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Get Set for Summer With These 20 Grill DIYs

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Raise your hand if you’ve already got the grill going. I’m with you. Once the warm weather hits, it’s impossible not to let the mind wander to homemade cheeseburgers and juicy grilled chicken. Having a grill is a necessity of life. However many times, it’s the eyesore of your patio or deck. How do you make something…




Grilled pizza is all well and good, but if you want to expand your skills on the patio barbeque, you should look into creating an outdoor pizza oven to partner up with your barbeque. These traditional wood-burning ovens are easy enough to create with just a few basic DIY materials and they create a wood-fired taste that you can’t replicate when you bake pizzas indoors. Grill up your toppings before baking in the pizza oven for a real outdoor pizza party. (via HGTV) DIY floating grill cabinet 150x150
DIY Grill Toolbox 150x150
DIY grill shed 150x150
DIY grill tool hanger 150x150 Mason jar matches

DIY Grill Projects for Your Backyard Barbeque

1. DIY Permanent Grill Installation

Convert Old Gas Grill into a Smoker
DIY grill shed

2. Floating Counter for the Grill

For another way to add a smoker to your grill pad, you can use new crafting materials instead of reusing an old grill as a base. The terra cotta pots used in this terra cotta smoker are a great way to set up an attractive smoker next to your grill that can give you some versatility when it comes to cooking outside. Terra cotta is a good material to use for a smoker since it holds heat well and is non-toxic, so it’s safe for smoking food in. (via Hometalk)
DIY Tabletop Grill

3. DIY Homemade Grill

If you do a lot of grilling outdoors, you’ll eventually end up with a collection of different grilling tools and accessories. This DIY grill toolbox helps you keep everything you need to barbeque in one place so all the scrapers, tongs, and thermometers you need are organized and easy to find. This wooden toolbox can also be customized with a wood-burning tool to add a monogram or other designs if you’re feeling extra. (via Upright and Caffeinated)
DIY rolling grill

4. DIY Dual-Purpose Outdoor Counter

Speaking of efficiency, this DIY serving cart might be the only thing your patio needs. It will keep your drinks cold, store your grilling tools, serve as a counter when you host parties, and look awesome sitting next to your grill. What more do you need? (via Build Something)
DIY rolling grill cart

5. DIY Serving Cart With Drink Station

Keeping the condiments organized during an outdoor grilling party can be a pain, especially if you don’t want to leave out a bunch of bottled condiments that need to stay refrigerated. One way to get around this is to create a DIY condiment tray using a muffin tin. The different compartments in the tin let everyone serve themselves without having to throw out the condiment bottles afterward because they sat out in the heat. (via The Family Handyman)
Meet the gorgeous duel purpose outdoor counter. While your grill sits pretty, you can hook up your hose to the faucet for an outdoor sink. Talk about efficiency. (via Instructables)

6. DIY Rolling Wooden BBQ Cart

Grilling on your patio grill is all well and good, but if you really want to impress your houseguests, try grilling out on a tabletop grill. This setup makes the grill the focal point of the party and lets everybody grill their own food using skewers with a selection of cubed meats and chopped vegetables. This also lets everybody cook their food exactly how they like it, too. (via A Subtle Revelry)
A drip pay is an essential tool for the backyard grill because it prevents the bottom of your grill from becoming caked with grease that is a hassle to try and clean out later between barbecues. Leaving fat drippings in the bottom of your grill can also increase the chances of a fire, can cause your grill to run hot, and can cause eye-burning smoke as it cooks off. This simple DIY drip pan is a great way to keep your grill clean and safe. 

7. DIY Grill Tool Plaque

DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven
DIY grill tools station

8. DIY Grill Storage Shelf

DIY multipurpose serving station
You could also just build your own grill. This one is made out of an old tire rim and you would never guess. Not only is it on wheels, but it also looks good enough to stand by itself on your deck. And that open top just invites you to roast marshmallows over the coals. (via Instructables)

