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Create The Perfect Living Room Spot With A Modern Entertainment Center

Updating your house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to undertake a huge renovation of one or more spaces in your home. You can do a lot with a trade out of furnishings to modernize your living space, including switching out living room décor. One quick way to make a difference is to invest in a…
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The entertainment center supports a television of up to 46 inches, with an opening measuring 47.6 inches long and 35.25 inches high, whereas the entire piece measures 71.5 inches long, 62.13 inches high, and 8.5 inches deep. Full assembly is required but isn’t difficult and can be done as a solo project easily. It comes with a 2-year product warranty so you feel comfortable with your purchase.
Best TV Size for Bedrooms
The VIGO floating TV Stand is a contemporary addition that will complement any living room. It is wall-mounted and contains two cabinets with drop-down doors for storage. You may use this simple but effective item to store media accessories such as gaming consoles and other electronic devices in hidden cabinets for further security. The entire stand measures 70.9” W x 11.8” H x 15.7” D and looks extremely fit for a modern-style room. 

What to Look for in a Modern Entertainment Center

Aubrianna Entertainment Center for TVs up to 60 inch
The Orren Ellis Morton Entertainment Center and its off-center design truly embraces the contemporary sleek style of a modern house while maximizing storage space and reducing maintenance time by making cleaning extremely easy. The manufactured wood material is light in weight but sturdy and covered in a high-grade gloss laminate that is both attractive and functional for easy wipe down and long lasting resilience.

How to Choose a Modern Entertainment Center

Inis Floating TV Stand for TVs up to 75

  • First and foremost, measure the size of your living area in addition to the size of your electrical devices. Consider the amount of floor space you have available as well how big or small your electronic devices are. Think about other components of the room, like window or sofa size, as the lack of sufficient room might block these. When you’re looking to buy a modern entertainment center, consider one that will not take up a lot of floor space and will be able to accommodate your equipment needs. It is also important to consider the height of the entertainment center to ensure that the television is at a comfortable viewing height.
  • Aside from its practicality, such a piece of furniture provides flair to the living space. When looking for the perfect living room entertainment center, it’s crucial to consider the various models and designs. A modern entertainment center will add a subtle focus point to your living area and match your existing décor. There is a wide range of entertainment centers available, from modern to rustic. You are sure to find something that suits your style and adds life to the overall decor of your home (provided that’s what you’re aiming for, of course). 
  • In addition to appearance, functionality should be taken into consideration while choosing such a product. Entertainment centers are available in a variety of styles and sizes, each having a varied amount of storage solutions. Determine how many electronic gadgets you own and then select a contemporary entertainment center with adequate storage solutions to match your needs, as well as other complementary features to make your living room a more comfortable space.
  • Some entertainment centers come with integrated illumination, but is this something you really need? Lighting can be incandescent or fluorescent, concealed or exposed, but it can provide interest and a decorative element to your living space. Additionally, some designs have lavish lampshades, small chandeliers, or wall lights. If you choose this type, take care that the illumination does not interfere with or detract from your television viewing experience.
  • Other models provide a combination between fixed and movable parts. Some entertainment centers are made up of a number of modules, some of which are moveable or detachable. This feature provides tremendous functional flexibility, since you can move out or add units as needed. For instance, a book cabinet on casters can be integrated into the entertainment center, but if you’re in the mood to do a little Sunday reading, you can transfer it to your study and switch books at will.

The cinnamon cherry finish on the entertainment center elevates the appearance of the piece, which gives you tons of storage space in a condensed overall size. There are several shelves for storing and displaying items of value or sentiment, as well as 2 enclosed cabinets for hidden storage where you can discretely tuck other items out of sight.

TV Size for Room Calculator

In order to determine the best TV size for your bedroom, it’s still a good choice to consider all the information we’ve given in the previous section. The distance between your eyes and the TV follows the same rules, so you’re going to need to measure your bedroom space in order to determine what size TV fits best.
Delrosario TV Stand for TVs up to 90
The top shelf allows you to display items of your choice, while 4 cabinets and 6 drawers provide you with discreet storage for any items you wish. Built in LED lights add showmanship to the entertainment center and allow you to have low level lighting with all other lights turned off for optimal viewing at night, much like a theater. The manufactured wood and glass design are a lighter weight than hard wood, making it easier to assemble and set up in your space without assistance, with nothing more than a screwdriver required.
The manufactured wood construction is sturdy but lighter weight than hardwood, coming in at 156 pounds. The overall unit measures 72.32 inches long, 63.42 inches high, and 14.92 inches deep, with a TV opening that measures 40.71 inches high. Full assembly and installation are required, utilizing a screwdriver, hammer, and power drill.
Everything about the Delrosario stand screams “modern”. A 16-color LED light system with color control and on/off remote control is incorporated with high gloss fronts and a high gloss top, and the body is matte. Produced in and imported from the European Union, this sleek and unique contemporary design is ideal for individuals in need of more living room storage space. It comes flat packed and ready to ship, making for a simple and quick set-up process.
Olivas Entertainment Center

