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How To Create A Fabulous Focal Point For Any Room With Hanging Bubble Chairs

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Hanging Bubble chairs are probably one of the most comfortable seating options known to man. They offer that feeling of coziness and protection because of their half-circle enclosure, making you feel like that seat was tailored to your needs. But how many of you know about the history of the bubble chair, or what are…




hanging bubble chair
But how many of you know about the history of the bubble chair, or what are the best choices on the market? No worries, we are here to shed some light on the situation.
STYLE GUIDE Interior Design Company is here to show us that a modern sitting area can be really inviting if you simply hang two bubble chairs from the ceiling and use a drum-style coffee table to fill some of that empty floor space. The tones of white, black, and grey, are as stunning as they are practical.

Bubble Chair History

There are so many neat ways to decorate the room if you have a bubble chair to place, so we wanted to show you some cool ideas that might inspire you in terms of bubble chair placement and gorgeous interior decor setups.

bubble chair was actually created back in 1968, by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio
Finnish designer Eero Aarnio

The support mechanism is a chain that hangs from the ceiling and is built around a solid steel frame. Throughout the years, Eero Aarnio experimented with designing this chair from various materials, just as plexiglass, fiberglass, and plastic.  
There are two main bubble chair categories: those that come with their own stand and those that are mounted from the ceiling. You’re going to have to determine which of these is most suitable to your liking. In order to decide that you’ll need some idea of where the chair is going to be placed.

How to Choose a Bubble Chair

Hanging bubble chair with stand


Teenage room with hanging bubble chair
Rattan hanging bubble chair
The second most important thing is the material the chair is made from. Rattan is quite a common option with these chairs, offering a natural look that blends into multiple room setups. Acrylic chairs are also popular because they are transparent and allow light to come from all sides, making them perfect reading spots. Other alternatives are plastic (quite a sturdy and inexpensive option) and metal (which is mostly used to make the frame and the base of a bubble chair).


The bubble shell is made from ½-inch clear acrylic, allowing plenty of light to penetrate the shell so you can use this chair for reading without having to worry about light obstructions. The chrome base is made from sturdy stainless steel and measures 26 inches in diameter.


Freestanding models offer the advantage of portability. Plus, you won’t have to drill holes and hang hooks from the ceiling, which is definitely an advantage. However, some argue that bubble chairs that come with their own stands are not as stable as ceiling-mounted models. If you want a hanging chair, you need to make sure it hangs from a sturdy structure. For outdoor use, consider sturdy tree branches.


The design of the chair will determine whether or not it fits into your existing decor. Some of these chairs are transparent, while others are available in a bunch of different color options. Some come with their own cushions which can usually be removed so you can add ones in the color of your choice. This is mostly a matter of personal taste.

The Best Two Bubble Hanging Chair Options For Everyday Enjoyment

Hanging bubble chair with stand

When you want to decorate your home in a contemporary style, a bubble chair will easily find its way into the decor. As Touzet Studiois showing us right here, a bubble chair doesn’t always have to stand out, as it can be a discreet piece that occupies a corner by the window.
This particular bubble chair is basically the ceiling-mounted version of the product we talked about earlier. It retains a lot of the specifications that have made this line of chairs famous, so let’s get a quick overview of what it has to offer.
bubble chair with stand
It depends on whether you can go with the original model or a cheap one from third-party resellers. The price of a bubble chair will also depend on the construction and the quality of the materials used. You can find bubble chairs as cheap as 0, while the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair that’s available in museum collections costs ,950.
Choosing a bubble chair doesn’t have to be a complicated process as long as you know what are the available market options and how to know what you’re looking for so that you don’t waste time checking out products that aren’t suitable for you. There are four important things to consider before spending money on a bubble chair:
Yes, but not for everyone. Some people will vouch for the comfort of the bubble chair, while others claim sitting in that position for too long can cause back pain. However, due to the fact that you can customize the space inside the chair with pillows and cushions, you can create your own support system and make the bubble chair as comfortable as possible.

Ceiling-mounted hanging bubble chair

own stand and those that are mounted from the ceiling
hanging bubble chair with stand
Combining shades of pink and white is probably the easiest way to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom, kind of like a “get out of jail free” card. Katie Scott Design shows us how the colors and elements in this room live together in harmony: from the transparent ceiling-mounted bubble chair to the beige flooring.
The front bubble opening measures 38 inches in diameter, identical to the example we’ve shown you above. When purchasing, you will once again benefit from the company’s three-year limited warranty and the 365 days of a free trial. What we do have to mention is that the ceiling mount is not included with the purchase, and that’s something that we would have liked to see.
Tatiana Takaeva brings us the last inspo of the day, this time in the form of a modern living room area that focuses on a large sitting space and a ceiling-mounted bubble chair that completes the view.
In spite of its modern appearance, the bubble chair was actually created back in 1968, by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. It is a sequel to the ball chair, which was invented just five years earlier. The main difference between the two is that the ball chair stands on a leg, while the bubble chair hangs from the ceiling.

