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Zero Water Vs Brita Water Filter Pitchers

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Zero Water vs Brita Water is an ongoing debate. After all, water is the single most important thing to our survival. Water and air. Getting enough water and ensuring that water is clean is important.  That’s why water filters are so popular. But these days, instead of a nozzle filter, people are opting for drinking…




Most other options require a lot of work. Even nozzle filters. But a pitcher filter has the added benefit of being easy to use and needs nothing more than a filter change, which is super easy once you learn how. 
Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher
This is the most important aspect for many and is often the only important one. But due to ZeroWater’s unique filtration system, it is better at decontaminating the water filtering out many more contaminants than Brita. 

Zero Water Vs Brita Water

Zero Water Vs. Brita
Depending on where you buy the pitcher, you can pay anywhere from 25-50% more for the Brita pitcher than you do for ZeroWater. So if budget is your main concern then you won’t regret the ZeroWater choice.
That’s all up to you! Both are health-tested and safe to use. They both get rid of the majority of bacteria that can harm you. They both are easy to use. So it all comes down to your preference and what is important to you.
Benefits Of A Water Filter

Benefits Of A Water Filter

Filtered tap water tastes and smells better than tap water that isn’t filtered. It also tastes much better too due to the contaminants being removed and healthy minerals often being added to the water.
One of the best places to buy a Zero Water pitcher is on Amazon. They offer free shipping, great prices, and any option that is available for the ZeroWater pitcher and filter. You can even get the filters set on a monthly schedule and save money. 
Because what works for one family may not work for another. The important thing is getting rid of bottled water in your life and opting for something better for your family, your wallet, and the environment. 


Go over the pros and cons of both a few times with your own family in mind. Because that’s what matters. Instead of looking at things from an objective perspective, look at them from a subjective perspective. 


Due to the intense filtration system of the ZeroWater filter, it doesn’t last very long at all. While Brita filters may not have super long lifespans, they do last longer than ZeroWater filters but a significant amount. 


But either way, getting a water filter for your drinking water is quite beneficial. And no, we don’t mean simply removing contaminants, because we all know that is the primary benefit to using a system like this. 

Better Taste

Some fridges are built with Brita water filters in them, but if your fridge doesn’t, then you have the choice. Both options are valid and highly based on preference. So let’s help you find out which one is best for you.

Health Boost

Promising Amazon Review: “Okay. TRUTH time. I live in Arizona. We have some of the worst tap water in the US. I was shocked to read the TDS in our water was almost DOUBLE the EPA recommended amount. The worse your water, the quicker you go through the filter. I was completely shocked when I blew through my first filter in TWO WEEKS. You will know because your water tastes acidic- almost as if someone added a few too many lemon wedges to your water. I wish someone would have warned me about this. However, I am willing to pay for a new filter every couple weeks because I want peace of mind that I am putting clean water into my body without having to buy bottled water (which I don’t trust either!). If you’re going to buy this pitcher, just know that how fast you go through the filter depends on how much junk is in your water where you live. I like this filter because it filters out everything: Heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals, and yes, even the good minerals. I subscribed to Amazon for replacement filters, and for the cost down to about a filter which means a month to know that I am drinking clean, pure water!”
Here are the most important aspects of Zero Water vs Brita.

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Filter Pitcher Pros And Cons

Bottled water is just awful for the environment. Since the end of plastic bottles isn’t in sight, help out by using a water filtration system and refilling your own non-plastic water bottles each day with a pitcher. 
Instead of looking at the pros and cons of each, let’s take a look at a few categories and declare a winner for each one. Because of course, what we need to know is which is the better choice not the pros and cons of each.

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Price: ZeroWater

Zero Water Filter Pitcher Vs. Brita Water Filter Pitcher Pros And Cons

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Color Options: Brita

Promising Amazon Review: “Great tasting water, and less time processing gallons a day. Is why I bought this in the first place. We now love the taste of our hard, horrible tasting water. This filter removes a lot of the particles and odor out of our water, so we can enjoy it once again. The only downfall I have is the stupid lid that holds the battery that guesses the months between use. It keeps falling to the floor, so I removed it as we do not need it anyway. It measures the time between pushing the reset button approximately every two months. We process a lot of water, more than the average family, so we measure by gallons approximately 40 gallons per filter, instead of days. The quantity of water, this pitcher holds works out better than my last smaller filter, and the filter part does not fall back into our water. This pitcher has a lip over the filter for better filter placement. We have used a Brita filter for over 4 years now and they do make long lasting, hard working filters.”

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Models Available: Tie

Water filtration systems help with skin hydration, weight loss, detoxification, and digestion. This is because it can boost your immune system. Most people feed their dogs filtered water due to this, so do it for yourself. 

Zero Water Vs Brita WaterDecontamination: ZeroWater

Water filters have a lot of benefits. If you have your own well and draw water from it then the chances of harmful bacteria getting in your water are quite slim. If you’re on city water, there’s a good chance that you have had bacteria in your water. 

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Pitcher Lifespan: Brita

Zero Water Vs. Brita Water Filter Pitchers

Zero Water Vs Brita WaterFilter Lifespan: Brita

When it comes to the speed of filtering, Brita is better. You will have to wait for ZeroWater to filter your water so having cold water ready all of the time in large families simply won’t happen with this filter. 

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Capacity: ZeroWater

If you are looking for a water filter pitcher, then you have probably narrowed your search down to Brita vs. ZeroWater. That’s because they are the two most popular water filter pitchers that you can buy.

Zero Water Vs Brita Water Performance: Brita

Zero Water vs Brita Water is an ongoing debate. After all, water is the single most important thing to our survival. Water and air. Getting enough water and ensuring that water is clean is important. 

Where To Buy A Zero Water Pitcher

Zero Water Pitcher
Again, one of the best places to buy a Brita water pitcher is on Amazon. Like the ZeroWater pitcher, it is sold at a good price and with free shipping. Because the filters last longer, you may need to change the filter shipping schedule. 
Using water filters to filter tap water is much cheaper than buying bottled water. Since most people won’t drink unfiltered tap water, this is a great option that is much cheaper in the end than bottled water.

Most water filters are attached to your nozzle. But when it comes to washing dishes or even your hands, filtering your water isn’t important. It’s drinking water that really needs to be filtered. But you also want it kept cool. 

Where To Buy Brita Water Pitcher 

That’s why water filters are so popular. But these days, instead of a nozzle filter, people are opting for drinking water pitchers that you keep in the fridge. This way, you have filtered cold water at all times. 
Although some say Brita has more diverse options, they both have a good amount of different models to choose from. Each has its own specialties, but you won’t find a shortage of water pitcher models with either. 

Brita comes in a variety of bright colors and neutral colors alike. But ZeroWater only comes in one color. Perhaps soon they will open it up to more but right now, if you want something that looks fancy, go with Brita. 

Should I Buy Zero Water Or Brita Water?

The post Zero Water Vs Brita Water Filter Pitchers appeared first on Homedit.
Okay, so both pitchers have very similar options with the 10-cup option being most popular. However, if we are talking about the price per cup for capacity, the ZeroWater option is better. You can get twice the capacity for the price. 
Brita seems to last longer than ZeroWater. While they have the same length of the warranty, the lifespan isn’t the same. Brita pitchers simply last longer than ZeroWater in most cases, though it can be close in others. 

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