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31 Beautiful Colors That Live Well With Red Rooms

Classic reds are passionate and dramatic. They work well with traditional styles but they also know how to jazz up more eccentric, eclectic or modern genres as well. But what colors go with red? Which neutrals can tame a wild cherry or what feminine shades can jive well with a sultry tone? We’re sharing 20…
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Modern red kitchen with large floor layout
La cornue traditional kitchen
If you believe that bright red may be a bit of an overkill, choose brown furniture pieces with adorable crimson undertones. This creates a beautiful aesthetic that is both refined and vibrant.

What Does Red Mean in Interior Design?

Red and plum can create a very sultry and sexy look. But it can also create a feminine and crisp collection of feelings as well within more modern visions.
Colors used in interior design have an effect on how a room feels. Red accent walls, ceilings, floors, and home furnishings provide an atmosphere of vitality, passion, and vitality in a room. By monitoring the amount of red utilized in interior design, you may exert control over a powerful yet subtle element of your room’s décor.
For a layered, monochromatic look, use similar shades that provide depth to the room. Take this pink and red layered bedroom for example, the red and fuchsia tones come out with a blendable and sophisticated finish.

Passion and vitality


Love and danger

Revolving Cabinet and Bird Cappellini red wall


If you don’t have flooring, your red interior design won’t be as effective. Red rugs are sure to make a statement; they provide depth to a room’s ambience and serve as a wonderful starting point for decorating with other colors.

How Do Interior Designers Use Red?

As far as furniture is concerned, red can make or break the appearance of a room. For the more courageous, brighter reds may be a bold decision that will inject personality into your room. A set of seats and a table works quite well with the rest of the room’s neutral tones. For instance, red and yellow make an excellent color combination.

Living rooms and dining rooms 

For a more grandiose and luxurious feel, try pairing gold and red in the dining room or more formal area. It creates an old-age spirit but also a sophistication and timeless appeal as well.{found on wandrdesign}.
A sunflower shade of yellow will compliment a red-dressed room with vibrancy and life. It will help create a very bold, striking look with a personality-filled effect.
Red couch


The natural color of wood is extremely versatile and stained wood is just as great. They go really well with red and lots of other accent colors, as you can see in this farmhouse-style kitchen. We like the contrast added by the concrete countertops that prevent the red cabinets from clashing with the wood backsplash.{image from blackburnarch}.
For another great neutral idea, try adding red to an almond-covered room. It’s a very traditional tone but with the red accent, you’ll have a pair that can pop but also feel very family-friendly.


One of the primary impacts of the red color is that it accelerates metabolism and encourages faster speech and movement. People eat and converse more in the presence of red elements, which results in increased weight loss, because red interior design encourages people to spend more energy. 
Dining room with red pastel


Red living room large sofa with red upholstered fabric
Blue and red teenage bedroom decor

Window treatments

Interior design colors and emotions are inextricably linked on the color wheel and can make a very strong statement when you’re looking to bring together that perfect space design and décor.




Creamy whites can bode well with a striking shade of red, just take a look at this gorgeous living room! The creamy white mellows out this popping, cherry red with a sophisticated, easiness.

What Does Red Furniture Mean?

Bubblegum pinks doesn’t go with too many counterparts, but it can mesh quite well with red. Not only is this kitchen strikingly beautiful and unique, but the mix of pink and red plays with your eyes and adds beautiful interest.
Which neutrals can tame a wild cherry or what feminine shades can jive well with a sultry tone? We’re sharing 20 colors that compliment and highlight this incredible color.

Interior design ideas that go well with red color


Red interior colors infuse modern interior design with drama, vitality, and emotion. Red accent walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings all convey a powerful emotional message and are great for creating bold statements.
Classic reds are passionate and dramatic. They work well with traditional styles but they also know how to jazz up more eccentric, eclectic or modern genres as well. But what colors go with red?


