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25 Ideas to Outfit Your Front Porch Fall Decor

I think Fall is my favorite season to decorate for, especially outdoors. While summer was made for stripes and ferns on the front porch, Fall is made for orange pumpkins and throw pillows. But sometime’s it’s easy to get in a decorating rut so your front porch looks like the rest of the front porches…
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Simple Fall Front Porch Wreath Ideas
Absolutely not! There is no one item that is a must-have when decorating your front porch for fall. You can mix and match an almost limitless combination of things to create a front porch you will love all season long!
Add a few small pumpkins and gourds mixed with mums and other fall flowers to your window boxes, and you will have the ultimate fall accents to your home. Just know your neighbors will undoubtedly be copying your idea!

The Best Items for Your Fall Front Porch Decor

You don’t need to break open the piggy bank to have a stunningly decorated fall front porch. Sure, you could spend a lot on high-dollar boutique decor, but DIY decorations can look just as fabulous.
Give Your House Number a Fall Redesign

A Quick List of the Perfect Items to Use in Creating Your Fall Front Porch

  • Pumpkins
  • Cornstalks
  • Hay
  • Scarecrows
  • Vintage Farm Tools
  • Mums
  • Baskets

Finding the right materials to get your front porch ready for fall is easy- just steal Mother Nature’s ideas! If you use the same materials and color palettes you find in nature, you can create a stylish and memorable fall front porch that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Finding the Perfect Time to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

No, that’s not a real pumpkin. Collect one or two fake plastic pumpkins and cut a hole in the middle.
The one caveat to what’s said above is homeowners associations. If you live in a neighborhood with HOA rules and guidelines, you will need to follow them. You’d hate to have to take all of your fall decor down, or worse, face fines! So be sure to check in with your HOA before you completely decorate your front porch for fall.
Add Some Fall Flair to Your Existing Front Porch Planters
When decorating your front porch for fall, your only limitations are available space and your imagination. By adding a couple of fodder shocks, a rustic wheelbarrow, and a few pumpkins to your front yard, you can create a gorgeous, classic display that complements your front porch.

It Won’t Take Much to be Ready for Halloween

When decorating your front porch for fall, your only limitations are available space and your imagination. By adding a couple of fodder shocks, a rustic wheelbarrow, and a few pumpkins to your front yard, you can create a gorgeous, classic display that complements your front porch.
Finding the Perfect Time to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

18. An Unforgettable Fall Front Porch Entryway

Fall and Halloween decorations go together like plastic pumpkins and candy- perfect! Halloween’s very origins are built around the fall season. You won’t have to change a thing on your fall front porch as you get ready for the Trick or Treating holiday!
front porch fall decor
A Mix of Simple and Stylish Fall Front Porch Ideas

19. Add Accents to Your Fall Front Porch Wreath

With its stunning array of brilliant colors, crisp cool air, and a genuine feeling of change, fall is truly a special time of year. With a couple of hours of work and a bit of imagination, you can bring a taste of the season to your front porch for fall. Mix and match our ideas to bring out the best in your fall front porch! But no matter what, have fun and enjoy the season!
The folks at Sand and Sisal show us how a few decorative letters can create a warm, inviting atmosphere on your front porch this fall. Using only four letters and a few well-placed accent pieces, your front porch will be the go-to standard for the neighborhood.
Already adorned with classically colored fall leaves, the beauty of this wreath is magnified with the addition of a large fabric bow on the bottom and a small bowl filled with gourds. This could be the perfect decor for your front porch this fall!

20. Galvanize your Front Porch Fall Decor

A Mix of Simple and Stylish Ideas
To really add some pop to your front porch’s fall decor, try what Home Stories A to Z did and use whites to accent your fall decorations. White pumpkins and flowers capture your eye and help to bring attention to cornstalks and a beautiful fall wreath on the door. Using a lot of whites on your front porch for fall is definitely a unique look, but one that works magnificently!
By mixing pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal foliage into and around your home’s existing plants, you can create a gorgeous DIY pumpkin patch that leads visitors right up to your front porch this fall. In an article about fall -inspired lawns, we show us just how beautiful and inviting this project can be.

21. Sunflowers can Bring Warmth to Your Front Porch for Fall

Another great tip to keep your Jack-O’ Lanterns lasting as long as possible is to reduce moisture loss. To help minimize dehydration, you can apply a layer of olive oil or petroleum jelly to the areas you cut into your pumpkin.
The bright yellow flowers work great as accent pieces to fall-themed garland and work as the perfect complimenting component to an already fabulous wreath. See what other creative ways you can come up with to use sunflowers on your front porch displays this fall!
Your front porch and home will still look stylish decked out in fall decor all the way through Thanksgiving; just be sure you removed the Halloween decorations soon after October 31st! Sure the air is getting colder by the day, which themselves are getting shorter and shorter, but the season’s beauty is still there. After Thanksgiving, though, nature and everyone else will be moving on to holly, jollier days.