Best TV Size for Bedrooms

Rawlins Entertainment Center for TVs up to 46 inch
Wall Mounted Floating Modern Entertainment Center Fly I

Tribesigns Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

The Union Rustic Olivas Entertainment Center is an unusually industrial modern take on an entertainment center, with a way of taking minimalist elements and weaving them intricately for an overall attractive design. Combining real wood, veneers, and iron, the entertainment center is attractive and will catch the attention of guests while also remaining functional and enterprising. The open shelves show off the iron lattice work that creates the strong design, using solid and manufactured wood to complete the industrial blend of materials.
The Boone Floating Entertainment Center is a clean, modern design that keeps you in the game with plenty of storage and contemporary design without taking up vast amounts of space. The entertainment center comes with brackets that make mounting a television up to 70 inches convenient, while mounting to the wall itself so you save space on the floor, even allowing you to tuck extra seating beneath the unit for guests.

Wall Mounted Floating Modern Entertainment Center

Southbury Entertainment Center

Inis Floating TV Stand 

Tribesigns Mid Century Modern TV Stand
The Orren Ellis Priebe Entertainment Center is a postmodern fixture that will elevate your space by bringing in a contemporary look and feel while also cleaning up the space around you, allowing you to easily organize and tuck away any items you don’t want in sight. Built to accommodate an incredible amount of storage, the entertainment center provides room for all of your things, from additional electronic devices to show items to those things that need to be tucked out of sight but remain easily accessible.

White Delrosario TV Stand

However, we would like to point out that it’s a better idea to avoid having a TV in the bedroom altogether. The blue light emitted by these screens will decrease melatonin secretion, telling your brain it’s not time for bed yet. If you do opt for a bedroom TV, consider limiting your screen time and turning the TV off at least one hour before going to bed. You don’t want your brain telling you it’s not time to fall asleep yet. 
Cerie Floating Entertainment Center

White Wall Mounted Floating Modern Entertainment Center

Storage is then provided behind sleekly finished doors in 2 cabinets and 2 full extension drawers, where you can tuck away unsightly items that you need to access easily. There are 2 open shelves for additional media players required for your entertainment, and 2 overhead LED lights help you reduce lighting during viewing and set the mood for a movie or binge watching a series.
Since today’s resolutions are virtually solely 4k, it takes a huge TV and a close look to notice resolution flaws. This allows you to sit closer to your TV and enjoy a more immersive experience. Like a movie theater, the more TV you see, the more immersive it feels.

Mid-Century Modern Entertainment Center Ideas

WAMPAT Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Boone Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inch
Pratiksha Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65 inch

Walker Edison Englewood Mid Century Modern Stand

The manufactured wood construction keeps it light while remaining sturdy for longevity. It includes two floating shelves for displaying your favorite photos or other sentimental pieces, with 3 drawers and 4 cabinets for additional hidden storage of items you need to easily access without them cluttering your area. Keep your electronic entertainment devices neat and organized while being able to view a television screen of up to 88 inches with the support of this entertainment center. Weighing 230 pounds, the entertainment center measures 98.4 inches long, 74.8 inches high, and 16.5 inches deep, with floating shelves that are 19.7 inches long. The unit comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty so you can rest assured it will do its job appropriately.
Individual details in an image can be distinguished by their angular resolution. Sitting too far away from the screen may cause pixelation, while sitting too close will cause blurring. To avoid noticing the pixels in lesser resolutions, you must sit further away than desired. Even when watching a high definition 1080p HD movie, sitting close to a 1080p TV can appear as if you’re looking through a screen door. Increasing the distance from the TV improves the image quality.


Lasker Floating Entertainment Center
The Orren Ellis Cerie Floating Entertainment Center provides an excellent backdrop for today’s larger televisions as well as an aesthetically pleasing design element that can be a focal point of your entire living space. Its ultramodern style is sleek and simple, overhauling your viewing area into a contemporary design. As a floating entertainment center, it leaves room beneath for additional seating storage, as well as other items you need to push out of the way on a daily basis, maximizing the space in your home.

