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Cool Couches That Could Make Any Living Room Look Stylish

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The living room is more or less always centered around the couch unless of course you decide to give up the idea of having a sofa or a couch altogether and you replace it with something else in which case the very idea of not having a sofa becomes the focal point of the entire…




Green Muuto Couch with modern pin legs
Something about the design of the Tinney couch makes it look so super comfortable. It’s not too puffy or big, not too slender either and it has a fairly simple and traditional structure as well. The leather upholstery covers pretty much everything except for the four stubby legs. It’s a two-seater couch so it’s quite compact and versatile, a good fit for a cozy reading corner or a small living room setup.
Grey couch with a yellow strip
Wendy is not your typical couch. It’s a loveseat which means it’s quite small and slender. Also, its legs are more prominent than those of most sofas and couches. The solid canaletta walnut and the upholstered seat blend together perfectly.
Meet Allison, a sofa with a graceful frame made of solid canaletta walnut and back cushions that look like biscuits. The frame and the upholstery complement each other in more than just one way.

Cool Couches

The New York couch also has a touch of retro charm. In essence, it’s a contemporary piece of furniture yet that doesn’t stop it from being nostalgic. it frame is hexagonal and the back and armrests are slightly angled for increased comfort.
Sectional nebuk sofa moat
Looking for a couch that’s simple, a bit playful and cozy but not excessively robust or heavy? Perhaps the Dust couch is the answer. Its design is carefully planned to include all the features that make a couch practical and outstanding. Looks and function join forces and the results are pretty great. Check out all the fun colors you can find this cool couch in.
We’ll end the list with Moat, a stylish couch which reinvents the typical classic design by featuring armrests which double as bookshelves. Actually, you can use these compartments either as storage spaces for books, remote controls and personal objects or as display shelves for decorative items meant to enhance the decor of the room.
Since simple is the new cool lately, couches like Itineraire are more and more popular. We enjoy its plushy look and all the subtle design elements which allow it to stand out and be special, like the fact that the armrests are slightly angled, the same as the backrest cushions.
There’s more than one style to consider when browsing for the perfect living room couch or sofa. If you’re looking for something a bit more on the traditional and retro side check out this beautiful Heathfield Chesterfield sofa with rolled arms and a beautiful trim on them which contrasts with the dark fabric upholstery. The back and arms are at the same height and forms a continuous shell around the comfy seat.
A Borgogni Allison Wood Walnut Frame Couch
Antone Genuine Leather Square Arm Sofa
Saba Italia New York Style Couch in Green Emerald 1
Lennox Sofa in orange with black legs
There’s something very cozy and at the same time delicate and feminine about the Gia couch. It has this thick padded seat which looks really neat in combination with the curvaceous arm and backrest structure gives the couch a solid and at the same time elegant and pretty cute look.
Stabord and co Grove Sofa wood and black leather
Gilmore Wide Flared Arm Sofa
Orange bubble roche bobois
The post Cool Couches That Could Make Any Living Room Look Stylish appeared first on Homedit.
This may look like a super small couch but it’s actually a convertible sofa, a very space-efficient and convenient piece of furniture that would fit perfectly in either a small living room or a guest room. The design is simple and very clever and when fully extended this becomes a queen-size bed. The rest of the time it’s a comfortable two-seater sofa.
The first cool couch we’ve selected is called Groove and has a very chic design based on simple lines and delicate curves. The wooden frame wraps around the leather seat and backrest like a cozy shell, ensuring an elegant contrast of colors. Whether you choose the petite version or the regular-sized one, the effect on the decor will be equally stylish.
Tinney Genuine Leather Square Arm Loveseat
Wendy small couch from porada
This gorgeous turquoise nuance is perfect for bringing out the retro chic details in the design of the Gilmore sofa. The trim around the edges of the arms and below the seat adds a nice detail and a layer of texture to the design which further helps to elevate this even more. The button-tufted back and flared arms at the same time give it a graceful appearance while also putting an emphasis on comfort.
Although it’s intrinsically modern, the Lennox couch also has a little bit of retro flair which can’t be ignored. The design is refined, lightweight and very chic, putting together straight lines and subtle curves. This is one of those cool couches which can be added as an accent piece in pretty much any room of the house, as opposed to others which are strictly meant to be used in living rooms.
Heathfield Chesterfield Rolled Arm Sofa
Orus Sofa from Paolo Castelli
It’s not always the crazy colors or shapes that make a couch look cool and beautiful. Sometimes a simple approach can be a perfect strategy. The Kenisha sofa has a clean and stylish design with square arms that have the same height as the backrest. The frame is made of solid wood and the upholstery is genuine top grain leather.
If this doesn’t really look like a sofa or a couch it’s because it’s actually a double armchair. Lucan has a hardwood frame available in walnut, oak or with a black lacquer finish and the upholstery is available in fabric or leather or different types and colors. The design is a bit more casual than that of a standard couch and also more lightweight and less intrusive from a visual point of view.
Browl leather ROLF BENZ ALMA couch
