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30 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do For The Kids’ Playroom

Whether you want to set up a separate room for the kids to play and do cool projects in or you leave it up to their bedroom to serve as a multifunctional space, you’ll want this area to be not just fun and cool-looking but also practical and space-efficient. That’s where all these DIY projects…
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Storage bins from cratch
A beautiful headboard is yet another great addition that you can make to a room. This one is made of wood and features a lovely chevron pattern which gives it depth and character. If you’re considering making something similar check out the complete tutorial on jenwoodhouse for more details.
DIY Fox Bookends

DIY Playroom Design Projects for the Kids Room

Under-the-bed storage box from an old drawer

For storage, you could make a nice box that could fit under the bed or in the closet. This herringbone box looks chic and stylish and has those nice rope handles that suit it perfectly. You can find all sorts of uses for something like this for areas like the bedroom or the kids’ playroom.
Whether you want to set up a separate room for the kids to play and do cool projects in or you leave it up to their bedroom to serve as a multifunctional space, you’ll want this area to be not just fun and cool-looking but also practical and space-efficient.

Storage baskets for art supplies

DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair
A chevron patterned headboard

A world map turned into wall art

DIY Chalkboard Globe
Wall hooks made from toy animals

Tiny table with chairs made from scratch

DIY projects for playroom
Display kids books with hangers

Wall-hanging book racks from repurposed hangers

This is a throwback to rustic animal rugs but in a much cuter and more adorable form. You can make one or two of these for the playroom so the kids can lie down on the floor with their favorite books and toys and they won’t feel chilly or sit on the hard floor. Check out the tutorial for this rug on abeautifulmess for more details.
Do you know those cool chairs with bookshelves built into them? You could build something like that for the kids’ playroom so they can have their own little reading nook. Make the chairs out of plywood following the tutorial from ourhousenowahome and paint them so they look more cheerful. Add comfy pillows or a seat cushion for extra comfort.

A wood shelf ledge for books and magazines

A cute and cozy animal rug
Other items that might look nice in the kids’ playroom could include these cute fox bookends. You can make them out of wooden blocks and salt and pepper shakers with cute designs. The fox is just an example. You could even use some toys for this as well, like little soldiers, plastic dinosaurs and those sorts of things.

Storage system with open cubbies

Custom copper pipe kid’s desk
What’s a playroom without a play table, right? This is the center of all sorts of fun and educational activities and it’s also something that you can build yourself from scratch using the plans provided on jaimecostiglio. This table has two large storage bins for things like toys, books, art supplies and all sorts of other items.

A board for displaying the kid’s artwork on

The post 30 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do For The Kids’ Playroom appeared first on Homedit.
Puffy clouds made of felt

Reading chairs with built-in storage

Making the bed look interesting, cute and attractive can add charm and character to a kid’s bedroom plus it’s also a good strategy if you’re trying to get them to switch from a crib to a toddler bed. How about this house-shaped bed frame design from jenwoodhouse? It even has guardrails that look like little fences.
Playroom pictures ledge

Personalized monogram shelves

Aren’t these book racks adorable? Yes, they’re actually hangers as you can clearly see and making them look nice is very simple. All you need is wire coat hangers, colored tape, mod podge and a paintbrush. You can use them to create an interesting display area for books in the kids’ playroom. Check out handmadecharlotte for more details.
This DIY treasure chest featured on tidbits-cami is super cool as well. I would love to have something like this in a room even as an adult. The chest is designed to offer a practical and attractive storage solution for toys so the kids can learn to clean up after themselves and keep their playroom nice and organized.

A treasure chest for all the toys

Colorful DIY Fabric Covered Letters
House-shaped bed frame with fences

Cute bookends from salt and pepper shakers

DIY wall art map
Here’s a little something that you can make out of some old toy animals that the kids no longer play with. First, you need to cut the animals in half which sounds cruel but is necessary in order to them glue them onto a piece of wood and turn them into hooks. Check out the tutorial from sayyes for additional information.

Herringbone storage box with rope handles

Kids art suply wall hanging
Accent pillows fit in pretty much any room. They’re excellent decorations and they make the space feel super cozy. A cute idea is to upgrade the pillowcases with some tassels to make them just a bit more interesting and eye-catching.

A chalkboard globe

DIY Kids Table and Chairs Set
These fabric-covered letters can be the decorations you display on the nursery shelves or in the kid’s playroom as a way to personalize the space a bit more. They’re pretty easy to make out of cardboard or wooden letters and there’s all sorts of interesting ways in which you can customize the design using different types of fabric.

A kid-sized beanbag chair

Fabric bins for storing toys
Aren’t these felt clouds just adorable? They’re one of those projects that’s not just cute and inspiring but simple enough to try for yourself without hesitation. You don’t really need much to make puffy clouds like these: some white felt, pillow stuffing, embroidery floss, a cloud template (you can easily make it yourself) and also some colored yarn if you want to add tassels too. The tutorial can be found on damasklove.

