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Dog with Mobility Issues? Consider Dog Stairs For Fed

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Throughout the years, dog owners have started investing more and more money in the comfort and health of their four-legged companions. A dog will always be a major responsibility, and it is up to every dog owner to ensure the safety, comfort, and adequate care that a dog requires. Depending on a series of factors…




If you’re looking for a set of stairs that are suitable for small to medium-weight cats and dogs, this product hits that sweet spot. It’s made from plastic and comes with legs that can be folded to make the stairs more compact and easy to store. The unit can support up to 50 pounds in weight and measures 14” H x 12” W x 27” D, with a stair rise of 4” and a step depth of 4”.
Our first suggestion for the day is one very well thought-of set of dog stairs equipped with a bed at the top of the platform. It can support a total weight of 60 pounds, making it suitable for medium-sized dog breeds. It is designed with two steps and measures 29.5” H x 20” W x 44.5” D. It offers cushioned sleeping platforms so that dogs and cats can have their beds right next to their owners, for an added sense of security.
The Grommit stairs are so well-made and considerate towards our dogs, it would have been a shame not to add them to the list. The foam construction is superb because even if you hit your toes accidentally on these stairs, you won’t feel any pain. They are really good for old dogs with sensitive paws. They measure 20” H x 15” W x 25” D overall, have a stair rise of 4” and a depth of 5”. They can support up to 25 pounds in weight, which makes them suitable for smaller dogs.

Top Picks

High Weight Capacity: Coss Wooden 3 Step Pet Stair
Ashlyn Pet Stairs
Easiest to Store: Ashlyn Pet Stairs
Best for Injured Dogs: Demetrius Folding 4 Step Pet Stair
With a total weight capacity of 200 pounds, these PetSafe stairs are the perfect choice for those of you that own large dog breeds.
Even if they aren’t that old, dogs can experience a series of health problems that lead to mobility issues, including hip dysplasia or arthritis. These conditions make it difficult for your dog to climb and go down stairs, so you need to find products that offer stable, lower, and wider treads. Always make sure that you avoid really soft treads as they can cause your dog to lose balance and fall. Also, consider opting for treads that have anti-slip features.
Chouinard Step N Play 3 Step Pet Stair
Those of you looking to buy dog stairs for the little companion’s bed need to consider the following:
Our next suggestion is yet another set of solid dog stairs perfect for large dog breeds or dogs that have a little extra weight, as this ensemble can support up to 200 pounds in weight. It’s made of wood and features carpeted steps that prevent the dog’s paws from sliding across the otherwise slippery wooden surface. The stairs measure 21” H x 18” W x 24” D, have a stair rise of 7” and a stair depth of 8.5”, so they might not be the best option for small dogs.
Editor’s Choice: Links 4 Step Pet Stair
“My dog is getting older and these foam steps are perfect, pretty easy for her to learn, at first she was a bit apprehensive, but now she goes up and down the steps with ease and as she pleases.” (customer review)
“Love the steps for my beagle! She tore her CCL ligament, after it healed she needed steps to get on and off my bed.” (customer review)
Should I get stairs for my dog?
Grommit High Density Foam 5 Step Pet Stair
Throughout the years, dog owners have started investing more and more money in the comfort and health of their four-legged companions. A dog will always be a major responsibility, and it is up to every dog owner to ensure the safety, comfort, and adequate care that a dog requires.
This is important because dog stairs should have anti-slip bottoms if the surface of the floor is slippery by nature. This applies to tiled and hardwood floors, but shouldn’t pose a problem if you have rugs or carpets, for instance.
The Roepke are ideal for small dog breeds and owners that are looking to stick to a limited budget, but still want a quality set of stairs for their four-legged friends.
Ramps are typically a good solution for dogs that aren’t trained to climb stairs as well. When a dog is experiencing joint problems, it might be a better idea to minimize their movement in a vertical plane.
Links 4 Step Pet Stair
Depending on a series of factors (such as age or dog breed), dogs may require further assistance in doing some things, such as getting in and out of their beds. Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of dog stairs for bed, see who might benefit from them, and take a look at some of the models that are 2021’s best buys.

How to Choose

Bunn Buddy Bunk Bed Sider

How much your dog weighs

There are plenty of materials used to make dog stairs, with the most common ones being metal, wood, and plastic. Plastic stairs are lighter and easier to move around, but they also tend to be cost-effective. They are suitable for small dogs, as large breeds might be too heavy for plastic stairs. Metal and wood are much sturdier, and they are generally recommended for larger breeds.

