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Calculated Industries 4019 Material Estimator Calculator | Finds Project Building Material Costs for DIY’s, Contractors, Tradesmen, Handymen and Construction Estimating Professionals,Yellow




Price: $44.95 - $20.95
(as of Nov 18, 2022 01:16:03 UTC – Details)

Estimating building materials with a calculator designed for it is easy and saves time and money. The Material Estimator calculator helps construction estimating professionals who need to estimate building materials accurately with an adjustable allowance factor. Using the Estimator ensures you get exactly the materials you need without shortages or overages. The calculator’s ability to work in and convert various measuring units makes it adaptable and convenient. Its capability to define material sizes enables you to work within the constraints of your project and not the calculator’s. The added convenience of being able to do quick linear, area and volume calculations allows you to determine requirements so you can find instant solutions for your material requirements. To make sure it is ready to work when you are, it has a dual power source with both solar and battery.
WORKS IN UNITS THAT WORK FOR YOU — enter dimensions directly in feet, inches, fractions, yards and meters including square and cubic formats and then instantly convert to any standard building unit you prefer for consistent solutions that makes sense to you
SET A PROJECT’S MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS to define and use stored values for estimating, including custom tile size, grout gaps, board widths, fence post spacing, paint coverage and more so you can quickly determine your material requirements and costs
BUILT-IN FUNCTION KEYS help you easily find the number of boards or posts based on standard board lengths and stored measurements, so you get the fencing or decking material quantities you need to finish the job without costly overages or underages
FIGURE OUT FLOORING REQUIREMENTS with built-in standard carpet roll lengths, linoleum square and roll sizes, custom tile sizes with various grout widths to quickly calculate coverage area and square yards you need based on an entered or calculated floor area
Define and store values for materials such as Grout, Fence Post Spacing, Custom Tile, Board Width, Bags of Concrete, Paint Coverage and more
Calculate board feet and cost per unit
Quick linear, area, and volume answers
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