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Where To Buy Solid Wood Furniture That You Can Keep For Years

If you want your furniture to stand the test of time, you need to know where to buy solid wood furniture that you can love for years to come. In the past, solid wood was one of the most popular materials for making furniture. It wasn’t just that it was lasting, it has a warm…
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Check out solid wood options at large stores like IKEA and Target for great deals on solid wood furniture. If you want to find a higher quality piece of solid wood furniture at a lower price look at secondhand and antique stores. You can find great prices on quality furniture that other people want to sell.
solid wood furniture
They say that they offer furniture with high-quality construction with competitive pricing and free delivery.
This is the Jason Sectional Sofa with Right Chaise. Jason Wu designed this iconic sofa with a mid-century style. It features an exposed solid wood frame with a brass capped leg to add just a bit of glam. This model uses Cove Performance Classic Weave upholstery.

Where To Buy Solid Wood Furniture With Different Styles and Price Points

You can find solid wood furniture at many big box stores and other retail stores, but you need to know what to look for. Make sure to study the label of the furniture and see if it says “solid wood” on it. Sometimes, furniture makers will try to make their furniture sound better by saying “wood” but this can mean engineered wood as well as solid wood.
The founders of Interior Define started this company to help people buy quality sofas that they could customize to their taste. They have now expanded their collection to feature tables, rugs, and lighting.

  • All Modern
  • Crate and Barrel
  • Maiden Home
  • IKEA
  • Vermont Wood Studios
  • Interior Define
  • The Joinery
  • Home and Timber

All Modern

<h3 id="Maiden HomeMaiden Home

This means that hardwood furniture will dent, scratch, and chip less than furniture made of softwoods like pine.
The reason people want to know where to buy solid wood furniture is that they know it will last for many years. So, it is important that you find a style that has a timeless shape and pieces that you can afford.

All Modern Indra Nightstand
All Modern

If you want to buy real wood furniture direct from an artisan source, look no further than Vermont Wood Studios. This company supports independent craftsmen within the area. They also operate within their community to protect wildlife habitats that produce the sustainable wood they use. They produce furniture in both the traditional and modern style.
When looking for the best solid wood furniture, it is important to understand what kind of wood you need. Furniture made just from hardwoods like cherry, acacia, and maple and softwoods like pine and Douglas fir both count as solid wood furniture. But furniture made from hardwoods will be more durable than softwood furniture.
IKEA does not have the greatest reputation for creating lasting furniture. They make most of their furniture using compressed boards, plastic, and other engineered elements. But for those who are budget conscious but still want solid furniture, IKEA has some outstanding options.

Crate and Barrel

Solid wood is one of the most durable and beautiful types of furniture. But there are also other durable materials like metal and engineered plastics that make long-lasting furniture.

Crate and Barrel Monarch Shiitake Walnut Sideboard
Crate and Barrel

The Vestry Coffee Table is crafted from solid red oak. It has a simple yet curvy design that works well with the flow of the wood’s natural grain. It is designed to stand alone or next with a smaller version of the 60” table.

Crate and Barrel Yukon Natural Console Table
Crate and Barrel

Maiden Home Reyes Bench

Not all of their furniture is solid wood, but much of it is. Look at the description before you purchase it to make sure that it uses solid wood construction material.

Maiden Home Vestry Coffee Table
Maiden Home

The post Where To Buy Solid Wood Furniture That You Can Keep For Years appeared first on Homedit.
If you want your furniture to stand the test of time, you need to know where to buy solid wood furniture that you can love for years to come.
The “best” kind of wood for solid wood furniture is different depending on what you mean by the best. If you mean the most durable, look for hard hardwood varieties like cherry, oak, maple, and walnut. These rank higher on the hardness scale and will get fewer scratches and dents over time. If by “the best” you mean the least expensive. Look for softwood options like pine.


As with everything in life, there are no perfect options. Consider all the pros and cons of real wooden furniture before you decide if this is the best option for you.

IKEA Bjorksnas

The Joinery created the Whitman Bed with a mid-century design and a solid wood construction. The expansive headboard shows off the gorgeous wood grain. This is balanced by the slim and tapered legs.

IKEA Applaro

The artisans at Maiden Home crafted the Reyes Bench from solid ash wood. It has a sleek and minimalist style that is matched by the optional nubuck leather cushion.

Vermont Wood Studios

The Hartford Dining Chairs are a solid wood base with upholstered seating. The sleek modern look works well with a variety of home decor styles.

Vermont Wood Studios Audrey Cherry Extension Dining Table
Vermont Wood Studios


Vermont Wood Studios New England Shaker Buffet
Vermont Wood Studios

The Indra Nightstand is crafted from solid rubberwood. It has a gorgeous mid-century style.

Interior Define

As a business, The Joinery has been operating since 1982 producing high-quality wood furniture from Portland Oregon. They blend craftsmanship with gorgeous style and sustainability that you can feel good about.