9. DIY Mason Jar Matchbox

Muffin Tin Condiment Tray
DIY Patio Lights for Grilling

10. DIY Grill Shack

One of the biggest challenges of grilling out during the early spring and late fall is that dark falls early and it can be hard to see what you’re doing on the patio when it’s time to cook dinner outdoors. These DIY patio lights make it easy for the grillmaster to see what they’re doing and can also add a cozy ambiance to your outdoor space for anyone sitting around the barbecue. Different kinds of string light fixtures can be used to add different effects. You can even use colored bulbs for mood lighting. (via H20 Bungalow)
Barbequing comes with a lot of sauces, and sauces can get the grill cook messy when it come time to baste the meat on the grill. A DIY grill apron is a great gift for the grillmaster in your life and can help keep their clothes clean while they’re cooking. It can also help clothes not smell quite so smoky when the barbeque is done, too. This DIY grill apron is created easily with an iron-on applique and a few basic crafting tools. (via CreateCraftLove)

11. Muffin Tin Condiment Tray

DIY floating grill cabinet
DIY sink grill counter

12. DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven

Maybe your grill needs to be stashed away during the cold months. By building a floating counter, you can make your grill look permanent during the summer and roll it all away when the weather turns ugly. Bonus points for a real marble countertop. (via DIY Network)
DIY Grill Apron

13. Convert Old Gas Grill into a Smoker

Or not! Use a mason jar to hold your matches and put a striking sheet on top. It’s the perfect container to keep them in the box above or in your camping gear. (via It All Started With Paint)
The post Get Set for Summer With These 20 Grill DIYs appeared first on Homedit.

14. Terra Cotta Smoker

Is your patio too small for the lovely multipurpose cart above? Try this one instead. The wheels will allow you to park it by the door while you bring all your necessities outside and then wheel it over to your hosting area. (via The House of Wood)
How do you make something quite ugly look amazing amongst your beautiful outdoor furniture and decor? The answer: you DIY it. Here are 20 DIY summer patio grill projects to make your grilling life easier and your BBQ area look a little better under your string lights.

15. DIY Tabletop Grill

Keep those grilling tools handy with a simple plaque for hanging. No more balancing on the edge of the plate of burgers. Hint: this would make an amazing Father’s Day Gift. (via The Rustic Window)
DIY Wooden Barbecue Scraper

16. DIY Grill Apron

Raise your hand if you’ve already got the grill going. I’m with you. Once the warm weather hits, it’s impossible not to let the mind wander to homemade cheeseburgers and juicy grilled chicken. Having a grill is a necessity of life. However many times, it’s the eyesore of your patio or deck.
Terra Cotta Smoker

17. DIY Grill Toolbox

DIY Grill Toolbox
DIY grill tool hanger

18. DIY Patio Lights for Grilling

Once you upgrade your outdoor barbeque grill, you might be wondering what you can do with the old gas grill other than putting it out to the road. Well, wonder no more! With just a little creativity, you can turn an old gas grill into an outdoor smoker that can create amazing barbecue meals from pulled pork to beef brisket. This DIY is also a great way to avoid throwing a perfectly good gas grill to the curb when you decide to get a new one. (via Fatherly)
Sometimes, you just can’t escape the weather so you have to grill out anyway. If the climate where you live is snowy most of the year, build this little shack to keep your grill (and yourself) dry and protected while you flip those burgers. (via Montana Wildlife Gardener)

19. DIY Wooden Barbecue Scraper

If you’re the kind of person who grills out every other night, you need this storage shelf. She’ll hold all your tools and favorite spices right by your precious grill so all you need to bring are the matches. (via All Things Thrifty)
BBQ backyard

20. DIY Drip Pan for the Grill

In recent years metal wire brush grill scrapers have been under fire because these grill scrapers can accidentally deposit sharp broken wires into the food you’re trying to grill. As a result, wooden barbecue scrapers have jumped up in popularity as a replacement tool. This DIY wooden barbecue scraper is a great way to clean your grill without the risk of contaminating your barbecue food with shards of metal. (via 100ThingstoDo)
There are so many different recipes that you can grill out, it’s a shame not to spend as many evenings as possible on the back patio by the barbecue once the weather turns nice. With the right tools, grilling is a great way to help keep down the heat in the house from cooking activities and a fast way to prepare a homecooked meal that everyone can enjoy. A few DIY summer patio grill crafts and projects can not only add a personal touch to your BBQ area or patio space, but they can also make your grilling activities more successful. Try a few of the projects in the list above to take your grilling to the next level and help make your backyard barbecue the talk of the neighborhood.


If you have the time, energy, and budget, consider building a permanent spot for your grill. This lovely insert gives you plenty of storage space for all your grilling needs as well as providing a pretty spot for the grill itself. Perfect for homes with walled in gardens. (via Clean and Sentsible)
DIY built in grill

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