Entertainment Center with Fireplace Ideas

Gray Delaine Entertainment Center

In this world of larger televisions and more electronics, the needs for entertainment centers have changed, and updating your model can elevate the look of your home, accommodate the new requirements for electronics, and create a modern appearance to your overall design. Finding the best modern entertainment center for your living room or den involves knowing what elements will be necessary for organization of your materials.
Buying a modern entertainment center can be troublesome because there are chances of ending up spending money on something that’s not right for your home. Hopefully, we can shed some light on what you should expect from such a product, so here are the main features to look out for:

White Southbury Entertainment Center

When it’s time to replace your current setup, there are a few major considerations to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to be sure your entertainment center is amply rated to accommodate the size of your television, assuming you don’t intend to wall mount the TV. Also, you likely don’t need as much space for electronics, since you likely have a Smart TV that doesn’t require a number of attachments, such as DVD and BluRay players. However, because there is never enough storage for other items in the house, you’ll probably want to consider a unit with the type of storage that allows you to discreetly store such items.
The thoughtful design of this storage TV stand includes two side drawers as well as a smooth sliding door for ease of usage. In addition to the two big drawers that provide covert storage for your electrical equipment, the smooth sliding door glides effortlessly on the rail for uncomplicated push and pull operation.

More Modern Entertainment Center Design Ideas

Boone Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70″

When it comes to entertainment centers in a modern style, this one is pretty much a dream come true. With the provided wall brackets, wall installation is a breeze. High gloss fronts with a matte body and an LED lighting system are combined in this design. The TIP-ON system, which uses a touch sensor, opens the doors. There are no handles required. With pins and eccentric type connections, it is simple to assemble. Shipped in its original packaging, flat packaged. With an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, this kit is ready to assemble.
Have you ever watched TV for 30 minutes only to feel that your eyes are watery and extremely sore? This could be due to the fact that there isn’t enough distance between you and the screen of your TV. There are plenty of online calculators that will teach you how to measure this size accordingly, but they’re pretty cumbersome to understand, so we’re going to explain it so that everyone reading can finally know how to calculate the size of the TV based on the available room distance. 
You also have 5 enclosed cabinets to tuck away any items you need to store in an organized fashion so that they aren’t visible but remain easily accessible. The manufactured wood construction is covered with a white gloss finish, while the 12 shelves are a neutral gray. This large piece requires full assembly, and it weighs 325 pounds in all. The overall size measures 114.25 inches long, 71.25 inches high, and 11.75 inches deep, with a television opening that will accommodate up to a 65-inch flat screen TV. All tools for assembly and installation are included upon purchase to make the job quite easy for you.
Morton Entertainment Center for TVs up to 88 inch

Pratiksha Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65″

The manufactured wood construction is sturdy, able to hold up to 70 pounds, while keeping the weight down to 186 pounds, and the blend of brew oak and grand walnut finishes with a black powder coated metal frame take the classic wood look and update it for a modern feel. The overall entertainment center measures 90 inches long, 60.12 inches high, and 18 inches deep, with the TV opening measuring 54 inches long and 24.21 inches high. The credenza comes with a 5-year limited warranty so you can feel comfortable with its integrity.
Updating your house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to undertake a huge renovation of one or more spaces in your home. You can do a lot with a trade out of furnishings to modernize your living space, including switching out living room décor. One quick way to make a difference is to invest in a modern entertainment center.
The entertainment center accommodates a television of up to 88 inches for prime viewing, with a TV opening that’s 105 inches wide, 70 inches high, and 15 inches deep. The base is 106.3 inches by 10.23 inches by 16.1 inches, and the floating shelves are 47.24 inches long. The two tower cabinets each measure 39.4 inches high, 13.8 inches wide, and 9.84 inches deep.

Black Priebe Entertainment Center for TVs up to 75″

This particular entertainment center is the perfect example of how modern elements can be combined with something as rustic as a fireplace. This product includes a 40″ wide electric fireplace insert with a remote control, three different flame colors, temperature adjustment, a timer setting, and a dimmable light setting.
Modern Entertainment Center
The paint finish over the manufactured wood includes microbe antibacterial protection to help maintain the integrity of the entertainment center. The overall dimensions of the piece measure 85.4 inches long, 18.4 inches high, and 16.85 inches deep, with a television opening that is 85.6 inches long, 52.25 inches high, and 8.46 inches deep and supports an 88-inch TV. It weighs 265 pounds and supports up to 297 pounds of weight.

