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Style Your Living Room with a Drum Coffee Table

Regardless of whether you are a coffee drinker or not, having a coffee table is a must because it’s a practical and stylish piece of furniture that can serve decorative and functional purposes alike. With many different styles and materials available, drum coffee tables are just one design that could easily fit into the room…
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Regardless of whether you are a coffee drinker or not, having a coffee table is a must because it’s a practical and stylish piece of furniture that can serve decorative and functional purposes alike. With many different styles and materials available, drum coffee tables are just one design that could easily fit into the room or your choice, but could also complement your existing outdoor decor.
One of the best things about drum coffee table is the fact that they are available in a variety of different styles that you could look into if you want to find one that matches your existing room decor:
The post Style Your Living Room with a Drum Coffee Table appeared first on Homedit.

Drum Coffee Table Materials

The general rule says that the coffee table needs to be lower or of the same height as the sofa, but there are a few exceptions to this rule. If you can choose a taller coffee table if you have a shorter couch, if you have small pets and don’t want them to be able to see what’s resting on the tabletop, or if you entertain often and want a coffee table with a surface that’s easier to reach.

Wood drum coffee tables

There is so much to be said when it comes to the Clevedon coffee table, where do we even begin? Let’s start off by mentioning that, unlike other drum coffee tables we’ve looked at today, this one can hold an impressive 350 pounds in weight because it comes three of the sturdiest materials used to make furniture: a stainless steel base and a wooden top that’s coated in cement. Measuring 15.75” H x 31.5” L x 31.5” W, the clean round silhouette combines a golden base with a gray top, creating a perfect piece of furniture for everyone who wants a contemporary drum coffee table.


Drum tables are typically used as coffee tables, but this particular table shape can serve other purposes as well, including as a living room and end tables or to replace nightstand on both sides of the bed.


Seagrass and rattan are two of the most common natural materials that are used to make coffee tables that belong to this particular category. They can be used as indoor pieces of furniture, although synthetic rattan checks all the boxes that a quality piece of outdoor furniture needs to possess. They are also pretty easy to care for, because spills can be cleaned with a clean cloth.

When you’re looking to buy a coffee table, be it a drum-shaped one or a model available in some other shape, it’s important that you take a look into the construction and style of the table you want to purchase. Drum coffee tables can be made from literally any material that’s normally used in table manufacturing, with each material possessing a unique set of features that one could benefit from.


Coming in strong at 13.3” H x 33” L x 33” W, this drum table is made from aluminum that creates one of the lightest coffee tables out there (17.38 pounds in weight), but also one that can only support 15 pounds in weight. The silver finish and the overall design of this drum coffee table makes it suitable for a variety of room decors, including boho-inspired setups and modern rooms that want to add a vibrant furniture piece to the ensemble.

Natural materials

Compton Coffee Table

Drum Coffee Table Styles to Consider

Made from quality teak and capable of supporting up 200 pounds in weight and comes with a beautiful design that adds a natural appeal to the room. It measures 16” H x 31” L x 31” W and it’s made with teak branches that create a unique base, with no two products ever being identical. The smooth curves of the branches and the teak wood graining make this drum table a piece that could easily blend into a multitude of different room styles.

  • Traditional coffee tables are what people consider to be formal furniture. For a drum table to be considered traditional, it should have ornate details, such as carvings, and have rich woods in its construction.
  • Transitional styles lie at the border between traditional and contemporary, and a drum coffee table that matches this style need to have a casual and functional feel. Most coffee tables that belong to the transitional style are easy to match with a variety of room decors.
  • Contemporary coffee tables strictly refer to the products that are currently popular and they are not to be confused with modern items. When you spot a drum coffee table with a modern design, it usually means that it has bold and bright accents. Some of the most common models have metal bases and glass tops.
  • Cottage/country coffee tables are characterized by feminine lines, with distressed and paint finishes.
  • Industrial coffee tables are pretty easy to recognize as they are mostly made from concrete, stainless steel, and wood. Basically, anything that looks like it’s been savaged, refurbished, or made from a pre-existing piece, can be considered an industrial drum coffee table.
  • Mid-century modern coffee tables are characterized by product design that were popular between the 50s and the 60s. They have clean and simple lines, and are made from molded plastic or bent wood.

