal dinner trays you may still have lying around! Store blankets or other bulky items in the space beneath the pull-out trays, and slide remotes and other gaming devices into the side compartments to keep your living room looking clean and organized!

4. FUKU/TTON Table

The hidden bar coffee table is a must have for anyone who enjoys entertaining friends around a classic cocktail or crisp glass of champagne. This amazing, yet modern design, looks like a regular modern block coffee table on the outside but opens up to reveal a beautifully mirrored bar interior. Designed by Juliette’s Interiors, this modern table will set you back a pretty penny, but it is upholstered in a high end alligator leather that will be resistant to all sorts of damage and stay gorgeous for years to come.

5.  Artistic Ripple Table

Seating that is situated closer to the ground is all the rage when it comes to modern designs. So if your furniture is only a few inches off the ground, you should consider this wooden coffee table on Warfside. It’s square, made from beautiful wood, and has plenty of room all around the table to slide in magazines, books, or even a decorative tray when you don’t have guests you wish to display it for. Because this piece is simple, you won’t feel pressure to redesign your living room around it, and whatever furniture you already have will probably match this piece perfectly!
Modern Stylish Tables

6. LED Table

Indoor Grass Table
Ripple Table

7. Caesar Stone Table

Modern tables might seem to focus just on looks, but they are actually very versatile, flexible, and functional. A good example would be this particular model. It seems like just another simple coffee table. However, it’s more than it lets you see. The hexagonal structure with rounded corners was designed by Stephan Wootton and it can become a great piece to stretch your legs on when you get home thanks to the inserts it hides inside.

8. Concerto Table

X29 Table
The Concerto Table, as its name suggests, is more than just a simple table. Its design was inspired by the piano and the result was a multipurpose piece of furniture. Well, you can’t actually use it as a piano but you can play music on it. The table has an iPod dock and speakers so you can listen to music during dinner or any other time you want.

9. Indoor Grass Table

This modern table featured on IDF Design is minimalistic while also offering a wide range of functions. The top glass portion can be spun around to move the table closer to someone sitting on a couch or chair, and put back when it is done so it doesn’t take up too much space. The table is stabilized by a walnut wood frame which brings a nice warm tone to your living room. You can display nice looking items such as books or figurines on the lower section, or store a nice cushy blanket there.
modern tables Three Stalk Coffee Table

10. X29 Table

modern tables Minimalist Glass Swivel Table
It is, in fact, a common focal point for the living room and there are plenty of unique and spectacular modern table designs that would stand out in any décor. Many of them are modern and impress either with their serene simplicity or with the complexity of their design. We have selected 25 of the most impressive coffee table designs you could choose from for a modern or contemporary space.

11. Tetra Table

modern tables Hidden Storage Coffee Table
modern tables Stainless Steel Block

12. “Table” Table

Whether you are redesigning your entire living room or just looking for a modern table that will take people’s breath away, all of the coffee tables on this list will fit beautifully in your contemporary-styled home. Just make sure whatever table you choose to purchase fits your storage and size needs and you can’t go wrong no matter what you select! And soon enough you’ll be lounging back and entertaining guests, or your morning cup of joe, around a beautiful modern coffee table.  
Modern Dining Table

13. Multi-Level Adjustable Table

Do you often eat meals on your couch? Then this coffee table by Furniture Cart is a must for your living room. Not only does it feature ample storage that some modern tables lack, but it also has a top portion that can be pulled up and snapped into place. This portion serves as TV dinner trays and will lock in the expanded position so you can enjoy your meal.
Some tables have a more artistic design. For example, this one was created by artist Lee J Rowland and it’s been inspired by the ripple effect. Recreating the effect and including it in the design of this amazing piece of furniture was a real challenge. After a long and difficult CNC 3D machining process followed by lap polishing, the coffee table was finally created.

14. Coffee And White Minimalist Design

Concerto Table
The coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture that makes the living room feel complete. It’s one of the basic pieces of furniture that we all integrate into our homes but this doesn’t mean that the coffee table has to be perceived as uninteresting.

15. Hidden Storage Coffee Table

Agua Table
You know how people always say that we’ve gone too far from nature, that it is no longer a part of our lives and our homes? Well, this table proves just the opposite. This coffee table is made of wood and has a compartment in the center where real grass grows. It’s a very nice way of reintroducing nature into our homes.

