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25 DIYs To Bring Indigo Into Your Home

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When most people choose the dark pop of color for their home decor, they go with black. Black is chic and classic and can be incorporated into so many decor styles. But it can seem too inky for some people’s preference. So they might try to opt for navy. But even such a rich blue…




DIY shibori wall art

Indigo Projects for Homespun Interior Design

1. Indigo Throw Pillows

Got a gallery wall in your home? Change it up by DIYing a canvas in indigo. That pop of blue will be just what all your family photographs and inspiring quotes need. (via Farm Fresh Therapy)
DIY indigo dyed bathmat

2. Indigo Dip-Dyed Drapes

DIY indigo watercolor art
DIY indigo embroidery hoops

3. DIY Indigo Canvas

Did you know that you can dye a bathmat? Once you dye yours, your post shower feet on indigo will become your favorite Instagram shot. (via Jojotastic)
DIY indigo painted furniture

4. Indigo Lampshade

Indigo bookmarks are a more subtle way of bringing indigo into your home than a blanket or a placemat, but these colorful bookmarks are a great way to use up extra shibori supplies and bring some style to your home reading nook in the process. Bookmarks are also a smart way to protect your books from damage by leaving them open or bending the pages to mark them. This simple project is a fun opportunity to introduce children to dye crafts. (via Alice and Lois)
For seating in neutral colors such as beige or white, adding an indigo tie-dye throw blanket can be a striking accent piece to add dark drama to the room. A major advantage of this throw is that it is a no-sew project, so needle and thread is not required. This DIY is a great home crafted gift since it doesn’t require any serious work with tools to pull off. With this blanket, the more dye dips the fabric is subjected to, the darker the blanket will be, and its patterns will be more subtle. (via SWoodson Says)

5. Indigo-Dyed Dish Towels

DIY indigo dyed bedding
DIY indigo pillow covers

6. Indigo Embroidery Hoops

Coloring an entire chair with shibori indigo dye is a little bit more of an intensive project than some of the other crafts on this list, but this DIY project can act as a bold focal point in a room using indigo blue as an accent color. Finishing an indigo chair may require painting the wood as well as coloring the fabric. Creating this indigo dyed chair requires some light furniture refinishing skills, but it’s easy enough for even novice crafters to attempt. Using indigo is a great way to revive an old chair that otherwise might be ready for the curb. (via Made by Barb)
Indigo Tie Dye Throw Blanket

7. Indigo Bath Mat

For white tablecloths, indigo-dyed cloth napkins can add a snap of color and pattern that makes the table pop. Because cloth napkins are fairly small, a single indigo dying kit should be enough to dye an entire set of napkins. Coloring each napkin with the same design can give the napkins a symmetrical look across the table, while choosing a different tie-dye design for each napkin can make every place setting look unique. (via A Beautiful Mess)
Curtains make another great place to add a pop of indigo without feeling too heavy. Dip dye your white drapes with indigo dye to make a gradient effect. (via 4 Men 1 Lady)

8. Indigo Coasters

Simplistic wall art is very much trending at the moment. Use your leftover indigo dye to color a large piece of scrap cloth and suddenly, you have a tapestry that will look great in any room of your home. (via Blackbird)
DIY indigo wall hanging

9. Indigo Tapestry

DIY indigo throw pillow
Shibori indigo can be incorporated in many different spaces across the home, finding its way into every space from the kitchen to the guest bathroom. It’s easy to get into adding the indigo color using simple patterns and folding methods, but the depth of the craft means that your more advanced patterns can get as elaborate as you want. Coloring fabrics with indigo is so simple even young children can be taught how to do it. You can eventually experiment with other dye colors too. This centuries-old crafting technique only gets more and more elaborate the more experience you get with it. This list of indigo projects will keep you tie-dyeing home decor until you’re a shibori master!

10. Indigo Bedding

The dazzling blue and white pattern on this DIY indigo picnic blanket is perfect for enjoying on a trip to the beach or even just spread out in the yard for some snacks. A homemade picnic blanket would also make a great housewarming gift for others. Many different designs are possible, but the checkered pattern showcased in the tutorial at Say Yes gives the picnic blanket a gingham look that goes perfectly with picnic wine and soft summer afternoons. (via Say Yes)
Indigo placemats are another way to add indigo to your kitchen or dining room design. DIY shibori dyed placemats add a cool crafty vibe and help set off bright white plateware and table accessories. These placemats are great for adding in just a dash of indigo without overpowering the table with a runner or tablecloth. In just around two hours, these placemats can be ready to go for your next bohemian dinner party. (via Lovely Indeed)

11. Indigo Painted Dresser

While you’re dyeing, go ahead and do an extra long pillow cover for that lumbar size pillow on your bed. The pattern will bring the feel of texture while the indigo shade will add depth. (via A Beautiful Mess)
Of course, you can always just paint that one piece of not so great furniture. By opting for indigo, you’re remade piece will become the focal point of the room so be sure you choose wisely. (via Balletti Design)