Red kitchen cabinets and exposed bricks
Sunflower red color


Mid century tulip white dining table
The most common option is the spectacular accent walls, which are somewhat eye-catching and just about enough to liven up the appearance of a room without being overpowering. 


You can’t really go wrong with black and white. It’s the most classic combo and it’s timeless and it goes really well with red as an accent color. Check out how stylish this kitchen is with its white walls, white cabinets with black countertops, the mixed floor tiles and the red island complemented by patterned window treatments.
A red front door, or in this case two, adds a nice pop of color to the house. It’s also a great way to make the entrance more visible to visitors. As for the rest of the color palette of this gorgeous entryway, we love the dark grey of the floor tiles and the way in which they ground the space while the white walls open it up.{found on balarch}.


If you want to fully feel the effects that red walls can bring into the house, try putting them in a small bathroom first. If there is one way to characterize red walls is by the boldness they spread inside the house, as they will immediately transform a small space into a lively and active environment.


Sharp and industrial in style, we’re in love with charcoal vibes and pops of bright reds. This duo has a subtle, masculine energy that we’re in love with.
Blue in general is a relaxing and calming color which makes it a nice fit for areas such as the bedroom. A strong nuance like this one can look beautiful when combined with other vibrant colors such as red. It’s nice in this case to keep the rest of the color palette simple and neutral. {found on robinsnestinteriors}.


Red is also a cool color for the exterior of the house and it pairs well with nuances such as light grey which is a bit softer than plain white. It can also be nice to use other light neutrals like beige for instance to highlight particular design elements and to create a distinction between various sections of the house.
The outside of your home needs to be paid attention to as well. And a bit of dandelion yellows on the siding with a punch of red on the front door make for a nice, friendly welcome.{found on goforthgill}.


This Robin’s egg blue dining room is gorgeous but it’s even more pumped up with the additions of the crisp, red accents. It’s such a striking difference that it creates a very fashionable energy.


Retro style kitchen decor
Just like with yellow, if you’re looking for a super vivacious and personality-filled area go with a mango and cherry scheme. It’s especially great for children’s rooms!


A hazy, lazy room filled with modern touches look chicer and cleaner with a bright pop of red hidden in some subtle places. It’s a gorgeous, sleek way of decorating.
Despite the fact that red fills the air with a romantic aura, when it is utilized excessively, it can generate an undesirable strong emotional reaction. Moderate use of this hue will prevent its intensity from escalating to the point of causing overstimulation. When it comes to designing your bedroom using different red hues, be cautious.


Modern interior design trends and styles that incorporate red hues are great for those who appreciate movement, acting, and doing, fusing fierce and passionate elements into dynamic spaces.


Red interior colors stimulate the senses and compel people to act. Red interior design and décor encourage people to take risks and make snap judgments. Red bedroom design makes it easier to wake up but could also cause difficulties in going to sleep. 
In a more traditional setting like this dining room a darker and more subdued shade of red can look really nice when paired with ivory or beige and with wooden furniture with a dark stain on it. It’s a classic combo which gives the red a very royal feel.{found on tylarkins}.


A tone brimming with sensuality and passion, the romantic red has the ability to transform any environment into any atmosphere you can imagine. This strong, dramatic color caresses the senses with its warmth and distinct mood. The variety of reds is what makes this hue so adaptable.
Decorate with Red color


Red bathroom vanity
Make use of a complementary color scheme to balance out the red. In addition to working well with basic colors, red can also be combined with orange and yellow to create a more complete effect.


The first thing to think about is painting the walls, which is not as simple as it appears. Red walls can transform a space into something gorgeous and elegant, especially when applied in a Mediterranean or classic style. In order to accomplish this look in a current and modern style, it is necessary to balance the strong impression of red with other elements of the design.
It may seem like brown is too dark to go well with red but that’s not always the case. There are many different shades of brown and lots of different materials and textures that naturally rely on this color like wood, bricks and granite for instance. This kitchen looks inviting and cozy with its ceramic tiles, wood-paneled ceiling and granite countertops. {found on thekitchenspecialist}.