Best Drum Coffee Table

Solid Wood Drum Coffee Table

Another table for metal lovers is the Laya, a piece of furniture that combines 95 percent aluminum and five percent iron to create a table that supports up to 30 pounds in weight. The Laya is a table that measures 14” H x 42” L x 42” W and comes with a metallic silver finish that makes this product suitable for modern and glam interior decors, with hammered details that match the contemporary aesthetic style as well.
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Cyril Drum Coffee Table

DrumCoffee Table

Drum Coffee Table

Stick around for more useful information on drum coffee table construction, as we answer the most burning questions on the topic and determine what are the best products that you can currently buy.
This particular drum coffee table is a piece of mid-century modern furniture that measures 15.75” H x 23.5” L x 23.5” W. Since it weighs a little under 11 pounds, this is a coffee table that could easily be moved around if you ever decide to change its location or get it out of the way. Made from aluminum and iron, the lightweight metal construction can only support up to 15 pounds in weight.

Compton Coffee Table

Laya Drum Coffee Table
Clevedon Sled Coffee Table

Espinoza Drum Coffee Table

If you made your own wood drum coffee table or are looking to buy but aren’t sure what the best finish for it is, expert woodworkers suggest using classical sealer/stain/topcoat approaches.
There are plenty of advantages to choosing a drum coffee table, and the variety of different materials that can be used to manufacture one is certainly a benefit. At this particular chapter, you’ll be delighted to know that just because a coffee table is drum-shaped, that doesn’t limit the versatility of the construction, so you can expect these tables to be made from the materials that are normally used to make other coffee tables, including:

Clevedon Sled Coffee Table

Back in the late 18th century, the drum table was introduced in the shape of a circular table that was normally covered in tooled leather and could be fitted with drawers or bookshelves. Today, drum tables gather all tables that have the shape of the musical instrument with the same name.
Jaydon Coffee Table

Laya Drum Coffee Table

Solid Wood Drum Coffee Table
Coffee tables that are made from wood are available in a variety of different styles, being one of the most diverse materials to work with. If you want a modern vibe, go from drum coffee tables that have lighter finishes. Those looking for mid-century pieces should focus on tables made from acorn or teak. Industrial tables require darker finishes. Coastal and rustic rooms could benefit from weathered woods.

Jaydon Coffee Table

Stone coffee tables are usually made with all different kinds of stone, but marble is the most popular and oftentimes considered the most elegant choice. Marble can be paired with a multitude of interior design styles, but it is often chosen by people who want to decorate a modern or a glam space.
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Metal coffee tables are usually more suitable for transitional or industrial decors, but that would also depend on the finish of the table. For instance, a brass or gold finish might be best suited for a glam-type room. There aren’t that many drum coffee tables that are made entirely out of metal (you do have a few options, though, and we’re going to show a couple in the second half of this article) as this material is usually paired with wood or glass. Metal coffee tables are quite durable and easy to clean.

Drum Coffee Table

One of the drum coffee tables that we fell in love with right from the start is the Jaydon. Made from solid and manufactured wood, the table surprises the room with the shine given by the high gloss white finish. It measures 13” H x 31.5” L x 23.75” W and can support a total weight of almost 210 pounds, being one of the sturdiest models in today’s list. The multifunctional table has two rotatable upper parts, allowing you to get playful with the design of the table but also expanding the table top to hold more items.
Espinoza Drum Coffee Table


What is a drum table used for?

The Compton coffee table falls into the more premium product category, being made from solid mango wood and bringing first a metallic gray finish with distressed details. Measuring 17.75” H x 32.75” L x 32.75” W, this table can support a total of 100 pounds in weight. With 61 pounds in weight, this is not the kind of table that you could easily move around the room, so make sure that you find a more permanent spot for it from the get-go.

What is a drum table?

Next up, we have one more eco-friendly suggestion made by the same brand as the one before: Joss & Main. The construction of the table uses capiz shells, transforming this recycled material into a mosaic-style tile that creates a gorgeous handcrafted drum table. Measuring 16” H x 31” L x 31” W, this coffee table can support up to 100 pounds in weight, being the perfect option for a glam-style room or even for outdoor patio use.

Is it OK to have a coffee table higher than a sofa

Cyril Drum Coffee Table

What is the best finish to put on a coffee table?

Industrial furniture lovers need to look no further, as the Espinoza drum coffee table matches the industrial style like few other models can. With exposed metal nail accents and full metal construction, the table can support up to 50 pounds in weight. The table measures 15” H x 33” L x 33” W and has a circular silhouette that stands out thanks to the antique copper finish that offers a ruggedness that only industrial furniture pieces can bring to the table.

The Bottom Line

Drum coffee tables are rarely made from glass alone, but they could have glass tabletop and wood or metal bases. They are the perfect choice for contemporary aesthetic and work really well with glam interior decors. However, one of the main drawbacks of choosing such a table is the fact that glass can be a nuisance to clean, especially since the surface attracts fingerprints and cup stains (make sure that you always use coasters).
Drum Coffee Table

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