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Amazing Wall Candle Holders and Sconces To Spruce Any Blank Wall

Plenty of people choose ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures for their homes but, in some situations, wall-mounted units might be more suitable. Amongst the possible wall-mounted options you have at your disposal, one can find wall candle holders and sconces. If you’re into the idea of getting either of these for your home, then we have some…
The post Amazing Wall Candle Holders and Sconces To Spruce Any Blank Wall appeared first on Homedit.




Tall Metal Wall Sconce
The post Amazing Wall Candle Holders and Sconces To Spruce Any Blank Wall appeared first on Homedit.

History of Wall Sconces

Our next suggestion is a set of two candleholders that are made entirely out of iron and could easily fit a multitude of outdoor decors. Their rough and rather vintage appearance is focused on an openwork scrolling silhouette with a black finish, making it a versatile design with plenty of suitable places for wall-mounting. Ditching glass, this particular design comes with a rounded platform where you can place candles of up to 3 inches in width.
Plenty of people choose ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures for their homes but, in some situations, wall-mounted units might be more suitable. Amongst the possible wall-mounted options you have at your disposal, one can find wall candle holders and sconces. If you’re into the idea of getting either of these for your home, then we have some useful information in store for you. Ready to find out more about wall candle holders and sconces? Then keep on reading!

Types of Wall Sconces

Mounted at the intersection between two walls and are perfect in situations where you have to light up corners that would otherwise stay pretty dark.

Armed wall sconces

2 Piece Wall Sconce Set

Flush mount wall sconces

These are wall-mounted sconces that have arms and downward-facing bulbs. They are characterized by sturdy built-in shades which are typically made from glass or metal. They have a vintage appeal to them, with large bulbs that give off strong yellow light.

Swing-arm wall sconces

Metal Wall Sconce set

Candle sconces

Different sconces draw their power from different sources, and it’s important for you to know that before purchasing a product. Some models are hardwired, which means they have to be connected directly to your home’s electrical system. The wires are concealed because of that, so the end appearance is pretty clean. However, these sconces might require calling in a professional because messing around with electricity wires is a pretty dangerous task if you have no clue what you’re doing. Other models are plug-in sconces. You require a power outlet nearby and prevent having to mess around with your electrical system. In case one of them breaks, it’s really easy to replace it. You can also choose battery-operated sconces, but note that they don’t usually have the same lighting intensity as electrical models.


These are similar in design to a traditional torch. They are usually sustained by long vertical poles with simple or more intricate designs. They can face up or down, depending on the model chosen. Some of them have shades, and others have exposed bulbs.

Half-moon wall sconces

With so many different models available, you also have to consider the style of the sconce in question and choose one that matches your existing home decor. You can find wall sconces that are modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, art deco, retro, and others.


Wall Candle Holders and Sconces

Barn lights

A pretty basic design, but the shades can be decorated with all sorts of carvings or elements. They rest against the wall and are shaped like half-moons, just as the name implies. They have open tops and rounded closed bottoms.

Recessed wall sconces

There are just a few of the options you have at your disposal when it comes with wall candle holders and sconces. Made primarily out of glass and metal, the number of designs out there is impressive, so finding a product that matches your existing decor and your personal taste is mostly a matter of having the patience to scout the market and browse the multitude of products at your disposal.

Corner sconces

Before choosing a wall sconce, you will have to consider the different types that are available. If you check out our previous section, you will see that there are many different types of sconces, including candle holders.

Choosing Wall Sconces

Before you proceed to buying wall sconces, let’s take a look at the main existing types so you will know exactly what your options are:
These are ideal for those of you that want broad and even illumination. These sconces don’t normally have intricate details, ornamentation or carvings, as their design is rather simply and focused solely on light output.
If you’re looking for a more modern candle holder option, you’re going to love these iron ones with glass shades. The set includes two holders that measure 16” H x 5” W x 4” D each and are compatible with pillar candles measuring a maximum of 3 inches in width and 11 inches in height. The beautiful silhouette and the combination of metal with a black finish and glass inserts makes this holder set perfect for people that love decorative pieces that aren’t too imposing.
If you want to talk about class, style, and elegance, you can’t ignore the Rosdorf Park candle holder. Made predominantly from glass and with a stainless steel back, this is a gorgeous item that adds lights and depth to your room. It measures 31” H x 10” W x 6” D and is designed with crystal accents that add glam and finesse to the room. It’s compatible with candle pillars and the reflective surface will shine the light in a very diffuse and romantic way.
Wisp Tall Metal Wall Sconce
Lily Iron and Glass Wall Sconce

The Best Wall Candle Holder and Sconces

2 Piece Wall Sconce Set

The open spiral metal design and the black finish that makes this holder fit into any decor are just two of the reasons why this product deserves to be on today’s list. This is a set of two candle holders that measure 23” H x 4.5” W x 5” D a piece and that can hold candles of up to 3.63″ W x 16″ H in size.
Contemporary Tall Metal Wall Sconce

Willa arlo interiors 21.75” glass wall sconce

Pairing glass with metal, this wall sconce that acts as a candle holder is a great product for people who want a stylish way of showcasing diffuse regular or LED-lit candles. The holder measures 21.75” H x 12.5” W x 5.5” D overall and comes with a slender backplate that offers a great deal of support for the entire structure. The sconce can hold a pillar-shaped candle with a base of maximum 3.5 inches.
This type has movable arms which are usually fully adjustable, and they make perfect reading light because you can redirect the light output to powerfully illuminate a specific area. They are often placed beside beds, next to working desks, or next to bedroom or bathroom vanities. Some of these swing-arm sconces can be jointed, which allows you to extend them even further.

