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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets For A Posh And Sleek Finish

Are you ready for a kitchen renovation? Are you ready to take your traditional home and turn it into something more contemporary and chic? Well, we’re here to inspire you. The foundation of your kitchen starts with color, yes, but it also starts with your cabinets. For a posh and sleek finish to this main…
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Don’t overlook sticking with plain white cabinets for your kitchen. These create a modern and light feeling to the kitchen, making it somewhere your whole family will enjoy spending time. This is a great option for open-plan kitchens and dining rooms, as you can match your dining room furniture to the kitchen for an overall modern home aesthetic. Choose a durable material that is easy to wipe down so that you don’t get your new white kitchen cabinets dirty or marked after their installation. Check out Intervention Architecture for more inspiration for adding white cabinets to your home this year.
The ultimate, futuristic look, comes with this kitchen cabinet style. Glossy, neutral, and the sharpest of lines, the elimination of hardware and a plethora of size choices, organization, and styling comes easy with this choice. {found on tlastudio}.
Frosted glass kitchen

Beautiful Modern Kitchen Cabinets to Transform Your Home

1. Deep Chocolate

The entire kitchen is filled with amazing cabinets and shelving choices. But what makes this choice the most contemporary is the combination of frosted glass kitchen cabinets, shelves and sleek, smooth cabinets.
contemporary kitchen cabinets A Luxurious Marble Kitchen

2. A Mix of Old and New

Elle Decor shares this incredible home in Greece, which uses marble kitchen cabinets to create a stylish yet timeless appearance. You don’t have to live in a luxury villa to make the most of this material, and it can be incorporated into any kitchen. You’ll find that marble is a very durable material to add to any kitchen, making it the perfect countertop surface for preparing dinner. Marble comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you could opt for something darker if you are looking to create a more dramatic modern kitchen design.
These traditionally styled cabinets have a sleeker, smoother finish than ones we see in most family homes. They have a more fashion-forward edge making this kitchen a bit more modern and chic.

3. Frosted Glass Pieces

contemporary kitchen cabinets Sleek and Stylish White Cabinets
White, crisp and smooth, this design is fashion-forward but also quite feminine as well. And we love a womanly touch around the house, especially in the kitchen where the counter stools are perfectly integrated!{found on ashleycampbell}.

4.White and Crisp

Many apartments today are short of space in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to add additional storage to your home. Hecker Guthrie shares these wall-mounted kitchen counters, which offer additional space to store plates and cups you need easy access to. For a stylish and modern kitchen, add these counters in the same color and material as your lower kitchen cabinets.
Darker tones create a clean foundation, but you don’t always have to use black. These chocolate brown cabinets create a very smooth look and so does the minimal hardware.

5. A Quiet Zen

Atticus & Milo shares this kitchen, which brings the 70s style into the modern age. Adding a pop of color to your kitchen brightens up the dullest of spaces. If you don’t want to completely renovate your kitchen this year, consider just replacing a couple of your cabinets with a bold color such as yellow. Use a shiny, reflective material for even more impact, which you can match to other elements of your kitchen, such as your kitchen island.
When it comes to choosing the color of your new kitchen cabinets, one color that’s often overlooked is black. deVOL Kitchens offers us this stunning black kitchen, which will certainly make a statement when you have visitors in your home. While you may think that black kitchen cabinets will be a little too overwhelming for a room, when they are paired with a lighter room, you’ll find they offer a contemporary and practical solution for any space. We recommend using this shade of cabinets in larger kitchens, as it may be a little too dramatic for a smaller space.

6. Ultimate Future

Zen kitchen earth colors
We are loving the black cabinets inside this ultra contemporary kitchen. The foundation of this room is so smooth you can’t even see the separation between cabinets spaces. {found on artofkitchens}.

