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Waterproof Outdoor Furniture with Modern And Sophisticated Designs

When it comes to outdoor furniture the options are visibly more limited compared to everything indoor-related. The typical garden and patio sets are the obvious choice but if you want something different, something that stands out, it’s time to think outside the box. There are actually lots of interesting options if you know where to…
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Shadowy chaise longue moroso Little queen of love furniture 150x150
Others collection from dedon 150x150
Latitude Run® 4pcs Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture Set 150x150
The others collection lighting from dedon 150x150 The Amaca bench is definitely not your usual piece of furniture which is what makes it so interesting in the first place. It was designed by David Weeks and has a painted steel base and a circular seat made of colored handwoven cord. It’s an intriguing and multifunctional piece which can be used in a variety of different ways, whether it’s for lounging or relaxing with a book out on the patio. Each individual piece is unique.
They can all be combined together to create a U-shaped sectional but they can also function independently or in groups or two, three or more. The seventh piece is a small coffee table with a design that matches the rest of the units.
An outdoor conversation area is incomplete without a comfortable sofa or a sectional. This set from Red Barrel Studio gives you an idea of how simple and yet how inviting such a space can be when properly furnished. It included a beautiful section with an L-shape that helps it fit naturally on a patio or a terrace.
This is another beautiful patio set with an equally stylish and practical design. It’s offered by Red Barrel Studio and it’s made of four pieces: a sectional sofa for two, matching armchairs with ottomans and a coffee table. They’re all specifically designed for outdoor spaces and they’re weather-resistant and low-maintenance. Keep them out in the open and create a cozy sunbathing area or sheltered them underneath a pergola or a roof. Either way, this set will create a perfect environment where you can lean back and relax.
Pal point outdoor furniture
Wicker Patio Furniture 3 Pieces Set
Beach chairs can be beautiful and interesting too, even when they’re as simple as this one. In fact, the intentional simplicity and lack of bold contrasts or decorative elements make this a really charming piece and a great addition to outdoor areas like decks, poolside areas and of course beautiful sandy beaches. Pair it with a stylish side table and enjoy its charming minimalism. This beach chair has wheels for easy maneuverability and it’s part of the Tibbo collection.
Giorgetti meda apsara outdoor furniture
A lot of modern furniture sets place an emphasis on modularity. This outdoor set from Latitude Run is a very good example. There are seven pieces in total in this set and six of them are seating modules that can arranged in numerous different configurations in order to create custom arrangements.
5 Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set
The post Waterproof Outdoor Furniture with Modern And Sophisticated Designs appeared first on Homedit.
A couple of chairs and a little table, that’s usually all you need to turn a small patio into a lovely and inviting space. This set from Red Barrel Studio gives you exactly that. It’s a 3-piece set with a simple, modern and versatile design.
The sectional is accompanied by an elegant multi-functional table with a storage shelf and a design that incorporates all-weather PE rattan. This gives the set a modern aesthetic with a subtle retro charm. This material is also perfect for outdoor areas and requires very little maintenance. Underneath it all the frames are made of powder-coated steel which ensures the longevity of the set.
When it comes to outdoor furniture the options are visibly more limited compared to everything indoor-related. The typical garden and patio sets are the obvious choice but if you want something different, something that stands out, it’s time to think outside the box.
Rocking Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Set
The Nautica hanging chair is an elegant piece from MUT Design. It has a simple design with sinuous lines and a flat bottom for added stability and comfort. This particular version has a rattan-inspired appearance. The frame however is made of high resistant aluminum tubing with a texture epoxy paint finish. Several options are available as well as numerous different outdoor fabrics that offers lots of customization possibilities.
Slide plastic outdoor funiture
They have high-quality sturdy frames made of stainless steel which allow them to maintain a lightweight and slender appearance. They’re covered in PE rattan which is well-suited for exposed outdoor areas and can withstand high temperatures without being damages. The chairs also have comfortable cushions and rubber feet covers.