Norloti Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70″

The Red Barrel Studio Rawlins Entertainment Center is an excellent contemporary solution for a smaller living room that makes the most of the space you have to showcase your television without overwhelming your space and feeling cramped. With a combination of solid and manufactured wood construction, you have an excellent, sturdy product that still doesn’t weigh a ton, totaling just over 141 pounds, and it is rated to hold up to 95 pounds.
HOMECHO TV Stand for TVs up to 60
There are also two open shelves for your equipment to connect directly to your TV for easy access. The top shelf allows you to display important items. The entire unit measures 128 inches long, 76 inches high, and 18.5 inches deep. The gloss white and oak finish give it contrast that makes it beautiful in any space, regardless of the color themes of your décor. Assembly is simple, requiring nothing more than a screwdriver and two people. Cleaning is also a breeze, since you only need to wipe the glossy surface with a dry cloth.

Cerie Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 88″

The blend of high gloss and matte finishes play off each other for an extremely modern appearance, and the multicolor LED lights provide a showcase in the glass cabinets, as well as theatrical lighting for nighttime viewing without burning other lights. The construction consists of manufactured wood and glass that come together in a unique design and provide sturdy and reliable usage for holding up to 80 pounds. It accommodates televisions as large as 75 inches, measuring 102 inches long, 60 inches tall, and 16 inches deep, with a TV opening measuring 66.9 inches wide and 45 inches high.
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The WAMPAT is a pretty straightforward item that fits into a mid-century modern room pretty well. Stackable shelves with adjustable heights provide a significant and practical amount of storage capacity. Closed and open storage with cord management are both available with this product. The top of the television console is built with cable holes to conceal unsightly wires. A set of bottom pads for the legs is included to save your floor from being scratched, and mending wedges are included to strengthen the rear of the TV stand, which increases stability even further.

Morton Entertainment Center for TVs up to 88″

Modern white media center
The Union Rustic Aubrianna Entertainment Center transitions the beauty and charm of classic elements into a modern design that sets you up for organization and hours of entertainment. The entertainment center contains 3 pieces – a credenza and 2 tower cabinets – which create a perfect showpiece to highlight your large flat screen television of up to 60 inches, while also giving you tons of space to store unsightly items behind sliding cabinet doors as well as display photos, books, or other items you feel sentimental about.
WAMPAT Mid Century Modern TV Stand
The entertainment center consists of 3 pieces – the center credenza and the 2 tower shelf units on either side – with the shelving being a neutral brown and the iron coated in a distress amber paint. All the tools for assembly and installation are included, and it doesn’t require multiple people to put it together, instructions easy to follow and pieces light weight, with the entire entertainment center only weighing 89 pounds. It can hold 20 pounds of display items, with a television opening accommodating up to a 70-inch TV. The fully assembled entertainment center measures 110.75 inches long, 76 inches high, and 15 inches deep.

Caverly Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65″

With different takes on what defines a contemporary design, you’ll find a variety of modern entertainment centers that can accommodate various sizes of televisions, as well as fitting in specific locations in your home. Determine your needs for storage and your preferences for appearance, and you’ll find something incredible to elevate your home.
The specifications of this MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS modern entertainment center are pretty similar to the model described earlier, so we won’t bother you with specifics again. You can opt between six color choices but, at the end of the day, remember that this is one of the most complete and modern-type centers you’re going to find. 
Walker Edison Englewood Mid Century Modern

Aubrianna Entertainment Center for TVs up to 60″

Weighing 240 pounds, the entertainment center measures 102 inches long, 50 inches tall, and 16 inches deep and can hold up to 120 pounds. It comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty against defects.
You should also decide if you want your entertainment center to be a focal point of the room or to blend into the space without calling a lot of attention to the design. Essentially, however, one of the most important aspects is functionality, and that means it has to fit the space you have without overwhelming the room or making it feel small and cramped. Here are some of the best modern entertainment centers you can find available online.
Delaine Entertainment Center

Rawlins Entertainment Center for TVs up to 46″

The Latitude Run Lasker Floating Entertainment Center introduces contemporary design with minimalist aspects and elements of clean lines and sharp angles. Start with a tempered glass stand that can accommodate an enormous flat screen television of up to 88 inches and all of its components and wires, and you already have a perfect addition to your media center.
The Brayden Studio Pratiksha Entertainment Center has an ultramodern design that uses both high gloss and matte finishes to bring contemporary elements into your space, along with incredible amounts of storage. Equipped for modern homes with larger viewing devices and numerous electronics, the entertainment center can fit a television of up to 65 inches and accommodate tons of storage for both electronic devices and other items you wish to keep out of sight.
The Southbury entertainment center is another great example of how people have broken the invisible boundaries of interior design to create something cozy. This is a modern wall unit that may be used as an entertainment console or an entertainment center. It comes with an integrated electric fireplace with glass fronts and remote-control operation, a LED system, six storage cabinets, and a gorgeous modern design. 
Caverly Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65 inch