7. Deep Camel Colors

When you have a young family, your number one priority isn’t likely to be the aesthetic of your kitchen. Instead, you’ll want to add durable cabinets that won’t easily be damaged. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your modern kitchen design. Rachel Madden Interiors offers us this modern family kitchen makeover, which would work in a kitchen of any size.
Old and new kitchen mix

8. Large, Spacious Designs

If you are looking to create a modern farmhouse-style kitchen, you can achieve this by adding wooden kitchen cabinets to your home. These can still be integrated in a modern and stylish manner, and it’s all about selecting the right shade of wood to match your kitchen. Emily Henderson shares this modern kitchen makeover that offers sleek and stylish wooden cabinets that would look great in any kitchen. You can then match your kitchen cabinets to a kitchen island or dining table for a more cohesive overall aesthetic.
Deep Chocolate kitchen

9. Light Gray Clasps

It’s possible today to have your kitchen completely refurbished to fit your exact requirements and space. This stunning apartment in New York has custom gray cabinets which create a sleek and modern aesthetic that can fit in a home of any size or shape. Elle Decor showcases this incredible transformation, and you’ll be surprised how bright and airy gray makes a kitchen feel.
contemporary kitchen cabinets Black Kitchen Cabinets

10. Shining Black Slats

All of these contemporary kitchen cabinet ideas will create a sleek finish for any home. You’ll find that they offer both a stylish and practical solution for your kitchen and will allow you to hide your clutter from your work surface to create a clean and tidy kitchen you’ll enjoy preparing meals and spending time as a family in.
A personal favorite of the bunch, these soft gray cabinets fit right into what’s trending in both interior design and fashion for the past several years. It goes with a variety of bright tones as compliments and it can stand on its own. {found on damonliss}.

11. Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
White and crisp kitchen

12. High Kitchen Cabinets

contemporary kitchen cabinets Add a Splash of Color
Glosy white kitchen future design

13. A Luxurious Marble Kitchen

Are you ready for a kitchen renovation? Are you ready to take your traditional home and turn it into something more contemporary and chic? Well, we’re here to inspire you. The foundation of your kitchen starts with color, yes, but it also starts with your cabinets.
contemporary kitchen cabinets Cozy White Kitchen

14. Black Kitchen Cabinets

The post Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets For A Posh And Sleek Finish appeared first on Homedit.
contemporary kitchen cabinets Custom-Built Gray Cabinets

15. Custom-Built Gray Cabinets

contemporary kitchen cabinets Two-Toned Cabinets
Deep camel kitchen

16. Sleek and Stylish White Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets subway tiles
You don’t have to have cabinets that are cut up and covered in hardware and grooves. Instead, you can have large, smooth pieces that are filled with shelves and depth – perfect for organizing!

17. Two-Toned Cabinets

This gray and white kitchen from Idea Space is a great inspiration for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen. The two-toned cabinets add more texture and color to the space, as well as offering plenty of storage space for everything you want to be hidden from view. These cabinets work well with all of the other elements in the space and look best with white walls behind them.
contemporary kitchen cabinets High Kitchen Cabinets

18. Add a Splash of Color

Large and spacious kitchen brown cupboards
Not only is the layout of these cabinets innovative and forward-thinking, but so is the combination of sleek blacks, nickel hardware, and frosted glass windows. We’re swooning over this contemporary and stylish kitchen space!

19. Cozy White Kitchen

For a posh and sleek finish to this main point of the house, you’ve got to go with something more modern. Let’s have a look at these 20 gorgeous contemporary kitchen cabinets. Maybe one will speak to you and your own home!
contemporary ktichen cabinets Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

20. Durable Wood Cabinets

contemporary kitchen cabinets Durable Wood Cabinets
You can get that quiet, zen feel while still staying very fresh and contemporary in your vision. Use an unfinished wood look for your cabinets but a very sharp, smooth texture to stay within both of those visions.


White kitchen cabinets can still look very modern and cozy when added to your kitchen, as shown in this makeover from Alys Design. White cabinets make your room feel even more spacious but aren’t too overwhelming, like a dark color of a cabinet might feel. In an open-plan kitchen, white cabinets are incredibly easy to match with everything else in your space, such as your table and walls. The marble countertops add a little more style to your kitchen instead of just making the kitchen stark white all over.
Contemporary black kitchen cabinets

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