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Gorgeous Stone Coffee Table Ideas for Your Home

Having a coffee table where you can enjoy more than just your coffee seems like a trend. Part of a complete sitting area, the coffee table is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of joe on a Sunday morning, but also the perfect place to gather round and play a game of charades with…
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As you can see, there are many models to choose from whenever you’re looking to buy a stone top coffee table, from basic models to intricate pieces that draw the attention the second you walk into the room. Understanding the main differences between the types of stone used to make these will give more hints about the properties and durability of the table but, in the end, we know that you want something that looks good.
Catalapa Coffee Table
The Celsus coffee table is practical as it is beautiful. It features a vibrant slate inlay that’s perfect for different types of room decors, and could easily find its way in rustic and modern houses alike. The stone used has a natural color variation that makes each piece unique in its own way. The cherry veneer creates the perfect contrast, bringing every element of the design together. The table measures 19” H x 50” L x 30” W and has a top that can be lifted to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

Top 3 Picks

Celsus Coffee Table with Lift Top and Caster
Stone coffee tables can really add interest to a room. Aside from being beautiful, they also possess a series of other qualities that we can’t neglect:
This is one of the most common stone composites that’s used to make stone coffee tables. Composed of feldspar, quartz, and mica, granite can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so it’s definitely a material to rely on. It’s heat-resistant, has a high weight capacity, and has colors that can different depending on its mineral content.
Everything about this table is unique and gorgeous: from the natural variations of the stone tiles to the lift top that reveals a storage compartment.
Often associated with outdoor furniture, rattan can be used to make indoor (as well as outdoor) coffee tables too. Rattan coffee tables work really well in beach, coastal, cottage, and Boho-themed rooms.
This material is generally used to make a coffee table’s top, but we’ve seen tables made entirely out of glass too. Glass coffee tables are extremely appealing, but any spills and water rings will be immediately visible, so cleaning them on a regular basis is typically required.

What Are Coffee Tables Made From?

This Victorian-inspired coffee table is simply to die for! It features the most elegant wooden base and legs, with intricate carvings that make it suitable for a palace sitting area. The dark cherry finish gives it a serious look, but the details are just mind-blowing. The top is made from natural granite, leading to a product that measures 21” H x 46” L x 46” W and is suited for hotels receptions, office reception areas, and elegant rooms.


There are different kinds of metal used to make a coffee table, such as brass, steel aluminum, iron, and other alloys. Metal coffee tables usually consist of a metal frame/legs and come with tabletops made from other materials, such as stone, glass, or wood.


The post Gorgeous Stone Coffee Table Ideas for Your Home appeared first on Homedit.


Dollins Coffee Table


Melange Frame Coffee Table


Whenever you’re looking for minimalist furniture, products like the Duluth coffee table are bound to fit right in. We do want to mention one thing above all: the top is actually made from P2 grade particleboard and has a vinyl sticker that basically imitates the look of marble. That’s one of the reasons why the Duluth coffee table is considerably less expensive compared to models that use actual stone. It comes with metal legs covered in a gold finish. The table measures 17.75” H x 40.25” L x 20” W and can support a total weight of 110 pounds.


Having a coffee table where you can enjoy more than just your coffee seems like a trend. Part of a complete sitting area, the coffee table is a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of joe on a Sunday morning, but also the perfect place to gather round and play a game of charades with your friends on a Friday evening.


Wood coffee tables are a dime a dozen, and finding one that you like is easy as long as you have the patience to browse as many models as possible. Since wood can easily be painted, you’re likely to find a coffee table in the color of your choice.
Another item brought to you by Hooker Furniture is the Corrina coffee table, a round-shape piece of furniture that measures 20” H x 36” L x 36” W. much like the previous model, this one is also designed with an onyx stone top and can support up to 100 pounds in weight. The frame and legs are made from metal and have a golden finish that make this a perfect table for glam-themed rooms.

Why Use a Stone Coffee Table?

When it comes to stunning designs, the Catalpa coffee table is clearly here to take the trophy. Handcrafted by furniture artisans, this model comes with a solid stone slab that’s pitch black and extremely provoking to look at. It is adorned by brass accents and rests upon a hand-hammered antique brass base. It measures 16.1” H x 31.2” L x 30.4” W and can support a total of 40 pounds in weight.

  • They are way more durable compared to other materials. The chances of breaking a stone table are very low. The material isn’t prone to cracking or warping, there are zero chances of splinters, doesn’t suffer any heat damage, doesn’t fade when exposed to light, and isn’t sensitive to termites, rust, corrosion, or water damage.
  • They are also considered to be more environmentally friendly because making a stone-top coffee table doesn’t require as much chemical processing as with other materials. That means less toxic waste (which has become a very common problem in the manufacturing industry overall) and less harmful gas emissions.
  • Stone top coffee tables are a dime a dozen, meaning you can easily find them at decent prices and in the shape and size that you’re particularly interested in. That makes them suitable for a lot of room styles and decors. However, take note that, depending on the exact stone type that’s used to make them, stone coffee tables can also be quite expensive, so you might have to do more research before finding products that are suitable to your budget.

There is something about coffee tables made with a stone top that makes them look really elegant. They might be difficult to care for if the surface of the stone is porous, in which case they are susceptible to water damage (you can find special solutions used to care for these surfaces).