Red and orange are quite close to each other on the color wheel and they’re both warm colors which could mean they can look beautiful and natural when put together. When red is the main color like it is in the case of this casual dining room the orange accents add a bright and exotic touch to the décor.{found on scavullodesign}.
The post 31 Beautiful Colors That Live Well With Red Rooms appeared first on Homedit.


Black and white kitchen decor with pops of red


What Does Red Furniture Mean?


Black and red will always be a timeless, classic combination. If you want a living room with that type of chic appeal, no matter your decor choices, choose these colors to be the foundation.
The kitchen is one of the best places to incorporate red into your decor. Painting your room’s walls crimson will infuse it with a dynamic and lively atmosphere. It is possible to completely transform an elegant kitchen by incorporating red into the design, especially when done in a contemporary manner with silver, black, and white accents.

Robin’s Egg.


Light gray.

Historically, the color red has been associated with the romantic gesture of gifting red roses. Red hues are connected with a cozy fireplace and a volcanic eruption. Red colors combine passion and danger (due to red being the color of blood), and these color shades stimulate people when they spot this specific color. 
Red bedroom color- upholstered bed


A gunmetal blue could be your answer to pulling off an industrial, yet hipster-styled dining room. These chairs and red accents make an easy, artsy look that we’re swooning over.{found on domoneyarchitecture}.
The combination of red and beige as base colors is one that really suits traditional interiors. When combined, these two nuances give off a classic vibe that’s not too difficult to work with. The trick is finding the balance between these two colors and not going overboard with matching details. {found on kristine.robinson}


Traditional living room in red
Rustic kitchen with red cabinets

Natural wood.

There’s nothing wrong with using white as a primary color in a room. In fact, it’s the most versatile color that goes well with everything, including red. That gives you the possibility to really put an emphasis on your accent color and even to introduce a third color as well, like brown for instance.
Red exterior traditional house

Soft beige.

Crisp, marshmallow whites can compliment a stunning red and create an even brighter and more vivacious look. It’s especially great for more modern, futuristic rooms because of its clean-cut styles.
This pairing has a more traditional essence, which is always great for a family kitchen. There’s a liveliness due to the color, but also a very homey, cozy feel.{found on arizonadesigns}.

Plain white.


Dark gray.

This play room is extremely vivacious and full of life and that’s all thanks for the complimenting and contrasting turquoise and red tones surrounding the space.
When combined with linen white walls, apple red window frames truly add to the dramatic attractiveness of a room’s design. This impact is aided by well-chosen flooring, such as carpets with a variety of colors. It is possible that the colors you choose to compliment this style will be both warm and cold in tone, depending on the look you are aiming for.

Light pastels.

Adding the warmest hue to the coolest area in the house – the bathroom – might create a truly cozy and homey atmosphere. The use of red and other bright colors in the bathroom can transform it into a really fun and delightful space. 


The use of smart white trims to produce a decent balance and soften the red does not pose an issue in this instance as well. Simple accents might be used to incorporate this into a contemporary design that has already been established; this would be a simple and fascinating option to consider.
Red painted front door


Yes, you can match a sharp, cherry red with a grassy green and still create something fashion-forward and in-style. It’s got a tangible charm and quirky inhibition.

Black & white.

A classic shade of navy can also balance and mellow a richer red. This room has a pinch of preppy, nautical appeal but it’s also super stylish and youthful.
This may not be the combination you think of first when decorating a room with red in mind, but it sure does sit quite nicely. This feminine and chic space is also unique, bursting with charm.
Because red is such a strong and vibrant color, it pairs well with neutrals like white but also with soft pastels such as mint green or grey or even light blue. A combination of different nuances with subtle differences between them can add character to the room without overwhelming it while still allowing red to be the main accent color. {found on gilbertsonphotography}.

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