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What Size Rug For Living Room?

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Living room rug size can impact on your living room. You want to ask what size rug for living room before you move forward. Room layout, comfort, and balance are factors to consider. Do you know what type of rug is good for you? Which pattern or color should you choose? Here, we will explore…




When you shop online, most platforms will offer a tool that helps you decide which rug size will fit in a room. You can upload photos of the room you want to buy a rug for, and the software will analyze the specs and tell you what size rug would be best. 
The post What Size Rug For Living Room? appeared first on Homedit.

what size rug for living room
Escala Construction Inc.

There are twenty colors to choose from, including the often neglected orange. Each rug is stain-resistant and soft to walk on. This perfect combination is rare so jump at the chance if this rug intrigues you. 

What Size Rug For Living Room?

What Size Rug For Living Room?
Breeze Giannasio Interiors

The rug should extend somewhere between 12 to 18 inches beyond the couch. This is the ideal length for safety and aesthetic reasons. 
Small living room rug native american southwestern
The rug size you choose for your living room is up to you. There are guidelines that designers use which can help you decide on a rug that’s right for your living room. 


This rug comes in over 30 shapes and sizes. However, we’re going to highlight their 12×18 size because it’s rare. The braided design and cream color make it perfect for any house and all designs. 
Too small is better than too big because too big can become a hazard. However, you don’t want a rug that is so small that it makes the living look odd. 


For extra-large living rooms, this rug size is ideal.  You know that the larger the rug, the more expensive it will be. This means that this rug size doesn’t come cheap. 
We’ll go over what you need to know about living room rugs. Let us help you find what size rug for your living room will work best for your space. 


Sitting room bright pink rug and chandelier
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

This is another common rug size. It can work for any room that is ten feet wide. The ratio is known as the “golden ratio.” 
Elenora shag rug abstract retro design


The most common living room rug size is 8×10. This is ideal for most living rooms. If you are unsure which size to get then an 8×10 rug is a safe choice.
This rug is 5’3″ by 7′ but follows the same rules as the 5×8 rugs. It works great for a standard living room and couch due to the size. It’s also small enough that the bold design doesn’t overwhelm the room. 


Foyer with fireplace cream color
Jennifer Taylor

If you can’t find a runner you like, you can hide the end of one rug under a piece of furniture and attach a rug that has the same pattern to it.
A round living room rug isn’t uncommon. It’s a great way to mix things up without going too far out there. This is handy if the other furniture in your living room is round. 

Rearranging The Furniture 

Elegant high end living room with tv 1024x675
Kermans Flooring

A regular queen bed is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. When choosing a rug for your queen bed, it should be at least eight feet long.

All Feet On The Rug

This is the smallest rug size for living rooms. Smaller rugs are available, but they’re for bathrooms or kitchens. However, if your living room is small, this rug size and ratio is ideal. 
With Olympic queen beds, which are 66 inches wide, the rug should be nine feet long.

Front Feet On The Rug

Living room rug size can impact on your living room. You want to ask what size rug for living room before you move forward. Room layout, comfort, and balance are factors to consider.
It depends on the size of the sectional. Measure the inside edge of the sectional, the part that the rug will be next to. Try not to extend the rug too far out from the sectional.

No Feet On The Rug

what size rug for living room
Escala Construction Inc.

Your house should be as unique as you are. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and there’s no reason not to branch out and get a little crazy.
It’s better to decide how you will rearrange the furniture before choosing a rug size. There are ways to rearrange a living room with a rug. They involve the couch, as most living rooms have a sofa and are the main focus of a living room.

Best Living Room Rugs

Living room rugs can also be runners. This is useful when your house is oblong like a trailer home and you need something to fit the space.

Three Posts Malaysian Braided Rug – 12×18

Advances in technology have made home design easier and more accurate than ever before.
The rugs include anti-bacterial chemicals that help prevent mold and mildew. Outdoor rugs are easy to clean and do not require professional cleaning. You can use a garden hose and soapy water to remove stains.
This size can fit under a rocking chair and make a room look warmer. 

Williston Forge Abderus Abstract Rug – 9×12

If you want the standard, you’ve come to the right place. To understand rug sizes, you need to know the different sizes available for living rooms.
You can also put all four furniture legs on the rug, but it’s not recommended.

