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Before and After Renovations of Renovated Homes




Having your own renovated home can be a great experience. It gives you the chance to re-purpose your own space in a way that best fits your lifestyle and budget. However, not all homes have the same style or needs, so having a plan will help you stay on track.

AUX Architecture

AUX Architecture, a San Francisco based architecture firm, did a good job of transforming a dated Malibu manse into an impressive modern wonder. The firm incorporated a number of green technologies into the fray. Among the most notable innovations is the use of glass, which allowed the occupants to enjoy the California weather on a larger scale. It is also home to the largest media room in Los Angeles. The aforementioned room is complemented by a slick pool and cabana. AUX was also on hand to tackle a plethora of architectural challenges.

AUX’s best effort was to use the existing pool footprint to its advantage. The resulting pool boasts a sleek black exterior and is complemented by an impressively designed and built cabana. The most impressive feature of the cabana is the slickly designed interior, which features a state of the art media room, a state of the art kitchen and dining room, a full service bar, and a laundry room with a built in wand.

The AUX Architecture crew also got their teeth into a slick renovation of an otherwise drab Hollywood Hills mansion. This aforementioned residence was home to an occupant who was looking to make the move from the city to the suburbs. Rather than relegate this storied house to the dustbin, the firm turned it into a state of the art modern masterpiece. The occupants are now able to enjoy the California sun in an entirely new light. AUX also implemented some of the more mundane changes like a new septic system and updated pool equipment. The aforementioned occupants now have a new home to call their own. AUX has the good fortune of having a number of other clients with similar requests. With a knack for making a design come to life, this architectural firm is no stranger to success. The aforementioned clients were thrilled with the resulting transformation. It is easy to see why AUX was a natural fit for this client’s list. AUX’s newest venture, the Croft House, is a true testament to the firm’s architectural prowess.

Baran Studio

Founded by Matt Baran in 2010, Baran Studio Architecture is a firm that provides GuildQuality designs. They specialize in adaptive architectural solutions, incorporating sustainable qualities into the construction, infrastructure, and materiality of their designs.

Baran Studio also specializes in design and construction of multi-family housing projects. These buildings typically include single family homes, multi-family housing complexes, and warehouses. The company also provides a number of services including design, construction management, and construction oversight. They have been honored with numerous industry awards. Baran Studio’s award-winning projects have been featured in major media publications and are often invited to prestigious exhibitions.

Baran’s design process is unique. The studio looks to existing spaces as a starting point, using their own architectural genius to transform and reimagine a home or commercial structure. They also pay homage to existing buildings while creating spaces that are distinctly useable for their clients.

The company’s signature is a design that incorporates the latest construction techniques and technology into its existing structures. For example, the company has a unique construction method known as tilt-up construction, which creates exterior walls that are built on top of the existing building. This method helps to ensure that the finished spaces are as energy efficient as possible.

Baran Studio also has a unique adaptive reuse process, which allows them to use existing buildings in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. This process focuses on context, integrating new construction methods with existing infrastructure to maximize the use of available resources. For example, a home near the freeway was redesigned to be environmentally friendly and incorporate solar harvesting systems.

The company also specializes in designing award-winning commercial projects. Their work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Architectural Record, California Home and Design, and SF Gate. They are also members of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. They have a design studio in Oakland and Los Angeles. They have recently been awarded several design awards, including the AIA East Bay Merit Award for their work on 16th and Willow.

The company also has a retail outlet called Baran Home. This home decor and lifestyle store was previously known as Abode Shoppe. The store offers exclusive curated home goods.

Murdock Young Architects

Throughout their many years of practice, Murdock Young Architects has worked on a number of home renovations. Their work in East Hampton, New York was especially excellent. They uncovered rot and dark hallways and transformed the home into a contemporary family home.

The owners of the home were a young couple with three children. They decided to purchase a historic townhouse in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The home had been converted from a single-family residence into a small, two-duplex unit, but they wanted to change the look. They wanted to create a contemporary home that would fit their lifestyle.

The new exterior design features a dramatic split-level with an updated design that connects the home to its surroundings. The renovations also include an outdoor space that includes a new deck, patio, and pool. The home also includes a barbeque area and built-in seating. The home’s third floor features a new central stairway that allows access to the deck and roof.

Aside from the changes to the exterior, the home’s interior was also remodeled. The kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom were all updated. They incorporated contemporary designs and updated cabinetry. The home was also clad in cedar.

The renovations to the home were also a great way to expose the building’s original structure. The original floor plan was a split-level, but the structure was poorly retrofitted. The foundation was also preserved.

The homeowners of the house were a free-spirited couple. They wanted to create a home with a Southern Californian flair. They also wanted to maximize the view of the Hollywood sign. The house was designed to create a comfortable and open space for indoor-outdoor living. The renovations included new cabinetry, glass wall panels, and luxury fixtures. They also added new windows and doors.

During the renovation, the homeowners also uncovered a heap of family heirlooms in the basement. They inherited the house from their parents. They wanted to change the interior to fit their modern lifestyle.

The renovations included a new exterior design, new layout, and new interior design. They were also able to maximize the natural light in the home.

Jen and Heather

HGTV’s newest reality series, Flipping El Moussas, will take viewers on the personal and professional lives of the duo. Their kids and fertility journey will be a focal point for the show, along with their house renovations. The couple first started dating in July and moved in together in April of 2020.

The new series will air eight episodes, with each one focusing on a different part of the couple’s life. Heather will also become more involved in her flipping business, as well as her fertility journey.

The show’s second season is set to premiere on Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m. During the previews, the cast members discussed their friendships and discussed the drama surrounding Jen Shah.

Jen was arrested in March of this year for a telemarketing fraud scheme, but she pleaded not guilty. The show’s cameras captured her being handcuffed by the F.B.I. She also appeared on Bravo’s Chat Room where she talked about her legal troubles.

The show’s cast members also talked about their friendships, and if they thought Heather was a true friend. Jen says that she’s trying to win back Heather, but Whitney is not too keen. She also asked Meredith to speak with her about a charity event.

Heather also talked to Maribel about Rachel. Maribel noticed that Heather was crying because she was homesick. She also warned Heather to be careful about moving forward with someone who’s hurt her.

Heather and Jen are a coach/athlete duo, and they met while running the runDisney races. They both met when Heather was training for her first half marathon. Heather was very good at finding a look that would blend together. She’s also a design lover. She says she’s trying to get everything done lately, and she also plans an event with a Nobu manager.

Meanwhile, Tarek and Heather are dating and moved into their new rental home in April of 2020. The couple’s kids will also be a part of the show, and they will be featured in some episodes.

Heather’s twins are almost 18. They’re second degree black belts, and they have a thriving home business. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to or .ca,, etc.