12. Indigo Dishes

When it comes to using indigo in home decor, it doesn’t have to be restricted to indoor spaces. Indigo is also a good look on outdoor patio furniture. A dyed sofa for lounging adds a touch of homespun charm to any backyard barbeque. Since many patio materials are neutral colors, the bright pop of white and blue in a traditional indigo pattern makes for a striking focal point on the back porch. (via Pillar Box Blue)
DIY indigo dipped curtains

13. Indigo Art

The post 25 DIYs To Bring Indigo Into Your Home appeared first on Homedit.
This dip-dye indigo table runner looks similar to high-priced renditions sold in department stores, but making this homemade version will only run a crafter a little over twenty dollars to create. Indigo is versatile enough that an indigo table runner is just as good for presenting fine china as it is for everyday decoration. Dark indigo table runners are a good way to add moody vibes to a formal dining room or another long rectangular table. (via Ernest Home Co.)

14. Indigo Pillowcases

Indigo Bookmarks
When most people choose the dark pop of color for their home decor, they go with black. Black is chic and classic and can be incorporated into so many decor styles. But it can seem too inky for some people’s preference. So they might try to opt for navy. But even such a rich blue can weigh down your decor. So what’s next? Obviously, indigo. This particular shade of blue is deep but not too deep. Dark, but not too inky. Just enough to give your decor a pop without being too depressing. Check out these 25 DIYs to bring the indigo color into your home. You’ll be more than happy to embrace the shade.

15. Indigo Cloth Napkins

Indigo Placemats
DIY Indigo Rug
Rugs are practical additions to any room design since they can help keep hard floor surfaces warm and cozy. They also help protect flooring and carpets from wear and damage. An indigo-dyed floor rug can make a dramatic statement piece in a monochromatic bedroom color scheme. Woven rugs are the best choice for dyeing with indigo since they are typically made of linen or another cotton that absorbs indigo dye well. (via The Denverette)

16. Indigo Placemats

It’s easy to think that once a lampshade is old and ugly, it’s time to replace it. Except you can cover it in indigo colored fabric and suddenly your lamp becomes your favorite lighting in the room. (via Red House West)
Indigo Cloth Napkins

17. Indigo Picnic Blanket
Indigo Picnic Blanket

Let’s not forget about the kitchen. Use the shibori method to dye your dishtowels that beautiful blue. You might even want to make some extras for gifts since all your friends will be asking where you bought them. (via Alice and Lois)

18. Indigo Bookmarks

Indigo Chair
If you can boast an artistic hand, you’ll want to use your skills on some permanent indigo art. Watercolors especially bring that spa like feel to your space. (via Designhunter)

19. Tye-dye Indigo Shower Curtain

For tables that are square or round instead of rectangular, a better option than a table runner would be a full-sized tablecloth. Creating this indigo tablecloth will require a natural linen tablecloth as a base fabric, but once you have the cloth you can choose your indigo designs however you like. Pairing indigo patterns with an old-fashioned antique lace tablecloth can create an interesting contrast, while newer fabrics can offer a more modern look. (via Ideas for the Home)

20. Indigo Tie-Dye Throw Blanket

Slipping into bed under special bedding gives you such a thrill. Dip dye your sheets and duvet cover in blue and you will instantly add to the serenity of your bedroom. (via Bekleidet)
Just imagine how appetizing everything will look when served on indigo blue plates. Dyeing your dishes means your Instagram will become full of meal pictures because you just won’t be able to stop snapping. (via Bekleidet)

21. Indigo Table Runner

Indigo Table Runner
DIY indigo painted dishes

22. Indigo Tablecloth

Tie dye Indigo Shower Curtain
Indigo and white is a great color palette to bring into the bathroom since it promotes a tranquil feel for the space, but the bright white in the design manages to refresh at the same time. An indigo-dyed shower curtain is a great way to bring indigo around the design of the bathroom if you already have an indigo bath mat or towels. A scrunch tie-dye technique results in an even indigo tone across the curtain. Be sure to let the shower curtain dry completely before use to avoid the indigo dye rubbing off on other parts of the bathroom.
(via HGTV)
Indigo Outdoor Sofa

23. Indigo Outdoor Sofa

Before you dye in such a dark color, you might have some practice pieces of fabric. Instead of scrapping them when you’re finished, put them in embroidery hoops to create fun and affordable wall art. (via Thimblepress)
DIY indigo dyed dishcloths

24. DIY Indigo Rug

Indigo Tablecloth

25. Indigo Chair

Indigo lamp shade design
DIY indigo coasters
When you begin adding color to your home, you obviously start with the throw pillows. Create these beautiful indigo pillow covers that will grace your sofa all year round and be easy to freshen up. (via Blackbird)
Dyeing is fun but not absolutely necessary to get the indigo shade you want. Use the color to paint patterns on coasters that will decorate your coffee table from now until forever. (via Always Rooney)

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