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Charming Fall Table Decorations Give The Start To A New Season

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The coming of a new season is always exciting because it changes everything, not just the weather but also the way we feel and the way we decorate our homes. Right now autumn is comfortably settling in, making its presence noticed. That means it’s time to rediscover the beauty of fall table centerpieces and decorations…




Don’t you just love how bright and pure this table centerpiece looks? It’s made using white pumpkins, naturally-shed antlers, dried hydrangeas and votive candles. The table on which they stand has a pale color too and that emphasizes the monochromatic palette of the decorations even more. Since the shades of these table decorations are so similar, the key to making the display interesting is to mix up different textures.
This is the kind of tablescape that is inexpensive but manages to look nice enough for a magazine cover. The idea is great not just for fall but for all seasons. Just use whatever fruits and veggies are popular at the moment. Walnuts and citrus fruits are also a popular combination of elements to display in a fall fruit table display.
DIY Basket Centerpiece

25 Table Displays That Will Brighten Up Your Fall

1. Multicolored Apple Votives Display

White Pumpkin Table Runner with Twigs and Berries
Citrus can be an interesting motif to use for fall decoration and a nice break from all of the traditional pumpkins and faux leaves. One way to add them to your fall table decorations is to empty citrus rinds and fill them with a simple, aromatic do-it-yourself candle wax. You can find a tutorial here at Bird’s Party. The heat from the burning candle makes the lemon and orange rinds give off a delightful fragrance. You can also add some essential citrus oils to the candle itself to make the citrus smell even stronger. Citrus candles are a smart way to add more of the orange and yellows of autumn to your tablescape. 

2. White Faux Pumpkin Centerpiece

Lots of people decorate with pumpkins, but a way to switch things up in your fall decorations is to use other types of autumn gourds instead. These gourds usually have more interesting colors, textures, and patterns than standard jack-o-lantern pumpkin varieties and ornamental kale can act as a nice textured foliage for contrast. To see an example of this unique centerpiece, check out JoJoTastic.
Metal Can and Wildflower Fall Tablescape

3. Eucalyptus Forest Table Runner

Fall Tablescape with Yellow Mums
White Pumpkin Table Board

4. White Pumpkin Table Runner with Twigs and Berries

Eclectic Pumpkin Table Display
Here’s a nice idea: make a few fall table decorations like candle votives wrapped in bark, acorns, pumpkins, and other things and fill in the gaps between them with an eucalyptus garland. To make it you only need a piece of twine or rope, some floral wire, and eucalyptus branches (either fresh or dried). Eucalyptus will also make your table smell fresh and clean if you want an alternative to traditional fall scents like nutmeg and cloves. The idea comes from onsuttonplace.

5. Eclectic Pumpkin Table Display

If you have a more casual or farmhouse chic aesthetic to your interiors, you need to look for a little bit more rustic decor for your fall table display. This tablescape from Hey There Home is created by filling galvanized metal cans with baby’s breath or other wildflowers for a series of country bouquets that look like you clipped them straight from the back garden. This is a great way to add a softer feel to your autumn decor. If you want to add a personal touch, try including some fresh cut flowers from your own garden.
Flowers and dried leaves can definitely bring the beauty of autumn into our homes but if you’d rather keep your table decorations looking more fresh and simple, perhaps you’d like to use fruits and vegetables instead of flowers and pinecones. Look how beautiful this decor featured on dimplesandtangles is.

6. White and Copper Fall Table Display

Branch Table Runner
Here’s another great table decor idea for fall that includes citrus. This dried orange slice table garland from Françoise et Moi is equally beautiful used as a table runner or hung from the walls. They’re a nice way to invoke preserving the harvest for autumn while also adding a nice orange fragrance to the room. Spritz the garlands with a little orange essential oil to make them smell even stronger.

7. White Pumpkin Table Board

DIY Greenery Table Runner
We mentioned pumpkins a few times already so let’s focus a bit more on some fall table centerpieces that they’re a part of, like the example from yourcozyhome. This decor uses white pumpkins which contrast beautifully with the orange runner and the berry twigs (bittersweet) wrapped around them. The best way to use white pumpkins in fall centerpieces and table runners is to pair them with a dark, saturated fall colors so that their pale color stands out.