Interior Define Jason Sectional Sofa
Interior Define

Of course, hardwood furniture will also be more expensive. If you plan to keep the solid wood furniture that you are purchasing for a long time, the extra price may be worth it to maintain longevity.

Interior Define Redding Oak Nightstand
Interior Define

Just as the name suggests, All Modern features modern and contemporary style furniture. This price point is accessible for most people and the styles are always exciting and fresh.

The Joinery

Solid wood is one of the best options for durable, sustainable, and beautiful furniture. Solid wood furniture does not work as well for every setting. It does not last outside without a durable finish and some maintenance, and it can be more expensive than some types of furniture. But inside with the proper care, this furniture will last for hundreds of years.

The Joinery Whitman Bed
The Joinery

The Concord Dining Chair features the Windsor style that is so beloved by American craftsmen. It has a gentle curving back with a contoured seat to give you a comfortable place to perch.

The Joinery Modern Coffee Table
The Joinery

The Modern Coffee Table is another design that highlights the natural beauty of solid wood. This design features a simple construction with a waterfall edge on either side. It also has a large drawer for storage.

Home and Timber

This depends on the style and type of the furniture that you are looking to purchase.

Home and Timber Brooklyn Trestle Table
Home and Timber


Home and Timber Concord Dining Chair
Home and Timber

Crate and Barrel is a contemporary home furnishing chain that models their look on European styles. They produce furniture that is solid but sleek. Their pieces have a higher price tag than some in the list, but they are sure to last the test of time.

Solid Wood Furniture: Softwood vs Hardwood Furniture

Home and Timber creates the Brooklyn Trestle Table using kiln dried cherry, white oak, or walnut. They use a catalyzed varnish to create a lasting and durable finish. This table blends the rustic with the elegant traditional in one seamless design.
The Applaro outdoor seating collection is ideal for anyone who wants a seating collection of solid wood. They constructed their collection from solid acacia wood. They finished it with several layers of stain to protect it from the outdoor elements.
The Bjorksnas line is crafted from solid birch and has a stylish Scandinavian vibe. The dresser is made of solid birch besides for the back panel and the bottom of the drawers. There are stylish minimalist style pulls that they make from leather loops.

Solid Wood Furniture: Pros and Cons

Home and Timber specializes in rustic solid wooden furniture with a modern twist. They craft their furniture from solid hardwood and offer both dining and bedroom furniture. They are a Michigan based company but work with second and third generation craftsmen from Northern Indiana to produce some of the best solid wood furniture.
The Monarch Shiitake Walnut Sideboard is handcrafted from solid walnut. Using ancient joinery techniques the pieces of this sideboard are put together without screws or nails.

  • Durability – Solid wood furniture, in particular hardwood furniture, is strong and lasting. If treated well and maintained, this furniture can last for hundreds of years.
  • Quality – Most solid wood furniture is built with quality and craftsmanship in mind.
  • Style – You can find solid wood furniture in every style and design. The warm texture and look of wood elevates your interior and exterior spaces.
  • Sustainability – If you are looking for more sustainable and recyclable options for furniture, then solid wood is a good way to go. Look for sustainability ratings on furniture to ensure that they are farmed and produced in a sustainable way.

In the past, solid wood was one of the most popular materials for making furniture. It wasn’t just that it was lasting, it has a warm color and texture that is unlike any other material.

  • Moisture – Solid wood can be vulnerable to water and moisture. If the wooden furniture is outdoors, you must protect it with a protective finish and/or with a cover.
  • Weight – Solid wood furniture can be quite heavy depending on the style and construction.
  • Cost – Most real wood furniture is more expensive than furniture that uses engineered wood types.
  • Maintenance – Some maintenance like waxing or polishing may be required to keep wood furniture looking its best and staying conditioned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How can I know if the furniture I am buying is solid wood?

Vermont Wood Studios makes this Audrey Cherry Extension Dining Table is handmade and to order. This design features a trestle table with a double “X” base. Combine with the Estelle Chairs for a gorgeous modernist set.

What is the best type of wood for solid wood furniture?

Here is our list of stores that offer solid wood furniture of different styles and various price points.

Where can I find less expensive solid wood furniture?

Now, you need to take a close look at the product specifications before you buy to make sure the furniture you are purchasing is solid wood.

Is solid wood furniture better than other types of furniture?

All Modern Hartford Dining Chairs
The Redding Oak Nightstand has a solid oak construction and a sleek style. This nightstand would work with minimalist, modern, contemporary, and even eclectic design styles.


The Yukon Natural Console Table features a solid, live-edge, acacia wood top attached to angled matte iron legs. This table is perfect for a minimalist or industrial-style entry or dining room.
If you have something more traditional in mind, Vermont Wood Studios has many options for you. This New England Shaker Buffet uses cherry hardwood in its construction. It has a simple and unadorned style that works well with rustic, farmhouse, and traditional styles.

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