Nautica hanging chair
The Hexa modules were designed by Taeke Halma and have hexagonal shapes inspired by nature. Several of them can be combined to create custom bookcases and storage units which gives you lots of flexibility. The modules are made of polyehtylene and they can be used both in indoor and outdoor spaces. They come in a variety of colors and are incredibly versatile.
Latitude Run® 4pcs Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture Set
Platform outdoor furniture georgetti
The Bridgwater patio set focuses on versatility and modularity. It also has a design that values simplicity and which can be customized through the addition of accent pillows. It’s a 3-piece set built out of all-weather reinforced wicker on top of a powder-coated metal frame with reinforced aluminum feet.
Amaca bench moroso
Ames caribe furniture
Iconic cocoon hanging chair
The Apsara collection designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba is all about versatility and flexibility. This is a set of modular seating elements which can be combined and rearranged in a variety of different ways based on need, layout and available space. The base is made of aluminum and wooden slats and comes in two sizes. It can be combined with waterproof cushions and other modules to create a multitude of seating arrangements and configurations.
Their frames are made of solid acacia wood which has a beautiful natural pigment and is also highly strong and durable. They’re complemented by soft and comfortable cushions with polyester fabric covers and sponge cores. They’re weather-resistant and the black finish goes really well with the simple design of the frames.
Dedon bench sun lounge with wheels
Inspired by traditional garden furniture and in particular the iconic Emanuelle rattan chair, the Cala armchair is a modern piece of outdoor furniture with an elegant and imposing design. It has a strong presence thanks to its high backrest which expands and widens towards the top, creating a shell around the chair. The cushions match the color of the frame in this case but there are actually numerous design options and lots of different colors and fabrics to choose from in order to make each chair unique.
The PAL series is by far the most extensive collection of outdoor furniture pieces of all those mentioned here. It was designed by Francesc Rifé and it includes a multitude of modules that combine sleek and elegant bases made of solid teak wood with a series of comfortable seat and back cushions of different shapes, sizes and colors. There are numerous different modules and combinations to choose from which gives great flexibility when setting up a custom outdoor seating area.
On a similar note, the Latitude Run patio set has a really well-balanced design which places as much emphasis on comfort as it does on aesthetics and durability. The set includes a loveseat, two matching armchairs and a coffee table.
The outdoor bar Latitude Run set has a simple, modern and also elegant design. It includes a bar and four matching stools, all highly durable, featuring powder-coated steel frames covered in all-weather PE rattan which is very easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance.
Ames collection for outdoor caribe
5 Piece Rattan Outdoor Patio Furniture Set
Giorgetti meda apsara outdoor furniture and swimming pool
Designed by Tord Boontje in 2009, the Shadowy chair is already a classic. It’s very peculiar-looking, featuring an elongated back that curves inwards at the top forming a loop that doubles as a roof. Similarly, the seat and the armrests also curve, giving this chair a really cool and eye-catching look. The frame is made of tubular steel and the seating is wrapped with a polyethylene cord which offers a wide range of color choices as well as several different patterns. They’re also a matching chaise longue version with similar characteristics.
Looking for something more complex and better suited for an outdoor dining area Perhaps this dining set from Latitude Run is the answer. It’s composed of nine separate pieces, including four matching chairs, four stools and a table. It can accommodate 8 people but it doesn’t take up a lot of space because the stools can be easily pushed underneath the table when they’re not being used. They can also be used as ottomans together with the chairs if you want to turn this into a lounge area.
The table features a stylish tempered glass top and a storage shelf which is very handy for holding various small items including a favorite book, mobile devices and so on. The rocking chairs also have soft seat and back cushions. Together, these pieces create the perfect outdoor reading nook. Pair it with an umbrella or a beautiful pergola roof or add a few planters and string lights in order to really make this area feel inviting and relaxing.
The set includes two sofa modules which can be pushed together or used independently, two ottomans and a side table. They all have matching frames made of high-quality all-weather PE wicker on top of a strong and sturdy metal base. The cushions are soft and comfortable as well as waterproof and the design as a whole has a natural and simple aesthetic.