Different Stone Types Used

Limestone is a result of overtime compacted calcium carbonate and, since it’s found at the bottom of shallow lakes and seas, it comes with fossil inclusion, leading to a beautiful appearance. It is often used to make bathroom wall tiles or even building facades, but can be used to make stone top coffee tables because of its decorative features.


If you’re looking for a gorgeous glam-chic stone top coffee table, this model is bound to spark some interest. It measures 17.5” H x 36” L x 36” W and is crafted with a metal frame that has a gorgeous golden finish, plus a faux marble top (that would explain the decent price, considering how real marble is actually more expensive). It can support up to 200 pounds in weight and comes with a semi-transparent glass bottom shelf.


Budget Pick: Duluth Frame Coffee Table with Storage


Famous for its crystal-like texture, marble has been used as building material for centuries. Essentially, marble is limestone with a different appearance that was changed by applying heat and pressure to this metamorphic rock. Marble isn’t as durable as granite and is more prone to staining.


While there are numerous options when it comes to the design of such a furniture piece, we wanted to talk about what it takes to choose the very best stone top coffee table, so make sure you stick around!


Another derived from limestone is travertine, one that’s formed as a result of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate. It has pitted holes in its surface, which are often filled to give this stone a smooth finish. It’s often used to make bathroom items, including shower trays and vanity tops.


We wanted to end this list of short reviews with another gorgeous rectangular stone top coffee table with a black finish that makes it fight right into multiple types of decors. The frame is made from metal and the structure has a minimalist design, with a stunning top that successfully hides stains until you’re ready to clean them.


“This table is beyond my expectation. Looks elegant & just beautifully made. I love it so much! I highly recommend this product” (Customer review)


Quartzite is another metamorphic rock that’s made from quartz sandstone subjected to pressure and heat. It has a higher stain-resistance compared to granite, which makes it a popular option in manufacturing kitchen countertops. You will rarely find coffee tables made with quartzite because it is an expensive material.

Best Stone Top Coffee Tables

Emmeline Frame Coffee Table

Best Design: Celsus Coffee Table
Customer’s Choice: Melange Corrina Coffee Table

Mcintosh Coffee Table with Storage

Stone top Emmeline Frame Coffee Table
There are a lot of different types of stone used in the interior design and furniture fabrication, so let’s quickly go over the ones you can expect to find in your quest for the best stone coffee table:

Drake Coffee Table

Duluth Frame Coffee Table with Storage
Just like with clothes or other products, the materials that are used to make a coffee table will determine some of its other qualities, properties, and potential downsides. Pretty much any of the common materials used to make furniture can be used in the manufacturing of coffee tables, including:

Celsus Coffee Table with Lift Top and Caster

Our first pick of the day is a 18” H x 52” L x 30” W coffee table that combines an intricate metal frame with a travertine stone veneer top, much to the delight of those of you looking for an elegant rectangular piece for their sitting area. Capable of supporting up to 100 pounds in weight, this table will add style to the room it’s placed in, and doesn’t require any assembly on your behalf. You have two options for the tabletop color, and the metal legs are available in a gold or a silver finish.
Melange Corrina Coffee Table

Melange Frame Coffee Table

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Another one of our favorite stone-top coffee tables is the Drake. It measures 47.25” L x 21” W and is 15.25” tall, capable of supporting up to 100 pounds in weight. The stone top is supported by solid wood legs that have a walnut finish, even if the material itself is American white oak. The super marble top comes with its own unique shades and color tones, making this piece a remarkable focal point for your sitting area.

Melange Corrina Coffee Table

Designed with a wood table top that’s covered with a vinyl sticker to imitate the appearance of marble, the Duluth frame could have anyone fooled for a fraction of the cost of a genuine marble coffee table.
A result of molten rocks solidified under pressure, basalt is compact and hard, which is why it is a common choice for flooring.

Duluth Frame Coffee Table with Storage

Stone Coffee Table
Solid Drake Coffee Table

Dollins Coffee Table

This is a mineral composition of gypsum. It’s soft, translucent, and light-colored, and was often used in medieval times to make tombs and altars. It is expensive and rare, and it is mostly used to make light fittings.
Coffee tables made from slate are usually easy to care for, especially since they rarely have visible marks and aren’t a dust magnet.

Catalapa Coffee Table

This fine-grained metamorphic rock is highly weather-resistant and is often used to make outdoor items, including tables, fountains, and floor tiles. It also has indoor application, being a popular choice for kitchen worktops or floor tiles.
Why Use a Stone Coffee Table?

Caesar Marble Coffee Table

Mcintosh Coffee Table with Storage
Caesar Marble Coffee Table

In Conclusion

Leather coffee tables often double as ottomans, as plenty of people like to use them as footrests. In order to use them as a coffee table, you’re going to require a food tray to keep the drinks on a stable surface.
The Melange coffee table measures 17.5” H x 58” L x 32” W and it’s one of the most expensive pieces in this set. It’s made with an onyx, a type of cryptocrystalline stone that’s made from fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite. The onyx top lies on top of a metal base with a silver finish that brings light to the room and makes this one of the most stylish stone top coffee tables we’ve seen so far.

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