How many dogs you have

There are so many things to love about the Demetrius steps, we just had to add them to our list. First of all, we’re always impressed to see quality plastic-made products, and this little gem is so sturdy, it can support up to 120 pounds in weight. They have a stair rise of 4” and a stair depth of 5”, making them easy to climb even for dogs that have suffered injuries. They measure 19.5” H x 15” W x 23” D overall and come with foldable legs for easier storage and an anti-skid bottom to prevent any further injuries caused by stair collapse.

How old your dog is

Our next suggestion is aimed at pleasing pet owners that have small dogs or cats and have to stick to a limited budget when shopping for pet stairs. Made from cardboard, these stairs can support up to 25 pounds in weight, which is to be expected considering that cardboard isn’t exactly the sturdiest choice out there. The stairs measure 15” H x 19” D, having a stair rise of 6” and a depth of 6.75”. With only 2.4 pounds in weight, the lightweight of these stairs makes them highly portable, so you can move out of the way whenever they’re not needed.

Budget Pick Option 2: Roepke 3 Pet Stair

How healthy/sick your dog is

Our last pick for today is a set of dog stairs that’s also suitable for cats, but it can only support up to 25 pounds in weight, so it’s really not that great for medium or large breeds. It’s made from a combination of fabric and foam, offering extra padding for dogs that have injured paws, as the surface is very gentle on their tiny paws. These stairs have a slip-resistant surface, measure 20” H x 16” W x 24” D overall, and have a stair rise of 5”.

What type of floor you own

Roepke 3 Pet Stair

Why Would Dogs Need Stairs?

Demetrius Folding 4 Step Pet Stair

  • Puppies – When they’re small and haven’t fully developed their motor skills, dogs could benefit from stairs to avoid too much stress on their bones and joints.
  • Small dog breeds – This particular category won’t be able to jump as high as a German Shepherd would, so it’s best to invest in dog stairs that make it easier for them to reach an elevated platform.
  • Overweight dogs – Even if they don’t have any additional health problems (which is something we’re skeptical about, as excessive weight is usually associated with a number of other health problems), the extra pounds that a dog might have also translated into more effort and impact when trying to climb or get down from an elevated platform.
  • Older dogs – Just like in humans, age takes a toll on a dog’s mobility, and joints are usually amongst the first to be affected, in which case dog stairs can be of great help.
  • Dogs with health problems – There are certain health conditions that could prevent dogs from jumping on elevated platforms because of chronic and progressive pain (such is the case of dogs that suffer from arthritis).
  • Dogs in post-surgery recovery – When a dog has suffered a medical intervention, it’s important to help them avoid any further injuries or prevent the possibility of tearing their sutures. Stairs and ramps can help avoid unnecessary effort.

Stairs vs. Ramps

Best for Heavy Dogs Option 2: PetSafe® 3 Step Pet Stair
There is no universally correct answer to this question, as it depends on the circumstances at hand. Stairs are usually better because they take up less floor space, while a ramp can occupy more space depending on its incline and the height of the platform the dog has to reach. However, in some cases, stairs aren’t the best solution, especially in dogs that have joint problems that would cause them to put in painful effort to climb the stairs.
Designed to be a perfect match for small dogs, the Coss wooden stairs are simply adorable. Even though their steps are too narrow for large dogs (as they measure 17 inches in length), they can support up to 150 pounds in weight, which is pretty impressive, but to be expected since they are constructed from quality wood. The entire ensemble measures 20” H x 17” W x 23” D, offering a stair rise of 6”. Underneath the stairs, you can find an adorable built-in passageway with an opening of 8.5” x 8”.

The Best Dog Stairs For Bed

Bunn Buddy Bunk Dog Stairs Bed

You might be wondering if a ramp isn’t a better alternative to dog stairs, so let’s address this issue and see which solution is best for your particular case. It’s true that dog stairs aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of solution. Dog ramps are usually recommended for skittish dogs or for those with a really hard time in flexing their joints to climb or go down the stairs.
Thanks to their nature, the Ashlyn pet stairs can easily be folded and stored away whenever not in use, helping you save a lot of floor space thanks to this feature.