Crandon Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65″

Tempered glass adds a beautification aspect to the wall mounted columns, and multicolored LED lighting included in the entertainment center allows for theatrical type viewing of programs as well as setting the mood for whatever you wish to watch. The system consists of 5 pieces, including 2 columns with cabinets, 2 open shelves for displaying various sentimental and showcase items, and a base unit with tons of covered storage space to keep handy but unsightly items tucked away.
The problem is that, because of this immersive experience, people end up sitting too close to the screen or they end up buying TV sets which are way too big for their rooms. This is where the problem starts: because the biggest screen isn’t always best. The human visual system has a 200-degree horizontal field of view, with some peripheral vision. While getting a big TV for movies makes sense, not all content is meant to occupy the entire screen. Trying to watch sports up close while focusing on a particular section of the screen rapidly gets unpleasant.
The Orren Ellis Caverly Entertainment Center gives you a complete entertainment wall, filled with storage options and ways to organize all your electronic equipment for a neat, tidy setup in a modern setting. Made of manufactured wood, the enormous entertainment center is still light weight compared to hard wood options, weighing in at only 350 pounds. It has room to accommodate up to a 65 inch television, with two large drawers beneath and tall cabinets on either side for hidden storage of all the items that would otherwise clutter your living room.

Olivas Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70″

TV Size for Room Calculator
Long story short, to determine the appropriate TV size for your needs, divide your TV viewing distance (in inches) by 1.6. The end result equals a 30-degree angle. For example, for a distance of 8.5 feet, it’s best to choose a 61-inch TV, while a distance of 12 feet demands an 86-inch screen. 
It includes 3 media shelves so that, if you do have additional devices, there is ample opportunity to cleanly store them, with built in media holes – 1 for the television and 1 for media wires coming from additional electronics. Storage consists of two spacious cubbies as well, letting you tuck away movies or other items, while an overhead shelf allows you to display important items, such as family photos, trophies, and more. The natural wood grain color provides a lovely aesthetic, and the unique paint incorporates an antimicrobial agent that keeps the entertainment center clean and safe for the environment.

Lasker Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 88″

The Langley Street Norloti Floating Entertainment Center brings midcentury modern style into the new millennium while remaining both functional and visually appealing. The wall mounted unit is a space saver as well as an amazing focal point to your living room, family room, den, or game room, allowing you to organize all your electronics and entertainment devices for aesthetics as well as usefulness.
The Orren Ellis Crandon Entertainment Center is a fabulous neomodern piece that becomes a built-in fixture and allows you to showcase items and your television while also making the entire setup a focal point. At the bottom left of the design, you’ll find two small shelves that are ideal for all your electronics, such as streaming devices and gaming systems. On the right, you’ll find uneven shelving for showcasing your most precious items, keeping with the modern asymmetric ideals of the era.
This beautiful 70-inch TV stand will elevate your living space to a whole new level of sophistication. This piece has a mid-century contemporary appearance thanks to the use of metal tapered legs, elegant metal handles, and a center glass shelf. Media, gadgets, accessories, books, and décor may all be stored in this high-quality MDF entertainment center to provide you more space in your home.
Norloti Floating Entertainment Center for TVs


One of our most favorite mid-century modern entertainment TV stands is some from Tribedesigns, so bear with us as we walk you through the features. A cable management hole is situated at the back of the television stand to help with the mess of wires that are quite commonly found in ECs. The one-of-a-kind metal legs provide additional stability to the entire construction and ensure that it does not sway randomly. The knobs make it easy to open and close the door, and the straightforward design provides tremendous convenience. The TV will not fall from the top surface due to the long and 6.69″ high spherical tube on the back of the TV.
Open shelves hold DVD or BluRay players and game systems, with predrilled holes for feeding wires through the back to the television. The entertainment center is ready for TV mounting of televisions up to 70 inches. The shelf at the top is set up to display personal items with sentimental value. The manufactured wood construction makes it lighter weight than hard wood, and the finish offers natural wood grain color variation for artistic style. The overall product weighs 100 pounds, and it measures 71 inches long, 64 inches high, and 11 inches deep in the shelving area. It can hold up to 100 pounds overall, with 7 pounds on the top shelf, and it comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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