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40 DIY Picture Frame Ideas For Personalized And Original Decors

Personally, I’m not a big fan of framed pictures displayed around the house but I have to admit that there are some pretty interesting ways to make these things stand out. Some are so inspiring that they make you reconsider your home decor. Obviously, we’re talking about projects that you can do yourself and customize…
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The last frame on our list is so cute that you wouldn’t even know that it was made entirely of cardboard! To make this cute frame you will just need some cardboard, glue, and whatever items you wish to decorate your frame with. Follow this tutorial on Instructables and you will have a new adorable frame in no time! The reason we like this project so much is because it’s quick to create and easy to DIY picture frame Decorative Cardboard Frame

Awesome DIY Picture Frame Ideas To Incorporate In Your Home

1. Add Flowers To A Plain Frame

In case you happen to have some fabric scraps waiting to be used for something creative, check out this ombre picture frame design featured on Mimimommyandme. It’s a fairly simple project and all you need for it is a picture frame, some scrap pieces of fabric, and some glue. You can use fabric pieces in different shades of the same color and arrange them in a gradient or you can mix and match them however you want.
Another interesting and inspiring idea is suggested on Craftylittlegnome. Check out the tutorial to find out how to get that cracked wood look. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. It all starts with a simple wood frame. First, you need to apply some stain. This will be the color of the cracks. Let it dry and then apply white school glue on the frame and once it starts to dry add a coat of paint on top of the glue. As the paint dries it will start to crack and you’ll get this vintage-rustic look.

2. Put Your Photo On Wood

DIY picture frame Beachy Bottle Photo Frame
You can do a lot of great things with just a little bit of spray paint. For instance, check out this two-tone picture frame design featured on Dreamgreendiy. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can personalize a picture frame to make it stand out in a unique way. All you need for this sort of project is the frame, some painter’s tape, and spray paint in two different colors. Use tape to divide the frame into two sections and to cover up the interior edges (if you want). Then just paint the two sections in two different colors. You can use the accent colors already employed throughout the room or you can use this opportunity to introduce a new set of colors to the decor.

3. Dipped Picture Frames

DIY picture frame Nature Ladder Photo Holder
 DIY picture frame Striped Tape Frame
 DIY picture frame Striped Tape Frame
DIY Photo frame Popsicle Stick Frames
Rustic Scrap Wood Picture
A somewhat similar idea is mentioned on Paulsvera. The suggestion here is to use two pieces of plexiglas and to place a picture between them. Then you frame it all with pieces of wood that have grooves and at the end, you take a piece of elastic and you glue it around the edge of the frame, with the top portion slightly loose so you can hang it. You can also try this with dried flowers or pretty much anything that you can put between the two sheets of acrylic.

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