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Bathroom Vanity Sizes: Which Size Is Right For You?

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Bathroom vanity sizes are affected by the size of the bathroom. But why are bathroom vanities important? Everyone in the house uses the bathroom every single day. So of course making it as pleasant as possible is ideal.  One thing you can do to create a great bathroom space is to get a good bathroom…




If you are looking for something unique, perhaps for a half-bathroom, then a corner vanity may be ideal. A corner vanity has less storage space but it does have its own benefits that may interest you.
Standard bathroom vanities are usually somewhere around 30-inches wide. Though they can range from 24 to 72 inches wide. In most cases, they come in widths divisible by 12 which would be 24, 36, 48, and so on. 
Tempered glass isn’t usually cheap but you can find fair-priced molded tempered glass sinks that sit on top of the countertop in the bathroom. These can be made with any color, pattern, or design style in mind.

What Is A Bathroom Vanity?

The all-in-one countertop is usually made out of granite, marble, or ceramic. Though it comes in many different materials. There are very expensive versions but you can get a great deal for what you get.
But if you seal it well there shouldn’t be any problems. Just make sure that you check for leaks often so you don’t ruin the vanity due to mold or water damage. And learn to seal your bathroom today.
When it comes to depth, things are less customizable. It all depends on the size of the sink. Anywhere from 16-22 inches is normal, though this can vary. The depth is relative to the width rather than the height. 

Bathroom Vanity Vs. Freestanding Sink

This may be the most expensive type of sink that goes on top of the counter. It is usually rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. It will look like a rough-cut crystal or stone and comes in any color you can imagine.
Diagonal Corner Vanity 

Bathroom Vanity Pros

  • Storage – this is the main reason people get bathroom vanities. They offer storage space for anything you don’t want out in the open. Since you can’t use the space under your sink anyway, this is great. 
  • Hidden Plumbing – a bathroom vanity is the best way to hide plumbing efficiently. Unless you have copper pipes that look new, then you don’t want your plumbing out in the open for everyone to see.
  • Customizable Sink – when you get a bathroom vanity, you can get any type of sink that you want to put on top of it. So this adds a new type of creativity that isn’t offered with a freestanding sink. 
  • Pretty Countertops – along with the custom sink, you can also get custom countertops. Any type of countertop you can use in the kitchen can be used in the bathroom. Get something unique like concrete countertops. 

Freestanding Sink Pros

  • More Space – you will have a lot more floor space with a freestanding sink. So if you don’t have a lot of stuff to store or if you prefer other storage options, this provides more space and more flooring. 
  • Cheap – freestanding sinks are generally cheaper than a vanity. You can get a simple pedestal sink for a very low price at most hardware stores. It is usually the cheapest bathroom sink option available. 
  • Simple – if you want to get back to basics, this is the simplest type of sink you can get. If you are looking for something you can simply put up and forget, then a freestanding sink is a better option. 

Bathroom Sink Inserts For Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanity sink insert or countertop
As for height, most vanities are 31 or 32 inches high. This is the most common counter height and is comfortable for people of most heights. Though 36-inches is preferable to taller families and is readily available.

All-In-One Countertop

Standard Bathroom Vanity Size
If you find out you can afford one vanity and not the other, the decision is made. If you don’t like the style of any other but one, then the decision is made. Finally, if you need the storage space or floor space more, the decision is made.

Standing Stone or Crystal

Copper is warm, inviting, and isn’t as expensive as one might think. You can easily find a coppers bathroom sink for your vanity at almost any hardware store. If not in stock, they can usually order you one.
While most people see it as a disadvantage to have to use a corner vanity, it’s not always a bad thing. You can make the most of it and might even prefer it to a full vanity for a variety of reasons.

Simple Bowl

The first modern-day bathroom vanity was inspired by the French Bombe chest which was used in the 17th-century and has a curved appearance. This type of vanity is rare today but highly sought after for those who like a Victorian bathroom. 
You will pay for the type you get. An amethyst sink won’t cost the same as a marble one. You can keep an eye out for good sales but this type of sink isn’t easily found at hardware stores, so you’ll have to branch out.

Ceramic Insert

The post Bathroom Vanity Sizes: Which Size Is Right For You? appeared first on Homedit.
The simple bowl sink is usually ceramic but it can be made from almost any material. It is the cheapest standing version you can get and is very round in shape. Though there are options that are oblong. 

Molded Tempered Glass

There isn’t that much to consider when looking for the right bathroom vanity. All you need to remember is to check three things. The price, the style, and the practicalities. There’s not much else to it.
There are two types of sinks that are common in bathrooms. The bathroom vanity and the freestanding sink. Each of them has its own pros and cons, of course, so take a look at them to find out which is right for you.

Industrial Copper

Bathroom vanities were originally just tables for the washbasin to sit on. This was before indoor plumbing existed. Oftentimes, a small drawer would be installed for toiletries, but the cabinet wasn’t usually present.
In most cases, they are made to copy smooth crystal but are cheaper than crystal. Small tiles are also often laid in the glass to create a mosaic base that can be on the inside or the outside of the sink.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Size

If you only have plumbing in a small corner then you can put your vanity there to save the trouble of running it to another spot. It will also be hidden behind the vanity so that it won’t be visible on the wall.
Bathroom vanity sizes are affected by the size of the bathroom. But why are bathroom vanities important? Everyone in the house uses the bathroom every single day. So of course making it as pleasant as possible is ideal. 
A bathroom vanity is a cabinet that has a sink on it or in it. The vanity will have storage space and a mirror above it. They are a great use of space and are more common than any other type of bathroom sink setup.
One thing you can do to create a great bathroom space is to get a good bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities can transform a space and be the focus of the bathroom, so finding a good one is a real treat. 

Diagonal Corner Bathroom Vanity 

The bowl standing sink that goes on the countertop looks similar to a pedestal sink topper and in fact, you can often use the pedestal sink topper as a bowl sink. Just detach the bottom and attach it to the counter. 
Because you need fewer materials for a corner vanity, it costs quite a bit less than a standard bathroom vanity. You probably won’t pay half the price but you will pay much less than you’d pay otherwise. 
This common type of bathroom sink saves money because it comes with a countertop attached. It is also durable because the sink and countertop are one piece so there won’t be any peeling involved over time. 

Saves Space

Though you can get a few different types of metal sinks, copper is the most common. This is due to the fact that it can withstand moisture without rusting and because the copper design is quite popular.

Building Around Plumbing

Note: in this case, we’re only going over the pros and the pros for one type of sink are the cons for the other. So they cancel each other out. 

Unique Look

A corner vanity can look quite nice. Though it isn’t as flashy as a standard vanity, if you get creative, you can create a really unique space in the corner. Let your creative juices flow and plan around the vanity. 


This is probably the most common and the cheapest type of sink for bathroom vanities. You can insert it into the frame and then put a countertop on top of it to secure it. This type is prone to leaks, however.

Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanity

A diagonal corner vanity is great for saving floor space. If your bathroom is quite small, it can save a lot of space as it takes up half the room that a standard vanity does. It is a triangle in shape whereas the standard is square. 
bathroom vanity sizes
You can mix each factor together in any case and your decision will make itself. So keep on shopping until they all merge together to give you the answer to your bathroom vanity questions. 
Now that we’ve talked about bathroom vanities, let’s talk about the types of sinks that usually go on them. Or in them. There are many options for bathroom sink inserts for your vanity, so take a look at them.

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