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Cozy Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas From Instagram

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Each individual space inside a home has its own distinct look and feel and that’s based on the way in which it’s all designed and decorated. A bedroom for instance is meant to feel inviting and to be comfortable and relaxing. A cozy bedroom is often what we’re aiming for when planning the interior and…




Bedroom with wooden floor and grey paint walls
Bedroom with wooden floor and wall decorations
Bedroom with pink walls and a white bed
Some nice wallpaper can really suit a bedroom and help to highlight its style. Here the pattern is only visible on the upper part of the accent wall but it’s enough to add a subtle focal point to this part of the room. We also love the antique chest at the foot of the bed and the picture ledge above the headboard. Check out @my.boho.farmhouse to find out more details about this design. 
Bedroom with black wall and white bed cover
We mentioned earlier that black can work as an accent color for the bedroom so here’s how that could look like. This bedroom from @mybohodecor has a black accent wall which helps the furniture and decorations placed against it to stand out even though taken separately they’re simple and conventional. 
Although a lot of the elements in this bedroom are quite robust the room as a whole has a very inviting and comfortable look. The accent wall creates a nice point of interest and an elegant backdrop for the wall sconces and curtains. At the same time, the headboard add a nice farmhouse feel to the room. Follow @homesweetlakehouse for more interesting design ideas. 
Another nice look for a cozy bedroom is one that’s toned down and simple. This design shared by @laurenashleyhansen makes use of light shades of grey, white and some wood accents and the result is a very relaxing and soothing ambiance. 
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The new set of duvets and pillowcases immediately gave shine to the bedroom
Another really nice idea is to make the bedroom feel bright, pure and airy. That can be done by keeping the decor simple and using natural colors, finishes and textures. This beautiful design by @lil.sweet.home makes excellent use of string lights to create a very soothing and welcoming ambiance in the room. 
It can also be nice to try a bohemian bedroom design by incorporating various different colors and textures into it and adding lots of little details that give it character. The chandelier here has a really cool design and the wall art behind the bed is a nice eye-catching addition as well. Follow @myinspiringinterior for more interesting design ideas. 
Often the design process start with choosing a style. Some are better than others at creating warm and cozy vibes. For instance, a farmhouse bedroom doesn’t need much help to look inviting and comfy. This design shared by @alittledoseofjen is definitely on the right track. 
An area rug can greatly improve the look and feel of a cozy bedroom. It adds warmth and texture to the room and it’s also a nice way to introduce a bit of color and pattern into the decor as well. This is a nice example from @pinebendhome that shows a traditional rug design paired with a bunch of other nice details. 
Lovely bedroom with green blanket and white wooden floor

Bedroom with brown wooden bed white walls and a blue carpet

A nice chandelier or a couple of lamps on the nightstands can add an elegant and luxurious vibe to the bedroom without overwhelming it with lots of little details. These can of course come in addition to other elements like the area rug or carpet, the window treatments and so on. You can find plenty of inspiration in this design shared by @kimk.styledwithlace. 
Bedroom with wooden floor and red carpet
If you’re looking for new bedroom paint ideas consider using dark nuances for the ceiling or for an accent wall. A dark share of grey, midnight blue or even black can look really stylish in a bedroom and would make an excellent backdrop for the light fixtures, decorations or headboard. We really like the texture on this wall. It helps the room look a lot more interesting. Follow @normafranckhomes for more inspiring ideas. 
This bedroom design shared by @athomewithjenna is nicely balanced and has a lovely eclectic feel. The bed frame made of solid wood is well complemented by the blue-toned area rug and by the curtains and the mirror frame and pendant lamp add a boho vibe to the room and lots of charm and elegance. 

Dreamy guest bedroom with matte wall paint

Boho-chic bedroom decor is all about the textures and finishes involved and all the little details sprinkled around the room. This design shared by @mybohodecor is a very good one because it’s packed full of inspiring little accents and details such as the woven pendant lamp, the fresh pastel colors, the wall decorations and the overall casualness of the room. 
Bedroom with flowered wallpaper a wooden bed and a storage chest
Bedroom in two colors and orange bedding
It can sometimes be tricky and challenging to come up with a good way to decorate the walls in a bedroom. A good idea is often to go with something simple without too many colors or details, something abstract that doesn’t overwhelm the space yet stands out in a beautiful and interesting way. We think this design by @hillviewhomestyle is absolutely perfect in this sense. 
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This lovely bedroom has double glass doors with wooden frames that lead straight outside into the garden. They bring lots of sunlight into the room and add a fresh and vibrant touch to the decor. The room has also been decorated with various potted plants that help to bring more of nature’s charm and beauty inside. check out @mybedroomlooks for more inspiring ideas. 
This bedroom shared by @kastl_media is quite big and spacious but also has a really cozy look. It features a chalet-inspired design with lots of wood that adds warmth to the decor and it also big windows and access to a terrace with a really cool view of the mountains. 
Cozy bedroom with rustic decor
Each individual space inside a home has its own distinct look and feel and that’s based on the way in which it’s all designed and decorated. A bedroom for instance is meant to feel inviting and to be comfortable and relaxing. A cozy bedroom is often what we’re aiming for when planning the interior and there’s lots of different ways to achieve that. Luckily, we can get a ton of inspiration online so today we’re looking at a bunch of lovely cozy bedroom ideas from Instagram
Other interesting and beautiful decor ideas for a bedroom include adding some potted plants, decorating the walls with mirrors or with framed artwork or casually placing a basket next to the bed which can hold a few extra pillows or a cozy blanket. There are all sorts of variations that you can try so be creative. Perhaps this design shared by @my_midcenturyboho_newbuild can inspire you. 
Bedroom with chandelier that imitates candles and a carpet with colorful shapes
There’s lots of details that can be added to a bedroom to make it look and feel more inviting, cozy and beautiful. You can see a bunch of cool examples in this space shared by @thewhitehoneyhome. Things like the blanket ladder casually leaning against the wall, the bench, the mirror, the hanging planter and all the greenery help this place come to life in a really charming way. 
There’s plenty of ways in which you can add color to a bedroom. One option that we’re fond of is to keep all the fixed elements neutral like the walls, flooring and the big furniture pieces, and to introduce color through things like the bedding, accent pillows, curtains and items that can be easily replaced if you ever want to try to a different color palette. How about this cool bedroom with happy yellow vibes? Follow @nest_twenty_eight for more details and ideas.
Bedroom with wooden beamed ceilings overlooking the mountains
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Bedroom with yellow blanket and tassels and gray carpet
The bed is the most important piece of furniture in this room so you might as well go with a style and a design that you really like and that complements the rest of the space around it. An upholstered bed frame can make the room super cozy and also lets you add more texture and color to the design. Check out this bedroom design from @houseonasugarhill for inspiration. 
The post Cozy Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas From Instagram appeared first on Homedit.
Simple and and subdued colors are a really great fit for a modern or a contemporary bedroom. They go well with the minimalism which defines these styles. This bedroom design shared by @bear_creek_farmhouse is a really nice example. We like the symmetry of the room and the subtle green garland that adds a focal point to the decor. 
Bedroom with shades of gray and a fluffy carpet
cozy bedroom ideas
Bed with cotton linen duvet cover and rustic decor
The bedroom has been refreshed thanks to the furniture line and the soft soft bed like butter
Bedroom with brown wood floor and floral arrangement on the furniture

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