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What Is A Pole Barn House Kit?

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A pole barn house is an interesting type of house that is trending right now. With farmhouses, barndominiums, and rustic decor trending, we just had to look into pole barn houses too. Because why not?  Pole barn houses are houses that look similar to barns on the outside. But this isn’t what defines them. What…




Now that we’ve gone over what a pole barn house is and what it offers, let’s talk about what it does not offer. If these things are important to you then a pole barn house is not for you. But if they don’t matter, then you may love it.
Siding isn’t usually a huge cost but you will have to pay for it. Most kits won’t come with siding and if it does, it probably won’t be siding that you want to use on your house. So take this into account.
The price for this varies but if you hire someone to put in your foundation then you will pay a hefty sum for it. After all, pole barn kits don’t come with a foundation so you have to build your own out of concrete. 

What Is A Pole Barn House? 

But despite their name, they don’t have to be rustic. You can design them any way that you want on the inside. The name simply refers to the way that the frame is built. The interior is all up to you as the homeowner. 
Looking at these things, you can decide which sounds better to you. Going with a traditional home may be your best bet. But if you’re up for it, building a pole barn house may the best thing that you can do!
Of course, you can’t predict the cost of this until you know what you want and how many you want. You will pay about 0-500 per window if you install it yourself or more if someone else does it for you. 

What A Pole Barn House Does Not Offer

Most pole barn house kits don’t come with footers. So if you want the extra stability then you will need to buy and install your own. This can be such a hassle if you aren’t very experienced in construction. 
Down payments on loans for pole barn houses are also quite expensive because it’s a different type of loan. We’ll talk more about other prices later because you may have to pay for it all out of pocket.
It will cost anywhere from 00 to 00 for you not survey and prepare the land where you will build the house. It needs to be checked to ensure there isn’t anything underneath that can be damaged as well. 

Load-Bearing Walls

Because they are supported with poles and posts, a pole barn house does not have load-bearing walls. So you won’t be putting up studs and partitions in order to support the roof or upper floors. The poles will do that. 
The main things to take into consideration on the pro side are the look of the house, the open-concept feel, and the cost of the home. The cons include the fact that you can’t get a loan, you can’t break the rooms up, and there won’t be a basement. 


However, when building a pole barn house, you will need to pay for labor unless you do it all yourself, which is nearly impossible. Let’s break down the cost of building a pole barn house so you can see how you can save. 
So, you have poles supporting the roof and the upper floor, if there is an upper floor. This offers a large, open-concept look that is attractive, breathable, and unique. But just like everyone, it can be perfect for one person and dreadful for another. 


The kit is a good place to start, but you can count on paying double by the time you have finished with your home. However, this is still much cheaper than buying a home outright which is at least 0 per square foot. 
A pole barn house kit can come with just about anything. But most of the time, the basic kit comes with the frame and siding. Anything else you will have to buy separately, such as insulation and interior walls.

Broken-Up Rooms

However, this price is for the kit only. You will pay anywhere from ,000 – ,000 for a kit that will give you a house that is 1,200 square feet or 30×40 feet. This is great for a couple or families of 2 or possibly 3. 


A pole barn is a barn that uses post-frame construction. Post-frame construction is a way to build structures without interior walls. Instead, they use poles that are driven into the ground or concrete.
This is just for insulating your house. The price is quite good for something so important but it is more expensive to insulate a pole barn than standard-framed housed due to the thicker exterior walls.

Cost Of A Pole Barn House

A pole barn house is an interesting type of house that is trending right now. With farmhouses, barndominiums, and rustic decor trending, we just had to look into pole barn houses too. Because why not? 
A pole barn house can vary in price. Some can cost as low as a few thousand for the basic package while others can cost over ,000. It all depends on what you provide yourself and if you are hiring for labor.
You can build a two-story pole barn house. Generally, to build a two-story home like this with a pole barn kit, you need to have the second story be a loft. The walls will be leaning but floor space will be the same.
Just keep in mind while reading them that these are the “cons” to a pole barn house, not the features. There are still a lot of pros that come naturally and are easy to see.
You can choose a cheaper material and pay less than this or choose an expensive one and pay more. But pole barn kits won’t come with roofing because they usually only have the basic framing for your home.
If you want a load for your project then you will have a hard time getting one with a pole barn house. You can try but it won’t be the typical house or construction loan that you would expect, which can be disappointing.