Solid Color Rug With Multiple Designers – 8×10

What else is there to know about living room rug size? Not much. If you scale the rug to your living room then there won’t be a problem. Try a few sizes out and find out what you like the look of best.
Do you know what type of rug is good for you? Which pattern or color should you choose? Here, we will explore this and more.

George Oliver Elenora Shag – 5×8

Malaysia braided rug in white
Where do you buy the best living room rugs for your room size? Let’s start off with one choice for each of the standard rug sizes used in living rooms. 

Foundry Select Acklin Southwestern Rug – 3×5

This is common because it brings the room together without taking up all of the rug space. Most living rooms use this layout. It leaves the living room balanced and gives you space to walk on that cozy rug that you picked out.
The most common size for a nursery rug is 5X8. Like any other rug size, it depends on the size of your nursery.

Living Room Rugs For Inspiration

Sapphire blue rug by andover mills

Round Living Room Rug

A round living room rug is not unheard of.
Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

Make sure if your rug is thick you add padding to the back legs of the couch so it will be safe and balanced. 

Raised Living Room Rug

3d living room rug with raised circles in green and blue and yellow 1024x684
Company C

Blue and white area rug in living room

Living Room Rug Runner

Living room rugs can also be runners.
Risa Boyer Architecture

Although you can put your couch on the rug and leave other furniture off, the room will not have a balance. If you do choose to put all feet on your rug, you can try it with a chair or two, which takes up less space.
You can also get 4×6 rugs which are half the size of the 8×10 but have the same ratio. They are good for bedrooms but popular in the center of living rooms.

Open Concept Living Room Rug

Open Concept Living Room Rug
Robbins Architecture

The 9X12 rug is popular. The size works great with large couches or chairs with a table in between.  

Eclectic Living Room Rug

Eclectic Living Room Rug size
Harper Construction Inc.

If you live in New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona, you’ve seen rugs like these. The colors here are what makes it special, not just the design. The sweet pastels will complement any living room with similar coloring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Best Rug Size For A Queen Bed?

With smaller rugs, this is common. However, a coffee table is placed in the center. This is useful if your coffee table is scooted across the floor often. It will prevent hardwood floors from getting scratched. 
This is the most common rug size for living rooms. The average couch length is about seven feet. Because of this, the layout for an eight-foot rug is ideal. You can overlap with your couch or set the rug in front. 

What Are The Benefits Of An Outdoor Rug?

The 9×12 rug may work well and come at a fraction of regular prices. 
Did you know that 3D living room rugs are a thing? That’s right, you can get raised rugs that feet amazing to walk on and give a new dynamic to your living room. This particular setup is delightful and cozy. 

What Is A Good Rug Size For A Nursery?

You won’t find a larger rug for living rooms at most stores. In most living rooms, the rug takes up half of the room in an average-sized living room. 

What Is A Rug Size Visualizer?

The ratio of a rug-to-living room is key. However, since there are a few rug sizes, people focus on those rugs to pick the perfect size. 
Rugs work best when they are a neutral color of the furniture is bright and a bright color if the furniture is neutral. This adds balance and completes a look with the ultimate flow.

What Is the Most Common Living Room Rug Size?

Another rug that comes in many sizes, the 9×12 being one of their most popular. The design here is abstract, yet simple, making it the perfect work of art for most living rooms. The rug was made in Turkey and created by a power loom.

What Size Living Room Rug Should I Get For A Sectional?

If you prefer a welcome mat next to the couch, then don’t let anyone convince you not to do that. If you want to follow what is standard, then stick to scaling around your furniture and living room size.

Is It Better If The Rug Is too Big Or Too Small?

That’s right! Rugs can bring two rooms together. The most common type of open concept house puts a dining room and living room in the same room. There’s no better way to make this work than to put a rug under them both.

How Far Should A Rug Extend Beyond The Couch?

If you want to move your coffee table, make sure that the rug isn’t a shag rug as it will tear or tangle. Packed rugs that are thin are best for scooting furniture on.

Living Room Rug Size Conclusion

Most people choose a simple rectangle living room rug that’s just the right proportion doesn’t mean you have to. 
Due to UV stabilization, an outdoor rug can withstand all weather conditions. High-performance outdoor woven rugs last longer while retaining their new look.
This is not the most popular style. The reason is because most rugs aren’t big enough for all of the furniture in your living room. 

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