8. Branch Table Runner

Multicolored Apple Votives Display
Fall Foraging Tray Table Display
White pumpkins are chic and good-looking and also a bit special but orange pumpkins, although more common, are charming and cute too. You can actually combine these two types to make some simple and stylish fall table centerpieces. The contrast in this pumpkin arrangement with the different heights and textures is what makes this display so interesting to look at. Arrange the pumpkins on the table and add some leaves, branches, and candles in between. Check out ellaclaireinspired for more details.

9. Pumpkin and Antler Table Display

Many people decorate for the holidays, but fall is a season that sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to seasonal interiors. This list gives you a wide range of different inspirational looks to choose from, from rustic farmhouse chic to a forest pumpkin patch.  Brighten up your autumn by including some of the projects above and you’ll have a house full of fall table decor that all of your guests will admire!
Dried Flower Bouquet
Gourd and Kale Fall Centerpiece

10. Fall Foraging Tray Table Display

Faux leaves are a popular fall decoration to use in tablescapes and table centerpieces, and this faux leaf table runner from Hearth and Vine is a great way to include them in your own design. These leaves are an easy and inexpensive way to bring some woodland vibes to your table. All you need is a burlap strip, a hot glue gun, and some faux leaves to create this natural-looking table runner. You can even scatter some twigs and acorns across the surface to make it look even more like the forest floor. 
Speaking of burlap, this no sew-burlap table runner at Wholefully lets you incorporate this rustic farm fabric into a tablescape where the burlap is more of a focal point rather than the background for other elements. Adding fringe and displaying some autumn-themed objects along the table runner for visual interest can transform your table decorations from plain to polished.
For dining tables, however, avoid strong smells that might clash with the smell of the food being served. Find more details related to this project on jennaburger.

11. Fall Tablescape with Yellow Mums

White Faux Pumpkin Centerpiece
That means it’s time to rediscover the beauty of fall table centerpieces and decorations and the joy of crafting them. We’ll get you started with some of our favorite table decor ideas.
Citrus Candle Centerpiece

12. Fall Fruit Table Display

A fall table centerpiece doesn’t have to be complicated or to have an intricate design with lots of different pieces, colors, and textures to look good. Taking a minimalist approach to your tablescape can make each element stand out that much more to viewers. Placing some dark artificial berries against the pumpkins can help make the white color in their pop and can help keep the display from looking plain. Take for example this decor featured on ellaclaireinspired. It’s simple and yet it has a lot of character.
Another way you can add the contrasting elements of the autumn harvest and the last flowers of summer is to make up some bouquets and put them in pumpkins. There are so many different ways you can switch up different flowers and pumpkin colors for a vibrant fall tablescape. Adding a bright accent color in the bouquet such as blue or purple can help accent the orange of the pumpkin in your display. You can get all the ingredients you need to make one of these bouquets at your local farmer’s market. Check out some examples of pumpkin bouquets at Garden Therapy.
If you’re not into the dark gold, orange, red, and brown colors typically associated with autumn, that doesn’t mean you have to give up fresher tablescapes. Try this DIY greenery table runner from Emmaline Bride that incorporates foliage like ferns and cut flowers. You can use flowers like roses for a more romantic autumn look or you can go with more traditional fall flowers like mums or sunflowers for a more cheerful motif.

13. Velvet Pumpkin Table Display

White and Copper Fall Table Display
Velvet Pumpkin Table Display

14. Metal Can and Wildflower Fall Tablescape

The coming of a new season is always exciting because it changes everything, not just the weather but also the way we feel and the way we decorate our homes. Right now autumn is comfortably settling in, making its presence noticed.
Assuming you already have a branch with some holes drilled into it, putting together this fall table centerpiece shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The branch with the candles sits at the center of the table runner. Once it’s in place, just add a few other ornaments around it like mini pumpkins, dried leaves, pinecones, etc. Choose some branches from a fragrant tree like cedar or pine to release a pleasing fall scent throughout the room.

15. Pumpkin Bouquet

Charming Fall Table Decorations
Faux Leaf Fall Table Runner

16. Citrus Candle Centerpiece

If you don’t want to go with yellow, you could substitute another traditional fall color such as red or orange. The key is to add darker colored elements such as pinecones to act as a backdrop for the flowers to make them stand out.
Check out this beautiful fall table setup featured on littlegreennotebook. The apple votives are the most interesting elements here. You can create a beautiful display by selecting a variety of apples in all sorts of colors and arranging them across the table. You can also choose shades of just one apple color for a more monochromatic look. You can keep them looking fresh by putting them in some apple cider vinegar before you cut into them to insert the candles.

