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25 DIY Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door This Summer

Summer is a host’s best friend. With the late hours of daylight and kids on summer break, it’s incredibly easy to fill up the calendar with dinner dates and game nights, and pool parties. When you have so many people coming through your home, you’re going to want some serious front door decorating ideas to…
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Burlap is such a great crafting medium for rustic styled homes. Make a wreath with yours that you can change up with the seasons and holidays. This patriotic style will be especially summery. (via Please Note) DIY ocean wreath 150x150
Paper cocktails umbrellas 150x150
Summer faux lemon wreath 150x150
Modern Wire Green Wreath for Summer Front Door 150x150
DIY flag string wreath 150x150
Honeycomb balls wreath 150x150
DIY flip flop wreath 150x150
Blue summer wreath 150x150 Laid Back Leis

Amazing Wreaths To Accent Your Front Door In The Summer

1. Flip Flop Fun

Triple Sunflower Wreath
There’s nothing like a patriotic wreath to let the world know where your love lies. This simple DIY uses yarn and stars to make an artistic flag. You might even want one for the front door and the back door. (via My Frugal Adventures)

2. Keep It Classy With Boxwood

Flip flops can be found for cheap at your local dollar store. Pick up a few pairs in complimenting colors and create a fun wreath with a foam form and glue. (via Mommy Like Whoa)
Coastal Stick Wreath

3. Tropical Paradise

DIY succulent wreath
Faunx flowers on door

4. Patriotic Yarn Wreath

We all have that beloved throw blanket that has some great colors but is a little too worn around the edges to display anymore. Use the good pieces and make them into a wreath for your front door instead. (via Persia Lou)
I envy any of you living beach side this summer. But even if you aren’t, you can get that ocean feeling in your home, starting with your front door and this beachy wreath. (via How To Nest For Less)

5. Crazy Honeycomb Balls

Making a DIY boxwood wreath
If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a pool, you absolutely must make this adorable swimsuit wreath for your front door this summer. Because everyone knows where you’re going to spend all your free time. (via Fynes Designs)

6. Minimalist Perfection

Wild Wagon Wheel Wreath
Paper cocktails umbrellas

7. Paper Umbrella Party

Modern Wire Green Wreath for Summer Front Door
Honeycomb balls wreath

8. Repurposed Blanket Wreath

Tropical leaves just whisper of summer all by themselves. But when you make a wreath out of them, you won’t find more breezy summertime decor for your front porch. (via A Kailo Chic Life)
For those who have fallen in love with the farmhouse style décor, which is understandably all the rage right now, this wagon wheel wreath in Lydi Out Loud is the perfect summer decoration for your door. Next time you are at a craft store, pick up a small decorative wagon wheel and some fake flowers then get to work on creating this masterpiece. The example also features a small watering can, but you can switch this out for gardening gloves, a fake bird, or even a large silk butterfly.

9. Beachside Beauty

Your kids are probably going through plastic straws like bosses with their summer lemonades and slushies. Commandeer one color for yourself and string together this fun geometric wreath. (via Persia Lou)
DIY black white wreath

10. Geometric Straw Design

Why have just one wreath when you can have this adorable sunflower triple wreath? This DIY front door décor project will only take you a few minutes and is sure to have the neighbors asking where you got it! This project was featured on Average But Inspired, and is unique because all of the pieces you need to create it can be acquired at the dollar store. Even if sunflowers aren’t your thing, feel free to switch them out for a different summery flower, just ensure the ribbon you choose to tie your wreaths together matches whatever flower you choose!
Wishing you were summering in Hawaii too? Use faux tropical flowers to cover a wreath. Every time you get home, you’ll feel like you’re entering your own Hawaiian paradise. (via Kleinworth and Co)

11. Black And White Ribbon Wreath

Black and white works for many seasons if you accessorize correctly. Wrap a wreath in black and white ribbon and use flowers for spring and summer, leaves for fall, and berries for winter. (via Girl Loves Glam)
Overall, adding a wreath to your door is the quickest and easiest way to up your front door decor game and spruce up your porch for the season! And no matter which of these amazing wreaths you decide to craft for your front door, you are sure to love the result. And if you can’t pick between all these amazing wreath designs, well, maybe you’ll have to switch wreaths each week all summer long!

12. Lovely Lemon Wreath

This wreath is just plain fun to add to your collection of front door décor! With colors that really pop and beautiful fake butterflies, this wreath will catch the eye of anyone who comes to your door. Making your own pom poms isn’t always easy, but you can easily buy some pom pom makers and follow the instructions outlined in Lars. In the example wreath pictured, there are only butterflies on the wreath, but you could also place some fake birds in the wreath for a different aesthetic.
Pom Pom Butterfly
Summer Lemon Wreath

13. Rustic And Patriotic

Daring Driftwood Design
Garden Hose Delight

14. Unique Bikini Wreath

DIY burlap wreath
One of the easiest ways to make sure your porch is guest worthy is to add a wreath. I know, the time for Easter egg wreaths is over and we aren’t quite to Fall leaves yet. But there are plenty of summer wreaths that are totally doable. Check out these 25 DIY wreaths to decorate your front door this summer.