Old bookcase repurposed into a window seat
Kids table set makeover

Playroom table with storage bins

These cute little buckets are perfect storage containers for all the art supplies kids use, like crayons, brushes, scissors and other such things. You can hang them on a wall or the side of the desk using hooks and you can let the kids decorate and customize them. This could be their next art project. For more details check out thecofranhome.
Something else that you could craft for the playroom is a little kid-sized bean bag chair (or several). It’s actually a lot simpler than it looks and all you need is some upholstery fabric, a large zipper and bean bag beans. Look for fabric that has funky colors or cute patterns or let the kids choose it for you.

A cute and cozy animal rug

In case you didn’t know already, you can easily repurpose a bookcase into a cozy window seat. What makes this such a great project for the kids’ playroom is the fact that you can still use this piece as a bookcase and it would be low enough for the kids to reach all the shelves. Check out ourhousenowahome to find out more about the project.
Speaking of bookshelves, wouldn’t it be cool to personalize the playroom or the kids’ bedroom with monogram shelves? It’s an idea that we got from this project on ana-white which explains how you can make a letter Z shelf. Based on this you might be able to work with other letters as well.

House-shaped bed frame with fences

That’s where all these DIY projects we’ve gathered here today come into play.

Wall hooks made from toy animals

Cute toy storage from wooden crates
Give the kids a chalkboard and you’ll keep them busy and engaged until they grow up. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but chalkboards are actually super fun which you may know already if you ever used one yourself. Add one to the playroom as a way to nurture the kids’ creativity and imagination. You can find out how to make a giant chalkboard by checking out the tutorial on themerrythought.

Fabric-covered letters

Here’s a project that’s both fun and educational: a world map turned into wall art. It’s something that you can do for the kids’ playroom and you could even ask them to help out so they actually feel attached to the project. The project is described in detail on cravingsomecreativity.
Keep the playroom clean and organized by having a good storage system in place for toys, books, art supplies and other such things. A low bookcase with cubbies would be perfect for this. It needs to be reachable by the kids so they feel comfortable using it. Check out makinghomebase for more great ideas.

Half log bookends

If you have an old earth globe that is too used up to be useful anymore, you could turn it into a chalkboard globe for the kids’ playroom. All you have to do is paint the globe and possibly also the support that holds it. I wouldn’t mind having something like this in my office actually.
Creating a simple window seat

Decorate a pillowcase with tassels

Letter wall hanging toys storage
A wooden crate just by itself doesn’t really look like the best container for storing cute toys in. But picture it with some cute caster wheels on it and painted in attractive colors or with a lovely pattern on it and suddenly it’s perfect. Be sure to check out abubblylife if you want to find out more about these toy storage crates.

A chevron-patterned headboard

This is a really great storage box made out of an old Ikea Pax drawer. It slides easily under the bed where it can be kept out of sight and out of the way, leaving more room to play and do all sorts of activities in. Also, the box is divided into several compartments, great for organizing everything. Check out grillo-designs to see how it was built.
If you’re looking for some sort of artwork or decorations to put up on the nursery room walls or in the playroom, check out these cute frames featured on squirrellyminds. The animal silhouettes are made of scrapbook paper and glued onto the dark blue cardboard. The light wood frames are a nice compliment to this color scheme.

Kids’ table set makeover

Speaking of children’s books, another nice idea is to make a little ledge, like a wall shelf on which to store and display them. It’s another project that you can do yourself from scratch and it’s actually something that you could also add to other spaces as well, such as the kitchen or your home office. It’s all explained in detail on houseologie.
Plywood bench with storage

A big freestanding chalkboard

Apart from being super easy to make, these half-log bookends also create an opportunity to get super creative with the way they’re painted and decorated. This ombre design is a nice choice if you want something simple with just a splash of color.
Put all that beautiful artwork your child makes on display on a large cork board. You can frame it and put it up on a wall in front of the desk. The project is very simple actually. Cut out a piece of plywood or wood and glue a bunch of cork tiles on it. You can also put a frame around it or leave it as such. Find out more about the project on younghouselove.

Puffy clouds made of felt

Framed animal silhouettes
Toy Organization Without a Playroom

Cute toy storage from wooden crates

DIY Herringbone Box
DIY Wooden Half Log Bookends

Framed animal silhouettes

A lot of furniture that’s designed for kids tends to be very brightly-colored and eye-catching but there’s also some basic unfinished versions that you can get if you’d like to give decorating them a try yourself. An inspiring project in that sense can be found on thesweetestoccasion. This cute table and its matching chairs were completely transformed using some paint and wrapping paper.
Letter wall hanging toys storage

Fabric bins for storing toys

Can’t find a suitable kids’ desk at a decent price? Well, make one yourself instead. A super simple idea is to build the frame out of copper pipes and fittings which allows you to easily shape it however you want. This design which you can find on abeautifulmess also includes an attached bench made of pine wood, just like the desktop.
cork board for playroom

Custom copper pipe kid’s desk

Appropriate furniture for the kids’ playroom is a must and you can actually build many of the pieces yourself. For example, you could make a table and a couple of small chairs to go with it. You can build these from scratch and all the details can be found on anikasdiylife.
This is not necessarily that you can only make for the kids’ room but a great idea for some custom storage bins in general. You can make these from scratch out of your choice of fabric just by cutting out a circle for the bottom and a rectangle for the rest of the bin and sewing these two pieces together. More details can be found in the tutorial featured on abeautifulmess.
Trunk filled with toys

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