The bar has a glass top and the stools have thick cushions for extra comfort. They also have footrests. The cushions have water-resistant fabric covers and can withstand light rain. However, it’s not recommended leaving them in exposed areas for long periods of time.
Here you can see on the left the gorgeous Blos rocking chair designed by Karim Rashid, elegantly combined with the Amélie Duetto sofa by Italo Pertichini. Each is unique and spectacular in its own way and they both share a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic. The rocking chair has a very organic shape which allows it to look at home in gardens and stylish backyards. The sofa also has a very delicate design with sinuous lines and soft edges, featuring an oval seat and a frame that wraps around it like a sleeve.
The Little Queen of Love armchair designed by Moro e Pigatti has a very distinctive look. It’s a small chair ideal for kids and small seating areas in general and it has a very rich and detailed design with a baroque -inspired aesthetic. It is however a modern piece made out of polyethylene which allows it to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s durable, resistant and bold in a very unique way. You can get in a variety of different colors and pair it with the full-size Queen of Love armchair.
Patio Dining Table Set Outdoor Furniture
Hanging chairs are particularly well-suited for outdoor areas such as decks, patios and gardens. This gorgeous piece was designed by Patricia Urquiola and is part of the colorful Tropicalia collection. It has a modern geometry and a cocoon-inspired design. The frame is made of tubular steel making this hanging chair exceptionally durable and resilient. Also, it comes in both a monochromatic and a colorful version so you can pair it with all sorts of decors.
Moroso tropicalia hanging chair
What’s better than a couple of comfy patio chairs? A couple of comfy rocking chairs, of course. The 3-piece set from Red Barrel Studio combines these with a stylish little accent table. The set has powder-coated steel frame with a rust-proof finish covered in all-weather PE rattan for an elegant and textured look.
Little queen of love furniture
Creating comfortable and flexible conversation areas outdoors is easy with the Ames Caribe series. The collections offer a variety of seating options and matching tables which can be arranged in lots of different configurations and which come in various bold and playful colors. The 2-seater bench is a beautiful piece with a curved back, an oval seat and a slender frame that gives it a lightweight appearance. The Vis-a-Vis bench is perhaps the most eye-catching of all, featuring an undulating shape which placed two individual seats facing opposite directions on either side of the curved frame.
This is Nestrest, a cocoon-like lounger designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. It’s a hanging lounger which offers a cozy and comfortable nook inside, big enough for several children or a couple of adults and with small cushions of different shapes and sizes for added comfort. The frame is fiber woven and breathable, allowing the air to pass through and letting those inside to see out but preventing anyone on the exterior to peek inside.
Others collection from dedon
The others collection lighting from dedon
An outdoor patio is the ideal space for setting up a comfortable sitting area where you can relax and entertain guests and family. The 5-piece set from Dovecove gives you an idea of how you can beautifully furniture such a space.
An outdoor setup needs more than basic furniture in order to look and to feel complete. An accessory such as a lamp can be just as important as a bench or a chair and The Others is a collection which focuses exactly on that. This is a series of lanterns with quirky, anthropomorphic designs which gives the playful and eye-catching expressions. They’re sculptural and sophisticated and they-re hand-woven which makes each individual piece unique. The lanterns come in a variety of shapes and combinations, either as individual pieces or combined in totem-inspired stacks, with acrylic eyes as ornaments.
Platform outdoor point pal colelction
Bridgwater Patio Outdoor Furniture
Latitude Run® Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture
U Style Patio Furniture Set
Kettal cala armchair collection
waterproof outdoor furniture
The sofa and ottoman can be pushed together in order to create a small sectional or can be used as separate units. There’s also a small table with a matching base and a tempered glass top. The seating units are topped with soft and comfortable cushions with water-repellent covers.
There are actually lots of interesting options if you know where to look for them. We’ve put together here some examples that we think could set you on the right track. These waterproof outdoor furniture pieces are as durable and practical as they are intriguing.
9 Pieces Patio Dining Sets Outdoor Space

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