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Enclosed Patios – Enjoy Your Backyard in Privacy




Enclosed patios are a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space while ensuring privacy and security. Whether you have an elevated view or prefer to keep bugs at bay, this space is sure to please. Read on for some ideas to create a room that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Adding a privacy screen can also provide a great level of security.

Outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces are a growing trend in today’s homes. They not only add value to your home, but also provide a place for family gatherings. They are available in many different styles, from deck and patio combinations to fully enclosed spaces. Choosing the best one for your family will depend on your budget and the aesthetics you’re looking for.

Adding a covered patio to your home creates a cozy living space outdoors. The space can be furnished with comfortable seating and pillows, as well as an accent table and floor lamp. Installing dual ceiling fans can also help circulate the breeze throughout the open-air area.


Enclosed patios are a great way to enjoy your backyard in privacy. There are many different ideas for creating this space. One great option is installing a pergola, which will create a shaded area. Another great idea is a patio umbrella. These can keep your neighbors from looking over your shoulder or down at your plants.

You can also create a fence for the area. This is mainly done for privacy reasons. However, you should keep in mind that local building codes might differ from the ones in other locations. Usually, wooden fences are used for this purpose, but you can also use reclaimed wood for a more rustic look. Alternatively, vinyl fences are available in the market.


A Crimsafe Security Screen is an excellent way to protect your enclosed patio or balcony from intruders, insects, and severe weather. The stainless steel mesh is highly durable, and it can span from floor to ceiling and even infill balustrades to provide fall protection. Crimsafe Security Screens are manufactured by an authorised licensee in Brisbane, and have been proven to be the strongest security screen available in the market. These screens also block out harmful UV rays and reduce solar heat. Plus, they provide unobstructed views and allow you to enjoy the natural breezes.

Enclosed patios are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to protect their properties. Not only do they offer added privacy and security, but they also make for a fantastic entertaining space. Chalmers Security Installations has the expertise to build patio enclosures that are secure, while maintaining the view of the outdoors.


Enclosed patios are a versatile way to add outdoor space to your home. They can be used year-round, protecting your outdoor additions and furniture from the elements. This allows you to invest in higher-quality patio furniture and a sheltered entertainment area. If you’re not sure whether or not an enclosed patio is right for your home, here are a few factors to consider.

Enclosed patios offer homeowners added privacy and security, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor space and feel relaxed and secure. They also keep out unwanted insects, such as mosquitoes, which can ruin a wonderful evening outdoors. Keeping insects out of your patio will also help protect your family from illness.

Lighting fixtures

There are several choices for lighting fixtures for enclosed patios. You can choose wall sconces with open bottoms that cast maximum light down into the recessed space. There are also flush mount fixtures that place the entire fixture against the wall. However, you should be sure that the surface is sturdy enough to support the weight of the fixture.

Wall lights are low-voltage, moderate-bright lights that provide illumination in recessed areas and along pathways. You can also use them to illuminate sunken seating areas or to highlight stairways. They can also be mounted on decorative walls and retaining walls, or on corner junctions.

Concrete walls

There are many reasons to enclose a patio, from cost to privacy. Other common reasons include mosquitoes, a lack of shade, and weather. If you have a covered patio, a concrete wall can provide protection. Here are some tips for installing concrete walls: – Make sure that the walls are plumb and vertically straight before installing them.

– Choose a color that is similar to the surrounding area. For example, green is a good choice. It simulates greenery and creates a natural look. Another idea is to use earthy-colored tile. You can even use a white fence to give the illusion of a wider patio area. Lastly, add a pergola roof to complete the design.

Latticework screen

If you have an enclosed patio in your backyard, consider a latticework screen for privacy. These screens are ideal for securing privacy and letting in natural sunlight and refreshing breezes. They can be made of wood or other material and can be painted to match your home. They are easy to construct, and you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Another way to create privacy is to use bamboo or tall grasses. These plants can be planted in big tin planters for extra privacy. You can also hang potted flowers in them.

Wood pergolas

There are several different kinds of wood pergolas for enclosed patios. Wooden pergolas are attractive and offer charm to the area. However, wood is not immune from decay, warping, or rotting, which is why a wood pergola needs to be maintained regularly. With proper care, a wood pergola can last five to ten years. Vinyl pergolas, on the other hand, are a newcomer on the market. The downside of these structures is that they are much more expensive.

One type of wood pergola for enclosed patios is cedar. Cedar offers a unique visual aesthetic and an enticing smell. Cedar is more expensive than pressure-treated wood, but it has a longer life span. If you plan to stain your pergola, you can use cedar stain or paint it yourself after installation. However, if you want a more natural look, you can opt for a clear, water-repellent sealant. You can also choose to add UV stabilizers to protect your wood from damage from the sun.

Metal framework

There are a variety of reasons to enclose your patio, ranging from budget constraints to privacy concerns. You may also be concerned about mosquitoes and weather conditions. Installing a metal framework will provide shelter and privacy and can also cut down on utility costs. There are even solar panels available for additional energy savings.

Patio enclosures are available in a variety of styles and materials. Most of these structures are self-supporting, and some are also motorized. Some are even able to incorporate removable windows. Other options include adding gutters to your patio. These can cost anywhere from $200 to $330, and a contractor can charge $60-90 an hour to install them.

Thatch roof

If you’re planning to build a patio or a garden shed, you might want to consider a thatch roof. This traditional material is naturally weather resistant and will not absorb much water. It will also keep the temperature comfortable as it traps air. Thatch roofing is an ancient practice, and it has been used in temperate and tropical climates for thousands of years. It is still used by builders in developing countries and is a popular choice for those who like the look of a rustic and natural roof.

Unlike what many people think, thatch is not flammable. In fact, it burns very slowly. The vast majority of fires are caused by degraded chimneys and wood burners. When they catch fire, sparks from paper or burnt rubbish can ignite the semi-charred thatch around the chimney. This makes it very important to properly maintain your chimney. It doesn’t have to involve removing the whole roof of the structure – just the top part.

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