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50 DIY Fall Decorations You Can Do Right Now

In spite of all of the rain and cool weather, we find autumn to be very charming. There’s much to love about it and we’re not referring only to the beautiful foliage although this seems to be the season’s main attraction. We love the colors of the autumn and the idea of bringing them indoors…
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Look around your home; no matter where you’re at, you can decorate it for fall if you can see it! There is literally no area, inside or out, of your home that can’t be decorated for fall.
DIY Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins
Fabric Fall Wreath

Best Time For Putting Out Your DIY Fall Decorations

Knowing when to exchange your home’s indoor summer look for fresh new DIY fall decorations is a bit subjective. While there still may be some warm days ahead, bringing out your fall decor toward the end of September is generally the best time to make the switch.
DIY Wood Bead Pumpkin
Brilliant DIY Fabric Pumpkin Decor
DIY Sunflower Wreath

What To Use For Your DIY Fall Decorating Ideas

Any sooner, and you run the risk of getting burnt out on the look way before the winter decor switch. On the other hand, waiting longer to put out your fall look robs you of enjoying your home’s makeover before you have to change things up again for the next season.
Any sooner, and you run the risk of getting burnt out on the look way before the winter decor switch. On the other hand, waiting longer to put out your fall look robs you of enjoying your home’s makeover before you have to change things up again for the next season.
Broom Gnome Banner
Then use the cutouts as stencils to cut pieces of wood into fun shapes. Next, paint the blocks to suit your style and enjoy! A jigsaw, or something similar, works best for cutting out complex shapes. Be Careful and make sure you or someone else knows how to operate the saw properly. The most important thing is to stay safe!

45. Faux Outdoor Pumpkin Topiary

Fall Foliage Candle Centerpiece
Fall decorations don’t have to mean just pumpkins, leaves, and acorns. Embrace the flowers of fall with this DIY sunflower wreath at Grillo Designs.
Elegant DIY Fall Candles

46. Fall DIY Candle Corn

Making fall decorations is a fun tradition for many households, and there are tons of DIY projects available to match just about any decorating aesthetic or design theme. Some crafting projects might require some basic skills such as sewing or light woodworking.
Things become classics for a reason! And nothing screams classic fall decor like pumpkins and hay bales. This elegant and simple layout over at Nifty Mom shows just how easy it is to pull off a fall DIY make-over around your home. Add in some fall signage and cornstalks to add a more traditional feel to your design!
It should be easy to find a few metal “harvest,” “family,” “thankful,” or “fall” signs at a craft store. Add in your own mix of bows and flair to make your own unique DIY fall sign.

47. Simple Candy Corn Candles

Trees ablaze with spectacular red and orange hues, fall foliage replacing the greens of summer, and crisp cool winds filling the air with the unforgettable aroma of a distant wood burning stove all work to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere that, with the right materials, you can bring inside your home!
Learn how to preserve acorns for fall decorations at Staying Close to Home and you can use them in all kinds of indoor fall decor without having to worry about the nuts going bad or bringing insects in.
Throw pillows are excellent decorations for spaces such as the living room or the bedroom. that being said, you can have different themed pillows for special events or you can change them with the seasons.

48. Upcycled Book Page Pumpkin DIY Fall Decoration

The broom gnomes on this broom gnome banner from Southern Crush at Home aren’t just adorable to look at. By using cinnamon-scented brooms, these gnomes can help bring the scent of fall into your home.
However, many others require minimal skills and supplies to pull off a decoration that will look nicer and bring you more pride than anything you could buy in a store. Try some of these creative DIY fall decorations this autumn to wow your houseguests all season long!
Preserved Acorns

49. Kid Friendly DIY Leaf Wall Art Decor

This time it’s a fresh take on decor and the pumpkins are small and light-colored. There are four of them here, each featuring a letter on it. Together they spell out “fall”. Look closely and you’ll see that the letters are actually made of antique keys. This is the part we like most about this updated pumpkin project.
Velvet is a high-quality fabric with a sumptuous feel and appearance, making it a good choice for creating long-lasting DIY fall decorations.
One of the biggest gripes many crafters have with faux pumpkins from the craft store is that they look too artificial. But there are ways to get around cheap-looking artificial pumpkins.

50. Capturing the Essence of Fall in a Glass Vase

With just a little modge podge, some Mason jars, and some artificial leaves, you can create beautiful fall lamps to place throughout the house. This craft is easy enough for kids to help out, too. Read more about how to make maple leaf mason jars over at Spark and Chemistry.
They’re useful for draping over bookshelves or other pieces of furniture that you don’t move items around on much. You can either get a bunch of leaves in similar patterns and colors for a unified aesthetic or get a broader range of different faux leaves for a more natural and eclectic look.


When to Begin Planning Your Fall DIY Decor?

Display it in a vase or in a jar. It would be nice for the container to feature a fall color as well. You should also check out candle jar upcycling ideas.

When to Start Shopping for Your Fall Decorations?

Foiled Throw Pillows

Where is the Best Place to Shop for DIY Fall Decorations?

Fill a few garbage and plastic supermarket bags with paper or leaves, and use a little masking tape and spray paint to create almost life-like pumpkins! Place the faux pumpkins into a decorative crate or pot to create a stunning DIY fall pumpkin topiary!

  • Arts and Craft Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Department Stores
  • Online

Where in Your Home is the Best Place for Your DIY Fall Decor?

If you have a few old worn-out books taking up space around your house, you don’t have to just throw them out. You can upcycle them into a clever DIY fall decoration.

  • Front and Back Porches
  • Front Door
  • Fireplace Mantel
  • Bed Rooms
  • Bath Rooms
  • Living Room
  • More!

It’s a great way to give your old clothes a second life, especially if you’re attached to the sweater’s pattern or fabric. Make your own sweater sleeve pumpkins using this tutorial from DIY Beautify.

Should You Buy Your Fall Decorations DIY or Ready Made?

Sweater textiles make a cozy and beautiful material for craft pumpkins, and if constructed carefully these decorations can last for several years.


We love the colors of the autumn and the idea of bringing them indoors through DIY fall decorations. It just happens that we prepared a few very simple ones for you today. They’re our favorite examples of DIY fall decor. They capture the essence of the seasons in some pretty cool ways.
Capturing the Essence of Fall in a Glass Vase
In the fall you need plenty of throw pillows lying around to keep the atmosphere snuggly, but you get bonus points if you can keep them autumn-themed while you do it. If you have some basic sewing skills, try this DIY fall pillow wrap from Orange Bettie to add some cheerful orange pumpkins to your existing throw pillows.

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