22. Don’t Forget Your Window Boxes

The list could keep going. As long as you love the look of your fall front porch, then you’re doing things right!
Adding a Touch of Halloween to Your Fall Display
Decorative Lettering can Create a Memorable Fall Front Porch

23. Add a Splash of Color to Your Front Porch

If you don’t happen to have many plants around your home, that isn’t a problem either. You can create a similar look by adding a few mums into the mix to add a little lushness to your display.
Add a Splash of Color to Your Front Porch

24. Get Creative with Fall Garland

The folks at Wedding Chicks show us that you don’t have to go extravagant to make a bold statement. Add a few varying-sized pumpkins to a small area of your porch, maybe add a fall-themed throw and pillow to a chair, and you can create what will be one of the most inviting front porches on your block. This is the perfect style for those with limited space on their porch.
Rustic and Durable Fall Front Porch Decorations
Know When to Bring Down Your Fall Front Porch Decor

25. A Colorful Touch to Your Fall Front Porch

Create a Pumpkin Patch that Leads to Your Front Porch for Fall
The options for your fall front porch decor are nearly limitless. Sticking to a predominantly red, orange, white, and brown color palette with whatever you decide to decorate with is a sure-fire way to create your perfect front porch for fall!


How Much Do I Need to Spend to Decorate My Front Porch for Fall?

Your potted mums will be more than happy to decorate their new space on your front porch. It’s definitely one of the ultimate Fall decor tips. (via I Heart Naptime)
Often overlooked, sunflowers can bring a splash of warmth and color to your front porch this fall. Architecture Art Designs shows us how to use these gorgeous flowers in our fall displays.

How Much is Too Much When Decorating My Porch for Fall?

Use Upcycled Materials for Your Fall Front Porch Decor
One thing you should do is plan ahead; think about the style and theme of the display you want to create. You’re going to use many of the same materials and decorations, whether you’re going for a dark and scary look or a fun spooky one. Knowing what you want to create ahead of time can make the entire process go smoother, and you may even find it easier to come up with exciting new ideas on the fly!
For many, the weekend after Thanksgiving is when they begin putting out their Christmas decorations. The stores have had theirs out for a couple of months at this point! Thanksgiving really does seem to be the perfect time to transition from one season to the next. It was a great season, and your fall front porch was the envy of the neighborhood; I’m sure they can’t wait to see what you do next year!
If you’re going to have pumpkins on your front porch, you might as well make them work for your decorating good. Grab yourself some plastic house numbers the next time you’re at the hardware store and make a Fall pumpkin tower that will make even the mailman smile. (via Our Feathered Nest)

Do I Need to Limit My Fall Decor to the Front Porch?

As much as we all love fall, toward its end, things are beginning to look a bit drab outside. Undoubtedly, all the decorating you did on your front porch for fall is starting to look a little run down as well. Possibly a bigger faux pas than putting your fall front porch decor up too soon is leaving it up for too long!
Here’s another sweet way to put a greeting on your front porch! Hijack a pretty piece of scrap wood (brownie points if you got it from an old barn) and screw some letters on the front. Not only will it complete your Fall front porch decor, but it will also look great with your sparkly porch Christmas trees. But we won’t think about that yet… (via The Wood Grain Cottage)

Are Pumpkins Required for a Beautiful Fall Front Porch?

A Warm and Cozy Fall Front Porch

  • Vintage Lanterns
  • Cozy Throws and Pillows
  • A Mix of Mums and Seasonal Flowers
  • Decorative Wood Displays
  • Fall Themed Garland

Obviously, it’s okay to pick up that perfect piece of fall decor that catches your eye. But don’t feel like you have to spend big bucks year after year to keep up with what your neighbors are doing. DIY fall decor projects are a great way to bond with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. You can’t buy that in a store!

How can I Keep my Jack-O’ -Lanterns Lasting Longer?

Don’t let oranges, browns, and reds have all of the fun this fall. Jay Wilde shows us in Better Homes and Garden how stunning dark rich purples can be when they’re used on your front porch. Typical centerpiece pumpkins and gords take a supporting role when surrounding beautiful purple mums. This display creates a bright, joyful look on any front porch.
Get Creative with Fall Garland


One of the most versatile home decor items around today is a classic rustic wooden ladder.  These staples of today’s home decor can be used inside or out and make the perfect platform to highlight your other fall pieces. For a bit of inspiration, check out how Trendomat used a wooden ladder as shelving to display beautiful fall plants.
If you already have a classic fall display on your front porch, why not check out some of our Halloween decorating ideas and add in a few sinister-looking ravens for Halloween. It won’t take many of the sleek black birds to create a haunting atmosphere on your front porch this fall. This is one look even Poe would be jealous of!

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