16. Built In Dinner Tray Table

modern tables Low Modern Table With Extra Magazine Storage
modern tables Glass Scale Table
The Slice Box Table

17. Stainless Steel Block

modern tables Hidden Bar Coffee Table
For those who enjoy hosting, this multi-level modern table is a must for your home. Featured in Art Make Home, this table features two separate pieces which can be moved apart, or closer together, depending on the function the table is needed for. Its minimalist design gives it a clean and fresh feel while also being useful for afternoon tea meetings, or movie nights with the family. The mixed colors make it a standout piece that is sure to draw the textures and colors of your home together.

18. Campfire Coffee Table

And since we were talking about the ripple effect, take a look at this coffee table. It’s called the Ripple table and it has an interactive design. It’s an LED table that responds to your movements and lights up in the places you touch it. Its design is simple in order to highlight the unique features that have been integrated into this piece of furniture.
Stainless steel is a material people only usually consider for the kitchen, but this stainless-steel block can be a gorgeous addition to any modern living room as a coffee table. Featured on LA Furniture Store, it creates a futuristic look like no other, and goes with almost any color scheme. Just be aware that stainless steel needs its own special cleaner, and that it does get dirty quickly when being touched by small hands! But on the other hand, this coffee table is hard to damage and will last in near perfect condition for years to come.

19. Hidden Bar Coffee Table

modern tables Campfire Coffee Table
Table Table

20. Minimalist Glass Swivel Table

modern tables Modern Table With Built In Magazine Rack
modern tables Lazy X Table

21. Modern Table With Built In Magazine Rack

The post Top 25 Modern Stylish Tables appeared first on Homedit.
This coffee table is perfect for those who love sitting around a campfire in the evenings but don’t have the yard, or the space in their yard, to build one outdoors. Pictured on Best Fire Pit Ideas, this coffee table, with a glass enclosed gas flame, provides a small amount of warmth to your home while giving you the option to roast marshmallows over it. The unique shape and design of this table keep it from looking as if you simply brought the outside fire pit in, and are cohesive with several different modern living room designs.

22. Three Stalk Coffee Table

Tetra Table
The shape is a very important element that contributes to the uniqueness of a certain piece of furniture. In some cases, it’s the detail that makes it stand out. One good example would be this coffee table. It was designed by Pedro Gomes for the Caesar Stone Design Competition. It has an unusual shape that gives it a unique and exotic look. But that’s not all. The design is also functional and it features several storage compartments.

23. Low Modern Table With Extra Magazine Storage

Designed by Decode London, this coffee table will surely make a big impression in your home. It impresses with its simple yet very innovative design. The main shape of the table is simple but the way it’s been divided into four asymmetrical pieces brings a touch of uniqueness to this design. It’s a sculptural piece with an eye-catching look.
Caesar Stone Table

24.  Lazy X Table

The Tetra table was designed by Bernard Vuarnesson. As you might have guessed from its name, it’s a four-in-one piece of furniture. The table features four pull-out shelves that can come in handy whenever you need some more space while working. It’s a versatile table that can be used for a variety of purposes, including writing and dining.
Designed by Romain Ducos, the X29 table is very impressive. Its design is quite simple but it’s also complex. The table has a transparent glass top and a very interesting base composed of several glass sheets arranged in a symmetrical pattern. It’s a contemporary design designed to become a focal point in the décor.

25. Glass Scale Table

Having unique furniture is a huge part of creating a modern themed living room. And with this unique table by Furnillion, you can guarantee your friends will have seen nothing like it! With sharp angles and edges, it will definitely be the focal point of the room while also offering a storage ‘bend’ for magazines or maybe extra couch pillows. Besides the bend storage, this coffee table doesn’t offer much additional storage, so you’ll have to hide all your electronic gadgets somewhere else when you choose this piece for your home.
Made in Italy, this attention-grabbing modern table is on the smaller side to easily fit into the living rooms of those residing in an apartment. A versatile coffee table like this is easy to decorate, as you can just leave it bare—it is enough in and of itself! But you can also add small touches, such as a few books like they did on Viadurini, or maybe a mini succulent or cactus for each table, the choice is yours!
LED Table
Listed on LA Furniture, we are simply in awe of this gorgeous modern table. Made of glass with a breath-taking gold scale design, it will take the center stage of any room you place it in. Because this piece is so unique, it’s best to put it in a room without any other designs, perhaps pairing it with bold dark colors, like the blue chairs in the example photo. For homes that already have furniture with metal legs, this coffee table will fit seamlessly without much adjusting. But if your home doesn’t have metal furniture, then maybe it’s time to redesign your entire room around this piece because it is absolutely worth it!

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