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Evergreen Tree Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard

Erica Neumann



You can make your front yard look lush and green with beautiful evergreen shrubs and trees. Some landscaping ideas use certain heights and patterns to create a living screen or shade. One idea is to transform the stump of a large tree, which once provided thick shade and rest, into an attractive planter that displays pots of flowers. Cascading petunias disguise the containers, and the cascading vines give the appearance that the tree is growing out of the stump.

Evergreen shrubs and trees

Evergreen shrubs and trees provide year-round structure and beauty to your landscape. They provide year-round color and texture, and they provide shelter and food for many different types of wildlife. Aside from offering permanent structure, evergreens can also increase curb appeal, especially if you live in a northern state. Whether you prefer narrow or broadleaf evergreens, there are many options to fit your landscaping needs.

Garden beds

You can instantly improve the look of your front yard by adding garden beds. They are usually made from the same paving material as the rest of the yard, but the placement and shape of each section adds a point of interest. If your yard has a slope, you can also consider stacking raised garden beds. You can also plant flowers in the trunks of old trees to add visual interest and save time.

Concrete patios

If you’d like to add some pizzazz to your front yard, you might want to add a concrete patio. Concrete can be shaped to match any yard, and it’s affordable and durable. There are several different ways to decorate your patio, including adding a pattern or texture to the concrete.

Planters made from bicycles

Bicycles are great materials for planters and can be a fun way to recycle old items. If you have a bike lying around, you can refurbish it into a planter for your front yard. This project is simple enough for children to do, and you can even teach them about recycling.

Planters made from cinderblocks

A planter made of cinder blocks can be a focal point of your front yard. These blocks are sturdy and resistant to weather and UV rays, and are ideal for supporting your garden plants. You can also use them to make benches and other decorative features. You can paint them and add a cushion to give them a unique look. They also provide great drainage, and will protect your plants from pests and fungal diseases.

Planters made from old wheelbarrows

An old wheelbarrow can be turned into an attractive planter. Old wheelbarrows are a great way to give a front yard a vintage feel. Paint the wheelbarrow with your favorite color and fill it with herbs, flowers, and blooms.

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