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25 Office Decor Ideas from Instagram For Anyone Working From Home

Like it or not, many of us are working from home right now and while the circumstances are unfortunate we have to make the best out of our current situation. You might have had to quickly improvise a temporary workspace and it might be nice to take some time to make it as pleasant and…
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It doesn’t really matter if you can use a separate room as your home office or if you’re just setting up a little area somewhere else. Find ways to make this space your own. Decorate the shelves, delineate it with a cute area rug, decorate the walls and so on. You can find a bunch of cool ideas on mintarrow if you’re curious.
Don’t let your workspace bring you down or feel boring. Make it fun and exciting by decorating it with bold and vibrant accent colors. There’s a multitude of ways in which you can do that. For example, look at all the colorful details in which shared office space featured on thecraftedlife.
These bay windows form a perfect nook for a home office. The desk sits at the center and gets natural light from all sides and you can add shutters or curtains to make it more pleasant. Use this post from galeriasavaria_online_antik as a source of inspiration if you have a similar design in mind for your own home office and living room area.
Like it or not, many of us are working from home right now and while the circumstances are unfortunate we have to make the best out of our current situation.
Like it or not, many of us are working from home right now and while the circumstances are unfortunate we have to make the best out of our current situation.
This is an especially useful tip if you’re setting up your workspace inside one of the existing rooms of the house, like the living area for example. Try to make this section of the room stand out. For example, in the home office featured on twistmepretty the desks and storage modules are all on one side of the room and the sofa and everything are on the other.

Give yourself a nice view

One of the advantages of placing the desk right in front of a window is that you can take advantage of the view. You can open the curtains during the day to let all the sunlight in and you can have a quick look outside whenever you’re lacking inspiration. Head over to athomewithashley for more inspiration.
Give yourself a nice view

Create a gallery wall

It would be nice to somehow separate your work area from the rest of the house. Setting up the home office in the attic is a great way to do that and a perfect use of this space. To make it look less tiny and cluttered paint the walls and the ceiling white and go with a minimalistic décor. Check out this beautiful setup from cocokelley if you need more ideas for your own attic office.
Dining table used like office

Put a cozy seat in the corner

Home office decor corner
You might also have to pay attention to what’s going on behind you when you’re sitting at your desk, especially if you’re doing video conferences. Find a good spot for your desk that gives you a nice and neutral backdrop and don’t put it in a high-traffic area where there’s people constantly moving around.

Make this space your own

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t use your workspace for other activities too. A multifunctional design can suit someone with a flexible work schedule and can also be a good option if you’re short on space in general. Take a look at the home office featured on somewhatsimple to learn more about this strategy.
Wire hanging images above desk

Separate the actual desk area from the rest of the space

Office green plants
Every workspace needs at least a bit of storage for essentials and accessories and other things. Shelves are a great option because they’re very versatile and don’t look bulky plus they don’t take up any floor space. Put up a few shelves next to your next and decorate them with a few books, some framed pictures and anything else you see fit. Keep things simple and check out this post frombaking_a_home.
Nordic minimalist home office decor

Add diversity to your design

Placing the desk against the wall is more practical but in some cases it can actually be better to try a different layout. For example, this lovely home office from paisleyandsparrow features a gallery wall which creates an amazing backdrop for the desk. It can also look great when you’re in a video conference.
Of course, you can create a simple setup and make it stand out at the same time. Check out this amazing desk featured in a post from luxrevive. It has this amazing live edge wood and resin design and it looks spectacular on its own.

Create a space that suits you

If you don’t have a separate room in the house that you can use as an office, turn the dining table into your desk. Position yourself in a spot that gets plenty of natural sunlight during the day and enjoy the comfort of your cozy home. This decor shared by tinyandthehouse is a wonderful source of inspiration.
Even if you only have a small room to work with you can still make it sort of multifunctional. You could have a little desk area, some space for storage and a small seating nook where you can relax and unwind. It can all fit within a small space and you can make each little section feel special. Check out this inspiring makeover from kierstinsmythdesign if you need more ideas.

Choose a multifunctional design

Working from home is more common now than it has ever been. With that in mind, it’s time we focus our attention on ways in which we can make this more pleasant and ways in which we can successfully bring together our home and work environments. Here are a few tips that might help:
As mentioned before, it’s best to set up your desk close to a source of natural light. Of course, artificial lighting is also important. Try to include more than one type of lighting in your home office. For example, you can have a ceiling light, a table lamp on the desk and some accent lights dispersed throughout the room which can set up a nice mood.

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