Leveling And Clearing The Land – $1,000 to $5,000

Cost Of A Pole Barn House

Foreman Or Manager – $5000 to $50,000

Now it’s time to get to the big question that everyone worries about. How much does a pole barn house cost? In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from – per square foot for your new home.

Siding – $1000 to $10,000

pole barn house

Insulation – $700 to $2,000

This sounds like a good thing but it can be difficult to work with. Because poles need to be added regularly and they need to be installed properly or else the roof can cave in. Load-bearing walls are easier because there is more room for mistakes. 
It won’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars to stain and seal concrete floors. This is by far the cheapest way to do your floors if you have a concrete foundation for your home. So you’re lucky if you like the look. 

Wall Coverings $1,000 to $5,000

So if a basement is important to you, it’s best to start with a different type of framing system. Pole barn houses are great for a lot of things but basements are not one of them. Instead, use a detached cellar. 

Water And Electric – $5,000 to $15,000

Building a pole barn house can sound exciting. But it’s important to look at the pros and cons of doing so before committing to building one. But this is something you should do when doing anything in life.
Covering your walls will cost you a few thousand dollars, depending on the type of walls that you choose. Drywall is the cheapest whereas something like shiplap will cost you a lot more. So choose wisely. 

Roofing – $5000 to $10,000

Barn house with solar panels

Flooring – $100 to $10,000

However, you’ll want something bigger for larger families. Since the kit only covers the cost of the framing, you’ll need to buy a foundation, any walls you want to add, insulation, flooring, and more.
You can choose marble floors if you want, but most people who get pole barn houses either stick with the concrete foundation as flooring or install wood floors. Both are good options with concrete being cheaper. 

Foundation – $10,000 to $20,000

Footers are recommended for houses that you are going to live in. So it is highly recommended to add them to a pole barn house. Learn how to install footers before you being constructing your new home.

Doors and Windows – $2,000 to $10,000

Although you can add walls to your pole barn house, it sort of defeats the purpose of the airy open-concept design. Adding them for the bathroom and bedroom can work, but too many and it will be counterproductive. 
A pole barn house looks a lot like a standard barn when it is finished. From the outside at least. On the inside, it looks like an open-concept home more than a barn. The high ceilings add to the appeal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Does A Pole Barn House Cost?

What A Pole Barn House Does Not Offer

What Does A Pole Barn House Look Like?

Most of the time, typical windows are used, but one bow window can make a huge impact on the exterior look of your home. So something like this is always work trying out. 

Can You Build A Two-Story Pole Barn House?

Pole barn houses are houses that look similar to barns on the outside. But this isn’t what defines them. What defines a pole barn house is the framing technique used in construction, which is anything but typical. 

Can you Finance A Pole Barn House?

Because of the type of constitution and lack of load-bearing walls, a basement isn’t ideal for a pole barn. If you add a basement, by the time you get done, you won’t have a pole barn house anymore.

What Does A Pole Barn House Kit Come With?

The post What Is A Pole Barn House Kit? appeared first on Homedit.

Should I Build A Pole Barn House?

A building manager or overseer is a huge cost and the price varies greatly depending on their own pricing. You can take experience and success rate into account most of the time to see if their price is fair.
Learning about types of insulation can help you save here. But it won’t be the biggest way to save as insulation is already cheaper than most of the other things that aren’t included in the pole barn kit.
Utilities are very expensive but completely necessary for your home. If you’re lucky, you won’t pay more than ,000 for this, but most likely, it will be one of your biggest costs in building your pole barn house. 
This depends. You may not be able to get a house loan but you could get a different type of loan. The loans made for manufactured homes often work for pole barn houses as do those created for outbuildings. 

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