17. Faux Leaf Fall Table Runner

Cloche Centerpiece Display
If you’re trying to go for a more upscale or Victorian look, a good way to make it happen is to include a cloche centerpiece display on your table. You can fill these glass displays with everything from twigs and berries to grasses and dried flowers. Add some candles to give the glass cloche a magical, sparkling look with some twinkling reflections. See some examples of how to pull off this look at Food 52. 

18. No-Sew Burlap Table Runner

Eucalyptus Forest Table Runner
Fall Fruit Table Display

19. Gourd and Kale Fall Centerpiece

Fresh bouquets make for beautiful centerpieces, but they don’t last very long before they start wilting. They’re also expensive, so replacing them can add up when it comes to your fall decorating budget. A way to get the look of flower bouquets without having to maintain fresh cut flowers is to arrange a dried flower bouquet instead. Use rustic grasses and dried wildflowers like this arrangement at Honestly WTF to make a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your table.
White pumpkins, whether real, faux, or spray-painted to look this way, can look super chic when turned into fall table decorations. It’s also a way to keep your fall decor from making the room look cluttered and cramped, which can happen with darker-colored decor. To avoid creating a boring or simple display, add a second color to the mix. A few copper accents would look exquisite, Check out lizmarieblog for inspiration.

20. Dried Orange Slice Table Garland

Another element of fall decorations that people associate with the autumn harvest is baskets, especially those used to collect apples. This DIY basket centerpiece from It’s Always Autumn is easy to put together and setting it up is a relaxing way to spend a fall afternoon a few days before a big social gathering. Combine lighter decor like faux leaves and pumpkins with dark elements like pinecones and artificial evergreen branches for an eclectic look with plenty of texture and color.
Pumpkin and Antler Table Display

21. DIY Greenery Table Runner

Dried Orange Slice Table Garland
Using a pumpkin as a vase is a great idea. You can use a faux pumpkin if you don’t want to make a mess. A nice tip from chicvintagebrides is to spray paint the pumpkin just to give it a uniform and chic look. Consider a very light pastel, like this blue for instance. It will contrast nicely with the flowers. Using white as your base for fall table decorations lets you bring in richer accent colors such as the blue and crimson accents shown here. Metallic and white also look great together for a luxurious tablescape.

22. Dried Flower Bouquet

You could also add a pop of accent color by incorporating blue or purple hydrangeas instead of this soft cream variety. You can find more details about this tablescape idea on toneontoneantiques.
Create a bountiful table centerpiece by putting together all sorts of fall-themed items like pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, dried leaves, candles, etc. Collecting the elements for this centerpiece is a fun activity that you can do to help usher in the new season. Put everything in a large tray and place this at the center of the table. This way you can easily move it all out of the way if you want to.

23. Cloche Centerpiece Display

Along with faux leaves, tree branches can help bring a little bit of the changing seasons indoors to grace your tablescape. All you need is a glass vase, some branches, and anything else you want to fill your centerpiece with. This can include anything from turkey feathers to sprigs of fern or dried flowers. Each element you add to your tree branch centerpiece can give it a slightly different aesthetic, so choosing them is half the fun of the project. See some examples of how to make your own over at The Summery Umbrella.
The post Charming Fall Table Decorations Give The Start To A New Season appeared first on Homedit.

24. DIY Basket Centerpiece

A way to make a fall pumpkin display look more luxurious for your formal dining room table is to go with velvet fabric pumpkins instead. These velvet pumpkins at Stone Gable have a beautiful plush texture and they’re easy to make yourself. Nesting the velvet pumpkins in natural elements like dried leaves, grasses, and twigs can help create an interesting contrast between artificial and natural materials. An advantage of using fabric pumpkins instead of real pumpkins in your fall decor is that you can store them at the end of each season and use them again the following year.
No-Sew Burlap Table Runner

25. Tree Branch Centerpiece

Yellow is a cheerful and sunny color often associated with summer but it’s also a nuance we sometimes associate with autumn. It’s all about the context. Check out this fall tablescape design from loveoffamilyandhome. It’s made with cute bouquets of yellow flowers mixed with dried leaves and other fall-inspired things. The napkin rings are really cute and they too are fall-inspired.
Tree Branch Centerpiece
This kind of display gives a whimsical fairytale look that can make your home look cozy and inviting even if the rest of your decor is more formal. The idea comes from worthingcourtblog. You can use a smaller or thinner tray if you’d rather leave more room for the plates on the table.
Pumpkin Bouquet

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