How To Decorate Around Hanging Bubble Chairs

Elms Interior Design is here to inspire us with a contemporary setup in a room that’s filled with light due to the large panel windows. The bubble chair hangs from the ceiling and faces the amazing view, almost blending in perfectly because of the transparent construction.
SoCal Contractor is here to show us how to stay inspired when matching our bubble chairs with all kinds of decor. Here we have bamboo wooden floors that are combined with modern pieces of furniture, where the geometry-focused coffee table matches the mesmerizing spiral design of the bubble chair.
Pink room hanging bubble chair
Kardiel’s bubble chairs are amongst the most high-quality products you’ll find in this category, with the framed model being the first one we wanted to talk about today. This mid-century modern bubble chair is a freestanding piece of furniture that comes with its very own stand, eliminating the need to drill holes or hang hooks from the ceiling. That also provides extra portability, a feature that’s useful if you often find yourself moving furniture around the house.
Upon purchase, you will benefit from two things. The first is Kardiel’s three-year limited warranty and the second is the 365-day trial. This means that you can try out the chair for an entire year and, as long as you don’t damage it, you can always return it for a refund if you feel it wasn’t a suitable purchase.
This bubble chair is designed with a 38-inch diameter front opening allowing most body types to sit down comfortably in it. The chain load can support a maximum weight of 280, so lightweight and average-weight users should never be worried that the structure may collapse due to a weakened chair.
Lastly, let’s talk about price. High-quality bubble chairs can cost more than ,000, but for this amount of money, you get a lot of benefits, such as high-quality materials used in the construction of the chair or generous extended warranty periods. However, if you are on a budget, you could find an outdoor rattan bubble chair for a few hundred bucks.
The chair also features a 360-degree swivel option, allowing you to rotate your position without even having to get up and move the chair by yourself. The upholstery is made from a durable synthetic blend and has a nice and lustrous sheen to it. The seat and back cushions can be removed and replaced with something more suitable to your liking.
The post How To Create A Fabulous Focal Point For Any Room With Hanging Bubble Chairs appeared first on Homedit.
Designed on top of an elevated platform, this bedroom designed for kids seems to be the perfect place that separates the study zone from the sleep and recreation area. The transparent bubble chair is adorned with cushions and pillows that match the colors in the room, so thank you, Weaver Architects, for this amazing inspiration post!
Attic room hanging bubble chair
The original bubble chair designed by Eero Aarnio is a product that made history. Part of Hollywood movie scenes and an idea that knocked off the socks of the furniture industry, the bubble chair has become that piece that everybody wanted to own: a chair that looked amazing and felt very comfortable. You can find plenty of cheaper variations of the original bubble chair, but you have to make sure that you’re spending money on a quality product nevertheless.
Much like in the previous model, the ceiling-mounted bubble chair can support a total weight of 280, so there’s nothing to compromise if you choose this model over the aforementioned one. The seat and back cushions can be removed and replaced, maybe with ones that match your existing room colors.
The contract between the elements we find in this room are astonishing. Brought to you by J & V Painting, this inspo shows an eclectic formal design with a few rustic elements that focus hard on wood flooring, while the black woven bubble chairs are just centerpieces that fall elegantly in the middle of the room.
Hanging bubble chair
One of the best things about transparent bubble chairs is the fact that they could literally fit into any chromatic room scheme. Jim Schmid Photography wants us to see the simplicity of this playroom that makes it cozy and inviting for people of all ages.
Interior design with hanging bubble chair
Yes, you can. However, the question is “should you sleep in a bubble chair”? Since our bodies find more comfort and faster regeneration when lying in a horizontal position, no chairs are actually suitable for long-term sleeping. You can afford the occasional nap in your bubble chair, but no position that doesn’t support proper spinal alignment should be considered optimal for long-term sleeping.
Kids hanging bubble chair
Aside from the hanging mechanism that replaces the floor stand we saw in the previous example, this Kardiel bubble chair offers similarities in terms of construction and features, staying true to the quality built we’ve seen in the past. The chair is made from the same ½-inch clear acrylic, a thick material that offers transparent surroundings, easily penetrated by light so you’ll never feel like you’re hiding in a dark cave while sitting in the chair.
High ceiling hanging bubble chair


How much does a bubble chair cost?

Hanging Bubble chairs are probably one of the most comfortable seating options known to man. They offer that feeling of coziness and protection because of their half-circle enclosure, making you feel like that seat was tailored to your needs.

Are bubble chairs comfortable?

Back in the day, the bubble chair had a very futuristic look, which made it an unconventional product that a lot of people took interest in. The spherical form and its transparent design made it more comfortable to read while sitting in the chair, while the shape created a unique acoustic for whoever was sitting down. Needless to say, the fact that it was half a giant sphere and allowed light inside is what gave it the name “bubble” chair.

Can you sleep in a bubble chair?

hanging bubble chair with black seating

In Conclusion

Perfectly mixing functionality and colors, Robeson Design is here to show us how easily a bubble chair can fit into a teenager’s room. The bright patterns and textures you see are combined with generous storage and shelves, and the ottoman for that bubble chair is just darn right adorable!
Large living room with hanging chair

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