Let’s turn our attention toward something a bit different. This is the Alma couch, a piece which provides a wonderful seating experience. The most notable detail is the design of the armrests which look a lot like blankets. they’re rolled and folded to the sides and secured to the frame with straps.
Petalo Sofa from Paolo Castelli
Oslo is a cool couch with a rather abstract design. The overall impression is that of a refined piece of furniture with an interesting and a bit unusual geometry. The four legs which support the frame are unusually tall for a sofa and this gives the whole piece a rather slender and imposing look in spite of the overall delicate lines and angles.
Jennifer Genuine Leather Rolled Arm Sofa Bed
The quality of the materials and finishes used in a design can also help a simple-looking couch stand out. The Antone couch for instance has a beautiful genuine leather upholstery available in this dark navy blue nuance as well as a light shade of grey. The short tapered legs give it a lightweight and elegant appearance and the tufted back cushions create three equally comfortable spots to sit on.
Luncan double armchair design in leather
In the case of the Lemma sofa, the name is an indicator of the concept which inspired and which defines the design. The sofa’s design integrates a variety of different geometric forms and lines hence the correlation with the linguistics term which refers to the collection of all possible forms and declinations of a word.
Bubble is an iconic sofa and it’s easy to see why. Its design is simply…bubbly. It looks so soft and cozy you basically not having room for more than one in the living room. Interestingly enough, the manufacturing is done entirely by hand using a special type of very stretchable fabric.
Called Rest, this couch basically invites you to sit down, relax and just be comfortable whether you’re watching TV, taking a power nap or just chilling with friends and family. The design is rather classic, perhaps with a more casual and welcoming appeal given by those plush cushions. You can get it as a two or three seater.
Gray small couch design
Petalo is a cool couch with an oval seat and a very stylish backrest which envelops it the same way a petal envelops the pistil. A small portion of the base is visible at the bottom, outlining the sofa in a very chic manner.
Lemma Soca in Blue by Paolo Castelli
Apperson Genuine Leather Flared Arm Sofa
The list of cool couches continues with Orus, a compact seat with a this eye-catching base that has pairs of criss cross legs which are evenly spread around the seat. The oval shape of the seat and the curving backrest also give it a stand-out look.
Arena Sofa from Porada
The living room is more or less always centered around the couch unless of course you decide to give up the idea of having a sofa or a couch altogether and you replace it with something else in which case the very idea of not having a sofa becomes the focal point of the entire decor. But let’s assume you don’t want to revolutionize your living space that much and yet you don’t want it to be too mainstream either. The right furniture can definitely help you achieve that goal so let’s start with a few cool couches that you might find interesting.
Mambo unlimited ideas tufted green couch with wood legs
Finding a couch or a sofa that’s stylish, comfortable and also small or compact is quite the challenge. Jane is one of the models which manage to have it all. It’s simple but not without flair, small but not uncomfortably tiny and really cozy without being too fluffy or robust.
The high back of the Norton sofa extends to the sides and forms a cozy shell which ensures a very cozy and intimate look and feel. You can find in two versions, either with two or three seats and a design inspired by the armchair from the same series. The timber feet complement the upholstery in a very elegant manner.
The Emilis couch looks both very simple and very comfortable. It has a low back which seamlessly transitions into the two side panels/ armrests and the shell gives this piece a very clean look. The wooden legs elevate it off the floor and give it a lightweight look. What ends up making this couch look so comfortable however is the foam seat, back and armrests which create this soft but firm shell all around.
Agnes is a modern couch with an interesting geometry. Its design is bold but not necessarily in a futuristic way. The clean lines and the form of the couch are accentuated by the thin trim which is always in a different color than the upholstery. It outlines the shell of the couch, linking the seat and armrests.
Jane Emmanuel Gallina Poliform Gray Couch
EvanWide Square Arm Convertible Sofa
Norton cove sofa design in gray
The frames of couches are most often concealed yet that’s not often the case, as you can see in the case of the Arena sofa. It has a frame made of solid ash which is exposed and holds the structure in position, showcasing all the layers.
Emilis Wide Genuine Leather Flared Arm Sofa
Gia orange couch design
Rest series couch from Muuto
The overall shape of the Apperson sofa is pretty interesting even though it has these simple and clean lines. The frame and seat are well supported but the legs are small and slender, contrasting with the otherwise fairly robust body of this piece. The arms and the back curve ever so slightly and the vertical upholstery pattern puts an emphasis on these little details even more.
The design of the Jennifer sofa bed is minimal but not necessarily in a typical contemporary fashion. The rolled arms and curved edges give it a certain softness but at the same time it all looks very clean and firm. There’s a variety of upholstery options to choose from and several beautiful colors to pick from. Also, this converts into a comfortable bed with minimal effort.
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Flexibility and modularity are very important in the case of the Eugene sofa bed. You can use this as a loveseat in which case it takes up a small amount of space but you can also turn it into a queen-size bed. It also has a simple and modern geometry and it’s designed to be comfortable in both forms. It sits directly onto the floor and it’s made from several foam modules wrapped in fabric covers.
Eugene Square Arm Sofa Bed

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