Tall Iron and Glass Wall Sconce

Metal Wall Sconce
These are fixtures that are normally installed behind a wall so they can lie flushed with it. They have simple designs and are normally used to light up walkways and stairways.

Contemporary Tall Metal Wall Sconce

Willa arlo interiors 21 75 glass wall sconce
Trent austin design 22glassmetal wall wall sconce

Metal Wall Sconce

Rosdorf park 31glass and metal wall sconce
You also want to think about which rooms you’re going to place the sconces in, because this will determine which type of wall sconce is best for you. It’s one thing to choose sconces for illuminating bathroom vanities, and another thing to choose sconces for illuminating large and long hallways.

Tall Iron Wall Sconce

Take a look at the materials used to make a specific sconce. This will influence the end design, but also the quality and durability of the sconce. Fixtures are usually made from plastic, glass, and metal, with shades that are made from fabric, glass, plastic, metal, and other materials.
As centuries passed by, sconces became electrically-powered lighting sources that were mostly placed in corridors and hallways to illuminate long passages. It became very common to see sconces placed at a ¾ distance up a wall in a hallway, with multiple sconces placed at a pre-determined and equal distance from one another.

Wisp Tall Metal Wall Sconce

Tall Iron Wall Sconce
For those of you interested in a more vintage/traditional design, we have this particular candle holder that’s designed with a metal support and a glass holder. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the black finish and simple, rugged lines. The holder is compatible with one 3-inch pillar candle and has a versatile appeal to it.

Trent austin design 22”glassmetal wall sconce

Shapes like feathers and with a beautiful golden finish, these candle holders are perfect for those of you looking to get that Bohemian charm inside your home. The feather-shaped backplate goes hand-in-hand with the champagne glass-shaped candle holder, capable of housing 2-inch candle pillars. Every sconce in the set measures 17” H x 4.63” W x 4” D and every order comes with two identical sconces.
There is something dramatic about these wall-mounted candle holders that come in a fabulous pair. They measure 16” H x 4” W x 3.5” D each and are compatible with candles of up to 6″ H x 2″ D in size. They are made from a combination of iron and glass, offering both durability and a stylish design. The brown and gold color combination might seem vintage, but the design guarantees a more modern approach.

Metal Wall Sconce

With a more dramatic design, but definitely one that manages to draw the attention of anyone walking in the room, this particular candle holder is a regular metal-made gem. It measures 22.5” H x 4.5” W x 5.5” D and can hold candles of up to 3 inches in width. It has an eye-catching geometric design and comes with the hardware needed for wall-mounting.
If you happen to be on the lookout for another candle holder that’s great for indoor use, but has a construction solid enough to withstand outdoor placement, this one is an option worth looking into. It’s crafted from solid iron and has a small platform for holding pillar or votive candles (it also works with tealight candles, by the way). The set includes two of these gorgeous candle holders.

Tall Metal Wall Sconce

The design of these candle holders is superb, to say the least. They are eye-catching pieces that match both modern and traditional-style decors, with each piece measuring 24.5” H x 6” W x 2” D. Every one of there two holders comes with three glass candle cups that are perfect for small candles and for creating a romantic ambiance in whatever room you decide to place them in.
The way to pick the very best wall sconces is to first know what your options are and determine which features are most important to you. In this section, we are going to cover the main aspects that a buyer needs to consider before shopping for a particular wall sconce.

Rosdorf park 31”glass and metal wall sconce

We love to see so many beautiful candle holder designs, and this particular wall sconce is an example that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a product that genuinely looks good. It is made from a combination of iron, glass, and plastic, and can hold up to two candles. The sconce measures 15” H x 5.13” W x 3.5” D overall and comes with a keyhole-style hook located on the back that allows you to mount this to a wall.
Designed to be similar to candles and are often chosen because of their vintage-like appeal. They are mounted on arms and can have exposed bulbs or lighting surrounded by a shade. Due to the small size of the bulbs, these sconces aren’t usually very powerful, so they’re mostly chosen because of the cozy ambiance they create. However, in the second part of today’s article, we are going to focus on a different kind of product, which is a wall sconce that doubles as an actual candle holder.

Lily Iron and Glass Wall Sconce

If we were to take things really back in time, wall torches have been used to light up caves for a very long time. Back in the 17th century, candle sconces were mostly made from brass or silver. In the 18th century, porcelain sconces became more popular, and a backplate was used to intensify the light.
These are designed with a bent arm at the end of which the light bulb can be found. You can choose to have the shade turned upwards or downwards. People usually choose to have to have their shades facing upwards because they make the room appear larger, while others that place their shades facing downwards choose to do so in bathrooms that need proper illumination.

Bottom Line

Tall Iron and Glass Wall Sconce
Are made to be adjustable, and are very similar to stage lights. They usually have built-in narrow shades that focus the beam of light on a very specific area. Thanks to their pivoting heads, you can determine where the sconce will cast the most light.

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