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Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas For Out-Of-The-Box Bedrooms

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A fresh new Monday for us all to enjoy…We don’t want to waste any time so prepare to be inspired! Add your own twist to things when furnishing your home. For example, think out-of-the-box when decorating your bedroom and forget about the obvious choices. Something as basic as the wardrobe can be designed in so…




Shelf dividers are another neat way of keeping your stuff organized, whether we’re talking purses or towels. Made from epoxy-coated steel and non-woven polymer fabric, you have the option to sort everything out on shelves that otherwise feel cramped and cluttered. This way, you will know exactly where that gorgeous blue silk scarf is next time, you’re getting ready to leave the house.
Wardrobes, on the other hand, are freestanding pieces of furniture designed exclusively for clothes. While closets can also refer to separate rooms designed for storage, a wardrobe is never truly a separate room (there are people that use the term interchangeably, which isn’t technically wrong).
Greenport Armoire

How to Choose a Wardrobe

Simple on the outside but with plenty of storage space on the inside, the Montebello wardrobe is another product worth checking out if you love wooden furniture pieces. It comes with a total of six shelves that divide the space to provide you with eight cubbies for folded clothes. There are also two rods for hanging belts and other clothing accessories, all found in this 69.25” H x 54.25” W x 22.5” D armoire. 

  • Consider how you’ll be using the wardrobe to determine which product might be best for you. If you have plenty of dresses, shirts, and coats, you want a wardrobe that offers hanging rods for hangers to make sure you don’t have to iron a shirt every time you use it. If you want to store socks and underwear, think about models that come with drawers that keep everything organized. There are even models with shoe racks if that’s something you might be interested in. 
  • The size of the wardrobe is also important, especially if you have a small bedroom you want to furnish. In some situations, custom-made wardrobes are your best option because you can measure the space and have the wardrobe made with the specifications of your choice. Alternatively, you can simply measure the space and start researching different models that would fit.
  • In the following section, we’re going to talk about the most common types of wardrobes that exist on the market, and that’s another important shopping consideration that should be made based on your individual needs. Freestanding models are a good choice because they are versatile in terms of cost and design. Walk-in closets are a suitable option if you have a lot of clothes and accessories, plus an extra room that you can turn into a wardrobe. Models with sliding doors are better for a small bedroom as opening the doors doesn’t sacrifice the available movement space inside the room. 
  • Materials are always important when it comes to furniture. As far as wardrobes are concerned, you have plenty of different choices. Solid wood wardrobes are very common and available for a lot of different budgets. MDF and particleboard options are more budget-friendly.
  • The finish is also important if you care about the style and unity of your bedroom appearance. Some wardrobes have a high-gloss finish (better for contemporary rooms) while others have a matte finish (blends in easily with other room decors).

Types of Wardrobes

Don’t want to look at your furniture when relaxing in bed? Then use the wall on which the headboard is placed for that. Design your wardrobe around the headboard and around the bed. You can leave an area open above the bed for hanging artwork.

  • Hinged-door wardrobes have closet doors that are attached to the closet using hinges. The doors can open at 90-degree angles, which makes it super easy to access the contents of the wardrobe. You also have the option of installing racks, chests, or pockets, to create a more versatile storage space for your clothing, underwear, and accessories.
  • Freestanding wardrobes are the most common variety that you can purchase and they are excellent for those who like to constantly change the furniture or layout of their bedroom. A lot of people also like to take advantage of the storage space on top of these wardrobes and use it for stuff like empty luggage bags or boxes. They are available in a lot of different styles and colors, and are even made with different materials. The doors can either open at a 90-degree angle or have a sliding mechanism. In the second case, we’re talking about doors that feature metal tracks placed at the top and bottom front edges, allowing the doors to slide horizontally. They are a great solution for small bedrooms, where opening the doors at a 90-degree angle can take up a lot of space. 
  • Walk-in wardrobes are also known as closets, and they are considered to be a more luxurious option for those who can afford having a room just for their clothes. The good news is that you don’t need to have a huge walk-in closet, as it can be a small one too if you don’t have that much space. The beauty of walk-in wardrobes is that they represent an entirely different room that you can design just how you want to. People have come up with a lot of innovative storage solutions for this type of wardrobe, so your imagination and your budget are the only limits. 
  • Custom-made wardrobes are designed specifically for your bedroom. They are custom-made because they are measured to fit the space of your choice, can be made from the material you most like, in the color you desire, and they can end up looking pretty much like you’ve pictured them. 