15. Tropical Leaves With Flowers

Blue summer wreath
Boxwood is classy, no matter what time of year it is. Put together a faux boxwood wreath that can hang on your door all summer long. In fact, adding bows and berries with the changing seasons means it can decorate your door all year long! (via Anderson and Grant)

16. Coastal Stick Wreath

Summer faux lemon wreath
This nifty driftwood wreath by Sustain My Craft is not for the DIY faint of heart! It will take dedication to collect and arrange the large number of driftwood pieces you will need to make this wreath. For those who don’t live in an area where you can collect driftwood, not to worry as you can still create this wreath by purchasing the driftwood from a craft store. Just make sure you affix your driftwood with some industrial strength glue so the pieces of your wreath don’t try to drift away in the wind!

17. Pom Pom Butterfly

DIY ocean wreath
Honeycomb balls can be found for next to nothing. Put together yours in bright colors, you’ll have the prettiest and happiest wreath on the block. Plus, it will be easy to make one to match every event and party you have this summer. (via Design Improvised)

18. Seed Packet Variety

Maybe the twine beach themed wreath previously mentioned wasn’t quite what you were going for in your front door décor. Consider instead making this classy coastal stick wreath in Crafts By Amanda which still has its amazing beachside charm without all the twine. The cool part is, this wreath is mostly made from sticks, that you can find in your backyard for free. And if you live near the beach, the shells and starfish embedded in the wreath could be found for free too.
Wishing you were on a Hawaiian island right now? Us too, that is why we absolutely adore this wreath by Darice. It is made by simply wrapping leis around a circular foam wreath and using some hot glue to hold them in place. This front door décor is ridiculously easy to personalize, as you can choose the leis in the perfect colors for your home style. And for those who want something a little more refined, you can even go for an all-white lei wreath to perfectly accent your modern home decor.

19. Garden Hose Delight

If you have a bar cart that caters to all your summer drink wishes, make sure you get an extra set of paper umbrellas to make this wreath. Guests will know exactly where you stand and what you’re drinking. (via Sadie Seasongoods)
DIY flip flop wreath

20. Wild Wagon Wheel Wreath

This DIY garden hose wreath featured in Create Craft Love is simply charming! And it’s so easy to make, you just need a garden hose, some fake flowers, ribbon, and some gardening gloves. And because this wreath is designed to hang naturally if you already have a hook on the door, it means you won’t need to damage the hose in any way—so you can use it an actually hose next season. But chances are you won’t want to part with this adorable piece of front door décor.
Thinking your house is too modern for a summertime wreath? Think again. This minimal succulent wreath is the perfect option to add a little flair to your front door without the frills. (via Tag and Tibby)

21. Laid-Back Leis

Busy Butterflies
If you liked the idea of the pom pom butterfly wreath above, but don’t want to embark on the journey it takes to make DIY pom poms, you can make this awesome butterfly wreath by Tried and True instead. You’ll start with a grapevine wreath, ivy garland, and the silk butterflies of your choice. You will also need floral wire to hold your pieces in place. The color of the butterflies in the front door décor project will really pop in the ivy green wreath, but don’t be afraid to add a silk flower here and there for an even brighter feel.

22. Daring Driftwood Design

Seed Packet Variety
Lemons are the happiest fruit so instead of resigning them to the bowl on your kitchen counter, invest in some fake ones to make into a wreath. Your front door will be happier for it. (via The Navage Patch)

23. Busy Butterflies

Watermelon Tie Creation
Pulmeria Yellow Wreath

24. Watermelon Tie Creation

Watermelon is the food that everyone always associates with summer, so when you loft this wreath on your front door, everyone is sure to know what season it is! This wreath idea by Craft Create Cook  is also deceptively easy to make, you will just need some pieces of fabric, a metal wire wreath, and you are ready to go! Be prepared for this activity to take an afternoon though, because in true DIY fashion, all those ties don’t tie themselves!
Have some leftover seed packets from planting your garden? Save them to create this awesome and adorable wreath! Besides the seed packets, you will need a foam circle to glue your seed packets to and some ribbon to hang it. Or you can follow this idea in Worthing Court Blog and glue the seed packets onto a moss wreath that you create yourself! You can also add gardening gloves as the bow of the wreath, or maybe use some burlap to tie your own, the possibilities are truly endless.

25. Triple Sunflower Wreath

Summer is a host’s best friend. With the late hours of daylight and kids on summer break, it’s incredibly easy to fill up the calendar with dinner dates and game nights, and pool parties. When you have so many people coming through your home, you’re going to want some serious front door decorating ideas to spruce up the look of your entryway.
DIY flag string wreath
The post 25 DIY Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door This Summer appeared first on Homedit.
Woven blanket wreath

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