Ashlyn Dog Bed Stairs

If you have a small dog breed and/or are on a budget, this cardboard option is pretty reliable without costing you a small fortune.
The type of stairs that are suitable for your dog will depend on the dog’s weight. Stairs have a maximum weight capacity, and it’s usually a good idea to get stairs that have a weight capacity that’s about 20 percent higher than your dog’s weight. For instance, if you have a dog that weighs 60 pounds, don’t choose stairs with the same weight limits, and instead opt for one that can support up to 80 pounds in weight.

Grommit High-Density Foam 5 Step Pet Stair

Capable of supporting up to 300 pounds in weight, the Daria stairs are properly-constructed for large dog breeds.
Best with Bed: Bunn Buddy Bunk Bed Sider

Coss Wooden 3 Step Dog Stair

If there is more than one dog living in your household, you have to take into account the possibility that all dogs might use the stairs at the same time. This means that you are going to have to consider their combined weight when you choose the maximum weight capacity for a potential set of dog stairs.
Coss Wooden 3 Step Pet Stair

Demetrius Folding 4 Step Dog Stair

As we mentioned a few times in this article, it’s really important that you consider your dog’s needs above your own when choosing a particular set of dog stairs for bed. Indicators like breed, weight, age, potential health problems, etc. play a large part in determining what stairs your dog would be most comfortable in using. Once you know all these details about your dog, shopping for a suitable set of stairs will be much easier.
We wanted to add these pet stairs to today’s list for three reasons: their adorable design, their generous array of color options, and the softness of the surface.

Daria Raised Panel 4 Step Pet Stair

The post Dog with Mobility Issues? Consider Dog Stairs For Fed appeared first on Homedit.
PetSafe® 3 Step Pet Stair

PetSafe® 3 Step Stair

The sturdy and practical design of this stair set equipped with a dog bed placed on the elevated platform makes the Bunn stand out of the crowd and become one of the most remarkable products in its category.
The Coss stairs are so well-built, they can support up to 150 pounds in weight.

Chouinard Step ‘N Play 3 Step Pet Stair

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When it comes to solid stairs for dog beds, the Daria stairs are a viable and durable option. They are made from wood and have carpeted steps to prevent the dogs from slipping on the surface of the steps. They can support up to 300 pounds, which makes them perfect for overweight dogs or large breeds. The stairs measure 23” H x 15” W x 32” D overall, have a stair rise of 5.5”, and a depth of 8”. The carpeted oak construction makes these stairs beautiful and long-lasting.

Roepke 3 Pet Stair

It’s true that not all dogs require stairs, as this depends on the dog’s age, breed, weight, and other possible health conditions. If you read our section on “Why Would Dogs Need Stairs?”, you will discover what are the main categories of dogs that would mostly benefit from a solid set of dog stairs.
Customer’s Choice: Grommit High Density Foam 5 Step Pet Stair

Links 4 Step Pet Stair

Daria Raised Panel 4 Step Pet Stair
Not every dog needs stairs to get in and out of bed, but there are certain categories that would really benefit from such a product. These categories include:


Is a ramp or stairs better for dogs?

Stairs are more suited for those that can and are not afraid to climb up and down the stairs, but might not be the best solution for those with musculoskeletal problems. If you don’t have enough floor space, it might also be a good idea to choose ramps instead of stairs. However, this isn’t always a rule, because ramps that don’t have a steep incline will usually take up more floor space than a set of stairs.

What are dog stairs made from?

When you’re choosing a particular set of dog stairs, you will have to consider your dog’s age, but also their breed. That’s because some dogs have shorter legs based on their age or breed, in which case you’re going to need lower risers. Failing to do so can cause the dogs to fall and suffer injuries. Also consider the fact that puppies don’t have the same stability as adult dogs, so they are more likely to lose balance (for them, it’s best to choose stairs with deeper and wider treads. Age is also important when you consider that older dogs have special needs, as they have decreased mobility and are likely to have joint issues. Lower and wider steps are also recommended for those of you with old dogs.
Budget Pick Option 1: Chouinard Step ‘N Play 3 Step Pet Stair
Made from plastic and covered in adorable fuzzy fabric, the Roepke stairs for dogs and cats is the perfect purchase for owners that have little money to spend. They can support up to 66 pounds in weight and have a stair rise of 3.9”, making them perfect for small to medium-sized dogs that have joint problems and limited mobility. They measure 11.8” H x 13.38” W x 17.6” D overall and the fuzzy cover is removable and machine-washable.

Bottom Line

Best for Heavy Dogs Option 1: Daria Raised Panel 4 Step Pet Stair
dog stairs for bed

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