Closet vs. Wardrobe

Boutique inspired bedroom wardrobe
Musman Armoire
Did you know that furniture which goes from wall to wall actually makes a room look bigger? So keep that in mind when choosing the furniture for your bedroom. An extra wide dresser can actually give you lots of storage and help you get a spacious look for the room.

Wardrobe design ideas on the market

La Grange Armoire

The main difference between a closet and wardrobe lies in the details. Closets are considered enclosed spaces that you use for storing clothes, but also for other types of items. You can find closets that are built into the walls, meaning they take up no additional space and can easily be concealed if you choose to do so.
This Wayfair Basics organizer is here to show you that you don’t always need a wardrobe or a closet to have everything neatly stored in place. Its folding over-the-door design makes for easy installation but can also be discreetly concealed whenever it’s not in use. It measures 3.5” H x 2.875” W x 17” D and can be used with clothes hangers. 

Kingstown Trafalgar TV-Armoire

Take advantage of the layout and shape of your bedroom. Use any corner, nook and cranny to your advantage. For example, this built-in wardrobe fits perfectly in the corner of the room and offers lots of storage without taking a lot of space.
One way of not allowing your big bedroom furniture to take over the décor is to opt for minimalist designs. This way you can control the overall ambiance and décor and use accent elements and furnishings to create focal points.

Montebello Master Armoire

Kingstown Trafalgar TV Armoire
Minimalist black white design bedroom

Musman Armoire

Built-in vanity.
Extra wide beedroom drawers storage

Ebern Designs Wardrobe Cabinet

Vertical bedroom storage
A fresh new Monday for us all to enjoy…We don’t want to waste any time so prepare to be inspired! Add your own twist to things when furnishing your home. For example, think out-of-the-box when decorating your bedroom and forget about the obvious choices.

Greenport Armoire

Sheilds Moth Proof Fabric Hanging Organizer
Don’t have a spacious bedroom? No worries. There’s always a clever solution to any problem. For example, try these pull-out shoe shelves. They can fit in your wall unit and they’re excellent for storing and organizing your large collection.

Organizer Suggestions

Deep Nursery Closet Organizer

Nurseries can be tough to organize, especially since babies tend to grow so fast, you’ll constantly find yourself replacing smaller clothes with bigger ones. This Delta Children organizer is basically a set that delivers a couple of storage bins, a hanging organizer, six closet dividers, and 15 hangers, so that you can easily move stuff around and separate the diapers from the bodies. 
The post Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas For Out-Of-The-Box Bedrooms appeared first on Homedit.

Vela Moth Proof Metal Shelf Divider

Maybe you don’t even need a large closet with lots of storage compartments or maybe you need some extra storage space. In either case, a bed with built-in storage is a perfect idea. You can use these extra compartments for blankets, pillows but also for clothes.
Over the Door Folding Hanging Organizer

Wayfair Basics Over-the-Door Folding Hanging Organizer

Something as basic as the wardrobe can be designed in so many interesting ways. Just take a look. We find these wardrobe designs quite enticing. Don’t you?
A wardrobe is considered to be a long-term investment, since you’re probably not looking to purchase a new one every couple of years. That means that you have to put some thought into choosing one, and we’re here to tell you exactly what you should look out for when making this purchase:

Sheilds Moth Proof Fabric Hanging Organizer

Glass divider wardrobe for bedroom
Coming in strong at 74” H x 59.6” W x 21.5” D we have the Greenport Armoire. It is not only a beautiful wardrobe to consider, but also one that provides a lot of versatile storage space. You have two of the doors that conceal three large shelves, and another singular tall door that offers four smaller shelves for clothing storage. There are also two sliding drawers for placing your socks and under garments, offering plenty of space for bedding items, clothing pieces, shoes, and even accessories. 

Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas

Build around the window.

Build around the window.
Built-in TV and shelves.

Wall divider.

Underbed drawers storage system
Described as a TV armoire, but also suitable for storing clothes, the Kingstown is another product that has a vintage appeal for those who are interested in purchasing this type of furniture. Even if the shelves don’t come with adjustable height, you can take them out to make room for a 41-inch TV set if you choose to do so. It comes with six different drawers and six cubbies, plus a storage shelf that runs the entire length of the wardrobe. 

Built-in TV and shelves.

In front of the bed.
Take advantage of this must-have piece of furniture and give it a second function. For example, you can also use the wardrobe as a wall divider between the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom or in some other way.

In front of the bed.

Deep Nursery Closet Organizer 24 Piece Set
Small built in wall wardrobe

Around the headboard.

Vela Moth Proof Metal Shelf Divider
Sliding doors.

Built-in vanity.

Sliding doors are great for bedroom furniture because they don’t take additional space and simply slide from one side to another revealing the storage compartments behind them. In addition, a big unit that covers an entire wall with look especially beautiful if it has big sliding doors.
A smart idea which will let you save some space in the bedroom is to combine your wardrobe with other necessities such as the vanity. You can have a series of drawers underneath the vanity and a mirror mounted on the wall.

Sliding doors.

Glass divider wardrobe for bedroom1
Armoire is another term used to describe a wardrobe, but often used when it comes to furniture with a more rustic or vintage appeal. Here you can see that we’re dealing with a rustic-style wardrobe made from poplar and hardwood solids. It comes with two adjustable shelves and six drawers to cover plenty of clothing storage needs. The wardrobe measures 82” H x 60” W x 26” D overall and also includes a clothing rod. 

A minimalist approach.

For those of you who are short on space and can’t afford looking at large wardrobes because there’s no place to put them, we have the Ebern Designs cabinet. Made from manufactured wood and sporting a laminate finish, this wardrobe is designed to provide you with versatile storage space, including four smaller shelves, a larger one at the top, plus a section for hanging your clothes. 
Clever Wardrobe Design

Small built-in furniture.

Not a fan of mainstream designs? Forget about those roust wardrobes and closets and create your own version. A boutique-inspired design with rods, shelves and drawers could be what you’re looking for.
Wardrobe Cabinet

Glass divider/ open design.

Around the headboard.
Designed to offer storage options for those who want to hand their dresses and coats wrinkle-free, the Mussman wardrobe is a tall unit that comes with three large drawers and huge cubbies with hanging rods on the top side. Made from pine wood, this wardrobe measures 72” H x 60.25” W x 20.75” D. Each of the three hanging rods can support up to 25 pounds in weight. 
Wall divider.

Extra wide.

Montebello Master Armoire
Closet vs. Wardrobe

Boutique-inspired design.

You already know that there’s more than just one type of wardrobe out there, so let’s look at the most common types that you can currently come across:
Another option is to design your bedroom furniture similarly to a media unit for the living room. By that we mean you should include the TV into the design and to also design open shelves. Figure out the height at which the TV should be placed and go from there.

Storage inside the bed.

Don’t waste a whole wall when you can use the one with the window on. Include the window into your design and build around it. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to also design a window seat or a cozy reading nook.
Hide your wardrobe or closet behind a glass divider. For example, this bedroom has a very interesting design. It’s a semi-open space and only part of the divider is made of glass. Also, it doesn’t go from one side of the room to the other.

Vertical storage.

La Grange Armoire
Hanging organizers are a student’s dream come true, especially in dorms where there’s barely enough space for everything. Don’t get me wrong, this organizer is also perfect for maximizing space at home, as it easily collapses and expands, so it’s always ready to be used. It’s made from non-woven polyethylene and comes with two hangers on the top side to prevent swiveling. 
If you’ve decided to exclude the TV from your bedroom or to place it some other wall than the one in front of the bed, then you can use that area creatively and cover the entire wall with a huge storage unit. Equip it with everything you need.

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